Sea Daze 4: Luff and Touch Her (Lesbian Erotic Romance Series)

Sea Daze 4: Luff and Touch Her

Published by Soichiro Irons

Copyright 2012 Soichiro Irons


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Luff and Touch Her
To bring the
vessel so close to wind that the sails shake.

-A Naval Encyclopedia: Comprising a
Dictionary of Nautical Words and Phrases, 1880


Her muscles were so
tight around my fist that it almost hurt, and for the first time it didn’t feel
like I was dreaming anymore.
I was so
caught up in the sensation of it all that I felt my fingers sliding down my own
body before slipping into my own pussy.

I was soaked, which
came as no surprise – I was wet every time I was anywhere close to her. It
wasn’t hard to fall into a rhythm, and I was moaning in time with her before


as I watched Eve’s silky black dress fall to the floor of her stateroom, I knew
that I was dreaming. It was almost funny how false everything felt, to be
honest; it was as if my subconscious was
to get the facts wrong.

hair wasn’t black and straight in real life – it was a chocolate avalanche of
curls. Her emerald-green eyes were now as blue as the ocean outside our the
walls of our ship, and I’d watched her shave
her body hair two nights ago – there was no way she’d managed
growing the landing strip so quickly.

clung desperately to the dream, though, and drank the sight of her in. Not
because I wanted my girlfriend to be someone she wasn’t – it was more the fact
that she was in front of me at all.

was something that I knew to be hopeless – she was a married woman messing
around with one of her employees. I, the naïve dancer, didn’t realize that she
was being used…that Eve was just sleeping with her for giggles.

of this was undeniable fact…and yet, in the dream, not a bit of it was real.
The smile on her full lips was genuine and heartfelt, and I knew that she
hadn’t lied to me.

hadn’t used me like her own little lesbian toy. She wasn’t married to some man
named Robert…I hadn’t watched him hug her and kiss her cheeks in greeting…I
hadn’t felt the bone-crushing sorrow that had made me powerless to do anything
but stand there in stupid silence. None of it was real in the dream, and my
lover was back with me.

know that none of this is true,” I whisper, unable to help myself from uttering
the awful words.

,” Eve replied. Even her voice was wrong – it was a
little too high, as if she were trying to sound extra girlish. “That doesn’t
matter now.”

I began, but was cut off by the feeling of those lips pressed against mine.
Forgetting my argument, I soaked in the sensation of her touch – I loved the
feeling of her nude skin pressed up against my own, and I clawed desperately at
her back to get her closer to me. Her tongue danced with mine, and she tasted

me, Amanda,” I heard her whisper as she pulled away from me. She
down on the bed beside me and stretched her body into a
seductive arch. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her breasts – the only part
of her body that seemed unchanged in the dream world.

glimmered softly in the low light of her cabin, and she was so excited that I
could almost hear her heartbeat. Her erect nipples seemed to shiver from the
vibration of her chest.

no time, I practically fell into her lap and kissed lovingly on her soaked
slit. From somewhere above me, I heard her moan my name.
sound was so familiar that I almost felt myself wake from the
shock, but I resisted the impulse and ran my tongue along the pink lips of her

had never gotten tired of the taste of her – she was as sweet as cream. I loved
making her feel good, and I could tell from the moans and whimpers that she was
pleased as well.

legs carefully wrapped around my shoulders as I slipped one finger inside of
her, then another. The muscles in her legs clenched in ecstasy, and I could
hear her whispering something along the lines of ‘yes’ and ‘more’.

slid a third and fourth finger inside of her, and she was
begging for more penetration. We’d talked about fisting once,
but we’d both agreed that it would hurt too much to try. Obviously, she wasn’t
worried about the pain at the moment.

my thumb against my palm as tightly as I could, I began to force my hand inside
of her. It was slow-going – she was usually pretty tight for even my fingers,
and my hand was even wider than the strap-on we’d used a week or so ago.

the dream world was accommodating and my entire fist slid into her pussy. Her
muffled shriek from above me was from excitement and not pain, I hoped.

fuck, yes! Oh yes, Amanda, yes!! Just like that, fuck me,
fuck me!

, I guessed. The only
thing I knew about fisting was what I saw from my ex-boyfriend’s porn videos,
so I drew what I could from that. I rocked my hand back and forth inside of
her, simulating a cock as best I could.

wasn’t as easy as it looked, but Eve certainly seemed pleased by the effort.
Her breathing had been reduced to short gasps and I was sure there would be
noise complaints from Eve’s cabin neighbors by morning.

muscles were so tight around my fist that it almost hurt, and for the first
time it didn’t feel like I was dreaming anymore.
I was so caught up in the sensation of it all
that I felt my fingers sliding down my own body before slipping into my own

was soaked, which came as no surprise – I was wet every time I was anywhere
close to her. It wasn’t hard to fall into a rhythm, and I was moaning in time
with her before long.

Eve moaned as she noticed what I was doing. “Let’s do this right.”

a series of contorted stretches and movements that I doubt would have been
possible in the waking world, we were in a 69 position with her happily lapping
at my overflowing slit. Her tongue, as always, had no problems bringing me to a
shrieking orgasm within seconds.

had never been so sensitive with anyone before meeting Eve – no other lover had
been able to make me cum so fast. I felt her muscles tighten and release around
my hand, as if willing me to push even faster and harder into her.

she rocked back and forth against my hand, I leaned in and licked her near the
top of her pussy – where I knew her clit was hungrily awaiting my attention. I
teasingly encircled it with my tongue before pressing my lips against it and
lightly sucked.

felt her moan against my cunt, but instead of slowing down, her tongue moved
even fasted inside of me. Our bodies were so hot and frantic that I knew it
wouldn’t be long for either of us.

another minute or so, Eve said, “Oh God, Amanda, I’m …oh God!”


bodies tensed against each other, and I could feel her legs shivering with
pleasure as her fluids ran down my arm. I barely noticed it, as my own orgasm
had me in a quivering frenzy that almost made me black out.

eyes were clamped shut as I did all I could to keep from shrieking in pleasure,
the sweeping sensation so powerful I could feel it every fiber of my body. Even
my teeth seemed to quiver as I whispered Eve’s name over and over again.

I opened my eyes, Eve was gone. She’d never been there, of course, but it still
hurt to find my bed empty – to find myself back in my crew cabin, rather than
bunking with my now ex-girlfriend. My breathing was heavy and frantic, and I
could feel my own wetness soaking the bed beneath me.

orgasm had probably been real…I’d been known to finger myself in my sleep. It
all added together to make me desperately, utterly lonely.

I’d been the one to walk away from Eve, it had been the last thing I’d ever
wanted to do. Now, in the dead of the night in my cold, lonely bunk…I wanted
her back even more than I wanted to breathe. Knowing that was impossible,
though, the only thing I could do was sob myself back to sleep.


confused,” Keith admitted after he’d set down my third Amaretto Sour of the
evening. “Why exactly did you need to quit? I know that Eve is the president,
but you never even really dealt with her before you guys were a thing.”

from lack of sleep, I didn’t even bother to focus on the bartender as I swirled
my finger around the rim of the glass. “How would you feel if your boss’s
boss was married and just using you like a play
thing? What if she turned
and then you found out she was just having sex with you for fun?”

considered for a moment before replying. “Not the same – you’re not a lesbian
just because you had a relationship with a woman-”

again, Keith,” I spat out bitterly. “Looking at men does nothing for me. I
don’t know what the hell Eve did to me, but I seriously feel like a horny
teenage boy every time I walk past the pool and see all the sunbathing women.

warped me, Keith, and she didn’t even have the decency to tell me that she was
. And you think I’m going to work
on her ship? You think I want to stick around in her chain of demand like a
fucking lap dog? Think again.”

didn’t have a reply to that – which was fine with me, as I didn’t really want
to talk about it in the first place. Everett’s Piano Bar was near-empty;
everyone else was either at the evening show or at dinner. I was
to be
performer in that show…
I was a dancer, and a damned good one at that.

few hours after I’d woken up from that dream, though, I’d handed in my
resignation. My boss wasn’t happy about it – at all – but I didn’t care. I
couldn’t take another second of working on a ship where my lying ex-girlfriend
was the girl in charge.

are you gonna do once we get back to port?” Keith asked, after a few minutes of
awkward silence.

don’t know,” I admitted. I hadn’t even bothered packing my stuff up yet, even
though we’d be back in Canaveral in three days. “My mom and dad live up in the
panhandle…maybe I’ll crash with them for a few weeks until I can find an
apartment. I wonder how my mom’s gonna handle me taking a liking to girls.”

better than mine took my liking to boys,” Keith replied, though he didn’t look
up from the clipboard he’d begun reading. “She held a festive party for me. She
served hot dogs.”

almost choked on my drink, smiling for what seemed like the first time in days.
“Maybe mine will serve tacos.”

Always a silver lining.”

laughed before taking another sip of my drink. I’d been mortified when I’d
inadvertently told Keith that I was a lesbian, but now I was glad that it’d
slipped. He was the only ear on the ship that I could talk to about what was
going on, and I would miss him most of all once I was away from the
for good. The thought
depressed me, and I was just about to ask Keith for his email address when I
heard the words.

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