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Scones and Sensibility

It was upon a bright spring morn when she was but a young lady of eleven that the elegant
Ms. Lindsay Eland
decided that, indeed, she wanted to become a published authoress. And so, to this very day, you may find her at her desk, quill in hand, penning novels, tending to her family—including her four charming young children and dashing husband—watering the verge, taking care of her various small mammal companions, and sipping delicately on an iced mocha latte in her small cottage deep in the heart of Breckenridge, Colorado. You may visit her online at

fter three years and two months, Mr. Fisk was ready to love once more. And it was time for Fran to find a mother. Time for Clementine to have a gentleman upon her arm, and time for Miss Wiskerton to have her own Mr. Darcy.

Actually, it was time for
to intervene in these matters.


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First published by Egmont USA, 2010
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Eland, Lindsay.
Scones and sensibility / Lindsay Eland.
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Summary: In a small New Jersey beach town, twelve-year-old Polly Madassa, who speaks like a character in her two favorite novels, “Pride and Prejudice” and “Anne of Green Gables,” spends the summer making deliveries for her parents’ bakery and playing matchmaker, with disastrous results.
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To my kiddos: Gracie, Isaac, Ella Jane, and Noah,
who make every day a dream come true.

And always, to John, who is my own Gilbert Blythe,
my real life Mr. Darcy, and the love of my life.


chapter one
In Which My Family Is Introduced and
I Contemplate the Less-Than-Desirable
Traits of My Dear Sister’s Boyfriend

t was upon turning the last delicate page of my leather-bound copy of
Pride and Prejudice
that my transformation into a delicate lady of quality was complete.

Indeed, I had always been a romantic, and those dearest to me—my parents, whose love was like that in a fairy tale; my elder sister, Clementine; and my bosom friend, Fran Fisk, who I have known since preschool—can attest to this fact.

Tea parties with cucumber sandwiches had been my activity of choice since I was but a child of five. Most of my clothing from the time I took a breath in this world bore lace and ruffles (except during the unfortunate camping trip where I was forced into cutoff jeans and a tank top that bore the word

And in the fourth grade, after reading
Anne of Green Gables
, I formed a club with my dearest Fran and for months we reenacted the scenes from that most beloved book. But Fran was not nearly as entranced by the story as I was and became tired of watching me float down the river on her hot-pink raft whispering the verses to “The Lady of Shalott.”

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