Saved By The Belles (14 page)

“We can open the blinds now,” Dr. Partlow said. “Everybody’s decent.”

Vivi walked over to the window to the hallway and twisted the rod, only to see Harry still in the walkway. She looked over at me. My eyes caught Harry’s when everyone else was looking and cooing at Beau as he lay now in my arms. I held my baby and I smiled sweetly at Harry as he kissed his first two fingers and pressed them to the glass. He smiled softly at me and winked as he walked away. I watched him head to the elevator until he was out of sight.





Thank you seems so small and insufficient when I think of all who have held me up with love, motivation and encouragement. My friends and family-- where would I be without all of you? My writer friends, you are especially wonderful! Robyn Carr, your priceless hilarious conversations have kept me believing, and laughing so hard, you have been such a wonderful friend, and a life-saver for me. You are one of the strongest women I have met. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with me. I treasure you and our friendship! Jane Porter, you have been so sweet and encouraging. I can’t thank you enough for including me in your book signings and wrapping your arms around me with love and belief in me—you welcomed me into your circle like an old friend. I can’t thank you enough—I am thrilled to be part of Tule Publishing and to be asked to write your Carolina Born series!! Thank you sweet Jane! Bella Andre—Oh my goodness! Where do I begin? This novella would not even exist without your motivation and encouragement. Your guidance and the time you have spent with me are truly priceless!! “Go Forth and Conquer, you cheered, and I am out of the gate and on my way. How can I ever thank you? Kim Boykin, you have been such a source of joy and cheer for me and I love our “blossoming” friendship as we set forth to create Carolina Born together with all the Bloom sisters! Andrea Hurst, you have held my hand through some of my hardest months—you are a forever friend!! You are all the most special women—I am so proud to be able to call you my friends. To my sweet family, especially my mother, Betty, my cheerleader in all things, my best friend and sidekick, I love you more than words can do justice. My precious son, Brooks, I love you so much, my relationship with you is what I am most proud of in my life—I’m so proud of you and our close relationship and friendship, I could burst. You will always be the best part of me. To my husband, Ted, you are the most patient man in the universe—thank you with all my heart for always putting up with all my—uhm—stuff. You are my love and my sweetheart—what would I ever do without you? I am so happy you kept knocking on my door all those years ago in college! I love you always and forever. To my Aunt Patsy, thank you for all the love and the constant support. You have been such a huge support—I love you so much. A huge part of me is all you, as I idolized you as a child. Corey, my nephew, Thank you for being my assistant and my driver all summer on my book tour and for making sure Nanny was always taken care of while I met my readers—I love you so much! You are priceless and so special. To the rest of my family you know how much I love you—you are my whole heart. To my friends—Susan, you are beyond wonderful—thank you for letting me stay with you when I am home—nothing could be more special than time with you, your family, Greg and Matt especially. I love y’all so much! Lynn, what in the world would I doo without my sane voice? You are and always have been such a priceless special person—one of a kind—with you, I always have my very own “Vivi”—I love you dearly! And my precious Steve Phillips, who took my book up 20,305 feet up the Himalayas –I am forever in love with you—you will be by my side till eternity and you have made sure I will always know this. I can’t even put into words what your friendship means to me. I know all I have to do is call and you will be there. Some friends, the souls just “know” and you are that friend for me. Thank you with all my heart for all you are to me. To my fabulous technical support system, Jeremy West, my cover designer, web designer, and all around uber talent—you are amazing! Thank you for all the late night texts, emails and basically being there whenever I have more “amazing idea” I’d like you to try! You are more than my designer you are also my trusted friend! Thank you Kristen Freethy, my book assistant, for everything—especially your friendly, cheerful, patience at walking me through the e-publishing world and making it seem so easy. I am so happy you have my back as I walk into the unknown wood—holding your hand has made it much less scary! I have so many others I love and want to thank I could write an entire book just filled with people I love and appreciate. I am so lucky for that! As always, thank you with all my heart for the unconditional love and support of my hometown of Tuscaloosa Alabama. As always, I hope I make y’all proud.

Meet Beth Albright


Beth Albright is a Tuscaloosa native, former Days of Our Lives actress, and former radio and TV talk show host. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Journalism. She is also a screenwriter, voice-over artist and mother. She is the mother of the most wonderful brilliant son in the universe, Brooks and is married to her college sweetheart, Ted. A perpetually homesick Southern Belle and a major Alabama Crimson Tide fan, she splits her time between San Francisco and, of course, Tuscaloosa.


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