Saint James, Elle - Unbridled and Unbound [The Double Rider Men's Club 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (27 page)

Stella vibrated with pleasure as her men loved her. Doubly penetrated, she rode the high of climax until each of them in turn released. Dominick gripped her hips, thrust deeply into her ass, and fairly howled to the ceiling as he came. Tyler followed shortly after, filling her pussy harder and harder until she thought she’d burst with satisfaction.

Afterward, the three of them stood smashed together. She was sandwiched between them, glad to be exactly where she was in the world.

Stella smiled when Tyler said in a low tone, “DRMC Stadium Stage, we christen thee with the first act of double penetration love.”

* * * *

Clay turned toward the two other club members, Boyd Caldwell and Deacon Wilder, also seated in the private box where they’d been hidden away, working on business finances for the property’s various construction projects. He smiled and said, “Don’t you love the new stadium stage?”

Wide smiles on their faces, the other two men nodded without speaking or turning their heads from the stage.

The new DRMC Stadium had been worth every single penny they’d paid for it.




There are rumors that Elle Saint James used to live in Intercourse, PA where she devoured gothic novels filled with seductive heroes seeking redemption from feisty heroines. This was where her erotic writing imagination was developed.

Others are convinced Elle Saint James spends her afternoons supervising the cleaning of her personal dungeon and her nights directing the delicious torture that goes on there. Fortunately, her slaves take dictation, enabling her to write while otherwise engaged.

However, neither of these scenarios is entirely true.

The majesty of the
Rocky Mountains
, as well as her gorgeous husband, serve to inspire Elle Saint James’ dark and deliciously sexy novels. She writes for those who are not afraid to take a walk on the wild side and explore more erotically charged sexual adventures in reading.

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