Rocky Mountain Rogue (Rocky Mountain Bride Series Book 5) (13 page)

"Perfect, my lovely. I bet you'll think twice before you'll fight me after this."

"Jesse, this is ridiculous. You can't punish me—"

A snap sounded beside her, making her jerk at the ties. Susannah craned her head to see Jesse wielding the braided whip.

"No, Jesse, you wouldn't!"

"Use the quirt on you?" Jesse came around so she could see him playing with the two flaps of leather at the quirt's end. "I might, if a hand spanking isn't good enough to teach you not to cross me."

"I wasn't crossing you. I wasn't! You were—"

Jesse stuffed his handkerchief in her open mouth, and put his face close to hers. "See now, that's a lie. You've been fighting me every step of the way, even though I'm trying to do right by you and keep you alive."

He stood again, and let the quirt snap in the air. She jumped as much as she could in her bonds and let out a muffled squeak. "You know, Susannah," Jesse spoke thoughtfully, fingering the braided leather. "I like women with a bit of fight in them. Of course, I like them even better when they're tied up and waiting for my hand to fall." He chuckled, and then sat down on the bed, placing the whip right in her line of sight.

"This session won't be for fun, though," he said. "Your disobedience and back talk could get us both killed."

Cricking her neck to see him, Susannah pleaded her case with wide eyes.

"You left the room without permission. I saw to it you had a nice bath, and all I ask is that you stay where I tell you so you don't die." His anger thundered through his voice. "Men are looking for you. Not me; they don't know much about me. I've covered my tracks for years. But you, with your blonde hair, walked right into Doyle's brothel and batted your eyelashes at one of his men. You think he won't recognize a pretty piece of calico like you? You're an easy target." His hand swatted her bottom to emphasize his words. "Do you want Doyle to grab you, darling? Do you?" His hand fisted in her hair, as if to drive the point home, and she shook her head frantically until he let go.

"As much as I don't like it, you flirting with Sebastian isn't going to harm anybody. But it ends now. Until I put you on a stage back to Boston, you're my wife. I'm laying my life on the line for you, and what I say goes. If I tell you you're not to so much as look at a man until you reach Missouri, then that's how it's gonna be. Understood?"

She glared at him.

"I see that might take some convincing. Well, after this, darling, you'll know who's in charge."

He moved around out of sight, and Susannah's breath came in pants. For a few aching seconds, Jesse had disappeared; she could hear him moving behind her. At last he came to her side, and she steeled herself for the first blow.

* * *

Jesse paused behind his tied beauty, admiring her beautiful form as he rolled up his shirt sleeves. With her skirts in a pile around her hips and thin drawers swathing her legs, she wasn't as bare as he'd like, but one step at time. He could see a little of the curve of her tucked-in waist, flaring out into her luscious bottom. Her legs trembled a little in their bonds. If he had his way, her feet would be tied further apart, spread to the edge of pain, the rope taut and keeping her completely helpless. But this was good enough. Her arms stretched above her head, forcing her to pose as a gorgeous offering to him.

He knew he should spank her and get it over with, but something about her sweet musk mixed with her lavender scent gave him pause. Squatting down, he angled his head for a closer look. Susannah's lower lips pouted at him under the soft blonde down. He blew warm air on the plump pussy, and was rewarded with an involuntary clenching. She was trembling so prettily, he couldn't resist touching her between her legs, running his finger along her slit and collecting the dew that had gathered there.

"This is pretty, very pretty, wife. You'll make someone a very happy man someday."

She couldn't move, but she squirmed as much as she could, bouncing her bottom angrily, trying to dislodge his touch on her private parts.

He chuckled, and took his hand away, sniffing his fingers. They were drenched with her essence and he tasted them, feeling his cock practically turn to stone. "Ah, little baggage, I will miss you when you're gone."

He wiped his hand on her bottom, and laughed again as she growled into her gag.

"Eager for me to begin? Well, if you insist." Rising, he let his hand crash down on her flesh, hitting one cheek then the other in perfect rhythm.

She yelped but the sound stayed stuffed behind the gag. Even her little wriggles weren't enough to deter Jesse; he put a hand on her back to steady her, content to beat a tattoo on either sit spot. In no time, the two places turned a ripe red.

Her entire body strained, fighting as much as it could, and he enjoyed watching her upper body thrash about, twisting so her hair flung around the coverlet. He wished he'd thought to strip her naked. Next time, he thought, and there would be a next time. He'd make sure of it.

His hand fell with a loud crack over and over again, spreading the smacks out into quadrants. First the upper right, then lower, then upper left, and so on, painting her buttocks pink. He wished he had a cane so he could put some stripes on her rounded cheeks and upper thighs. He'd threatened her with the quirt, but decided not to use it. Better to ease her into this sort of play. And speaking of play...

He paused, and squeezed her cheeks, soothing the hurt he'd given her before he enacted part two of her punishment.

"You're a good little girl to take your punishment so well," he crooned, even though she hadn't had much choice. Under her tousled hair, her cheeks were streaked with tears, but there was still a touch of fire in her glare. That was fine by him. He hoped she'd disobey again, soon, so he could have the pleasure of imparting another lesson.

His fingers explored the wet place between her legs again, stroking her gently and enjoying her panicked protests.

"My, my, naughty one. You're very wet. Perhaps this wasn't punishment after all."

She fought her bonds harder than she had before, and he withdrew his questing digits before she could really hurt herself.

"All right, baggage." He wiped his messy fingers on her roasted flesh. "One more round, and we'll call it lesson learned."

The next few minutes were torture for him as much as for her. With each blow, the slight sound of her whimper and the heat of her skin went straight to his dick.

Gritting his teeth, he continued his chore, and only stopped when her flesh was well and truly glowing.

He rubbed her bottom a little bit, soothing her before untying her legs. "There you go. Punishment all done."

He drew her up, releasing her hands, and lifted her before she could escape, carrying her to the chaise and settling her in his lap.

"Did you learn your lesson?"

"I hate you." She glowered at him even as tears rolled down her face. Her sniffles were so pathetic, he had to press her head into the crook of his neck to hide his smile. She clung to him, and he grinned wider. Even though she wanted to fight him, her body submitted to his care. He rewarded her with gentleness, stroking her pretty hair and murmuring soothing things.

"Hate me all you want, darling. But do as I say. I'm keeping you alive, no matter what."

Her sobs died down and he shifted. She was a lovely handful and no mistake, her sweet rear was caressing his cock, her lithe form shivering in submission on his lap. He took the liberty to bend his head and smell her fine scent, lavender mixed with a fresh wild scent of the outdoors: the polished meeting the primitive. The tumble of contradictions that was his Susannah, and he loved that about her.

She raised her tear-stained face, and he realized how very beautiful she was. "You're safe with me, Susannah. I know you think I'm a rogue, but I'll do right by you. It's my duty and my honor."

Her eyes shone with such vulnerable hope he couldn't help it. He bent his head and kissed her.

It started as a light touch of lips, he was gentle but teasing, playing with the soft seam of her mouth. She sighed, angling her head and the kiss deepened.

He found her pressed up against him, arms at his shoulders, not to push him away, but to cling to him, and eyes half lidded.

It was now or never. Gripping a silky fistful of hair, Jesse yanked her head into position, and plundered her mouth thoroughly. Judging by the way she moaned and pressed herself against him, she enjoyed his rough handling. He held her fast, taking her mouth again and again until her hands gripped his shoulders for dear life and her torso undulated with desire, rubbing against his.

He held her captive to his mouth, devouring her again and again until her face was scraped red from his stubble. Forcing her head into a sharper angle, he kissed down her neck, marking the creamy skin with his rough mouth as she encouraged him with soft whimpers, little noises filled with longing.

His dick was so hard he was sure it would burst through his clothes. With a groan, he drew her head back and broke the kiss, stopping before he reached the point of no return.

Susannah stared at him, breathing hard. He waited, studying her face, pleased at the way her perfect skin had reddened, scraped by the dark shadow on his jaw. He wanted, more than anything, to mark this woman, to possess her, to make her his forever. Instead, he loosened his grip on her hair, watching as her blue eyes focused on his face. His eyes searched her face for any regret, but he found nothing but desire. Her head tilted, and her finger came to trace his lips. He waited, not daring to breathe, as a corner of her mouth curved into a satisfied smile.

"Jesse," she breathed, and dipped her head to his lips again.

That was all the assent he needed.

As heady as their first kiss was, the second left it in the dust. Desire flared through them like a falling star, bright and brilliant, and they drank of each other as if they'd never get enough. Susannah's fingers clawed at his shirt buttons. His hands were busy too, first lifting her and bringing her to the bed, then diving under her skirts to stroke up her legs.

She'd gotten his shirt open halfway, and bent her head to kiss down his chest, frantic and needy. Got halfway, lips worshiping the muscles of his chest before he lost it.

Grabbing her hips, he turned her roughly. "You want this?" he asked, pressing his cock into her fleshy backside, ripping up the frothy mess of fabric to find her flesh while his other hand dove into her front, finding a breast and squeezing the fleshy mound.

"Yes," she moaned, arching her back and pressing her hot bottom against him. He couldn't tear his trousers open fast enough, so he didn't try. Instead, he rubbed himself against her, then placed a large hand on her tiny waist and flattened her against the bed, in a semblance of the punishment position she'd been in only minutes before.

Her cheek hit the bed, her fingers automatically curling into the quilt. Whether she expected more discipline or pleasure, he didn't know, but he took only a second to note her acquiescence before he forced her legs apart. He knelt and fastened his mouth to her sweet center.

Susannah howled above him, but he was lost in her depths, sucking on the plump lips, kissing up her hot, little bottom, scraping the red flesh with his rough cheeks, adding whisker burn to the list of her hurts. He didn't care; he wanted her to feel him for days after. By the way the little minx was thrusting her bottom back on his face, she didn't care either. As soon as she screamed out her release, Jesse undid his breeches and flipped her over, grabbing her legs and jerking her closer. Fisting his cock, he probed her center, teasing her over stimulated nub until she shuddered with little aftershocks of pleasure.

Placing a hand by her head, he leaned over her, while the other kept a grip on her creamy thigh, drawing her closer.

"I'm going to take you now, Susannah. I'm going to ruin you for all men. Even if you leave, you'll always think of this moment when I made you mine."

He paused a moment, waiting for her protest. Instead, she reached for him, wrapping her calves around his back, practically sobbing with need. "Jesse—"

Grabbing her hips, he pulled her to him as he thrust inside. His cock speared her maidenhead and she cried out, so he stilled.

"God, Susannah." She was tight, so tight, and rocking involuntarily against him. He paused, allowing her to stretch around him, even as her little sounds and shivers almost made him lose it.

For a distraction, he lowered his head to her neck, licking and sucking the sensitive skin until she writhed under him.

"Jesse please, I need..." Her breath hitched and he renewed his assault on her lips. Her hands clawed at his back until he pulled them away, forcing them on either side of her head.

"You want this?" He jerked his hips forward, giving her a little taste on him.

"Yes, yes," she sobbed.

"It's yours." He thrust himself home. She yowled but didn't retreat. Instead, her back arched and she pushed herself against him. "That's it, rub yourself against me." Releasing her wrists, he held her by the hips and sawed in and out of her. Pleasure spread through him, starting at his feet and curling his toes, rising through him until his whole body strained to press as far inside her as he could.

Susannah lay under him, her golden hair flung about the pillow, her lips chapped where he'd kissed them too hard, her eyes wild. She was calling out in pleasure, taking all he could give and begging for more. Gone was the society maiden, the prim schoolteacher. Beneath that perfect exterior lay an insatiable siren, wanton, beautiful, and all his.

Feeling her tighten around him, he slowed for a second. "Come for me, baggage," he growled, before slamming into her as hard as he could.

Her whole body bowed backwards with a powerful orgasm as he finished deep inside her.

* * *

Afterwards, when she lay limp and spent on the bed, Jesse felt regret. He'd never been with a virgin before, and his appetites ran rough. Once again, he'd proved that Susannah deserved better. Her first time should've been sweeter, more gentle. He'd never forgive himself if he’d hurt her.

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