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Authors: Amanita Virosa

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BOOK: Rectory of Correction
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Linnet bucked with even more than her previous vigour as Charlotte leaned forward and manipulated the grips. Two of them now gripped her nipples. All Charlotte had to do was to reach down and squeeze the ends together. This she did from time to time, and it seemed that Linnet's nipples were becoming more sensitive with every passing minute, for each time Charlotte performed this office, Linnet's struggling grew noticeably more frantic.

‘Steady,' Amelia said with a chuckle, ‘you want to watch that bucking, Linnet, or this wax could go anywhere.'

There was some truth in that. Though firmly secured by the corset laces that bound her thumbs and toes, Linnet could move her pelvis a good few inches as she squirmed.

There was a ragged circle of wax splatters coating her inner thighs and her lower belly. The temperature of the wax was not high enough to really burn her, but her reaction left no doubt that it was painful when it hit her tender skin.

Amelia dribbled the hot liquid in a slow spiral, getting ever closer to Linnet's sex. She held the candle lower, so the wax had less time to cool down as it fell through the air. She did not want to burn the girl, so while Charlotte manipulated the nipple grips, she dropped some wax on the back of her own hand, from no more than an inch away.

It was hot enough to make her wince and bite her lip. A few seconds later she peeled back the solidified white wax. The skin beneath was pink from the heat, but quite undamaged.

‘Ow!' she said.

‘Hot?' Charlotte asked sympathetically.

‘Awful. This bloody stuff has blistered me,' she lied for Linnet's benefit.

Amelia brought the candle back over the target area, this time close enough to hit the prisoner's pubic bush.

‘Keep still now, Linnet,' she said with a smile. ‘I'm going to lower the candle, so it might be a bit hotter.'

She let the wax splatter on the fine pubic hairs and, once again, Linnet writhed in her makeshift bondage.


‘My turn, my turn!' Charlotte insisted, grabbing Linnet's hair and dragging the girl, still on her knees, over to her bed.

Amelia lay back, luxuriating in the waves of little after-climaxes following her orgasm.

‘Would you like to lick me out, slut?' Amelia had asked her victim, once the girl's mons was well covered with wax. ‘Or do you only suck cock?'

It had taken a few moments, and a few more of Charlotte's nipple manipulations, but eventually Linnet had understood that she was being offered a route out of her bondage. Once understanding had dawned, she started nodding as vigorously as she could manage.

They untied her thumbs and fingers, then bound her hands with the lace again, this time behind her back. The stocking gag had been removed. The nipple grips, despite Linnet's pleas, had been left in place. Amelia sat on the edge of her bed, and Linnet had been made to kneel and put her tongue to work between her tormentor's widespread legs.

It had not taken long. Indeed, Amelia would have liked the experience to last longer. Linnet licked diligently and surprisingly skilfully, and Amelia had been so aroused that it was little more than a minute before she found herself peaking.

In a sleepy daze she watched as Linnet serviced Charlotte. The girls' nipples were always displayed by the too-tight blouses, but Charlotte's were now so engorged that they looked as if they were about to burst right out of the fabric. Charlotte writhed slowly and sinuously as Linnet worked her tongue. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, though this did not stop strange moans escaping from her mouth. Suddenly she arched her shoulders right back, putting Amelia in mind of a stretching cat. The high scream she gave was cat-like, too.

‘Hell's teeth, it's the Reverend!'

Amelia had almost forgotten Arabella's vigil. Cold fear cut through her post-orgasmic glow. By the time she heard the key rattling in the lock she was standing to attention.

‘Good evening, girls.'

The Reverend's voice had an amused note. It so happened that Amelia found herself facing Charlotte, whose bed was opposite her own. The girls exchanged a look of wide-eyed fear. Charlotte stood as tensely rigid as did Amelia, who could see beads of perspiration on the other's forehead.

‘Well, well, Kirsty, it would appear some have been enjoying themselves, whilst we have been at work.'

‘Yes, sir.' Kirsty was carrying a solid little leather bag. At a gesture from the Reverend she set this down on the floor with a chink.

The Reverend walked over to Linnet's bed. The semi-naked girl was sobbing still, but he ignored her. Instead, he thoughtfully lifted and examined the corset lace, still tied to her bedstead. ‘I wonder what sort of larks these naughty girls have been up to.'

He dropped the cord and turned to Linnet.

‘Well, my dear, would you care to explain why you are half-naked?'

He reached out and plucked the hair grips from her nipples. Linnet gave a gasp and doubled up in pain.

‘And what are these? I presume you have been playing some sort of girlish game.'

Amelia felt her stomach clench as she awaited the girl's answer. Would the silly trollop have the sense to keep her mouth shut? The expression in Charlotte's eyes suggested she was thinking something similar.

‘Ah, oh, yes, sir,' Linnet sobbed.

‘Well,' the Reverend said, then paused. There was a long tense silence, broken only by Linnet's gasps and sobs. ‘High-spirited young girls are bound to indulge in a spot of horseplay. I do not object.'

He walked across to stand in front of Amelia. From a distance of a few inches, he stared into her eyes. Amelia felt her knees quiver and she was afraid they might buckle beneath her.

‘So long as it does not turn into bullying,' he said with a smile that froze her soul. He dropped his gaze. Appalled, Amelia did likewise, in time to see him take her right nipple between forefinger and thumb. She bit back a moan as he pinched the flesh through the thin blouse. Then she could not help but gasp with pain as he pinched it between the little legs of the grip.

To her puzzlement and great relief, he left it there and turned to Charlotte, trapping her right nipple with the other grip as she hissed with pain.

‘I won't have bullying here,' he said shortly, walking back to Linnet. ‘If I discover any, I shall punish those responsible most severely.'

Amelia and Charlotte exchanged another terrified glance. Amelia risked a quick look round at Arabella, who was trembling visibly and had gone very pale.

The Reverend regarded the sobbing Linnet solemnly for a moment. Amelia was really frightened now, the throbbing of her gripped nipple giving her a dread intimation of agonies to come.

‘What a state you are in, girl. What is all this, wax?'

Linnet gave a gasp as his fingers picked some hardened wax from her inner thigh. ‘Y-yes, sir... Ooh, ah.'

‘Well, no need to make a lot of silly fuss, girl. Playing with the candle, were you?'

Again there was an awful silence. Amelia thought she was going to faint.

‘Y-yes, sir,' Linnet said between sobs.

‘I thought so. Well you have been a bad girl, Linnet,' the Reverend said with a chuckle, ‘and I am afraid I shall have to cane you.'

Astonished, Amelia dared to look round in time to see his fingers yank a piece of wax from Linnet's pubic hairs. The girl gave an anguished squeal and doubled up again.

‘Yes, this will have to come out,' he said thoughtfully. ‘I had better do the job myself, I think. Kirsty, cut along and get some more of those restraints from the cupboard, and take them to my bedroom. I have a feeling that she is going to wriggle like an eel.'

‘Yes, sir.'

Kirsty's heels clacked on the bare floorboards as she hurried off.

‘The rest of you had better get some sleep,' the Reverend said. ‘There has been enough excitement for one night. Charlotte and Amelia, get into bed at once.'

He turned to go and then, as if having an afterthought, turned back. ‘All this jollification almost made me forget why I came here!' He bent and picked up the bag Kirsty had brought. Opening it, he took out a set of chains and leather straps. ‘I am a little concerned for your moral wellbeing,' he said with a smile, looping a chain around the iron foot of Amelia's bed. ‘Such healthy young women may fall prey to the perils of self-abuse.'

Amelia watched in horror as he buckled leather straps around her ankles, chaining her spread legs to the bottom of the bed.

‘Bella, watch what I do and put a set on Charlotte,' he instructed crisply. ‘You will find a set in the bag for Linnet later. From now on, the prefects will secure the other girls each night.'

Amelia let him lock the wristbands on her and secure them by chains to the bedhead. It was too beastly for words. The Reverend had left plenty of slack in the chains; she would be able to move around within her bondage, but not enough, she realised, to reach down and caress that all-important spot.

‘Don't mind, do you, Amelia?' he asked with a grin, spotting her expression after checking Charlotte's chains. ‘You weren't intending to frig yourself... were you?'

Amelia felt her cheeks turn red. She was caught between cold fury and a toe-curling sense of shame. ‘No, sir,' she answered through gritted teeth.

The Reverend laughed heartily and patted her burning cheek before pulling the blanket up to her chin. Then he placed a kiss on her forehead. ‘Of course not. Well, sleep tight!'

She had never seen the man in a better mood, Amelia thought bitterly.

‘I'm only sorry that I cannot stop and entertain you girls some more,' he said with a chuckle. ‘Unfortunately,' he gave Linnet's behind a gentle smack, provoking a startled squeal from the girl, ‘I really must get that wax out and reintroduce this pretty little bottom to the cane!'



Chapter Eight


The rain rattled relentlessly against the rectory windows. From time to time the drumming sound became more insistent and sharper in tone. With a shiver, Amelia wondered if the heavens' arsenal included hail. It had been getting colder as the weeks passed and autumn turned to winter.

She had still not got used to the Reverend's relentless discipline. As the course had continued so had his standards become more exacting, ensuring that her bottom felt the depth of his displeasure with dreadful regularity. Yet the days had settled into a familiar pattern that felt strangely reassuring. The Reverend Dawes had her in his grip, and if that grip was harsh it could, at times, feel seductively secure.

There was nothing seductive, however, about the prospect of a run in the freezing rain.

‘Surely he won't make us run cross-country in this,' Charlotte said with a worried expression.

‘Christ, I hope not,' Bella replied with a shiver. She gripped the blanket on the edge of her bed and looked down. ‘A bit higher and firmer now, you little slut.'

Amelia glanced in her direction. Linnet was on her knees again, making use of her cunning tongue beneath Bella's skirt. The sight made Amelia smile, despite herself. Gretchen was no longer billeted with the others and, in her absence, Linnet had become a sort of dormitory slave. When she was not being tormented for the others' amusement, she spent most of ‘quiet time' on her knees, between one of the others' legs.

As always, the sight of Linnet giving tongue provoked a surge of desire in Amelia's loins. She wondered if she would have time to commandeer Linnet once Bella had finished with the chit...

There was a rattle of the key in the dormitory door. Every girl fairly leaped to stand at attention by her bed. Bella was still struggling to pull her gym shorts up and Linnet, looking seriously dishevelled, was gasping like a landed fish. To general relief it turned out to be Faith, followed by Gretchen, who was struggling with what was evidently a rather heavy load.

‘All right, Gretchen, put them there.' The maid indicated a corner of the room.

Amelia watched as Gretchen put the pile of rubber sheeting down. She kept her head bowed all the time now in the presence of the others. She wore only the corset and wool stockings that, apart from the hefty leather cuffs and collar, had become her usual uniform. Fading welts were noticeable on her bottom, but there was something else that caught Amelia's eye as she turned back to the maid.

Gretchen's pubis had been shaved and there was what looked like a pair of padlocked steel rings linking her outer labia. The sight sent a little thrill of fear through Amelia. Day by day, Gretchen was being reduced to an ever more degraded condition. Already her demeanour seemed less like that of a trainee, and more that of an abject slave. The sight fascinated and terrified Amelia in almost equal measure. She could not help but wonder if this was being essayed for some particular reason, or if it was a harbinger, a pointer to ordeals in store for the rest of the trainees.

‘There are capes, sou'westers and galoshes for everyone. Strip and put them on, quickly now, girls,' Faith instructed crisply, cutting into Amelia's panicky train of thought.

BOOK: Rectory of Correction
3.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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