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Authors: Arthur Mitchell

RanchersHealingTouch (6 page)

He uses his fingers to stretch her wider for his merciless tongue, that giant writhing match bent on filling her with fire.

Buried, squirming, helpless. Sadie feels something snap deep within her mind and she lets go.

There's no sense in resisting his wandering mouth. Every nerve lays down to the wonderful ecstasy steaming into her, straight from his lips and tongue.

Somewhere in the glorious quicksand, he reaches up to pinch her clit. The pressure catches her by surprise.

It's rough and perfectly poised, just on the boundary between pain and mind breaking bliss.

His fingers pinch tighter, tighter, like fleshy nooses for her most sensitive flesh. Moving from side to side, he burrows deeper still, until his stubble rests on her most sensitive flesh.

“Jesus! Brax! I can't take it anymore...”

He feels her sweet sex constrict and gush against his tongue. Lapping up the new infusion of rich cream, he keeps going, heightening her orgasm like a well trained pet.

Come for me.

That's what his beautiful lips are saying. And for once, I'm happy to obey, without any doubts.

A white hot slice of heaven blots out her vision. Sadie rocks hard on the mattress. The springs underneath them snap with every jerk of his tongue, forcing her to spasm harder and longer.

Breathless, she collapses, wincing as his fingers give her swollen clit one last squeeze.

The rancher rises, working off the buttons on his shirt. He moves between her legs.

Whatever tiredness she had before instantly vanishes when she catches a glimpse of the big bulge beneath his denim. The round hill is menacing, hot, and thrilling all at once.

She reaches for his zipper as he hurls his shirt to the ground, but he bats her hands away.

“No. These pants come off when I say they come off. I think you ought to meet my belt first.” He smiles, slow and mysterious. “I think a girl like you will appreciate this.”

With widening eyes, she watches as he unclasps his huge belt buckle. The leather hisses like a cobra as it passes through his loops, and then cracks in the air as he stretches it in his hands.

“Go on. Kiss it.”

He holds it up to her. Sadie shivers when her lips touch the warm leather, inhaling his very essence.

“You know where this belongs?” He answers with another loud snap in his hands.

Wow. No. I hope it isn't anywhere I can't handle...

Truthfully, if he wanted to belt her, she would've gritted her teeth and taken it. She shakes her head negative, frightened for the first time by the wicked energy rippling in his eyes.

“That little wooden bar above the's there for a reason, Sadie. And it's been a long time since it's gotten any use. Too fucking long.”

She turns, softly approaching the thick bar. Trembling, she sticks her hands out, curling them upright.

He smiles at her presentation and sets to work, winding the sleek belt around her wrists. The sensual motions send the fire back into her hips, concentrating at her core, all over the areas he just worked so well with lips and fingers.

“Oh, yeah, beautiful. Look at yourself in that big mirror behind me. I want you to see what I see...”

He moves aside, hooking the stray ends formed by the loop around her hands to the bar above.

She tests its strength. Her bound wrists don't move at all, locked into place by his leather.

Across the room, an old oval mirror shows her reflection. She's shaking, slightly sweaty, and glowing with desire. Her breasts heave up and down each time she breathes deep, her arms and legs stretched, spread, and unnaturally seductive.

Not as bad as I thought. But why is he showing me this?

Before she can answer, the cowboy blocks her vision, assuming his place between her legs. His hands dart to the zipper of his jeans.

With agonizing speed, he shifts them to the mattress, exposing the thin maroon boxers covering his hard exterior. He braces his hands behind her shoulders and kicks his jeans off.

Seeing him naked sends heat surging into her head, pounding her temples like war drums.

Sadie releases a pent up moan. She can't help it, just like she can't help raising her legs to the backs of his, stroking him with her soft shaven calves.

Brax feels good. His muscular legs dip and rise in smooth mountains and shapely valleys, drawing her deeper to his flesh.

The tension between them drives him wild. Sex is in the air, stifling the atmosphere around them, turning the little space around the bed into a sweat dripping sauna.

He kisses her deeply and lifts up, moving his hands to the sides of his hips. The elastic snap serenades her ears.

When his face withdraws again, she looks down.

He's bare. The swollen cock he's concealed for so long is free and angry, threateningly arced at the entrance to her slit.

“Do it. Go ahead, cowboy. I want to feel you riding me rough, all the way to my womb.”

He glances briefly to his dresser across the room. She watches his eyes, boiling with hesitation and lust, then the moment when desire overcomes reason.

Looking for a condom, probably. But we're way beyond that. Come on, just fuck me.

I want to feel you, not worthless rubber. I want to feel everything – no matter the risks.

She draws in a sharp breath. Something has given way deep inside her, a life-or-death dictate to feel flesh on flesh. Nothing else will do.

Pursing her lips, she feels sweat oozing from her pores, bringing her ankles up to his hard ass and running them across his legs one last time. It's skin-on-skin perfection – the same sensual connection she's aching to feel inside her.

When another involuntary sigh escapes her lips, all humid steam, the rancher breaks. He grips the base of his cock and pushes it into her.

They gasp in unison as their bodies merge for the first time. Sadie's wetness turns slicker, and she feels the currents welling up within her, readying her body for him.

He sinks deep with the first stroke, slowly conquering her, going all the way to her womb. Her walls stretch to accommodate him, and she lifts her hips at the thought of him re-shaping her body.

“Ah, hell! You're so tight. Beautiful – inside and out!”

His words bring her temperature up to boiling. Sadie slams up to meet him, as far as she can before the belt around her wrists jerk her back into place.

Brax's thrusts strike like lightning. The bed springs shriek wildly each time he bores into her, lifting up only to crash down again.

His short pubic hair grinds her clit. The harsh friction adds an extra flourish to an already glorious sweat soaked, lip biting, animal fucking.

Like a spring coiling inside her, the pleasure tightens, preparing for its inevitable burst. Sadie feels it welling up, and her hips rise more eagerly to meet his thrusts.

She's riding him from below, taking every inch of his thick root, loving the way it feels as it glides along her nerves. The full sensation rises above her hips, striking outward like a star spreading its violent rays.

We're complete. Right here, right now. Oh, if I could only keep this going forever...

But the way her nerves flare with monstrous heat says that's not an option. Orgasm is coming, shackled to an unstoppable freight train named Brax Weldon.

His energies crash through her as he quickens his thrusts. There's a sudden rush of adrenaline in her blood.

She lifts her head up and screams at the ceiling, loud and long, giving a voice to the tidal wave of ecstasy crashing over her. Brax groans along with her, feeling her tight walls constricting around his cock.

The resistance only makes him piston harder. He smashes into her, fucking through her spasms, lifting up only to give her legs extra leverage to lock tight to his body.

She's going for a ride, and he isn't letting up all night.

The cowboy ruts faster, weathering the barrage of screams and gasps tearing from her throat. His hands slide off her sweaty back, clasping her hips and raising her up to him.

With her hands pinned tight, he holds her several inches off the bed, slamming himself into her again and again.

Even when her orgasm goes back to a simmer, the heat stays. It's nipping at her brain, ruthlessly forcing her other senses into obedience.

That moment, nothing else matters but coming on him again – nothing except feeling him erupt inside her.

The thought makes her pant. Short, jagged breaths heave up her lungs.

Her hips rock hysterically, and she digs her heels into his back, as though she's spurring a horse across the finish line.

Brax doesn't need any urging. He keeps going, reaching an inhuman pace, feverishly driving into her depths. She's just about to come when the slab of man pressed tight around her legs stiffens.

Sadie opens her eyes. His head slowly tilts back, and his focused mask cracks.

Every inch of him seems to bulge at least an inch. His entire body bristles with hellfire, energy it can't contain any longer.

The rancher opens his mouth and growls as it churns inside his balls. Brax wants to slam her to the mattress and let his eruption shoot deep. But there's too much at stake to give in, and there's too much common sense left beneath the fiery lust.

He jerks out of her just as she begins to come. The emptiness barely disrupts her orgasm. It's steadied by the awesome sight of his muscular fist wrapped around his cock, pumping it hard.

Magma-like seed sprays out. Thick hot ropes land across her belly, all the way to her breasts, coating her in his rich essence.

His guttural sounds are like music. So is the steaming avalanche landing on her in potent jets, long veins of semen that keep coming all the way through her climax.

She rides the wave high before it begins to collapse beneath her. Then Brax's wet, warm hand is wrapped around hers, urging her back to the ground.

Sadie falls, sated at last. She looks at him and watches his muscles relax.

Gradually, he's starting his transformation from volcano back to mountain. The sound of his heavy breathing echoes through the room.

“Fucking mind blowing, girl. You gave me a hell of a run. And it looks like I didn't leave you too unhappy either.”

“Are you kidding?” She quirks her eyebrow and leans up for a kiss.

They long tongues, slower this time, studying the steamy contours of one another's tongues.

One kiss becomes two. Their tongues hungrily seek new caresses, feeling the fiery pulse beating in their blood.

Within minutes, his hardness returns. Brax cleans himself off and mounts her again.

They shift bodies hard and fast, sometimes shifting the belt around her hands. No matter how he takes her, Sadie presents herself, unable to do anything else with the terrible hunger screaming at her, the base need only he can fulfill.

Halfway through the night, the need to have his seed inside her grows.

“Come inside me! I want to feel your heat go deep, cowboy.”

No matter how she begs, he catches himself – just in the nick of time.

Brax comes on her soft torso, up her back, in his hands, anywhere except the place he wants to spill his seed most. The fourth time he loses it, he almost lets himself go off inside her, tearing away with the same reluctance a starving man lets bread fall through his hands.

“Better get a few hours of shut eye,” he says, undoing the belt and clasping her tight to his warm chest. “Tomorrow, after our usual work is done, we'll pack up your stuff in the guest room.”

Her heart does a roll. She leans up on his steely muscles, looking him in the eye, questioning whether or not he's telling her what she thinks he is.

“Come on, beautiful. You're not stupid. From now on, this room is yours, and we're going to do what we just finished all the time.”

That night, her dreams are restful nothingness. When she wakes up alone, she can't remember the last time she slept so well, sleeping on a soft cloud in the shape of a man.

IV: Urges Boiling Over

Brax flexes his dusty hands on the fence near the cattle pen. Several men are off in the distance, repairing a mild deficiency in the structure.

Two long nights filled with pleasure and very little sleep have given him a lot to think about. He smiles, knowing his woman is inside the house, probably hard at work on another big dinner for the crew after getting a late start.

It's mid-day, and the high summer sun beats on his back. He shifts his collar, walking toward the old steel wire windmill a few paces from his barn.

Several wooden crates are stacked up near the supports. They're full of old tools that could be carted for scrap, if they didn't make such nice stairs.

With a little effort, a person can climb up and survey most of the ranch. It's a weekly ritual he's kept since inheriting the place at twenty-five, almost a full decade ago.

Oh, Sadie Derby. What am I gonna do with you?

Filling his lungs with summer air, he puts one boot up on the nearest crate and climbs several levels.

He narrows his eyes in the bright sunlight, looking across the open land. His gaze inevitably falls toward the dirt road where so many things have happened.

Memories stream like the hot winding rays above, a steady procession with an energy and strength transcending time.

Brax smiles, remembering one of his first horseback rides alone along the path. He'd barely made it off the farm when his short legs slipped out the stirrups, sending him hurling to the ground.

Thankfully, the elder Weldon hadn't been far. His father materialized in what seemed like seconds, brushing away his tears and guiding him up to the house to dress the nasty scratch on his knee.

You were a good one, Pa. Can't believe it's almost been ten years...where do the days go?

The failed horse ride fades, replaced by a long dark hearse from the funeral home, taking his father away for the last time after being laid out in the house for a two day wake. The same dirt road that carries youth and comfort also carries death.

He's seen it in old family photos taken long before he was born. The same road had ferried imports and exports to Weldon ranch for generations, the lifeblood of his family's fortune.

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