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Authors: Arthur Mitchell

RanchersHealingTouch (14 page)

Pregnant Ranch Heiress contains uncensored scenes of rough domination, breeding sex, and passionate surrender. An erotic romance novelette of over 14,500 words.


“Hold still. This can be the greatest pleasure of your life, or the greatest torture. It's all up to you, Marissa.”

She raised her head, moistening her lips to dust away the hay's earthy taste on her mouth. “Why are you doing this?”

“Mostly, I'm sick of your shit. You're a spoiled, ungrateful little creature. Your father paid for everything, didn't he? That fancy car, your Ivy League education out East, his own funeral...answer me!”

“Yes!” She shouted.

The word rocketed past the stacked hay bales around her, bouncing off the ceiling like a bullet. When it came back down, it shook her to the core – or was it his touch?

“I want to help you. I want to watch you succeed here, Marissa, maybe even thrive. You have what it takes in your blood to be a smart ranch manager – maybe a good wife and mother too.” He licked his lips, letting the very tip of his tongue graze her earlobe.

“But someone's gotta force that smart mouthed little girl out of you. If you want me to keep helping you, then you're going to do everything I say.” He locked his fingers tight around her nipples again, causing her shudder with arousal.

For once, her words were lost. She'd been everyone's princess for twenty three years.

Now, a barbarian clamored at her gates, threatening to tear her up and ravage the thin mask of civilized vanity she'd worn since adolescence. To him, she wasn't a sacred princess, but prey.

And it's never felt so good to be hunted. Admit it – you like what he's doing to you.

You like that his hands can tear apart your clothes at any second. You like the fact that this is more
than the kinky sex play those boys in the city tried to get you into.

This is a demand for total ownership of your body, with Ryan MacGregor playing for keeps. And you
like it.

“You're shaking so much. How did you know I enjoy it?” At last, his hands angled away from her breasts.

She had no relief, though. His fingers crept lower, with one hand curling beneath her jeans' waistband.

Marissa jerked up, gasping. Ryan stiffened himself against her, forcing her back down into the hay.

His fingers teased the edge of her sopping wet sex. She trembled, a full body vibration sweeping head to toe, knowing it was just a preview of what he would do to claim her.

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