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RanchersHealingTouch (13 page)

Beautiful breeding soil. Just like he says.

The ropes nip at her ankles. She twists her feet, unable to help it as her body unwinds to

accommodate his heavy girth.

Brax's thrusts come faster, inciting the orchestra of bed springs beneath them. Something about the creaking song makes them rock faster, matching its rhythm on the race to release.

Once again, the rancher has outwitted her. Having her legs bound and stuck so far apart gives him a new angle to hit her deep.

Each time he comes down, his pubic shield grazes her clit, adding an extra reward beyond the already incredible feel of his cock melting into her. Straining her calves, she coils tight around him and lets her hips lift high, taking him deep.

That's it. Right. Fucking. There!

Sadie's throat turns to sand paper. A new orgasm engulfs her, more punishing than the last, unstoppable as his hips, falling on her flesh like a blacksmith's hammer on an anvil.

Screaming, clawing at the ropes, she comes hard.

Brax can't stand the crazed acrobatics of her hips, the way she yips and buries her face in his bobbing shoulders. She can't stay buried in his flesh, but perhaps he can bury a part of himself in her again, adding to that precious treasure inside her.

Groaning, he tenses and rises high like a mountain. His avalanche smashes into her orgasm.

She feels him swell, jerk, and explode inside her. New seed races up to her womb.

Her body doesn't care that it's pregnant. It lurches hard, sucking at his spurting shaft with raw lust, feeding its desires on the life giving infusion only he can give.

Fuck the ropes. This feels too good right now.

Her muscles protest angrily as the earthshaking spasms finally give way. She forces herself high, leaning out of the ropes to touch his stiff lips, still shaking with the mighty tremors rolling through him.

Brax matches her fury, kissing her back.

It's the kind of hard, brute kiss you only get in the heat of bliss – the only kind that comes from lovers cut from the same mold, finally and forever bound together.

“I love you so much,” she squeaks.

The rancher's breath puffs. He draws himself up from her depths, feeling his erection smoldering like a hot pistol pushed to its limits.

“Beautiful, you better believe I love you even more. And that love is only going to grow, big and proud like our family. You're mine, Miss Derby, now and forever.”


As a little girl, Sadie always wanted a rocking chair. She imagined passing time with the wood's slow creak and groan, listening gently as the chorus tracks the seconds.

The shadows in her early life would never allow it, though. The closest she got was an old rocking horse, a rusty and outdated thing her mother picked up from a second hand sale after a particularly brutal verbal lashing from her step-father.

On the old Weldon porch, a few leaves sweep around her, crackling to pieces beneath the wooden base. The autumn current is just starting to change from cool to downright chilly. But it won't stop her from coming outside to enjoy the new chair he's built.

She hums softly to herself. Even though their baby is just beginning to prove its existence as a small lump at her waist, she knows the wooden chair's notes comfort the new life.

Brax should be home any second. He's probably at the market, picking up something special to pass a cold evening.

The little surprises he brings make her smile. And there have been a lot of them, well after the danger and heated passions of the past summer, which feels like it happened half a lifetime ago.

She closes her eyes, lifting her hand to her face before she opens them again. The cool metal is like ice on her cheek – a soothing halo made just for her.

Yes, it's still there, alright. And isn't it wonderful?

She turns her fingers over, admiring the golden ring in the middle. The triple diamonds sparkle on her hand.

The engagement came out of nowhere, just a few weeks ago. The night started like any other, a call to finish up as he came in after a long day with his crew.

“Let's take a stroll this evening. Old man Vock's orchards are open to the neighbors now that the season's in full swing. I'd like to show you the trees, maybe see if you'd like to pick up a few for this place.”

It doesn't take much to get her excited. She dresses in a thicker dress bought for Fall, wrapping a long scarf around her neck for extra comfort from the encroaching chill.

The layers help, but it's his warmth that makes all the difference. Even in the winter snows, she imagines that he'll be all she needs to melt the ice, keeping her safe and warm for good.

It's a quick ride out to the orchards. She noticed them from the road a few weeks ago, the trees beginning to grow fat and colorful with ripe apples.

“Careful, beautiful. You cling tight to this arm. I'm not gonna let you take a spill because of some rotten fruit.”

Luckily, the path isn't as deadly as it seems. Fallen fruits are minimal since they're just coming into full ripeness, or else they're well on their way to harvest.

The rancher brings her along the most open path. She's lost in the beauty around them as he guides her toward a hill, high enough to wind its way to the treetops, and just the right angle to climb without too much effort.

Up here, they can see the tree tops. He kicks a small apple down the incline with his boots, extending his strong arm until it cups her shoulder.

The autumn's blazing rainbow of red, orange, and tawny beauty fills her eyes. Her mouth drops a little, allowing the purified air to skirt across her tongue.

“I've got something to ask you.”

Her attention shifts back to him, away from the gorgeous red trees. Even before he begins to fall toward the ground, Sadie's mouth falls open. Her lips quiver once as he sinks to his knees, firmly grasping her hand in his.

These fingers...these strong, happy fingers have never felt so warm before.

And they're about to get a whole lot hotter. The rancher's smile steals her breath.

He lets go of her with one hand, bringing it to his pocket, the place that suddenly feels like it holds the whole universe.

The ring box is a deep burgundy color. It ascends toward her in his palm, pretty and inviting.

His fingers clasp the top. The little box pops with a flick of his thumb, yielding its secrets to evening's last sparkling light.

“Oh...” Sadie whimpers dumbly, but it's all she can manage with a breathtaking engagement ring staring her in the face.

Then he looks up, face glowing, his love as full as the round red sun sinking beneath the horizon.

Brax takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

“Sadie Derby. Will you marry me?”

Oh my God! Just when I think I know where I'm going, he takes me in hand, leading me some place
ten times more beautiful...

She tries to answer him, but the words form a hard lump in her throat. Her tongue clicks dryly in her mouth.

His strong eyes bore into her, focused and glistening. Sadie collapses in his arms. One hand falls to his shoulders, and the other touches the gorgeous ring.

At a loss for words, she answers him with a kiss instead, deep and true as the flavor of a crisp autumn apple.

“Is that a yes?” He laughs, pushing his forehead against hers, staring deeply into the whorls of light surrounding her pupils.

“You tell me, cowboy. Didn't you hear me the first time? Let's try again.”

They kiss for a long time, letting their hands roam across soft, pliant, tear streaked flesh as the apple trees fade to pinkish grays. Eventually, she pauses long enough for him to slip the ring on her finger, where it's sat ever since.

It heats to her temperature almost immediately. Yet, it stays just a few degrees cooler, a constant reminder that it's only gorgeous metal without her heat, without her love.

The rancher's lips are as juicy and sweet as the fat apples bobbing on their branches below. She slides her teeth hungrily along his bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth.

His face shifts to kiss her neck, and she senses a tiny dot of wetness bouncing off his cheek. A cool gust blows, making his lips feel so much warmer.

Was it a happy tear from his eyes, or just a brush of fresh air?

It doesn't matter. Not with the way he's twirling his tongue on her skin, cracking it on her flesh like a whip, and then following the harsh prickles with softer strokes.

Inch by inch, his hands move along her back, sweeping low to her hips. When he reaches her hams, he clenches them hard, a possessive squeeze leaving no doubts about his ownership.

He draws her carefully into the grass. It's fragrant and clean, but not as fresh and enlivening as his kisses.

Their heat rises every time their lips impact, fueling passion from a dozen different directions. He wants to take her then, but the hilltop is too open.

Instead, Brax settles for sliding her beneath him. His bulk presses along her soft torso, worshiping her with his fingers, gliding along her surface outstretched in measured ranks.

“Is this what I have to look forward to on our wedding night?” Sadie smiles, matching the happy color rising in his face.

“A little. But if you want a real preview of that, just wait until I get you back to the ranch...”

Her heart climbs and dives. Still smiling, she opens her lips for him again, entwining her skinny tongue in his flesh.

The kissing goes on for a long while. After he finally helps her up to the surface, they're practically running down the hill, anxious to get to the truck and go home.

The last sun rays dance like tiny fairies on her new ring. Before she climbs in the passenger seat, she sees the amber light splinter on the gems, bouncing in a thousand directions like a great mirror.

All the roads to our future are here in this light. All the ways I love him. All the ways we're going to
make love in the next year...

On the porch, the memory makes her smile. It's hard to believe that the wedding is only a few weeks away.

Doing it outside in the early winter promises a small challenge. But it's nothing she can't overcome for him. To have Brax forever, she'd marry him on top of a seething volcano, with hurricane rains smashing the ash dirt around them.

Thinking about him is like a wishful spell. Within seconds, his truck pulls into its empty space.

She stands on the porch to wait for him. Her hands are clasped at her front, her bare hand gingerly caressing the ring's outer loop.

“Good evening, beautiful. Here's another surprise.” With little flourish, he rips away the brown paper tucked in his hand.

A small bouquet of colorful flowers appear. There's lily purples, rose reds, and brilliant yellow stalks she can't identify.

With one arm around him, she takes the bouquet in the other, drawing it close to her nose. The flowers send waves of warmth and calm deep into her body. She hadn't realized how much she's been missing their scent outside until now.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“Every last thing you've given me this summer. We're going into winter, but these flowers are still out there, safe as seeds in the ground or in full bloom at the florist's. Remind you of anything?” He smiles shyly, hugging her close.

She studies her eyes for a moment and shakes her head. Sadie wonders if she'll ever guess his well crafted mysteries, spontaneous riddles that always blossom into beauty.

“It's just like our love. You're my summer flower, Sadie. I'll never forget this summer and autumn as long as I live.” He pauses to kiss her forehead, warming her from the head down. “But I'm not worried.

It won't be the best summer of my life.”


“Not at all. The best summers are going to keep coming again and again, just like those seeds in the ground bringing the flowers back every season. Just like the seed I've planted in your beautiful body, and all the ones that'll come after.”

His hand moves to her womb, feeling the nascent bump. She feels him smile as they lock lips.

It's impossible not to match the happy quirk of his lips. Soon, her own lips curl.

She kisses him for a long while. His shoulder looms more like a mountain than ever, with the last sunlight setting across it.

The sky is growing darker as his lips reach for hers again, and they're joined by his hands. By the time it fades to black, she's snuggled against his chest, secure in lust and love as he carries her upstairs.

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