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Authors: Moxie North

Platinum Blonde (4 page)

Chapter 10


Oh sure, Jess thought, just relax while I stuff this giant summer sausage into your twat. Then when I get it in there, I’ll bang it around for a while.

Shit, that kind of thinking wasn’t going to help her. So she took a breath and let her muscles relax. She was watching Max, but he was watching his dick.

“Max?” she said hesitantly.

Looking up at her he said, “I’m here, Princess.”

Then looked back down and used his hand to guide just the tip of his cock into her. He pushed until he could see her stretch around him.

“Take deep breaths for me baby, when you breathe out I’ll move a little,” he said glancing up at her.

Jess took in a breath and let it out, then she felt Max inch further in. She knew that was just the tip so she kept relaxed and felt him pull back a little.

She breathed again, and felt him surge forward farther this time. That was when she felt a burn around the edges of her inner lips. The feeling of him stretching her tissues was heady.

They repeated her breathing and Max working his rigid length into her, inch by inch.

“Alright, baby, we are almost to the widest part, take a big breath and let it out and pull your legs up for me,” he ordered.

Jess did as he asked, pulled her knees to her chest and felt him push the rest of the way in.

“Fuck!” she yelled, she couldn’t help herself. She did feel like she was being split open.

Her body was flared around his shaft, hot and tight. She could feel the stretch and ache in her delicate skin trying to adjust for him.

“Hell yes, Princess, fuck me, your cunt is stretched so perfect around me. You’re shiny and red and your greedy pussy took every inch of me. Good girl,” he cooed.

“I’m going to move, try to not clamp down,” he whispered.

He pulled back, bringing his thumb up to rub her clit. The pressure on her clit from being pulled taut was eased as he rubbed. She could feel herself get wetter, lubricating his cock, allowing him to slide out easier.

“Oh, baby, I felt that,” he said gruffly. “Do it again.” He rubbed her clit in deep circles.

Jess arched her neck as shots of electricity ripped from her clit. Another gush of fluid poured out of her.

“Fucking hell, that’s hot baby. You’re so wet and juicy for me aren’t you? I’m going to fuck you, Princess. I can’t hold back, let me know if I need to slow down or stop,” he said on a rush.

Jess managed a brief nod, before he thrust back into her, this time all the way. She couldn’t keep up with what was happening.

Every time he pulled back, she thought she’d pass out from the pleasure. When his hips pumped back into her she saw stars behind her eyes.

Max was in heaven or hell, he wasn’t sure. His dick was in a vice, a hot wet vice he’d spent years dreaming about.

He didn’t want to rush this, but it took most of his control just making sure he didn’t cause her any pain. Now he needed to come, so he let his mind seek the pleasure and let go of her hands to grip her hips and pull her tight to him.

He pumped in and out of her, grunting with the searing pleasure that was her tight pussy.

He continued rubbing her clit, he wanted her to come once more before he let go.

“Give me another one baby, one more,” he said breathing heavily.

Jess needed very little encouragement, she was teetering on the edge of that cliff already and his words sent her careening off of it.

This time her pussy had his thick meat to squeeze as she came hard, calling out his name. Her hands had gripped his shoulders when he’d released them, now they were digging into his shoulders leaving scratches from her nails.

“That’s right, baby, come hard for me, squeeze my dick. I wanna give you my cum, fill you up with it,” he said as he thrust into hard a few more times before his body locked and he felt the first spurt of cum fill the condom.

He rocked his hips as jet after jet of hot thick cum poured out of him. His mind was a blank, nothing but exquisite sensation as he finished jerking his hips into her.

He let his head drop to her chest as he caught his breath. “Baby, we both need check-ups, because I want feel you, all of you, and soon,” he said into her breast, giving it a soft kiss.

Looking up to her eyes, he watched hers flutter open.

“Ok, baby,” she whispered.

He gave her a huge grin. He rolled off of her and said, “Give me a minute, Princess,” and walked to the bathroom. He closed the door behind himself and Jess heard water running.

She must have dozed off, but woke when she felt a kiss on the tip of her nose. She opened her eyes to see Max leaning over her.

“Bath time, Princess,” he whispered, scooping her up into his arms and walking to the bathroom.

Inside Jess saw he had run a bubble bath in the huge tub. She also smelled bath salts. Lilac, her favorite.

“Is this for me?” she asked in shock.

“Yes, you need to relax. I’m sure you’re a little sore from earlier, I hope I didn’t hurt you,” he said looking a little worried.

“No, Max, I’m good. Tender yes, you’re a big guy, but I’m ok,” she said reaching her hand up to cup his face.

He set her on the edge of the tub so she could sink into the water.

“I have some calls to make. You relax and I’ll come join you in a bit,” he said with a wink.

Jess couldn’t wait, she thought with a grin.

Chapter 11


Jess had her head tipped back on the edge of the tub and was dosing off when she felt the water ripple. She opened her eyes to find a very naked, very hunky Maxwell stepping into the tub.

“Lean forward, Princess, so I can get behind you.”

Jess scooted forward and Max settled behind her. He wrapped his strong arms around her, running his hands up to her breasts. He kneaded both in his large hands. He moved one hand down her stomach to her clit and slowly started circling it.

Jess moaned, and twisted, rubbing her ass against the erection she felt behind her. “What are you doing Max?”

“Buttering you up,” he answered.

“Buttering me up for what? We’ve already had sex, what more could you want?” she said laughing lightly.

She also knew he didn’t need to coerce her into anything. She really couldn’t think of anything he would ask that she’d say no too.

“Well, I just got off the phone with your boss,” he started.

This caused her eyes to fly open in shock. “My boss? Why did you need to call my boss? Are you trying to get me fired?” she said angrily.

“No, baby, calm down. I was asking him, if as a representative of the hotel, you could take a week off after I finish my business here to attend a family wedding in New York with me as a personal favor.

He thought it was a great idea and a great way to promote the hotel,” he said trying to calm her.

“Ok, so I go to this wedding with you, that’s it?” she asked dubiously.

“Well, not exactly,” he muttered. Then he let one of his fingers slide inside her waiting hole. Even in the water, she was slick with desire.

He pulled out and pushed two fingers back into her, then a third. He wrapped his other arm tight around her waist so she couldn’t move away from his hand.

“That’s not fair, Max,” she whimpered.

“I’m not playing fair, Jess. You’re mine now, and I’m yours. We have things we need to discuss,” he said as he continued fucking his fingers into her pussy.

“Like what? You are going on your dates this week, escorting some twig bitch to the shows, then you are off until the next time I see you,” she finished angrily.

Abruptly he pulled his fingers out of her and spun her to face him. Her legs slipped to either side of his thighs and his cock was trapped between them.

Reaching up he cupped her neck with both hands and brought her face very close to his. She could see the anger and frustration in his eyes.

“What part of,
you are mine
, did you not understand Jess?” he asked.

“Well, I mean, guys say lots of things to get a piece of ass,” she said trying to put some shields back up against him.

She’d let them fall, or more like crumble before, when she let herself imagine he really wanted her. But her time alone in the tub had her self-doubt creeping back in.

She wanted Max, but didn’t think she’d live through his rejection.

“You are not a piece of ass Jess,” he barked at her.

Shit, he was angry now.

“You’re mine, including your ass. You’re going to be coming on my dinners and dates this week.

I’ve cleared that with your boss too, he loves the publicity of people thinking I’m dating someone from the hotel. What he doesn’t realize is that you will be quitting soon anyway,” he said, using his thumbs to rub against her jaw.

“I’m quitting? Why would I quit my job? I love my job!” she asked incredulously.

“Because I’m not going to see my girlfriend every few months when I make it back to Vegas,” he said like it was so simple.

“Your girlfriend?” she sputtered.

“Well, for now. I called my mom when you were bathing earlier and told her you were coming to the wedding as my date,” he said giving her a wicked grin.

“You told your mother!” she screeched. She was starting to hyperventilate.

Max decided he needed to distract her for the next part. He reached out of the tub and snagged a condom he had thrown there on the way in. He made short work of the package and rolled it down his dick.

Seeing she was still reeling, he said, “Lift up for me baby.”

Jess blindly obeyed. Shit, he’d told his mom he was bringing me? He wanted me to quit my job to be with him? What the hell was happening? And did she even want any of this?

Max guided his cock into her pussy pushing just past her lips. He watched her suck in a breath and bring her eyes back to his. He also saw the light bulb go off in her eyes that she was in a rather compromising position. A quick flick of her clit had her sinking deeper onto him.

“Feels good doesn’t it, baby?” he said low, pumping his hips up to her giving her shallow thrusts.

“Yes, Max, sooo good,” she moaned.

“You like my cock don’t you baby?” he asked.

“Yes, I like your cock a whole hell of a lot,” she replied.

“Good baby, I’ll give you my cock anytime you want. You can have it when you’re happy, or horny, or angry or even when you are mad at me,” he said giving her a little more of his length.

“Why would I be mad at you, Max?” she said on a whisper. She arched and slid him almost the whole way into her snug pussy.

“Because, Princess, I’m going to ask you to make a lot of changes for me. Some harder than others, but I promise I’ll take care of you.

I’ll make you happy every day, and I’ll give you the world, baby,” he finished thrusting the last inch into her.

Max watched Jess fling her head back and a gasp. He knew she was tender from before but she was too fucking beautiful for him to hold back.

“Ride me, Princess,” he ordered.

Jess started rocking over his hips, grinding his hand on her clit harder into her. She could hear the water sloshing in the tub, but she figured housekeeping could be pissed at them later.

She grabbed onto his hard shoulders to give herself more leverage. She let her hands slide between his flexing pecs, then back to his shoulders. Her fingers dug in as she felt her climax coming on fast.

“That’s it, grab it baby, come for me,” he said arching his hips up.

Jess came on a silent scream, her body frozen as her limbs twitched. Each pulse from her clit rolled through her body like electric shocks. It was long and kept rolling over her. When it finally ebbed, she dropped her head to Max’s chest limply.

She felt Max sit up and before she knew it she was on her knees facing the other direction in the tub and Max was kneeling behind her.

She felt the nudge of his cock at her opening, then he fucked into her in one stroke. He put both hands on her shoulders and pulled her back onto his dick.

He pounded her harder than before, his hips slapping at her ass. He was breathing heavy and Jess couldn’t help but mewl every time he hit that magic spot inside her.

“I’m coming baby,” he warned her and then pounded harder into until his hips locked, his cock buried to the hilt inside of her.

He felt each throb pound through his dick as he came. Max groaned as each jet shot out of him and knew no women had ever made him come that hard. Shit, she was perfect.

Pulling out of her, he gently laid her back in the tub. He pulled the condom off and tossed it to the trashcan nearby. He drew her tight to his chest and nuzzled into her hair.

“Are you satisfied, Princess?” he asked quietly

“Mmm-hmm,” she managed.

“Are you limp and relaxed?” he asked quietly again.

She gave him another “Mmm-hmm.”

“Good, cause baby, I told my mom you’re my fiancé,” he finished quietly.

Jess’s eyes shot open. She felt his arms squeeze down on her, in a tight, warm hug. She was too relaxed and spent to work up much of a fuss.

She would later blame the orgasm coma she was in when she replied, “Ok, honey.”

She never saw the blissful grin that spread across Maxwell Parks’ face.

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