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Platinum Blonde (3 page)

Chapter 7


“Put me down!” she squealed, “I’m too heavy for you!”

“Princess, you are perfect, and I’ll carry you around whenever I want,” he stated firmly as he walked down the hallway to the master bedroom.

“And don’t let me hear you call yourself heavy again or I’ll paddle that ass of yours. I bet it would look fantastic pink with my handprints.”

Shit, he was serious, Jess thought. And it totally made her cream her panties. She could feel his hands squeezing her ass and thighs through her skirt. It was hot.

Once inside, Jess felt herself fly through the air, then land on the bed with a bounce. This made her laugh and helped break some of the tension. That was until she got a look at a totally naked Max.

He was stunning, almost blinding to the eye. He was tan from the time he spent outdoors.

His chest was all muscle, but he had enough flesh on him that made her know his skin would be soft, with iron underneath.

His washboard abs led down to a magnum size dick. It was around 8 inches she guessed, but that wasn’t the truly impressive part. He was thick, like two hand grip, kind of thick.

Jess swallowed and let her laughter die. She must have looked nervous, which she figured was ok.

Or she looked freaked the fuck out, which was more likely since Max walked to the edge of the bed and cupped her cheek and made her look into his eyes.

“Baby, don’t worry, I’ll get you ready for me. I’ll lick your pussy and stretch you with my fingers until you come hard for me.

Then I’ll suck your tits and finger your ass until you come again. Baby, I’ll have you so twisted up, you’ll beg me to split you wide open with my cock.

Hell, I’ll have you begging me to fuck your ass before the night is over.

From this moment on Jess, I’m your fucking world. I’ll give you more pleasure than you’ve ever experienced before, promise.”

He finished looking into her eyes with so much heat and need, Jess had to swallow the lump in her throat.

“I see why you wanted the big bottle of lube now,” she whispered.

This made Max throw his head back and laugh.

“Actually I was just trying to think of something to either make you mad enough at me to engage me or curious enough to do the same,” he admitted.

“But I will be right back, we will need the condoms,” he finished sprinting out the door.

Jess wanted to lay there and contemplate life, but he was back too soon. He tossed the bag on the floor by the bed then kneeled down beside it. He started working her shoe off slowly, running this thumbs up her arch. This made Jess moan.

“Your feet hurt, Princess?” he asked, removing the other shoe and rubbing her foot again.

“Always,” she said honestly, it hurt to rock the nice shoes. But she was willing to suffer.

“I’d say you should wear better shoes, but your shoes are always fucking fantastic. I’ve had serious fantasies about your shoes,” he admitted.

Pushing up to her elbows, she raised her eyebrow at him, “Really? You’ve thought about my shoes?” she asked incredulously.

“Of course, imagining them pointed to my ceiling, them digging into my back, you get the idea,” he said low.

Well color her shocked that this wasn’t some whim for him. He actually thought about her. She couldn’t help but do a mental squeeee and happy dance.

“Thank goodness you don’t wear nylons,” he said running his hands up her legs.

He kept moving them up under her tight skirt until he was able to grab a handful of thigh in each hand. He squeezed and he moaned at the same time she did.

Holy crap, that feels good, Jess thought. His hands were hot and they were sooo strong. She felt her pussy get wet as he massaged her legs.

He ran his hands up and down, moving her flesh and tugging it back and forth. She’d always hated her thighs, that was until this man seemed to be totally getting off on them!

“I have to see these, Princess,” he said gruffly, reaching for the zipper on the side of her skirt.

He had it down and her skirt pulled off before she could say anything.

She frantically tried to remember what panties she was wearing. Glancing down she gave a quick thank you to the undie gods for wearing her black lace panties with the red satin trim. They were hot.

Max must have thought so too, since he growled and leaned over to lick at the edge of them where it met her thigh.

This had Jess lifting her hips off the bed, towards his mouth.

He continued to bite along her thigh. Some were nips, others were a little sharper.

He moved back and forth between her legs, pausing in between to bury his nose into the lace at her pussy and swipe his tongue over the fabric. It was just enough for her to feel the wet of his tongue.

She was dripping by now, soaking through her panties, and she knew Maxwell could smell her arousal.

He would close his eyes and breathe her in, then continue his torment. She was trying to be patient for him to get to the good stuff, but he clearly had other ideas.

“Max,” she whimpered.

“Hush, Princess, I’m in charge here, just lay back and enjoy what I give you,” he said into her mound above her aching clit.

The vibrations of his voice so close to that little bundle of nerves had her legs quivering.

Instead of pushing her panties aside and giving Jess the orgasm she needed so desperately, Max took a different route.

He moved up her body climbing onto the bed with her, keeping his weight on his arms so he could look down on her.

She looked up and watched him run his gaze over her, like he was memorizing the picture he saw.

One hand crept up and started to unbutton her blouse. Jess was grateful he was being careful with it, it was one of her favorites.

Once he got the buttons open, he ran the flat of his palm over her stomach and up to curve over the black lace covering one of her breasts.

“These are perfect, Princess, I’d love to get you some diamond nipple clamps. Maybe with a diamond pendant hanging from the chain to give you that little tug every now and then.

Hmm yes, you would look good in my diamonds,” he growled, squeezing one of her breasts and dragging his thumb across her nipple.

Sucking in a breath, Jess managed to ask, “You aren’t into whips and chains and stuff are you?”

“No, Princess, I just feel the need to decorate you. And if those decorations give you pleasure, all the better,” he answered, grabbing the cup of her bra and pulling it down to reveal one taut rose colored nipple.

He paused, then bent and sucked the peak into his mouth.

Jess moaned and grabbed for his hair to pull him closer to her.

Max licked and suckled her breast then turned his head and sucked her other nipple into his mouth through the lace of her bra.

Jess writhed on the bed, her nipples had a direct line to her clit. Every tug of his mouth had her clit pounding in response.

“Take it off,” he ordered sharply, pulling back from her.

He sat back on his knees to watch her take off her blouse and unhook her bra.

She laid back and looked at him, drinking in the sight of him. His hungry gaze, his fantastic body. The astonishing fact that she was naked in bed with Maxwell Parks.

Chapter 8


Max was happily doing the same thing. He had Jess laid out on his bed, and she was his. She might not know it yet, but she was.

Max was going to mark her in every way he could. With his body, with his cum, with his diamonds, and eventually with his name. He just had to play his cards right.

“Princess,” he said gruffly.

“Max,” she whispered back.

Max gave a little shake of his head, like he wasn’t sure this was real, then brought his mouth back down on hers in a long, wet claiming kiss.

He made sure his mouth touched every part of her as he promised.

He kissed her neck, leaving love bites up and down both sides. He never thought hickeys were juvenile, he always saw them as a mark of possession.

You knew someone had allowed a lover to suck on them long enough to leave a bruise.

It screamed to him that person wanted to carry their lover’s mark. He hoped Jess would feel the same.

And since Jess wasn’t telling him to stop, he was going to make sure she knew she was his the next time she looked in a mirror.

Max worked his way down to those luscious breasts. They were the perfect handful for him, not too big and not too small, like they were made for him.

Pushing them together, he sucked the nipples into his mouth alternating between both, using his teeth to gently hold them in place as his tongue swirled around the peaks.

He made sure the other breast had his full attention also, twirling the hard nub between his thumb and finger.

“Oh baby, these are amazing,” he said into her flesh.

“Max, that feels sooo good, don’t stop, please god, don’t stop,” Jess whimpered. Her hands curling and twisting through his hair.

“No, Princess, I won’t stop,” he promised as he released her breast with a pop.

He started kissing down her stomach, sucking some spots and nipping others. When he got to her belly button he plunged his tongue into it. He ran a circle around the rim, then thrust his tongue deep and wiggled his tongue.

Jess felt it in her toes. Holy shit, when did belly buttons become erotic? She was sure she missed that memo.

He bit his way along her belly to the top of her panties. He took the edge of the lace into his mouth and tugged, looking up at her like a hungry animal toying with its prey.

He dragged the fabric down, pulling with his teeth. Jess helped by lifting her hips so he could grab the sides with his fingers, and continue the torturous unveiling of her pussy.

Once they were down to her thighs, Max whipped them the rest of the way off and pushed out on the insides of both of her knees. Forcing her legs open and causing Jess to gasp.

She was totally exposed to his hungry gaze. She knew what he saw, she was completely bare. This was Vegas after all. And the ladies at the spa in the hotel were masters at hair removal.

“Goddamnit, Princess, that has to be the most perfect pussy I’ve ever seen. I’ve just added a diamond clit clamp to our shopping list. A little stone to tap sweetly on your clit as you walk. Would you wear that for me baby? Walk around on the edge of coming just for me?” he asked huskily.

The idea had her clit swelling at the idea. When did she become such a pervert, she thought. She actually knew the exact moment, it was when she walked into this suite and saw Max in a towel.

“I’d do that for you, Max,” she finally answered, rolling her hips towards him.

“Thatta girl,” he said proudly, “You want me to make you come, Princess?” he asked as he used his thumbs to pull the lips on her pussy out, exposing even more of her to his gaze.

“Yes, Max,” she whispered.

“Beg me, convince me you want me to lick your pussy clean. Beg me to bite your cunt hard enough to leave marks, beg me, Princess,” he growled.

He wasn’t going to give her what she wanted until he was sure she knew exactly who was giving her the orgasm she so desperately wanted. And who was going to be the only man to ever give her one again.

“Please, Maxwell, I can’t stand it, taste me,” she begged.

Chapter 9


Jess heard a low growl, then she watched his beautiful dark head bend to her wet pussy.

The first lick of his tongue was from asshole to clit and had her mewling with pleasure. The second swipe had his tongue dipping into her opening then dragging up underneath her clit.

He used his tongue to pulse and push up on the underside of her numb. It was odd, and a little uncomfortable, but it had her nerves screaming.

When he heard hear cry out, he sucked her clit into his mouth tugging hard on it. Then he opened his mouth wide and started eating her sweet cunt.

Pulling her lips into his mouth, sucking and nipping them, using his tongue to paint her pussy.

“My pussy, Jess, this is all mine now, no one else’s,” he said pulling back to look at her. “Say it, tell me this is mine.”

“It’s yours, Max, all yours,” she promised.

She watched his eyes glint and he lowered back down to continue his wicked assault.

He brought one finger up to her opening and circled the rim around and around until he had her shaking. Then he pushed his finger in slowly, pushing it down along the back of her canal.

The pressure was almost uncomfortable to Jess, but then he moved his hand back and forth. That finger rubbing and making her ache.

Every time he pulled out to the opening of her pussy, he’d push down on her asshole sending a whole other set of nerves alight.

“My girl likes to get her pussy eaten. Good thing, because I’m doing this every day,” he said into her wet lips.

He pulled his finger back out slowly and added another, pushing back in dragging over the back of her tunnel.

His fingers picked up speed as he sucked her clit into his mouth and held it in place with his teeth and let his tongue flick rapid fire over the end.

Jess was burning up, she felt so much, in so many places. Her clit was being rubbed raw by his tongue, but she didn’t want him to stop.

His fingers were maddening, rubbing her in places no one had ever rubbed before. Her brain couldn’t keep up, then she felt the fire in her belly start to build.

Her limbs started to shake and she said with a tremor in her voice, “Max, baby, I’m gonna come.”

“Give me your cum, Princess. Show me how you come apart for me,” he ordered, sucking her clit hard back into his mouth.

On one hard suck and a hard thrust into her pussy, she came apart, screaming his name to the ceiling. Her body locked as she felt a rush of liquid squirt past his fingers that her pussy was clenching like a vice.

She came up on her heels, her body bowing and Max followed her so she wouldn’t lose his mouth or fingers.

Jess kept crying out as wave after wave rocked her body. When she finally fell back to the bed, Max had slowed his movements but not stopped.

He was gentle as he let her body finish twitching, he lapped her sweet pussy and rimmed her hole with his fingers.

“Baby, you taste like candy. I felt you come in my mouth and I drank every drop,” he growled, and leaned up to give her an open mouth, full tongue kiss.

He was sharing her taste with her and Jess fucking loved it. She did taste good, and combined with Max the taste was amazing.

Leaning back, he looked into her eyes and just stared, drinking in the sight of her. Then he reached over off the bed to the bags on the floor and pulled out the box of condoms.

“Party pack huh?” he mused looking at the box.

She just gave a shrug in response. Jess was proud she had control of her shoulders back after that orgasm. It had left her limp and a little fuzzy headed.

He ripped open the box and pulled out a long strip, tearing one off. He brought it to his mouth and used his straight white teeth to tear open the package.

Max rolled the condom down his cock that was throbbing against her stomach. Then reached up and grabbed both of her wrists into his hands and shoved them above her head.

“I can’t have you touch me, baby, I’m too close and won’t be able to hold back. Let me work into you slowly, I don’t want to hurt you,” he said, placing the tip of his dick against her opening. He dragged the head back and forth on her lips, slicking the end.

“Ok, Princess, just relax for me,” he whispered.

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