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Platinum Blonde

Vegas Large

Platinum Blonde

By Moxie North


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Vegas Large novellas contain hot hunks, gorgeous curvy women, a bit of romance, and smoking hot sex scenes with lots of dirty talk. Be prepared.

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All Rights Reserved

Kindle Edition

Chapter 1


Running through the lobby of The Platinum, Vegas’ most luxurious casino on the strip, Jess Cooper hoped she didn’t slip. She was wearing her new Jimmy Choos and she loved them. It would be a crying shame if she fell flat on her face wearing something so elegant.

Jess was usually moving at her
hotel walk pace
, as she liked to think of it. The hotel was so huge that getting from one end to the other was always a challenge. You could spend hours wandering the halls through the art gallery, the atrium and greenhouse, and of course the labyrinth of the actual casino. But Jess was a busy girl and didn’t have time to waste.

As she skirted around guests, offering them a warm smile, she nodded to a few she recognized.

Jess was the guest liaison for the high rollers at The Platinum. She and her team managed the whales from North and South America.

They would offer them comps to bring them to their casino. Arrange their suites, their meals, and satisfy any other tiny need they may have so they would come into the casino and play, and play big.

Sometimes they won and sometimes they lost, but the house always won no matter what.

Jess knew she was good at her job. She had a contact list that most other hotels would love to get their hands on.

Her list contained not only some of the personal numbers of millionaires and billionaires, it also had their personal assistance, secretaries, press managers and security/babysitters. Those were the real people to know.

The handlers of the rich, the ones that micro managed their lives and often enjoyed the break of having their bosses gambling for hours on end.

It was a closely guarded list and only a select few had access to it. She made sure her high rollers were pampered and cosseted while they stayed at the hotel. Every whim, every desire was met quickly and efficiently by herself or her staff.

She loved living in Las Vegas, she loved the heat and the sun. She also had somehow managed to not get sucked into the Vegas lifestyle of stick thin, model type showgirl physiques.

Well not that she had much of a choice. Jess was what some might call chubby, or even fat if they were being rude.

But at 5’7 average build on top, until you got past her waist, she was still considered round, no doubt about it.

Most of her weight she carried in her hips, ass, and thighs. Which on some people would be an hourglass, but she wasn’t quite busty enough to be considered the hourglass type. She was more pear-shaped and had over the years embraced her booty. She used to try and hide it. Now she dressed to show it off.

Today she was wearing a sleeveless electric blue silk top, with a deep V-neckline. She paired that with a black pencil skirt that went just past her knees and of course her new blue and black snakeskin Jimmy’s. She had twisted her blond hair up into a tight french twist, sexy but still professional.

Waving to a few other employees, she made her way to the back office through a door hidden behind a decorative planter. Guests didn’t want to see the business side of running a hotel. It was all about maintaining an image.

Jess walked straight into her office calling out to her secretary Sara, “Any updates on this weekend’s arrivals?”

Rushing into Jess’s office, Sara started rattling off the messages, “Mr. Lewis confirmed for this weekend, he’s coming in with his usual entourage and requested the Presidential suite. I ran it through the front desk and the room is empty and prepped. No answer back from Mr. Ishida but last time he chose to stay at The Palomino, not sure why considering that place is always full of retirement community weekenders,” she said on a sniff. Jess gave her a look to continue.

“Mr. Silva said he has plans to be here possibly next month and will have his secretary coordinate with us,” she finished, flicking a check mark off on her list of messages.

“Great, we still have two whales in residence but they should be leaving by Friday barring unforeseen circumstances,” Jess said, looking through her calendar on her desk.

Yes, she had one on the computer, but sometimes she needed the tactile advantage of seeing her month in front of her and letting herself sink into the dates and bookings. Her little universe in paper and pencil.

“Oh, and there was one last message,” Sara said, pausing dramatically.

“And….” Jess prompted her.

“Cynthia called,” she paused for effect, “Mr. Parks will be here this weekend arriving Saturday and staying through next Saturday and wants the Diamond suite,” she finished with a big excited grin.

Crap, Jess thought, not Maxwell Parks.

Maxwell Parks was a billionaire, not a millionaire, no, a real honest to goodness billionaire.

He ran a multi-national company that had its fingers in every pie you could think of. Fuel, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, the works.

He came to The Platinum around four times a year. He would gamble, sometimes losing huge amounts, but over the year, he tended to come out ahead.

He also used Vegas as a base for some of his business dealings. He liked to relax, hang out at the pool, blend in with the tourists and then he would escort some supermodel around to dinner and the newest shows.

Jess figured he staged it all for publicity to ensure his playboy status and to keep his name in the papers, and not just the business section.

Maxwell Parks was also an Adonis, a certifiable sex god and Jess had a hard time keeping her panties dry around him.

He was 6’4, according to his wiki page. He had the body of someone that worked out, a lot. Max was lean, with tight muscles that rippled under the skin when he moved. Biceps that made a girl want to wrap her arm around them and squeeze..

He had huge, strong hands that almost made her swoon when he adjusted his tie. He also had the thighs of a man that clearly liked to lift heavy things in the gym, which boded well for a girl like her.

Jess had seen him coming from the hotel’s gym late one night in shorts and a tank. A tank covered in sweat, clinging to his hard sculpted chest. She almost forgot to keep her mouth from hanging open as she walked past him giving him her
business nod.

He was also an ass. This was not surprising considering Jess worked with lots of asses. Most men who were successful and wealthy did not get that way by being pussies. They were hard, expected people to jump when they said so and didn’t usually tolerate failure.

Maxwell was the King of the Assholes.

He had never in the three years she had known him, ever smiled at her. And when he thanked her for something there was no feeling behind the words. It was a reflex only.

He would stare at her with slate blue eyes, that she had seen turn grey when he was angry, and bark orders at her.

Jess didn’t take it personally; it was her job to keep him and the other whales happy.

Not only was Maxwell a gambler, she was aware through rumors that he was a silent partner of the hotel, not that anyone had ever confirmed that to her.

But she responded to his requests as professionally as she could, then would go home, shamefully masturbate to his face then fall asleep hoping she didn’t blush seeing him the next day.

And he was coming in two days. Shit, she had a number of things to get ready for his arrival.

He wanted the Diamond suite, which he always stayed in.

It was a two-story, 2400 square foot “room” that looked out over the strip on the top floor. It was breathtaking up there, it even had its own lap pool.

Plus, Mr. Parks had very specific tastes as far as stocking the drinks and food for his room.

“Shit, seriously? Two days notice? God! Why does he do this every time? Like he just plans on a whim to jet off to Vegas? No! He knows what he’s doing for the next 10 years, probably down to the minute!” she ranted, as she started shuffling through her desk papers.

Not sure what she was looking for, Sara piped in, “Calm down, we’ll handle this like we always do. Why do you let him get you so riled up? You know he’s the only one that does that to you,” she teased.

Sara had been her secretary for the last three years, so she had gone through many of Jess’s Maxwell Parker Freak Outs.

“You know why, don’t play dumb,” Jess growled.

One late night after drinks in the hotel bar, Jess had let the alcohol do the talking and told Sara about her crush. Not her finest moment in keeping boss and, employee boundaries uncrossed.

“Right, I’ll call catering, you go confirm with the front desk if the Diamond suite is free.

There may be someone comp’d in there, but have them bumped in the next 24 hours so the cleaning crew can scrub it top to bottom. You know how he is about dirt. He almost popped a blood vessel last time he thought the toilet paper wasn’t a new roll,” she muttered.

“I’m on it!” Sara said twirling from the room.

Picking up the phone, Jess hit the speed dial for the catering manager.

Hearing the phone ring a few times, a voice answered in a sarcastic tone, “You have bad news for me don’t you,” Mark, the hotel catering manager said with vague amusement.

“King of the Assholes is arriving in two days,” she said without telling him who was calling. He clearly saw her extension, what with the snarky comment.

“Fuck me, seriously? Any special requests? Or just the usual, high end, hard to get, usually out of season requests that he normally has,” Mark said a little more irritation in his voice.

“No word on special requests, but yes the usual. He likes his Guinness so make sure to have some of that new Blonde added to the fridge. Make sure we have the Voss water he likes.

And then have the usual protein powder and fixings for his smoothies. Oh and don’t forget the pomegranates,” she reminded him.

“Christ, pomegranates in the summer, I’ll have to call around for those. They don’t just grow on trees ya know,” he said laughing at his own joke.

“Har har, just get on it, will you? Let me know if you run into any issues,” she finished, hanging up on his laughter.

Rubbing her temples, she realized she still had two whales that needed her attention. One wanted front row seats to the new topless review. And the other wanted a full body massage, by a tall Amazonian redhead, she believed was the request.

Sometimes her job was fun, sometimes it was funny, and other times downright disturbing. Sighing she got to work, pushing Maxwell Parks out of her mind, for now.

Chapter 2


Watching the strip pass by in a blur out the limo window, Maxwell Parks let out a sigh.

He found the Las Vegas strip gaudy. It was always stuffed full of tourists, most of them not there to gamble. They came for the shows and the cheap buffets.

Maxwell came for two reasons. One, it was good for him to be seen taking pretty women to dinner, showing up at some review and squeezing in as much work as he could while he was there.

The second reason was Jess. The first time he saw her, he was completely gobsmacked.

He was a talker, it’s what he did really for a living. But he got one look at her luscious body, big rounded ass and a face that left him breathless and there were no words.

His brain had downshifted all his blood straight to his dick and instead of being his normal cordial self, he let his dick do the talking. And since his dick, was a dick, he came off as a colossal dick.

He never figured out how to recover from his disastrous first meeting with Jess. So each time he saw her after that, he was an ass.

How do you explain to a beautiful women, that instead of being the confident business man you were, she made you feel like a horny teenager, covered in zits and hanging with the chess club.

But he still came and he at least got to see her. He’d spend a week every few months trying to find ways to bump into her.

He would make requests hoping that she would have to come to his door. Rarely did that happen as she usually sent one of her employees.

He was worried she was avoiding him, but she must be really busy. He knew she had a lot of responsibility dealing with the whales of the casino.

He wanted to see her, but he didn’t want her to find him a nuisance.

Pulling up to the curb, he waited for his driver to make his way around to the door.

Stepping out, he gave the man a brief nod and started to button the middle button on his suit jacket. His eyes scanned the curve of the driveway under the portico.

He was looking for her, but didn’t see her. Then scanned again and a bellhop pushing a cartload of luggage past the doors revealed his Jess.

She stood in a cream skirt that cupped her amazing curves and stopped at her knees.

Her white blond hair was down today. She almost never wore it down. It was always up in that sexy French twist or a librarian bun, which was also sexy as hell.

Her ruby red blouse was buttoned up primly and she was wearing a serious pair of fuck me shoes. She always wore nice shoes, Max thought.

He couldn’t help but imagine those heels pointing to the ceiling of his suite as he fucked the owner senseless.

The thought of those beautiful heels digging into his ass as she gripped him, had his cock thickening behind his zipper. Thank goodness he had buttoned his jacket first thing.

Jess saw Maxwell staring at her or more exactly, he looked like he was glaring at her.

God, it’s already started, she thought. But damn, that man could work a suit. He looked like he stepped out of the pages of GQ, his broad shoulders filling the suit tight across the chest. Yum.

Putting on her professional smile she briskly made her way over to where he was standing at the curb. Heaven forbid he walk to her, no this was Maxwell Parks, you always came to him.

Extending her hand she gave him her polite standard speech, “Welcome back to The Platinum, Mr. Parks,” and gave his hand a quick shake.

Releasing it, she stepped back and opened the portfolio she was carrying.

“We have you in the Diamond suite as requested. I personally inspected it this morning. Your usual staples were stocked in the kitchen. Please let us know if there is anything else we can get for you.

The gym hours have been changed to close an hour early during your stay in case you would like to use the facilities.

Are there any particular hours or games you would like me to schedule for you during your stay?” she asked looking up from her list.

“Thank you Ms. Cooper, you are always on top of my needs when I visit. I’ll be wanting to stay in tonight, then baccarat tomorrow evening after dinner. Sunday night I have a guest arriving, we will need tickets to whatever show is newest. Please arrange that,” he finished briskly.

“Of course, sir, I’ll make sure a table for baccarat is prepped in the high roller lounge tomorrow, say 9pm?

And I will have tickets sent up to your room for the new acrobatic show. I’m afraid it’s also a musical. Unless you would like something else?” she asked primly.

She couldn’t imagine him sitting through a show with clowns and weird opera singers, but it was the hottest show on the strip right now.

And she wasn’t the least bit surprised that he had some floozy flying in for dinner either.

She was probably one of those 6-foot tall models that wore toddler size clothing. They always had a plate with a few pieces of lettuce on it and a very large drink next to it when she saw his pictures in magazines.

He would escort them to the swankiest restaurants with the most amazing chefs and his puppet partners would eat the garnish and get drunk.

“I couldn’t care less about the show, just make it happen,” he said almost angrily as he turned towards the door. He started walking in, assuming his luggage and items would be taken care of, because they always were.

“Please let me know if you need anything else Mr. Parks,” Jess called out. Phew, that could have gone so much worse, she thought.

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