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Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness

About the author

Adam Wallace is the author of this book.

Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness
could well be Adam's favourite book he has ever written.

Adam made up the entire story, but he did steal all the words from the dictionary.

This is the last book in the Pete McGee series … unless Adam writes another one, then this will be the second last book … unless he writes another one after the next one, then this will be the third last book.

Adam nearly broke both his ankles playing on a trampoline. That has nothing to do with this book, but it did hurt!

One time Adam got butted on the butt by a goat.

When he was seven, Adam got hit in the head with a golf club and needed seven stitches.

I'm just writing about Adam getting hurt now.

This is the end of the
About the author

No it's not! SUCKED IN! This is the last bit now.

Pete McGee and the Master of Darkness
is a book.

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Adam's website is:

If you email Adam, he will definitely email back.

His email address is:

[email protected]

For Aiden and Jordy, you rock!

Thanks for all your help with the story.


A message from the narrator

Chapter 1
: Struggleville. Population: Pete McGee

Chapter 2
: Master of Darkness: This is Your Life well a bit of it anyway

Chapter 3
: Bandragon

Chapter 4
: Bandragon … this time for sure

Chapter 5
: Everything seems perfect … uh oh!

Chapter 6
: Let the games begin

Chapter 7
: A meet and greet

Chapter 8
: Here comes the bride, all dressed in white

Chapter 9
: Slipped on a banana peel and went for a ride

Chapter 10
: It's on. Oh it is on, my friend, don't you worry about that!

Chapter 11
: Open wide, come inside, it's the Green Book

Chapter 12
: Blob the builder

Chapter 13
: Worst

Chapter 14
: Legs get physical

Chapter 15
: Test number two … hehe ‘number two'

Chapter 16
: More test ‘number two'

Chapter 17
: Does whatever a spider can

Chapter 18
: Exit forest, stage right

Chapter 19
: Going solo

Chapter 20
: Poisonous spikes and all things nice

Chapter: 21
: It's showdown time

Chapter 22
: Lights, camera … ACTION!

Chapter 23
: Tell the world I'm coming home

Chapter: 24
: Here comes the bride … again


A message from the narrator

reetings readers and listeners, and welcome to the final instalment in the Pete McGee series.

Okay, okay, don't get all stressed; I will tell you right now that when I say final instalment, it doesn't mean Pete McGee dies in this book. Well, I'm pretty sure he doesn't. Hang on, let me just flick through and, yep, he does not die! WOO!

No, this is merely the final documented journey of Pete McGee. His journey continued, it's just that no one wrote about it and so I won't be telling it to you.

So there you go.

In the meantime, we have got a cracker of a story coming your way! This is a story so good it's like a fake vanilla smell and a fake strawberry smell got together in a room to discuss politics … then they decided that would be as boring as poking themselves in the eye with a table tennis bat, so they invited a fake musk smell and a fake coconut smell into the room. They all danced in a conga line and merged together to make the best smell ever in the whole, entire history of the world.

That smell is this story.


It is that good.

If I were you I would read the book rather than smell it, as you'll get more enjoyment out of it that way. It'll just smell like paper and ink anyway, except for, of course, page 126. Oh ho ho, yes Sir, page 126, that is one unique smelling page.

That is all I will say on that matter.

So here we go then. This is it: the last story in the series. The definitely, very last story about Pete McGee EVER!

And that, right there, is exactly why we have put everything we possibly can into this book, to make it the best, most amazingly incredible book you have ever read. It has everything this time. Seriously. There is even a giraffe! I KNOW! A real, live giraffe! How did that get in the book? I honestly do not know, but it's there.

There are squirrels too.

And Lachie Wright!

I know … Wright!

So strap yourselves in and get ready for a marvellous, wondiferous, splendasticly amazing story, the likes of which you have never read before, and the likes of which you will never read again.


Well, let's do this then.

Ahem, hem …



Well what are you waiting for? Turn the page, that's where all the writing is.

Chapter One

Struggleville. Population: Pete McGee

ess play, McGee, more structure! Do it again, everyone!'

The rest of the boys glared at Pete. It was not the first time this had happened.

‘Listen up, trainee knights,' their instructor barked. ‘You must all do this exercise the same way. Our survival depends on it. What is clause two of the Knight's Creed?'

Pete watched on hopelessly as the other trainees formed a perfect line, stood to attention, and yelled, ‘INITIATIVE EQUALS RISK!'

He sighed and joined the group as they repeated the exercise, making sure he did it exactly as he was supposed to this time.

Four hours later, Pete McGee groaned and flopped onto the ground. It had been a long day, especially when he was dong training that he felt was sucking the life out of him.

I am a knight, he thought to himself in a robot voice
(which was very impressive, because robots hadn't been invented when Pete McGee was alive). 
He even did little robot movements with his arm. Yep, Pete McGee was doing a very early version of a robot dance. His thoughts continued …

I must not be an individual. I must act as I am told. I must react to every situation in the same manner. Regardless of my differences I must be as other knights have been and always will be. Knights have been and always will be. Always will be. Will be. Will be.

It was crazy. Pete had dreamt of becoming a knight his entire life, and now it was happening and he was on his way, but he was having massive doubts. He didn't understand what was going on. It just wasn't what he had thought it would be. Oh, you know, there was talk of loyalty and honour and learning to say thus and thou and everything, but he could do all that anyway. He thought there would be more. He thought he would be able to take his particular strengths and improve on them, become more than he had ever dreamed. He didn't think that he would be turned into a fancy foot soldier.

It suited some of the trainees. They lapped it up. They needed the order and the structure and the blah blah blah BORING! That wasn't Pete at all.

Where were the dragon slayers of old?!

It seemed to Pete as though being a knight had lost its lustre. Being a knight these days meant being part of a crowd, part of a system. You became a knight, you marched in order, you fought for the King, and you were given a piece of land. This wasn't what Pete had signed up for. Knights had become mere noblemen, not great men of justice, honour and valour. Pete believed a knight was proven by his deeds, yet a knight was now simply a knight in name only, and deeds were in stories told of days past.

At the same time though, in a weird sort of way, Pete thought he was doing the right thing. It was time to settle down. It was time to make sure his mother was safe, time to make sure they had a chance of a future. It was time for the adventures, the quests, the zombies, the battles, to stop.

Pete's best friend at training was Larson Smithers. Smithers had been raised to become a knight. His father was a knight, his father's father had been a knight, and so it was all Smithers had ever known. He wanted the title. He wanted the land and the banquets and the suit of armour. It was what was expected of him, and he didn't want to let his father, the Head of the King's Guards, down.

Pete knew there was more to Smithers than that though. For years Smithers had bullied and teased Pete McGee, and yet they had become firm friends. They had fought side by side when defeating the vicious, black-hearted zombie knights, and Pete knew that Smithers was brave and skilled. He also knew there was a part of Smithers that yearned to break free from the life that had been planned for him.

Pete, at the very least, hoped there was more to being a knight than what he was experiencing.

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