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MJ Fields




New Love

Book 2 of the Love Series

Copyright 2013 MJ Fields

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Copyright 2013 MJ Fields

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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to person, living or dead, actual events, locale or organization is entirely coincidental.



To all who fell as deeply in love with
Lucas and Tessa’s story as I have.

Thank you for wanting to learn more about them.

To all who have given me constructive criticism,

To my family and friends,

To those who love love.

I love you all…anyways.

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Chapter 1

Tessa came home from play practice and turned on the hot
tub. Chewy, her yellow lab met her at the door, wagging his tail with his ball in his mouth. She smiled and pet him. He dropped the ball at her feet and she picked it up and threw it.

“Good boy Che
wy,” she patted his head when he returned with the ball.

pulled in the driveway and brought him the ball Tessa had just thrown. He forced a smile. “Hello Tessa.”


He walked past her and went in the house. She took a deep breath as he passed her. She loved the way he smelled. When he wasn’t fresh from a shower he smelled warm and outdoorsy.

was walking out of the bathroom when they bumped into each other.

“Sorry bab…Tessa.”

Tessa smiled and went in and changed out of her clothes and into a modest bathing suit. She came out into the living room, and he was sitting on the couch with his hands in his hair.

“You okay?”

“Nope,” he looked up and raised his eyebrow.

She stood briefly and watched his face, his jaw
set; his green eyes looked lost as if he were searching hers for answers but quickly changed when he realized she was trying to figure out how to help him. He shook his head and smiled. She noticed his smile didn’t reach his eyes and knew he was hurting.

Tessa ran upstairs and grabbed his trunks. She ran downstairs and threw them at him.

“Suit up grumpy bear, relaxation time.”

“Tessa there is nothing relaxing about being in there with you,”
Lucas scowled.

“Suck it up and let’s go,” Tessa smiled as she walked out the door.


Tessa was in the hot tub when h
e walked out, she had on dark sunglasses so he couldn’t see her checking him out. One of the many ways she had figured out how she would get through this.

stepped in and sat across from her.

“So what
’s going on Lucas?”

“Honestly Tessa, three hours ago you sat out there in the field…”
Lucas started.

“I got hurt
Lucas,” she said dryly.

“Do you think I’m stupid?
” Lucas asked, sitting back scowling slightly.

“Depends,” she

“Are you drunk?
” Lucas asked callously.

She threw her sunglasses atop her head swiftly, “Are you stoned?”

“Tessa you have on sunglasses, its dark, and I really don’t see why that offends you.” Lucas said sarcastically.

“I have drank three times in my life, how many times have you been stoned?”

He smirked, “Sorry bab…Tessa.”

Tessa threw a towel at him.

“Sit back and cover your face,” she demanded.

“What?” he asked laughing.

“Cover your face it’ll be less dist…” she started, “It will help you relax!” Lucas did what she asked, and she watched his chest rise and fall with each breath. His lips were full, and delicious she wanted to suck them. She bit her lip as she looked at him; he lifted the towel and saw her watching him.

“Damn it Tessa,” he
stood up.

She stood in front of him.

“I want to talk about what’s bugging you Lucas,” she said softly.

looked her up and down, his nostrils flared, and he clenched his jaw. Tessa reached up slowly to touch him, he closed his eyes. She pushed him down so that he was sitting and turned around and bent over the hot tub and grabbed two bottles of water.
he thought as he looked at her.

Tessa turned around and handed him the water.

She sat down and took a drink, “So besides all that what’s going on?”

“I talked to the
sheriff; he said I HAD to stay until mom was home. I argued, and he caved a little: I can go home on my nineteenth birthday,” Lucas looked away from her, so she didn’t see the hurt in his eyes.

Lucas… I don’t even know your birthday,” Tessa looked pissed. “How could I not know that?”

“It’s not a big deal,”
Lucas’s birthdays where normal celebrated by mailbox gifts from his dad and partying with his mom, they really weren’t a big deal. She was scowling and looked down. “It’s December thirty first.”

f course it is,” Tessa smiled coyly.

“Why does that amuse you?”
Lucas tilted his head to the side.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want answe
rs to,” Tessa pulled down her sunglasses.

“No, I want to know.”

“That was the date I picked,” he looked confused. “THE date.”

“You were really going to make me wa
it that long?” he laughed. “You wouldn’t have lasted.”

“I thought it was a sweet date,” she said softly, “you would have helped me stick to it.”

“Sorry Bab…Tessa, I was just playing with you.”

Playing with me
, she thought and tried not to smile.

“Okay so that’s only a few weeks away,” she said “your mom doesn’t get back for a few weeks after that right?”

“Tessa it’s a long time,” his brows knitted together.

Lucas it’s less than five weeks,” Tessa tried to make it okay. “You get to visit your Mom Sunday right?”

He smiled, “I do
, don’t I?”

“Yes you do, and then what are your plans for Thanksgiving?”

“I am supposed to go to Jersey to see Dad and my sisters.”

I was supposed to ask
you-- that was the date I picked,
he thought.

that’s next week. See, you’ll be gone before you know it.”

Her smile faded.

He looked at her for a few minutes, “I can’t see you sad for another day.”

“And I can’t see you go through this all alone,” she stared at him; “We can make this work, remember the rules from before about friendship?”

“Honestly I don’t. I’m pretty sure we broke almost all of them,” Lucas laughed.

“Well we can’t anymore,” Tessa
forced a smile. “I need to be your friend, and I need you to be mine, nothing less,” she started tearing up, and she laughed. “Didn’t we sort of go through this earlier?”

“We did,” he
smiled, fighting the urge to hug her.

re both smart right?”

“I guess we are.”

“And super competitive,” she added, a little louder.


“And hot,” she laughed.

o doubt bab…Tessa,” he shook his head and they laughed.

e got this then.”


“Hell no!”

They both laughed harder.

“I love you…my friend.”

“You to
o, bud,” Tessa smiled.


Ben and Alex pulled in and ran into the house. They changed and were in the hot tub in a flash.

Ben sat by Tessa and smiled, “Hello Tess.”

“Well hello, Ben.”

“Did you check it out?” Ben whispered in her ear.

“No, not yet,” she laughed.

“Alex tell her what you got today,” Ben smiled mischievously.

“I’d rather not.”

His face gave it away and
Tessa scowled at him and stood up, Ben smiled at her. She got out and dried off and stomped all the way to the house.

“You get a Doe Alex?”
Lucas asked. Alex shook his head no. “Oh,” he cringed and tried not to laugh.


Lucas sat and relaxed for a bit. Somehow he ended up agreeing to hunt Saturday and Sunday before he got out and walked in the house. Tessa was on the computer with her headphones on; she didn’t notice him walk in. He looked over her shoulder, and she was on some sort of pregnancy website. He read and she felt his breath on her neck and jumped.

“Sorry, may I?”

She smiled and took her head phones off. She showed him a week by week site that she had found.

“So this says that at twenty weeks
, you can find out what the baby is. That’s not too far from now Lucas. Do you want to know?”

“Honestly, no. I know I should wan
t to, but I don’t.”

“I wa
nt to know,” Tessa smiled and turned back towards the screen.

“You’re serious
, aren’t you?”

“Actually I
am. I hope you have a boy. I hope he looks just like you, and has a heart like yours. I want to buy him a little Yankees outfit,” smiled. “Just don’t tell Sadi.”

She clicked on a few links and got to the one she was looking for.

“Your baby is fourteen weeks, I think, so that means she is past the most critical stage. You need to be sure she is taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins and extra calcium. Your baby needs folic acid so that it grows and develops; it reduces the risks of birth defects. See this,” she put the mouse on the picture, “he has little legs, arms, and eyes.  Isn’t that cool? I ordered you a couple books, but you need to go the drug store before school and get her those vitamins Lucas. Actually you should text her now and see if she has them if she doesn’t make sure she takes them every day. He’ll be much healthier and have a better shot in this crazy world if she takes care of him now,” Tessa smiled.

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