Mystery: The Coming Back: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery) (9 page)

She styled her hair in a loose bun and applied some light makeup to underline her gentle features and deep, dark eyes. Lydia was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but the moment detective Wilson saw her, he assured her that she looked great and had nothing to worry about.

He had arrived in time and immediately complimented her beauty and elegance. He himself was dressed in an elegant black designer suit, completed with a black dress shirt and no tie. His dark blond hair was arranged to look remiss, but the smile on his lips showed to all that he was very well aware of the impression he was making.

The detective had booked them a table in the restaurant and behaved as the perfect gentleman all of the time. He asked about her work and health during that last month and offered a few suggestions about her new life here in Savannah.

“You are a very different man tonight,” Lydia had to say, towards the end of the dinner. David had acted so differently from what she had seen before that she couldn’t understand the change.

“Before it was always about work, now we are just a man and a woman on a romantic date together.”

Then the man took her hand and guided her to the center of the dance floor.
“Would you like to dance with me?” He asked in a perfect gentleman's manner
. The first swing was like an awakening for Lydia. It was as if she had been waiting the whole evening for this particular moment.

His body against her, his hand holding hers and embracing her waist, without making her feel cornered or overpowered. David was a wonderful dancer, full of surprises and little gentle touches. The music was slowly bringing down all her defenses, leaving Lydia naked and powerless in the hands of this charismatic man.

“Stupid woman!” She thought, all hopeless and long-suffering, as if he was worldly in ways she would never be
. His heart was beating against her face, strong and warm. David was just David, but he had a way about him, to which Lydia wasn’t immune. She was probably even more susceptible than other women, because she now knew the difference between the proud, intelligent man most bystanders see and the real David, who longed for love and companionship.

Lydia had seen David in action and knew from personal experience that he was painfully attractive. Almost everything about him was right and perfect. She supposed, even if he had too big feet or bad hair, she would still feel the same. It was both confusing and pleasing to her that a man like him seemed to want to tell her things he had never shared with anyone else.

She turned her head slightly into his designer’s shirt and basked in the feeling that overwhelmed her. It was an intense, low and insistent feeling that Lydia couldn’t scare away. She was jealous, Lydia guessed, jealous of the woman that will one day win over this wonderful man’s heart and share his life.

When it was time for them to leave, he simply thanked her for the wonderful time they had together and bend down, kissing her gently on the forehead. It was the sweetest thing a man has ever done for her after a date and Lydia returned the gesture, by placing an innocent kiss on his cheek.

David escorted her back to her house door, as the perfect gentleman he was. “I had a wonderful night, we should do it again
.” He said after opening and holding the door for her.

“David,” Lydia called, using his first name for the first time. “I was wondering if you could help me with some details about the Douglass case?”

“Yes, sure…” He smiled down at her and walked after her inside the house.

The next hour, they went together through the files and Lydia listened carefully to everything David had to say about the ten years old case, to which he had been the lead detective. David still was feeling guilty about not solving the case. Back then there had been no tangible leads about Stanley’s disappearance. And, although, he was glad to see him back home, David was very curious about where he has been during all those years. Lydia learned a few new things about the case, but she also discovered that David Wilson was a good hearted man, who really loved his job and wanted to help as many people as possible through it.

When there was nothing new to say about the case, Lydia asked him about himself and the man opened to her, narrating a few funny and sad stories about his childhood and college years. They had a really good time together. When David left her home, Lydia could not fall asleep and continued to look through the files. That was when she found something interesting – Stanley’s father had informed the police that his son was very afraid of heights.

An idea started to form in her mind…



Chapter 21

The next morning, after going out for her morning run, Lydia eat some breakfast, washed, dressed and headed for the police precinct. She needed to tell the detective about her idea.

“Detective,” she called, standing by the door and looking right in front of her. The office was smaller than what she expected, but what really surprised her was the man sitting behind the desk, dressed in regular clothes and drinking coffee.

“Ah, Lydia,” he said slowly. “I must have forgotten about our appointment?”

“No, we did not have one,” she answered seriously. “Yesterday, after you left, I continued to look at the files and found something that could help us to determine who Stanley Douglass really is.”

“Good! Tell me what did you find out, then,” David asked, but all he could think about was how beautiful she was in her simple dark blue dress. Lydia Chen was a very pretty woman and even more so, because she did not realize it.

Lydia quirked a brow, watching David tracking her as if she was a pray and he was the hunter. His eyes darkened, as she purposely let her tongue slip out to moisten his lips. Lydia forced herself to stay under control, even though everything in her screamed at her to reach out and take what she wanted.

“I found that Stanley was horrified by high places,” she said, while thinking that she wasn’t built for such temptation. David continued to watch her as if she was the most delicious piece of cake in the world and Lydia suspected that he hardly even heard what she was saying.

She nearly groaned, when the man began to circle the room, as a hungry panther. Lydia smiled, because what the detective didn’t know was that she was the master of that very game. The man had no idea what he was up against.

“What do you propose we do?” he asked. “Is there any way to use this information?”

“As far as I can tell, this Stanley is a very different person from the one that disappeared ten years ago,” Lydia shook her head. “So, even thought, I can accept him forgetting his favorite childhood book and not loving anymore his teddy bear, it would have not been possible for him to overcome completely his fear of heights.”

“That is good,” the detective agreed. “We should find a way to bring him to somewhere high.”

“Yes, that is what I was thinking about,” Lydia answered him with a smile.

That same night, David Wilson knocked at her door and Lydia could not refuse him entry.

Much later, Lydia looked at the man, who was slowly removing her clothes and thought that he was really handsome. The tall, strong man had some very unusual eyes and a face that spoke of strong will and deeply embedded pride. His powerful personality was transpiring in every single movement he made. Right now, he was bending down and was removing her shoes one by one, while gently massaging her feet.

Lydia sighed and let her body relax into the soft bed. The man, whose name she still had to say out loud, was advancing up her body, touching the exposed skin and letting his fingers wander further in, under her skirt. She could feel the soft kisses placed on her upper thighs and abdomen, and then higher on her still covered breasts. When their lips finally met, it was like nothing Lydia had experienced before. He was a good kisser, but that wasn’t what made her tremble all over. No, it was something else, something she still had to name.

The kiss started slowly, with the man nipping at her lips and tracing them with his own. Then he used his tongue to open them, silently asking to be let in. Lydia opened her lips and the man dove in, devouring her mouth and examining every single part of it. They both moaned at the wonderful sensation and Lydia felt his body heat all over her own body.

Then, just like it all started, the man rose from the bed, leaving her all hot and trembling and took a step away from the bed. He undressed then, piece by piece, looking all the time at the woman in the bed and acting as if it didn’t bother him at all to be naked in front of her. It all was too much for her shaken nerves, but she couldn’t take her eyes away from him. Every movement was emphasizing his muscles and providing new material for her imagination.

Too lost in her thoughts, she didn’t see him looking back at her, until it became obvious that he knew what she was thinking about, if the mocking smile that appeared on his lips was a proof of anything.

“Do you still like what you are seeing?” Damn him and his quick mind. He knew women too well for Lydia to lie or change the subject.

“You know I do.”

At that, David’s eyes hardened and he took a deep breath. Lydia recognized the serious expression and prepared herself for what was going to happen next. He took the few meters back to the bed in two quick steps and leaned over her again.

The look he shot at her could be easily identified as a hungry one, but the kiss he gave her after that was all she had ever wanted. The moment his lips met hers, her whole body felt an electric charge passing through it. Slowly, her head fell on his shoulder, his hands gently cradling the woman’s body close to his.

They stayed quiet, Lydia’s hand lying over his heart as he held her in his arms, content to run his hand up and down her back and press an occasional kiss to her temple. During those few minutes they were getting to know each other’s bodies, saying all that was unsaid through small touches and soft kisses.

He took her hand and then guided her slowly to the soft sofa near the window, switching off the light on the way there. The moon was bathing the room in a soft glow, leaving most of it in the shadow. Lydia’s wide eyes never left his as he sat down and tugged her with him. She held her breath at the look of desire in his eyes and slowly moved her head to press their lips together.

He opened his lips and started sucking on hers, sending tiny tingles all over her body and waiting patiently for her to open her mouth in return. David captured her lips and she moaned at the feeling of his tongue entering her mouth. He took her head in his hands and guided her into straddling his legs. His right hand reached behind her head and tugged off the band holding her hair together, until he was able to free it and tangle his hand in it.

Slowly, his other hand curled around Lydia’s waist, bringing her closer to his chest and the bare skin under her hands. It took Lydia some time to master the courage to touch and caress him the way he was touching her, but now her hands freely explored his large chest and broad back, leaving red marks behind them. The moment she touched his nipple, David pulled his mouth from hers with a wet pop and started kissing her over the neck.

The woman’s quick and deep breaths make it impossible to speak, even if she had any thoughts left in her brain. She moved her hands up to hold his shoulders, while feeling him sucking bruised onto her tender neck. Lydia shivered when his lips latched onto the hollow of her throat and sucked gently on the skin there. The heat was emanating from their bodies and she could feel his erection grinding into her belly.

He grabbed her hair and left his other hand play with the hem of her shirt, while looking intently into Lydia’s eyes. The question in his eyes was unexpected, but Lydia was glad for it. Without losing time with speaking, she simply kissed him and brought her body in full contact with him.

From the look in his eyes, she suspected that the playing was over; the sexual tension was tangible and she was moaning and trembling from his gentle touch. His lips were sealing themselves over different spots on her neck and slowly descending lower. Just when he opened the second button of her shirt and she thought that finally his lips will kiss her breast, he lifted his head and latched his mouth over her right nipple, right through the fabric of her shirt. The surprise, combined with the wet sensation was too much and she gave up the pretense of not doing anything. Lydia went to grind her hips into the wonderful friction of his erection and happily listened to the strangled noises coming from his mouth, still attached to her nipple.

The man lifted her from the place on his lap and slowly removed her skirt. The fine piece of fabric that went down with it was unnoticed, because of the fire she saw burning in his eyes.

He leaned forward and removed her shirt, leaving her completely naked in the moon-bathed room. He stood up and their lips met again for a short kiss, before he started travelling down her body. Lydia was standing in the middle of the shadowy room, dressed only in the moonlight and he was slowly bending his knees, while caressing every part of her body, sucking on some particularly sensitive parts. His hot mouth was teasing, fleeting, touching.

She felt herself falling apart and being put back together in the matter of a few seconds. When she was able to see again, she found herself sitting on his lap, cradled in his strong arms. They were both covered in sweat and breathing heavily, and Lydia was only too well aware of the fact that she wanted this man. He penetrated her slowly, almost like he was afraid she might break and his thrusts were accompanied by deep groans.

Their movements were so slow they bordered to madness and were driving both of them crazy. Then, she started kissing every inch of his face, from his forehead to under his chin. Tender, sucking kisses that followed the rhythm established by their bodies.

When it became too much to bear, the man took things in his hands and started thrusting steadily against her. His mouth attached itself to her lips and started sucking on them. Their combined orgasm took them by surprise and Lydia could only smile at the man, who was lost in his own pleasure.

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