Mystery: The Coming Back: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery) (7 page)

Lydia had experience with people addicted to drugs, alcohol, power, sex and so on. She had seen how those horrible addictions were able to ruin lives. Now, seeing this young girl like that, she had wanted to help her.

“Hi,” Lydia said approaching her and greeting her with a calm voice. “My name is Lydia Chen
.” The woman
had stopped and looked back at her, but then lowered her eyes again and tried to run. Her legs, however, wouldn’t let her go too far and Lydia had watched her fall down on her knees after only two meters. She had rushed to her side and helped her carefully to get up. Then, without saying any word, she accompanied the small woman to a bench and helped her to sit down.

“My name is Sue Thomson,” she had muttered, without looking at her. “Thank you,” she had said as an afterthought and Lydia had to give it her – she was a strong woman. For a while she simply watched her sitting there, looking completely lost and afraid of something.

“Can I help you?” Lydia had asked her, after sitting near her for awhile, so as not to scare her more with her intrusive questions. “I can call someone for you or help you to get back to your home,” she offered and watched her debating what to choose.

“No, thank you. I can go back by myself,” she answered her in a barely there voice and Lydia could see some faint blush rising on her cheeks. The woman, or more correctly the girl, was very beautiful, despite the black shadows under her eyes and her very pale skin. Lydia could see some healing cuts on her face and arms and she suspected she had come through some very hard times.

The few moments she allowed her to look into her eyes left Lydia with the impression of hurt, pain and deep suffering. This beautiful woman had been badly hurt and needed time to heal.

“I have heard that there are meetings nearby,” Lydia said carefully.

“I don’t know…I would see later…” Sue stuttered and tried to get up. Lydia was immediately by her side, supporting her by the arm. She tried to get away from her and Lydia had to let her go.

“I…thank you…” And with that Sue walked away from her, leaving Lydia a little put off by her demeanor and more than a little curious about her. It wasn’t unheard for addicts to keep to themselves and not be willing to join support groups, but Lydia could sense something different in Jane. She wasn’t simply refusing to join the groups, she was avoiding people altogether and keeping a physical distance from everyone around her. If nothing else, it was strange and unhealthy.

That morning encounter had reminded Lydia about all the pain in the world and prepared her for the encounter with Stanley Douglass. The man, Stanley, was handsome and before everything else, she would have probably approached him in a different way. Now, however, things were different and all she wanted was to find out the truth.

Lydia drove through the city for almost an hour and then returned to her small house. Her new house was her small fortress and Lydia made sure to lock the door, once inside. She took a shower and dressed in a pair of linen pants and a matching shirt. She decided to leave her hair loose for now and carefully arranged it on her shoulders.

It was time for her to make start working on her new case and try and understand Stanley Douglass.

Lydia sat down in the living room and started going on through her detailed notes. Everything she had seen so far, had led her to the conclusion that Stanley’s behavior was inconsistent with autistic individuals, she had studied before. That did not mean that Stanley is not autistic, but that perhaps his behavior was due to some sort of trauma, he might have experienced in the past ten years of his life.


Chapter 16

The next day, Lydia came back to the Douglass home to retrieve her reading glasses. She had forgotten them from her previous session. Lydia arrived unannounced at the Douglass home, as she was supposed to come the next day for her second session with Stanley.

She rang the doorbell, but no one answered it. There was only a car in the driveway and Lydia noted that it was not the car of Stanley’s parents. She rang again and then decided to try from the back door. Fortunately, it was open and Lydia called again, “Stanley!” No one answered her and the woman walked in. Her glasses should be in the living room, so she headed that way; that was when she heard some strange noises coming from the hallway. Lydia walked through the room and opened the door that led to the hallway.

There was no one there, but she could see the door, leading to the other side of the garden open. Lydia could not resist and went to see what was going on and why no one was opening the door for her. That was when she saw them. Stanley and another man were standing just outside the house, hidden well between two thick bushes.

Stanley grabbed the other man by the arms, pushing him with force backward until his back was in full contact with the wall. The man was provided with a panoramic view of the back yard behind them, while they were almost completely out of sight.

“I like it when you tease me…” Stanley said and slammed his lips down upon him, without waiting for a reply. His hands reached for the man, grabbing the back of his neck, all the while forcing his lips to stay joined with his. Stanley released his head and they pulled apart to catch their breath, eyeing each other warily, still unsure who was going to take the control. The man waited for Stanley to make the first move. Stanley, on the other hand, was waiting to see how it all was affecting him, by listening to his fast breathing and looking into his gazed eyes.

“Go on,” the man said and with a both evil and shy grin, grounded his middle against Stanley’s.

As if that was what Stanley was waiting for, he reached between them and slid his big hand beneath his waistband. The hard erection that was waiting for him there was more than he could ever want. The man moaned, taking in a shaky breath as Stanley’s fingers moved lower, stopping at every inch and ending up caressing him intimately.

The time for long conversations was officially over for both of them, as all they were concerned about was to receive and give pleasure. Stanley loosened the belt of the trembling man he had cornered in the alley and opened his fly, giving an approving laugh at his lack of briefs.

Lydia could see the man’s body throbbing with excitement, his heart beating fast with the adrenaline that was pumping through his veins. This close, he could smell Stanley’s after shave, mixed with the scent of leather and sweat. It all was making the man high and heady, leaving him at the mercy of the man, who was now standing a few inches back and ogling at his naked body.

Stanley enjoyed his complete lack of experience and the excitement that was pouring out of every pore of his body. He almost could taste the adrenaline and the expectation that the other man could barely conceal. Stanley roughly slammed him once again against the brick wall, pinning both of his wrists on either side of his head with his strong large hands.

He drew closer, his lips hovering just above his panting soft pink lips. The man stared into his eyes and remembered the hot gaze that had stalked him so many nights. Without warning, Stanley leaned forward and with an aggressive kiss claimed his lips. The kiss was without finesse, just pure plundering and taking as much as he wanted, while he forced him to open his lips wide. His thigh was roughly pushed in between the pinned young man’s legs and grinded hard against his crotch.

And then, just before it could become too much, Stanley changed completely his behavior. The hands that were heavily keeping him pinned to the wall started to gently caress the bruised wrists, stopping carefully at the pulse point to listen to the change in pulse. The thigh that just a moment before was lifting his body above the ground, began to softly play and massage the tender place in the best possible way.

The kiss also changed, from a hard, bruising lip lock, it turned into slow, deliberate exploration of his mouth. Stanley lowered his hands down, bringing together with his the hands of the other man. The man gasped in shock after the unexpected change and allowed the tongue in his mouth to dive in deeper to stroke every part of his mouth.

Once again their bodies collide together, the hard planes of Stanley’s stomach awaking the man’s imagination and desire anew. Stanley finally released his lips, when they both needed to breath and launched to maul at his neck, leaving red bruises on his way

“How is it going to work?”
The other man breathed out the words, already out of breath just from been kissed like that.

Stanley stopped his sucking on his neck for a brief moment and spoke into his abused skin. “Don’t worry, if it is too much, just say it.”

Before the man could put two words together to reply, Stanley kissed for a last time his neck and sank down to his knees, his head right in front of his most private place. Everything became a blur with the first touch of lips on him. He was given no warning when he felt the hot breath of Stanley against him and the steady swipe of his tongue, as he licked him from root to tip. The man threw himself against the wall, when a hard shudder went through his body. Stanley whimpered against him, making it tremble from the unusual sensation.

The man moaned and looked down at him. His eyelashes were heavy with passion. Stanley was beautiful, so beautiful, the way he was drinking him empty, with his head thrown back, his bare chest visible under his open shirt, throat working, and eyes closed…

He closed his eyes again and let himself feel the slick tongue sliding in and out, deep, gentle, lulling…

Then Stanley stood up, dragging his body against his. Lydia stepped back, afraid not to be seen. Stanley pushed his hands through the man’s hair and stroked slowly his face, claiming his lips once again, this time gently and tuning down the passion. They were both losing it and he needed them to last.

The man pushed his cheekbone into Stanley’s palm, letting his fingers brush all over his face, while wrestling with his own impatience. Stanley let go of his kiss swollen lips and started licking from his navel to the hollow of his throat. The man’s cold, long fingers worked at the front of Stanley’s jeans, opening the zipper agonizingly slowly. Stanley twitched and twisted, impatient to get more, to feel more, but he simply stopped him with a hand on his chest and a stronger pull on his jeans.

The man’s body heat washed over Stanley when he leaned close and licked at his ear. He licked it by sliding his tongue around its insides, touching every hidden place there and yanking Stanley’s jeans open with his hands. Stanley grunted and struggled again, trying to get back the upper hand, but the sensations were too strong to fight. Finally, he found the strength to do something and used his two hands to rip his black button up shirt open. The sound of the ripping material and the flying buttons, hitting the concrete floor, echoed in the shadowy garden.

Lydia saw the man looking at him, surprised and Stanley used this to flip him over, now facing the wall. The man shivered by the initial contact with the cold brick wall with his bare chest, but the contrast didn’t make him pull away, on the contrary, it gave him time to recover from his previous passionate state and be ready for the next step.

He could feel Stanley kissing the skin between his shoulder blades, which he slowly undressed, by bringing down his shirt. The man turned his head in Stanley’s direction and tried to look him in the eye, his own lust dazed and full of hunger and want.

Stanley looked at him and couldn’t suppress a growl, similar to the one a caged animal would release. He leaned closer and pressed his full body against him, and then he moved his hands to his belt and started to lower his jeans, inch by inch, adding to the sensation by starting to speak dirty words into his ear. Lydia shivered by just watching and listening to them.

In what seemed like ages, the other man was finally naked with his jeans pooling around his. It was a completely new experience for him to be so exposed, so completely and willingly at the mercy of another man. His shirt had long been discharged, but his jeans were confining every movement of his legs. And that was exciting…

Lydia wanted to run, to hide and forget everything she had seen, but some unknown force was keeping her in place, forcing her to watch and analyze Stanley’s behavior. She could see how he changed his behavior from gentle to abusing, from demanding to giving. The act Lydia had witnessed could not be called lovemaking, but there was something tender in him anyway.

Right now, without any unnecessary words he took a handful of napkins from his pocket and cleaned the man, before tugging his jeans up and gently closing the zipper.

The man smirked at him with a pathetic attempt at humor, when Stanley inspected his ruined shirt and decided against dressing him in it. Only then, Stanley fastened his own pants and looked around to see if someone was watching. Lydia stepped back, wondering if it was time for her to go.

The other man was looking at Stanley with expectancy, unsure how things will go now after all was said and done. But, Stanley simply silenced him with his mouth, taking away every word, whimper or moan he might try to utter. Their tongues entwined in the oldest dances of all and there was no need of more words or explanations.

Lydia could tell Stanley was concerned about the other man, by the way he was holding him gently as if he was going to break from the slightest of touches. He leaned forward, resting his forehead against Stanley’s collarbone and just stayed there, silently assuring the other man that everything was okay.

After a while, Stanley lifted his right wrist and kissed the red marks left from his own hands.
“Sorry for this.” He uttered and proceeded to examine the other wrist
. The skin wasn’t broken, but there were some distinguished red marks.

The man searched again for his lips, his hands resting on Stanley’s shoulders while he kissed him nice and slow, his tongue having nothing better to do. When he pulled back, Stanley’s eyes were again glinting with hot promises, ready to make up for every pain he might have caused.

With a final kiss on the side of Stanley’s mouth, the man tugged him towards the exit of the garden and the car that was waiting for him in the parking lot, leaving Lydia alone in the house.

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