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My Life for Yours

By Margaret McHeyzer

© 2013 Margaret McHeyzer

First published in 2013

All rights reserved. This book is copyright. Apart from the fair purpose of private study, research or review as permitted by the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced without written permission.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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ISBN: 978-0-9875337-5-3

The idea to this book came the day that Anna Brookes popped into my brain. So I tried thinking how I could develop the story to still show a woman who was in control of herself but also be different to my Anna.

For my family who always encourage and love me, no matter what.
Andrew, Grace, Olivia and of course, Mum

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To one of my best friends who markets me like crazy, supports me like no other and is always there no matter what.

A special thanks to Heather who reads it all and tells me how awesome she thinks my writing is and also for pushing and encouraging me. Who’s also now my partner in book crime.

To Jahyr for allowing me to use some of your ‘special’ words.

Thank you to my lovely Editor for always putting your hand up to read everything I give you -
Catherine Boyle.

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Chapter 1

"Frank?" He’s asking for permission.

"You know what to do." My body starts to hum. A smile crosses my lips as I lift my left eyebrow at him, this is becoming thrilling and exciting. Exactly what I crave, exactly what I want.

"You sure you have enough?" He's ensuring that I don't need the man anymore.

"G, you know how I work." I take three steps back to watch.

"Frankie, just give me the green light."

"Green light," I say and watch as G does what I don't do.

I stare as the man in the seat struggles against G's headlock, the breath leaves his body slowly and finally it slumps to the floor with a thud, as G lets him go.

G comes to stand next me. Watching him do that to the traitor has sent a tingle up my spine and heated my blood with a fevered elation.

“You alright?” G asks me in a semi-concerned voice.

“Get the boys to clean this mess up.” I wave my hands towards the lifeless body and wink at G before I turn to leave the room. As I walk away my high heels are making a small tapping noise on the wooden floor boards. God I love my Chanel shoes.

“You in a hurry, Frankie?” An amused look on G’s face.

“You better know it, I have a second date.”

“Francesca, who with? That doctor? Why on earth would you want to go out with an eye doctor?” G’s teasing me about my choice in dates.

“Call me that again, G and you won’t like the end result.” I snicker half-heartedly at him. He knows that I seriously hate being called by my full first name.

“Go have fun with the eye doctor. Really, Frankie, what sort of fun can a stuffy eye doctor be?”

I consider his question while I walk up the stairs and think back to our first date. He’s
quite boring. We had dinner and the conversation was okay, I mean it flowed alright. But I just didn’t really feel much for him, don’t get me wrong he’s very easy on the eye and with his six foot frame and nice lean body, dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes, he’s certainly a great candidate for some hot casual sex.

But I also need to be careful, because I am a Mob Boss. But not just any family, I’m Francesca DeLuca. My father John DeLuca was the head of The Family until he passed away from a heart attack three years ago. The business should’ve gone to G but, he’s not blood so he couldn’t take the reins, which meant I had to step up as the rightful heir. This is predominantly a male orientated business but G’s been here right from the beginning with my father. G was my father’s right hand man, and now he’s mine. I trust no one the way I trust G, and I know he’ll never steer me in the wrong direction.

The adjustment for all the people who worked for my father was fairly easy. The ones who didn’t adapt to me taking over as head of The Family were easily disposed of.

In the last three years I’ve managed to redirect business into a new frontier. There were two things that Dad did that I disagreed with him on all the time, forced prostitution and human trafficking. Human trafficking’s now no longer on the agenda for The Family and anyone caught trying to make a quick buck with either of those, is quickly and severely dealt with. I’ve changed the way I run prostitution as it’s one of our biggest money earners. The ladies are to have monthly tests to ensure that they’re not contagious with any disease, condoms are a must with every sexual interaction they have and they’re to remain free and clear from drugs, enforced with regular blood tests.

The drugs, I now only export cocaine and no longer deal with heroine or ice. The distribution of the cocaine is overseen by G, and he’s managed to double our business since he’s taken that part over.

The nightclubs all hold their own, the restaurants have doubled their takings and they’re a great business for laundering our other not so legal activities.

I still deal with the gun running and have certain sources I have arrangements with, some locals but mostly international buyers.

All in all, The Family’s profiting more and the trades have improved in the last three years.

Chapter 2

I make my way outside and see Marko’s already waiting by the car.

“Good evening, Miss Deluca, you look lovely.”

“Thank you, Marko.” He holds the door to the limousine open for me as I slide into the back seat. Marko’s in the driver’s seat within seconds and starts down the long drive way. I look back at our family home that now only houses myself and G, who’s set up in another wing of the house. The house is large, by large I mean there are three separate wings. In each wing there’s five suites, a lounge room and study. The main part of the house has two formal dining areas, one smaller than the other, a games room, a movie cinema, two gourmet kitchens, a library, an indoor swimming pool an outdoor swimming pool, my office and of course acres and acres of land perfectly secluded from any prying eyes. There’s a guard tower that has an eagle eye view of anything that comes within a five mile radius and there’s also a large home that has the security guards all housed.

“Marko, to Moonrise please.”

“Yes, Mam.”

Moonrise is one of my restaurants that I’d opened two years ago, and in the first eighteen months we were awarded Michelin 3 Stars. My chef is world renowned Chef, Christine Cambridge. Her entire team are terrified of her and she’s a pure genius when it comes to works of art with food. There’s a standing reservation for me at the restaurant and Chef has never disappointed me.

“Mam.” Before I even realise Marko has the door open and has his hand extended to me. As I get out of the limousine I see my security’s close by. One of the security opens the door for me to enter Moonrise and waits as I step inside.

The luscious aromas are what assault me the moment I step through the door. Beautiful fresh herbs are hinted as the smells are carried across the dining room. The tables are far enough apart so that conversations can’t be overheard and the lighting dim and romantic. The opulent décor carried on throughout the entire restaurant is made up of rich burgundy and royal blue hues. There’s an eight month reservation list to dine at Moonrise.

“Good evening, Miss DeLuca,” the hostess has already greeted me and is showing me to the table I’ll be sharing with Justin, the Optometrist. “How have you been, Mam?”

“Very well, Lucy. How are you and your family?”

“Fantastic, Mam, Olivia turns two next month and she’s growing very quickly. I’ll organise your champagne.” She quickly switches back into business mode.

I smile at Lucy and she leaves once I’ve taken my seat.

I’m not kept waiting too long before Justin’s escorted to my table.

“Frankie, you look wonderful.” Justin leans down to give me a kiss on the cheek and just as he does our champagne’s delivered.

Our dinner’s brought to the table without us ordering; the Chef prepares something unique for us that isn’t on the menu.

I stare at the guests in the restaurant and lose attention, I’m not sure if Justin’s talking or if he’s just admiring me.

“So tell me about your day, Frankie.” Justin starts but I’m struggling to keep focus on him. He really is quite dull. He’s not doing it for me at all. Why on earth am I sitting here on another date with him? Damn G for being right about him.

“Justin, this’ll be our last date.”

He stops eating and has a shocked expression across his face. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Not at all, it’s just, well frankly, you’re boring and I’m not feeling anything with you.”

“Did you really just say that to me? That I’m boring?”

I shrug my shoulders at him, what more does he want? “I’m really struggling to stay awake with you, Justin. My mind’s been wandering ever since I saw you walk in. And that lame arse kiss you gave me really didn’t do anything for me. I’m sorry, I thought it’d be fair if I just tell you how I’m feeling rather than string you along.”

Justin’s dumbfounded, he’s looking at me with his mouth gaping open. “So then….” He starts and looks around the restaurant.

“Don’t worry, no one can hear us and even if they can, too bad for you.” I sip my champagne.

“Um, I really don’t know what to say to you, Frankie. I honestly thought things were going well between us. We had fun on our first date and I’ve barely been here half an hour and you’ve decided that I’m not for you. What sort of cold bitch are you?”

I let out a laugh and shake my head at him.

“Oh Justin, if only you knew. Let’s just leave this as it is and go our separate ways. But please stay and finish dinner, it’d be a shame to waste such extraordinary food.” I say as I take another bite of dinner.

“I think I’m good thanks.” Justin stands, straightens his tie, puts his jacket on and leaves. His meal barely touched and his glass of champagne only half consumed.

I call Lucy over and she immediately assesses the scenario in front of her.

“Shall I remove Sir’s plate?”

“Yes please and ensure he’s not to set foot in this establishment again. He’s forever banned from here.”

“Understood, Miss DeLuca.”

Lucy removes Justin’s plate and glass and in no time it’s like I was dining on my own. All traces of Justin easily removed before me.
Life imitating art.

I finish my dinner and Chef Stephanie’s sent over a dessert before I have a chance to leave. Her dessert of Triple Mocha Mousse Cake is simply divine and sensational. The taste exploding like an active volcano in my mouth, so scrumptious and wickedly blissful. Just as I take my last mouth full, my phone blares out the familiar sound ‘Eye of the Tiger’, I know it’s G.


“Frankie there’s a development and I need you to come back.”

I know that G’s more than capable in the operations of The Business so when he calls I’m aware that there’s a problem.

“On my way, G.”

I’m on my feet and on my way outside when I get a text message come through. I unlock my phone and look down at the message when I run into what feels like a wall. I’m knocked back and fall flat on my arse.

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