Luke's Faith (5 page)

It only took Luke a moment to realize what he was referring to and then it hit him like a ton of bricks.


“What?” asked Faith as she had no idea what either of them where talking about or its importance.

“My father,” Luke replied softly as everything began to sink in.

“Is that a bad thing? I mean yes your father hearing his son growl before claiming his mate is a tad disturbing but I’m sure he’ll get over it, won’t he?”

“Not exactly.” Luke’s mind was filled with thoughts. He was kicking himself for not thinking everything through before taking such a life changing and critical step forward with Faith.

“Can either of you please tell me what the hell is going on?” Faith’s patience was beginning to wear thin.

“Well, Faith, it’s simple really but it will take some work. We’ll have to fight to be together. There are certain rules and regulations that have to be followed by law, by order of the King, my father. Before I created this event, it was unheard of, no one was allowed to address me or my father in any way. It is against the rules unless they are employed to work for us or if they have been summoned by either of us. I created this New Year’s event hoping it would give all paranormal creatures the ability to socialize, have fun, and screw anyone and anything they like. I guess you could say it was my New Year’s gift to everyone. I took away the rules for just one night, which allowed them to have some untamed fun. As with any event, everyone invited had extensive background checks before they were allowed entry to the event.”

“Well that sounds reasonable but I don’t see how that affects us?”

Luke cleared his throat, trying to buy a little time, scrambling his brain for the most appropriate way to break the news without her getting the wrong idea.

“Just spit it out, Luke, for God’s sake. Your father would have heard that almighty growl and now he’s on a rampage searching for his son right now. You know what he’ll do to Faith if he sees that she’s your mate!” Ted screamed.

“Okay, Faith. Long story short. We can’t be together by law. My father will lock you up and treat you like shit if he finds us together or catches a whiff of your scent,” he said, watching as her eyes filled with tears. He took a deep sigh before continuing. “Faith, come here,” he said, opening his arms wide.

“Luke for...”

“Ted, mind your own business!” Luke hissed. He held Faith tightly in his arms, praying he didn’t have to let go but knowing he had no choice if he was to protect her from his father.

“Do you hear that?” he asked her.


“My heart will always beat for you. I promise I will find a way for us to be together. No matter what happens, you’re worth fighting for,” he admitted before prying his arms away from the woman he was so madly in love with. Her tears where falling freely as he headed out the door. He turned to look back at Faith and shouted, “I will work this out, Faith. I will find you again. Just trust me when I say I need to fix this first. I love you...” he said as Ted grabbed his arm and pulled him down the corridor.

Faith stood in the room, alone. The pain in her heart grew stronger every minute that passed but she knew every word that came out of his mouth was the truth. Their bond was new to her but she trusted her instincts. Every muscle in her body told her she wouldn’t be alone for long. He would return as promised, their mating ran strongly through her veins. She was confident they would have their happily ever after.



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Excerpt from Burning Desire

The Ultimate Power Book One

By Samantha Potter


"The Guardians!"

The way Thomas announced their arrival sent chills down my spine. I wasn't sure if it was from excitement or down right terror. The hairs on my neck stood at attention. My stomach flittered with butterflies, nerves started taking over my body and I started to shiver uncontrollably. I couldn't control my body's response to these unknown "Guardians". So many questions ran through my mind. Who were they? Why were they so important? Why did the town members gather to see them? So many unanswered questions. How did my life go from simple to confusing in a heartbeat? I rubbed my temples, the ache in my head getting stronger, feeling tired, hungry, and overwhelmed.

"Hello, you must be new to our town. I hope your enjoying your visit?" a husky, masculine voice pronounced.

I jumped, completely startled, not knowing what direction the voice had come from. I quickly tried to face the mystery man. I must have been facing the complete opposite direction because a hand grabbed me on the shoulder and turned my body. I tripped over my own feet as I was spun in the right direction, smashing into what felt like a wall.

My hands out in front of me, I caught my breath as my hands roamed the body in front of me. I struggled to gain control over my hands, but I couldn't help myself, my hands had a mind of their own. Rubbing my palms over this pleasant body that had presented itself to me. My hands moved softly over his muscles.

Hmm, six pack

I was practically drooling. My fingers swirling over what felt like a nipple through a thin shirt, it stood at attention. I wanted to kiss his body all over. I shook my head, trying to grasp reality as my body screamed with desire. I closed my eyes tightly. As they closed, I was treated to an almost familiar feeling of warmth and light, emotions wild and untamed. Rainbows of color shot through me, slowly revealing the man who stood in front of me. Ghost-like figures came into view. A man stood with a stern look on his face. I quickly removed my hands from his chest. I hadn't realized I was still touching this masculine figure. His wavy hair hung nicely around his neck, caressing his face. His eyes burned into my soul, as if he was searching for an answer. He was very tall, around six foot, his skin had shadows around the edges, but I assumed he was tanned.

Oh my, this man is delectable.

I managed to get my thoughts together. It was then I noticed something on his shoulder. It was hard to see what it was so I moved forward focusing hard on the object. It suddenly became clear, materializing into a solid shape. I looked up for a moment, his eyes met mine and he gave a slight nod my way. I assumed it was permission to keep gawking at him, I obliged, after all, who was I to argue? I could feel my cheeks go bright red, I couldn't help myself and a slight smile emerged on my face. I looked at the symbol on his arm determined to see what it was. My fingertips touched the symbol’s edge and his body went stiff at my touch. I ignored it as more of the pattern became visible. It was circular, taking up all the skin on his upper arm. Flames came spiraling out of the tattoo that seemed to be moving like it’d been brought to life. I looked to see what was hiding in the middle of the symbol and found a vial with some sort of liquid in it. I went to touch it but as soon as I did, a serpent figure appeared and wrapped itself around the vial, as if it was trying to protect it.

It was alarming, I never knew tattoos could be so life like. I stepped back as the familiar blackness dispersed from the edges of my sight slowly filling in, leaving me in complete darkness again. This was getting annoying, like taking candy from a baby. Ugh!


"Oh, I'm so sorry, um, I don't know if I'm new here. Where exactly is here?"


"Oh okay, excellent. I live just down the street then, near the old church.” I was slightly relieved to find out I was so close to home.

Thomas interrupted us, his voice shaky, "You did it again! Your hair is now half black and half blonde. What are you?"

"Thomas," I couldn't get a word out, he was yelling at me hysterically.

I didn't have time to calm Thomas down before an arm wrapped around my body, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

Excerpt from An Angel's Claim

Nature's Deceit Book One

By Lei Carol Samantha Potter


Staring in shock, watching as Damon dropped straight to the freshly cut grass, writhing in place while smacking his body over and over as if he was being bit by a million ants.

“SAM! QUICK, GO GET MUM AND DAD!” Josh couldn’t help but yell at his brother, dropping to his knees trying to see if there was anything crawling on Damon. However, just as quickly, Josh found himself collapsing to the ground with the most agonizing pain ripping through his body.

Squeezing his eyes shut tightly as if that would wave off the pain, but finding all he could do was scream right along with his brother, knowing if he could speak he would be begging for mercy and for someone to take the pain away. He couldn’t take much more.

The feeling of a million little ants, biting and ripping off his flesh as his bones elongated and ground together. But that wasn't the worst part, the worst part was when his jaw stretched out and sharp canine fangs busted through his gums, scratching his lips, causing them to break open and bleed.

As quickly as the pain started, it was gone, leaving him lying on the ground with short, breathless gasps trying to get air into his lungs. After what felt like an eternity, he finally opened his eyes only to open his mouth to scream in fear. Except instead of a scream, a loud yip came out instead.

It was the yip that caused him to pause and look around, seeing the half-stunned half-fear looks that covered his parents’ and brothers' faces. Looking back to what had scared him in the first place, he couldn’t help but stare at the giant golden dragon with silver at the tips of his scales laying on the ground in front of him, also panting for breath as if he had just ran a ten mile marathon.

Looking down at what should have been his feet, only to find paws instead, Josh couldn’t help the fear that started to return, causing his heart to start racing once again.

What the hell?
He couldn’t help but wonder as he looked over what used to be his body, only now it was the body of a big black wolf.

“Josh? Damon?”

Glancing over at his mum, not only hearing the fear and concern in her voice but noticing he was able to smell the fear, which put off a touch of an acidic smell. Slowly getting up, wobbling a bit with the first few steps that he took on his newfound paws. Making his way to the only mum he had ever known, Josh knew he needed to comfort and soothe her, and hopefully she wouldn’t hate him for whatever just happened.

Sitting down at his mum's feet, softly nuzzling her leg, trying so hard to not make a fool of himself as he let out a soft whine and a couple of whimpers. It wasn’t until she reached down and started to pet his soft but coarse fur, did he start to feel calm.

That is until she scratched that spot right behind his ear. Once she started scratching that sweet, magical spot, it was as if a switch was flipped as his tongue dropped out to hang from his mouth, his right hind leg started twitching on its own and his big heavy tail started thumping on the ground.

“I guess we don’t need to get them that dog they always asked for.” His dad, Roy, stated, causing Josh to look up to the man who kept glancing back and forth between the shifted boys.

I wonder how we change back,
Josh couldn’t but wonder as he was watching his dad walk up to Damon, running his hands along his neck, while their mum, Stacy, continued to pet and rub his back, and began to think of his human half.

It wasn’t until he felt her bare hand on his bare back that he realized he had just changed back and was now human again. Watching the look of shock flash across his mum’s face was the funniest damn thing he had seen in a long time, until he realized he was completely butt-assed naked.

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