Luke's Faith (4 page)


Luke woke up to the sounds of voices arguing. He could hear the panic in their voices. It took him a moment to realize he was at home.
How the hell did
get here
Why am
I don’t want to be in this world

s nothing for me
I’ve lost the only thing worth living for
he thought.

It was at that moment he knew why he had awoken; a loud gargling scream came from his study. “
He jumped to his feet, and ran to his study to see what was happening. Even though he was certain Faith would never take him, love him the way he wanted her to, no one would get away with harming her, they would pay. He stormed into the room, his shirt whipping in the wind, his chest on full display for all to see, the tattoo representing who he was standing out against his skin. Without thinking, he grabbed the man who had his hand wrapped tightly around Faith’s neck and with all his strength he held the man in the air ready to throw him out the window.

“What gives you the right to harm a woman?” he snapped.

“I’m sorry, you weren’t here so I thought I should do something. She is wanted by many.”

“In my absence no one is to act on my behalf unless told otherwise and even if she is wanted by many, you still have no right to touch my MATE!” he said slowly, watching as his words registered with the man.

“You have mated with that? Do you even know who she is?”

“Do you dare question my judgment?”

“No, prince,” he said unconvincingly.

Luke lowered the man so he could whisper into his ear,

If you ever touch anything of mine again I will hunt you down. I won’t give you another chance before I lock you up. I will torture you until you are no longer living and I will drain every ounce of blood from your body. Is that clear?

The man nodded in response, and Luke dropped his shaking body.

Luke walked over to Faith and as he got closer, he was shocked when Faith ran into his arms. Holding him tightly against her body before loosening her grip so she could pull away just enough to lift her head and kiss him on the lips. Confusion filled him, not knowing what this meant, but right now all he wanted was more. He pushed down on her lips, pressing his tongue between them, and when they parted, he explored her mouth. The warmth of her tongue, the way she tasted like mint, he knew he wanted more but first he had to take care of things. He gently ended their kiss. She looked toward him with an expression that begged for more.

“I love you, Luke,” she whispered.

“You do? After what I did to you, how could you ever forgive me? You saw the person I turn into, and you honestly find that attractive?” he asked.

“I do. I love you for the person on the inside not the outside. We all have secrets we want to keep to protect the ones we love. I understand that and I can tell you right now, there will always be a place for you in my heart. I want to be yours, I want you to claim me and be mine forever,” she confessed.

“I want the same. I love you more than anything and the thought of losing you almost killed me. It broke me into little pieces, Faith. I can prove that,” he said as he pulled his shirt and over the left side of his chest, there was a mark over his heart. It looked like the flesh was burned in places in the shape of a shattered heart. Faith gently ran her fingers over his engraved skin, sending chills of excitement throughout Luke’s body. Faith knew what she was doing to Luke, the intensity ran through their veins. With one shared looked, they separated. Luke still had to deal with the event chaos before nightfall. He turned around to address the crowd that had formed.

“I’ve heard that many of you have cancelled. I’m here now to address the issue and all I have to say is—you are all on contract. Plus, you risk the threat of defying your prince, you are all aware that the repercussions of such action will be punishable by death. So who’s cancelling on the event tonight?” he asked with a smirk.

The businessmen and woman looked at each other before they all spoke at once. “We’ll be there.” Luke laughed to himself as he watched one after the other scramble out the door. He turned to see Ruby with a stunned look on her face, her body was worn out after days of damage control. It was clear to Luke the hardship she’d endured during his absence.

“Ruby,” he said

“Yes, sir?” she perked up, walking closer to him.

“Go home, and get some rest. I would also like to formally invite you to the event tonight.” Normally staff weren’t included in this event, but she deserved the invite. “Oh and feel free to bring someone,” he added. Noticing the saddened look on her face, he walked closer to her, leaning down, he whispered, “I know your mate is human, Ruby. Bring him, you are both my special guests this evening.”

Ruby’s eyes lit up as she fought tears of joy, before nodding and running out of the room. Luke couldn’t help but feel for her, why should he be the only one to receive the kindness from someone’s heart? He knew what he had done brought her joy and he also knew she deserved it. She had always been loyal, but the past few days she had outdone herself.

Faith came up from behind, wrapping her arms around him. He held the hands lying on his firm stomach. He couldn’t imagine ever getting used to this feeling and he knew deep down he never wanted to. He wanted to hold onto every minute they shared together, he only hoped she wanted that as well.

“Faith, there’s a room upstairs just for you. I suggest you go get ready for tonight before I take advantage of this situation.”

“I might want you to take advantage,” she said in response.

“Trust me, I’d give anything to turn around and push you up against that wall. We can do that any other time you want but our first time needs to be special. Tonight is the night I will claim you as mine, if you let me. Tonight is the night I will wisp you off your feet and show you how deeply I love you. That is a promise, my love.”

“Then I better do as I’m told. I look forward to what tonight may bring,” she said, releasing her hold and making her way to the door.


“Yes,” she answered, turning to face him once again.

“I believe there’s a gown on your bed, I chose it myself. If by chance you don’t like it, pick up the phone near the bed and dial one. They’ll help you with whatever you may require,” he added.

“I’m sure if you chose it, I will love it. I trust your judgment,” she said before turning and making her way down the hall.

Chapter Six


The room was filled with music and laughter as hundreds of paranormal creatures made their way to the festivities. Luke watched and took note of who was entering the exclusive party; druids, nymphs, werewolves, vampires, and the list went on. Luke took in a deep breath, releasing it with a loud sigh. Every year he knew the stress and hard work dedicated to making the New Year’s event such a success for all.

He scanned the room enjoying the large and overpriced decorations. Shimmering fairy lights hung from the walls with large chandeliers providing dimmed romantic lighting for his guests. Twenty or so large tables with dark red table clothes were covered with food for all species. Waiters scurried from the kitchen with tray after tray of hors d’oeuvres, waiting on the guests as fast as they possibly could. A hint of a smile formed on his face as the music began to soften. He glared at the musicians wondering why they had suddenly stopped playing, he was about to rush over to them when he noticed what everyone was staring at.

Luke’s jaw dropped as he noticed Faith standing at the entrance, her white shimmering gown clinging to her perfectly shaped body. Her hair was tied up at the back of her neck and curled wisps of hair fell around her face. Her crystal blue eyes had a certain glow to them that screamed joy and happiness. Faith clutched her purse as she made her way to Luke. The beats of Luke’s heart became rapid with excitement, while secretly thinking to himself over and over,
tay soft, don’t you dare crack a hard
in front of all these people

“Luke,” Faith said softly.

“You’re like a dream come true, Faith, I’m almost certain my heart stopped when my eyes fell upon your beauty when you walked through those doors.” Luke was shocked he could say something so romantic, but it was clear the woman standing before him was his mate. There was no denying it. He noticed Faith’s cheeks turn, a rosy red as she lowered her head. A smile formed, causing his eyes to instantly fall on her lush rosy lips. He unintentionally licked his lips in response. Luke quickly grabbed her hand, pulling her close to his body. It wasn’t long until the room filled with music and laughter once more.

Luke began to dance with Faith, tightening his grip on her back. Feeling her breath on his neck gave him goosebumps, her body rubbing against his ignited his uncontrollable lust for his mate. They continued to dance in time to the music, enjoying the touch between them, never wanting to let go for fear he would lose her for good. Luke glanced up for a moment, noticing Ted frantically trying to make his way through the crowed but Luke ignored him for the moment, he was determined that nothing would destroy this moment.

“Dude, take it outside!” Ted said as he gasped for air.

“What’s wrong, Ted? Can’t you see it isn’t a good time to interrupt me at the moment?” Luke replied.

“LUKE, listen to me! Haven’t you noticed? You’re transforming right here and now, it won’t be long before people realize you’re actually here for the first time ever. What do you think they will do when they find out?” he panted.

“Tell my dad! Shit... Faith, I’m so sorry we have to go.”

“I don’t understand?”

“I promise I will explain everything, but at the moment I have to get out of here before I lose control completely,” Luke pleaded, staring deep into Faith’s eyes, waiting desperately for her response. He prayed she’d join him as he wasn’t ready to let go of her just yet.

“Okay,” Faith replied.

Luke held her hand tightly before darting toward the entrance, trying to make a discrete but rushed exit from the building. The cold air brushed against his face, as he desperately sought a place to hide. He needed time to explain to Faith what had happened, he prayed she’d understand but his heart told him otherwise. He knew it’d be hard for her to hear the truth but he had no option.

He pushed Faith through the first unlocked door he found before running in himself and closing it shut. He prayed no one else had noticed as he took a deep breath before facing Faith who was patiently waiting for answers.

“What is going on, Luke?” she asked, staring at him impatiently before viewing the room they had been thrown in. Luke took a deep breath as he followed her line of sight, realizing they had stumbled into a room screaming romantic time ahead. Rose petals lined the floor, leading to a heart shaped bed. Candles lit the room and a champagne bottle sat cooling for the expected couple.

“Was this all a ruse to get me into bed? You seriously couldn’t wait until the party was over?”

“No, that’s not it at all. Well, not exactly,” he said stumbling over his words.

“Do you care to explain?” frustration tinged her voice.

“I was changing! Transforming if you will and if anyone had realized I was at the party...well everything would of have gone wrong,” he explained.

“You can’t be seen at your own party? That doesn’t make sense,” she snapped.

“It is forbidden. I hold these parties so everyone can take part and have a good time. The rules state I cannot be seen or have anyone approach me without certain things happening. My father wouldn’t have it. I’m lucky he hasn’t found out already. I am prince of the Underworld, son of Satan. Apparently everyone else is below me and I’m meant to be a nasty ass prick who treats everyone and everything like shit on my shoe. To tell you the truth, there was a time I lived up to that scenario but now? That’s all changed.”

“How has it changed?” Faith asked out of curiosity.

“I fell in love, I found my mate, and in return my blackened heart has grown bringing color back into my life.”

Faith stared at Luke for a moment, wondering if he was telling her what she wanted to hear or if he was being genuine. Looking into his puppy dog eyes, she realized he was the one for her as well, but worried at what cost? Would she be heartbroken or would they have a happily ever after? Without further hesitation, Faith smiled before looking toward her hands.

Luke stared in amazement as Faith’s hands began to glow light blue, crafting something he couldn’t quite make out. When she had finished the glow disappeared before him leaving a crystal clear object. He moved closer to get a better look. Faith held up the small, delicate object for him to see. It was a crystal heart that beat in time with his own.

Luke watched as the small blue shimmers of magic made the crystal heart rise from Faith’s hands. His vision followed the small object as it floated into the air directly above them. Luke stared at the delicate object, amazed that something so small could hold so much meaning. It was a symbol of her commitment toward him. All he had to do was accept it and their bond would become a lifetime commitment. He felt the palm of Faith’s hand rest on his chest. Looking down he was caught off guard as Faith’s lips met his. The warmth of her mouth made his body respond, he wasn’t sure if he could control himself any longer. He wanted to claim her as his own. His thoughts were interrupted when Faith pulled away, breaking the intimate kiss.

“Luke? Make me yours, claim me right here and now!” she demanded as she attempted to catch her breath.

“I’m more than willing, but I have to admit I did have something more romantic and intimate planned for when I took you as mine, bonding us together for eternity.”

“I refuse to wait any longer,” she said as she placed her hands behind her neck, unclasping her halter gown.

Luke tried to swallow the large rock stuck in his throat as her gown fell to the ground leaving her practically naked except for the thin G-string, a thin piece of material tempting him further.
do to rip that off with my teeth
he thought as his devilish instincts took control. A growl rumbled in his chest, building up as he prepared himself to claim the one and only woman he wished to be with, the woman to be his mate. His growl escaped his lips making the room shake as the wall hangings fell from their holds smashing as they hit the floor. Faith’s body began to form goosebumps on her skin, an excited smile spread from ear to ear as Luke stormed over to where she stood.

“Hope you’re ready for what I’m about to do to you! Keep in mind you may not be able to walk for several hours after this,” he stated in a deep husky voice.

Faith squealed with excitement as Luke lifted her so her legs could wrap around his hips. Luke took her nipple into his mouth, gently caressing it with his tongue before nipping her bud with his sharp canine and drawing a droplet of blood he quickly licked up. He continued suckling her as she moaned with lust, she held his head in place silently begging for more as his shaft began to grow, pressing hard against her dampened thong. He released her hardened nipple as he turned his head slightly to devour the other one while pressing his shaft harder against her wet covered folds. The feel of her hands tugging at his hair excited him even more. Her lower body pressed against him as her hips began to sway back and forth. Luke held her weight as he began to carry her across the room to the large French doors that lead to the outdoor balcony, which overlooked a tranquil water feature. The light surrounding them was dim but the idea of being caught ignited the need to have each other. Luke sat her on the rails before bending down and with one quick nip, cut through the thin thong allowing it to fall from her body.
That’s better
he thought as he stepped back to take in every inch of her body.

Faith wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her naked wet pussy. She focused her attention on the large bulge confined within his pants. She bit her bottom lip with her teeth as she began to undo his belt. She couldn’t wait any longer so without thinking, she ripped the top of his pants. The button flung off as the zipper slid down unleashing his enlarged shaft. She wrapped one hand around his shaft, rubbing her hand back and forth.

Luke’s head relaxed as he looked above, feeling the warmth of her hand rubbing his throbbing cock. The built up excitement was too much as her thrusts became faster, he was so close to coming. He grabbed her wrist, pulled her from the rail and carried her to the bed. With one quick flick of his wrist he pushed her onto the bed, her ass in the air waiting for his cock. He could see how wet she was as droplets of moist essence coated her folds. He stood behind her, teasing her with the tip of his cock. She moaned as he rubbed it against her delicate skin, she bent back trying to force him to thrust his shaft into her wet demanding pussy. He finally gave in and with one quick thrust he was in her warm tight folds. He stood still for a moment trying to maintain his stamina. Slowly he pulled out watching her breasts move with the movement, he quickened his pace watching as her breasts bounced up and down. He wanted to taste them one more time, he wanted to taste her. He began to thrust harder and harder, watching her moan with excitement, shouting his name. He moved his hand around her body, placing his finger on her clit. Forcing them closer he wanted her to scream louder, to tell him how bad she wanted his touch.

He pulled her body closer so she was almost standing and he pumped harder and deeper. Rubbing his finger against her clit, he felt the tiny bulb harden and he knew she was close to orgasm. He didn’t want this to end, so he pulled out of her turning her to face him. Holding her close his shaft tickled her sensitive area, keeping her aroused as he bent forward for a kiss. He forced his tongue into her mouth, exploring every inch as he spun them around. He sat on the bed with Faith straddling him. She lowered herself onto his shaft, breaking the kiss. She began to rise and fall onto his throbbing cock.

Her breasts bounced with every move, and he bent forward grabbing her breast in his mouth, sucking furiously as she continued to make love to him. Her moans became louder and she quickened. She leaned back, her arm twisting behind her body so she could reach down and rub his balls while she continued to move up and down. Her soft hand on his balls almost sent him over the edge of ecstasy but with great strength he held off. He grabbed both of her arms placing them behind his head and moved his around her waist before standing with Faith still straddling him. He began to pump his shaft into her, watching as her head flung back and her screams became louder. In and out, as hard and as fast as he could, until her screams echoed within the room, calling his name as she found her release. Almost immediately he found his own, filling her inner body with his essence claiming her as his own.

They both fell onto the bed, lying beside each other as they tried to slow their breathing before turning to one another and bursting into laughter. They wrapped their bodies tightly together, feeling their hearts beat in rhythm as they embraced each other’s bodies. Luke rested his head against hers, smelling her heavenly scent. He noticed almost immediately that her scent had changed, it was different. Not by much but just enough to tell him that their mating was complete, that she had been marked. His heart filled with the overwhelming feeling of love, an emotion he thought he would never experience until now.

“I never want to leave this bed,” Faith said.

“Neither do I, but considering we’ve missed most of the party I think we should at least make sure everything is running—” A knock at the door interrupted him. Ted came flying through the door, knocking it from its hinges in the process.

“Luke! What the fuck have you done and why now?” Ted screamed.

“It’s none of your bloody business what I’ve done but I can tell you right now if you keep walking in while my mate is naked I will make sure you suffer for your lack of respect.”

“Luke, you mated and what pray tell happens?”

“Um...I claim the love of my love for eternity?”

you idiot! Before you mated with Faith you let out an almighty growl that echoed through the entire building and beyond, also referred to as a mating call which tells everyone what is about to occur... You hearing me, Luke? EVERYONE!”

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