Luke's Faith (3 page)

“Sorry, Luke, I didn’t think, it caught me off guard,” he pleaded.

“Get off the ground and pack our things, we are leaving. I know where to find her,” he snapped, trying to prevent any further humiliation. Moments later Luke and Ted stood at the corner of the street waiting for a cab, looking up and down the road. Luke could have sworn he had just seen a tumble weed scurry across the open road.

“This is useless, we’ll have to walk. We’re running out of time. We only have two days until the New Year’s event.” Panic was clear in his voice.

Ted knew better than to disagree, so they both walked in complete silence. Three hours passed before they finally arrived at their destination. Luke’s heart began to beat faster as a nervous feeling consumed him.

Chapter Four


Standing in front of an abandoned warehouse covered in rust with panels pulling from their holds. The structure was clearly unstable as the slightest bit of wind made the building sway.

“There’s a door, should we go in?” Ted asked eagerly.

“Sure,” Luke replied softly as he studied the building one last time. He gradually made his way toward the door.

“Ted, stop!” he demanded. “I’ll go in first.” Luke allowed his claws the freedom they’d been begging for, his eyes became a searing red as the sharply pointed ends of his horns made their appearance. “In case we come across any trouble,” he explained.

Ted nodded in agreement as Luke proceeded to pry the old rusty door open. They peered inside only to see nothing, pure darkness greeted them leaving no clue as to what secrets where held within the mysterious warehouse before them. A shimmer of sparkling light appeared, floating before them, trapping them in a mesmerizing trance before slowly drifting away.

Luke proceeded forward following the tiny speck of light, he was almost grateful.
A little light is better than no light at
amazing how one little speck can bring such
to a being
A feeling of belonging and love..
What the hell
Belonging and
that’s it
grown a heart and died
the only explanation
he thought silently while following the small speck of light leading them through tunnels left and right. They hit a sharp left turn leading down a long, wide tunnel before the speck evaporated right before their eyes. Touching the walls they tried to feel their way through the tunnel hoping there would be a way out. It was then Luke saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Not a white light but glowing green, he was intrigued by the mesmerizing colors beginning to explode. Luke began to run toward the light, filled with need, he had to know what was there. The intensity of the unknown, he was beginning to obsess, hating the fact he felt so vulnerable. He was so used to making the rules, being in control, and keeping things from others. Not knowing what to expect drew him closer, drawing nearer to the light.

As Luke approached the opening, colors flashed across his vision, his feet landed in soft green grass. Flowers flowed freely over the land in front of him, colors illuminated from the flowers as they bloomed right before his eyes. A small cottage stood alone with a large canopy of trees shading the surrounding area. Luke turned his head slightly, his focus landing on the clear blue water that flowed beside him. Taking one step toward it, his foot landed once again in the green luscious grass and hundreds of butterflies burst from the ground, fluttering by his ear and heading toward the soft white light that covered an older bridge leading from the house to the forest on the other side. The sight before him made his body relax, the smells intrigued his senses, and his heart beat consistently as for the first time he felt content. The woman of his dreams was probably behind the cottage doors awaiting his arrival.

Without hesitation, Ted seated himself by the lake making himself comfortable, knowing full well Luke needed to approach his mate alone. Luke began to walk up the stone path toward the cottage, the walk took longer than it should have but he eventually made it to the door. The anticipation built and his palms began to sweat with anxiety. He brought his fist to the door, inches away from making the first knock, when the door began to creek open. Luke peered inside, but no one was there. Examining the door closely, he couldn’t figure out how the door had mysteriously opened at that exact moment. He knew he shouldn’t go further but curiosity got the better of him. One foot after the other, he gradually made his way further into the house. Luke noticed the unique decor as he slowly made his way around the room. The furniture was like nothing he had seen before. Confusion filled his mind as he stared at the normal sized lounge before him next to a replica of the same lounge only much smaller. Rubbing his eyes, he hoped clearing his vision would make the tiny little furniture go away, but to his disappointment the tiny furniture was still there when he opened his eyes one more time. Every piece of furniture was matched with a miniature version.

What on
Who the hell
does that
he thought silently.
Does she have a
he couldn’t help but wonder as he stared at the small fragile furniture before him. Confusion built within. Sniffing the air around him for any scent indicating Faith was in the home, but there was nothing. Without further hesitation he turned himself around and walked out of the small cottage.

Once he was outside, he could hear the running water close by. He knew she had to be in the vicinity. Making his way around the small home he quickly glanced back to see if Ted was still seated by the lake. He noticed Ted almost immediately, his eyes widened with shock, and staring toward the small river. Luke’s tongue almost fell out of his mouth, and anger built within when Luke found what Ted was gaping at. Luke struggled to maintain control before he bolted in the direction of Ted’s stare, but he stopped dead in his tracks, mesmerized by the vision in front of him. Staring at the clear blue water, not a ripple in sight, Faith immersed her body in the cold water before standing once again. Running her hands through her wet, tangled hair, she continued further down her body. Placing her hands over her breasts, lifting them slightly as she rubbed each nipple before letting them go. Luke watched as her perfectly rounded breasts bounced slightly as they fell back into position. He hadn’t noticed the exact moment Faith caught him staring at her naked body, his libido responded almost immediately.

“You do realize, a true gentleman would never feast his eyes on a woman’s body if she wasn’t his to begin with?”

“Shit, sorry...ah...I’ll turn around,” he said, embarrassment consuming him.

“Well, you’ve already studied every inch of my body. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to show me your attributes?” she asked with a hint of a smile.

Luke was shocked at her advances, yet he yearned to touch her soft skin, taste her tongue within his own mouth. His taste buds began to salivate as he imagined both of them entwined, feasting on each other’s bodies as their orgasms exploded within her wet pussy. Shivers rolled down Luke’s spin as the images flashed before him, one after the other.

What do I do?
he wondered as a small buzzing sound came closer to his ear. Without thinking, he continued to stare at the ground as he waved his hand above his head.

“Well that’s just rude,” a small squeaky voiced said.

He turned his attention toward the buzzing noise, only to realize it was Faith, looking as dashing as ever. His jaw dropped in response.
Well that makes sense, the small furniture
She’s a fairy

A laugh, like music to his ears, filled the air around him. Turning toward the laughter, he was again greeted by Faith. She had transformed to her almost human form. Standing before him, completely naked. Luke was finding it hard to swallow, as he stared at Faith’s body.

“I know I am, the question is why you aren’t?” she asked as she sucked on her bottom lip. Luke was stunned, he didn’t recall speaking aloud but it was like she read his thoughts before his brain had a chance to register his desires.

Luke clearly wanted to take advantage of the situation, his cock hardened against his pants begging for freedom. He shook his head, he couldn’t. He knew he had to take his time with Faith. If she was his mate then he had to do things right.

“I’ve come here to escort you to the annual New Year’s event. Would you consider being my date?” he asked nervously.

“Well if you want me to go to the party, you better make it worth my while,” she stated with a wink.

Tempted by her advances, Luke pushed her against a nearby tree hiding her naked form from unwelcome eyes, clasping her wrists together and slamming them against the bark just above her head while he pressed his throbbing cock against her dampened pussy. Luke was as close to Faith as he could possibly get with his clothes on. He felt the warmth of her breath brushing against his cheek and watched as her chest rose and fell. Her nipples were hard and erect, and she arched her back as her breathing became shallow. Luke intentionally licked his lips as his mouth began to water at the sight of her hardened nipples desperately wanting to place one in his mouth, taste her for the first time.

“Hey, Luke, you out here?” Ted said from afar. Attempting to get one more glimpse of Faith’s exquisite body but to his disappointment, they had moved far enough away that he no longer had a clear view.

“Crap,” he muttered, releasing his grasp so Faith could gather her clothing and cover her naked form.

“Oh there you are!” he said before noticing the woman frantically dressing behind Luke. “Hey, Faith,” he continued without a care in the world.

“Yeah, hey,” she mumbled, still hiding herself so she could put on the last of her clothes.

“Ted, go grab a cab. We’ll be ready to leave shortly,” Luke snarled

Ted glanced back and forth trying to figure out what he’d just interrupted, it was then he noticed the blood red glaze slowly covering Luke’s eyes. He took it as a warning and quickly turned, making his way back to the exit of the warehouse.

“I never said I was going with you,” Faith snapped.

“I’m no longer asking, I’m telling you. Now grab your shit and get your ass in the cab,” Luke yelled. His heart almost broke in two when he noticed tears streaming down her face, her skin was pale, and her eyes were bloodshot. The look of pure disappointment was written all over her face as she shook her head before storming past Luke. She didn’t say another word, as Luke escorted her toward her home, giving her only a few moments to grab some clothing for the unexpected journey ahead. Once she was packed they walked toward the exit Emotions ran high within him worried he’d just done something that was going to ruin any chance of them building a proper relationship. He could hear her sobs, and with each noise, his heart broke a little more.
What the hell is wrong with me
? S
o much for being the big bad
the U
Now I’m just a man with too many emotions..
I’m pussy whipped!
he thought silently, letting out a small sigh of remorse. They finally made their way out of the warehouse and found Ted waiting patiently outside. Luke was ready to rip him a new asshole when he remembered how hard it was to get here in the first place.

“Well this is fucked! We have to walk back. We can stay at the hotel again and make our way back home in the morning,” Luke said, not really worried if anyone heard him or not.

Luke continued forward. The walk to Faith’s home had passed a lot faster than the walk back. Time seemed to drag so much he was almost certain they would never get there. To make matters worse, Ted and Faith where getting on really well which sparked resentment toward his best friend.

“Okay, Faith, I have to ask. What happened to those guys guarding the warehouse when I came to find you a few days ago?” Ted asked out of curiosity.

“Oh them, well...long story short. They left.”


“I’m not exactly sure but they did mention a big celebration they didn’t want to miss, even if it meant they left me unattended.”

“Oh you mean the New Year’s party?”

“Yeah, that's it.”

“Oh yeah, I wouldn’t miss that party if my life depended on it. Oh man the stories I could tell, the women go nuts. Stripping, flirting, and practically screwing any being that shows interest. Love it!” Ted admitted without thinking.

“Is that so? Is this the only time of year you score with the women? My guess is they’re too drunk to tell who they’ve gotten into bed with.”

“Oh, that wasn’t very nice. I don’t think that’s the reason at all.”

“Sorry, Ted. I’m just assuming if you think that way, then a certain person we are currently walking with thinks the same?”

Luke ignored her harsh statement regarding his intentions, assuming he probably deserved that accusation. He knew how much he had fucked up, and his mind drifted trying to think of how he could fix this situation. It didn’t matter how much he thought about what he should do or say, nothing seemed good enough. Maybe he wasn’t good enough?

Chapter Five


They finally made their way back to the hotel, after an exhausting adventure. Luke practically face planted in the pillow and didn’t fancy getting back up for a long time. He glanced up at Faith wondering if it was okay to speak directly to her without her trying to murder him.

“Faith, please feel free to take the first shower. I think we all need to relax a bit and have a chat. Hopefully a hot shower will make us all feel a bit better,” he said softly.

“Thank you,” she responded.

Luke watched as she gathered a few towels from the cupboard and made her way to the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Luke placed his face on his pillow to muffle his screams of frustration.

“Man, you really screwed up. What did you do to her? You lost your temper with her, didn’t you! Oh my God, you won’t get anywhere being a prick. You of all people should know that,” Ted scolded.

“Yep, you’re right once again. I’m a horrible person. How on Earth I thought someone like her, or anyone at all for that matter, would ever love me is beyond comprehension.”

“Luke, man up and face your fears,” Ted said before walking out of the room.

Luke took a deep breath before walking toward the bathroom door. He leaned against it, listening carefully without making a sound, trying to determine if Faith had finished her shower. The door flung open flinging him forward so he landed at Faith’s feet.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t doing anything I swear. I was trying to hear if you had finished or not so I could talk to you,” he quickly explained.

“Luke, it’s okay, just get up off the ground,” she said

Luke began to push himself off the floor and onto his knees. Blinking a few times he realized what he was staring at Faith who stood there, arms folded over her chest, in only a towel. Luke closed his eyes for a moment as he bit on his lower lip, trying to imagine something unattractive and undesirable so he could stand up without hitting someone in the eye with his enlarged cock.
For fuck sake, when did I become such a horny teenage boy
I’m bloody t
ears old
for shit’s sake.

Luke slowly rose from the floor, steering his vision in the other direction, contemplating what else he could say or do to make her believe him. He desperately wanted Faith to understand him and prayed that someday soon she would want him as much as he wanted her. He knew there was a lot that needed to be said to save whatever this may be. He was willing to do almost anything.

“Faith, I’m not sure what you want me to say. I am sorry for my behavior and I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“Luke, I don’t want anything. Why have you gone to so much trouble to find me? No one has ever gone out of their way to find me, you’re the only one,” she admitted.

“You’re my mate! I’ve gone to this trouble because I believe you’re my savior. The only creature that can save my soul, save me from a world of darkness.”

“Love,” they said in unison.

Faith thought for a while, it felt like a lifetime passed. Luke’s eye’s kept darting to the towel loosely wrapped around Faith’s body hoping for a glimpse.
it, keep your eyes away
trying to
get her to
sorry ass back
If she spots you looking at her..
his thoughts became muddled as his emotions took over his self-control.

“Luke?” she finally spoke, his eyes quickly landed on hers, allowing him once again to think clearly. “I feel the same way but I have to admit I’m scared. I don’t think my heart would handle it if you were to leave me. I’ve felt a connection between us for some time. The day you showed up I could have sworn I’d met you before, but I know that’s probably impossible.”

“Why impossible?”

“‘Cause this is the first time in my life that I’ve stepped foot out of that warehouse. I made it my home and never had the need to leave.”

“’ve never left before?”


“Then how on Earth have I been seeing you? You came to my home, you were in my dreams. I even hallucinated about you. If that wasn’t you then who was it?”

Faith’s face paled, and her eyes widened in surprise.

“If that’s what truly happened, I’m not sure what to say,” she admitted.

“What do you mean? You think I’m making this shit up? How on Earth would someone come up with such a story on the spot? I can guarantee this is the complete and utter truth. I would never lie about love,” he admitted, almost shocked by the implication.

Faith continued to gaze at Luke lovingly.

“I have to say, I’m surprised. Everything that has happened finally makes sense.”

“You mind explaining it to me because I feel like I’ve missed something. I’m completely lost,” he admitted as confusion consumed him.

“Don’t you see? Everything you explained is an indication to me that you are in fact my mate. Only my true love would have the ability to meet my inner spirit,” she informed him.

“Okay, I didn’t think I could get any more confused, what the hell is an inner spirit?” He felt stupid for even asking such a ridiculous question.

“My inner spirit travels on my behalf searching for my mate. This form can come in many versions like dreams, illusions, visions,
The fact you’ve experienced many visits and had the ability to find me when no one else could.”

“So did you decide it was time? Or how does that work?”

“It only occurs when I’m in heat,” she replied.

As soon as her words left her voluptuous pink lips, Luke grabbed her hips. Lifting her slightly before pushing her against the wall, with one swipe of his already protruding claw, her towel dropped to the floor exposing her body. Faith bit down on her lower lip, and her nipples hardened in response. Luke paused for a moment, trying to resist temptation. Faith’s nails slowly brushed against the nape of his neck as she lowered her hand and began to unbutton his shirt. His shaft began to harden with every touch, a deep masculine moan escaped his parted lips. Temptation became too much, Luke was desperate to make sure their first physical encounter was all about her needs, he had to meet her expectations, to give her pleasure.

He carried her to the bed, lowering her gently until her head landed softly on his large pillow. He found himself staring at the most beautiful woman lying in front of him, focusing on the droplets of cold water left over from her shower that were gradually rolling over her breasts and toward her stomach. He bent down placing his tongue over the droplet, he could feel the heat from her soft skin. He continued until every drop was gone. He noticed small goosebumps forming on her skin with every lick. His enlarged shaft began to throb with anticipation, and Faith placed her hands on the back of his head, lightly tugging his hair as he moved further south. His tongue hit her sensitive spot, slipping through the gap of her wet folds. Excitement consumed Luke as he watched his mate’s body respond under his touch. His tongue hovered, licking her clit, tasting her essence as it oozed from her folds. Tasting her pleasure aroused Luke further. He gently inserted his finger, caressing her clit at the exact moment he began to push his finger further into her warm cave. She let out a moan of pure pleasure, as Luke continued to tease her. Faith’s body responded to every touch, her back arching, and her breast screamed for attention as her nipples became hard and sensitive. Luke slowly pulled his finger back before slamming it in while applying pressure on her clit with his warm, damp tongue. Her hands tugged on his hair with each movement. He could feel her muscles clench around his finger with every thrust.

“Luke, if you don’t stop it will be too late,” she panted.

“Babe, all I want tonight is to bring you pleasure, to hear you shout my name,” he said as his movements quickened as he began to apply pressure with his thumb rubbing her clit, while at the same time her body began to spasm around his finger as she screamed his name. Her orgasm consumed them both. The pleasure Luke experienced was witnessing Faith orgasm from his touch. Her blue eyes stared at him as a smile formed on her face.

“Your turn,” she said between gasps of air.

“Tonight was about you, Faith, you have given me everything I need. To hold you, touch you, and taste you was more than I ever wished for. The time is drawing near, the day I’ll claim you as mine, but I need to make sure you’re ready for what that entails. All I ask from you tonight is to share my bed, let me hold you close, feel your heart beating against mine while you sleep. Tomorrow is the first day of our life together. I will make it one to remember, that’s a promise,” Luke promised as he wrapped his arms around his mate and watched her eyes begin to drift, falling into a deep sleep. Her body relaxed against his as he continued to watch the peaceful beauty laying beside him.


The sun beamed through the gap between the curtains shinning on Faith’s body, her hair had a luminous glow. Luke’s sleepy body came to life with the vision of beauty he was holding tightly. A loud yawn came from the other side of the room startled Luke until he remembered Ted was with them.
Thank fuck he takes sleeping pills
otherwise last night could
been bloody
Luke thought, feeling slightly relieved but disgusted at the same time. Just the thought of Ted watching them in the heated moment turned his stomach. Luke quickly grabbed the sheets, covering Faith’s naked body, carefully trying not to wake her.

“Good morning,” Ted announced.

“Shhh, you idiot! You’ll wake her.”

It took Ted a moment to realize Faith was sound asleep in Luke’s bed. The bed that Luke was carefully trying to evacuate without making a sound. Ted began to jump up and down with excitement, throwing his hand in the air waiting for Luke to respond.

“Ted, I’m not high fiving you!” he said as he shook his head and a small laugh escaped his lips.

“I’ll go get some breakfast, be back soon,” Ted announced as he walked out the door.

Luke waited until Ted left the room before turning his attention back to Faith. Watching as she took each breath, her body was relaxed as she continued to sleep soundly. It took all his strength to pry his eyes away from the mesmerizing sight before him. He realized days had passed since he’d last checked his phone. He didn’t want to be distracted during his search for Faith, so he’d avoided the thing like the plague. He watched as the screen powered up, waiting for the expected overload of messages and missed calls. To his surprise he had only one voicemail. He lifted his cell phone to his ear as the message began to play.


his is Ruby
very sorry
for my call but it

s urgent and
assuming you would want to know immediately
We have had an issue with the
out of the event and cancelling

s just the beginning
, i
f you would like further details
call me back when you have the time
I await your instructions


The message left Luke stunned and pissed. He quickly pressed redial, only one ring passed before Ruby, his personal assistant, answered the call.

“Hello, you’ve reached the office of Luke, prince of the Underworld. This is Ruby speaking, how may I help you?”

“Ruby? It’s Luke,” he stated.
have to come up with a better introduction tha
that, what was she thinking?
he wondered.

“Luke, I’m so glad you called back. So much has happened since you left.”

“It’s okay. I’m heading home. I’ll be there in a few hours. Call everyone involved and demand the prince requires their attendance at a meeting. I will be there in person. They will come and I’ll get this all sorted out,” he said before hanging up the phone. He was ready for a fight.

He darted around the room gathering his belongings, trying his hardest not to wake Faith. Before long Ted walked back into the room holding three large coffees and a bag of croissants. The scent of freshly baked goods mixed with freshly ground coffee filled the room. Luke hadn’t realized how hungry he was until he began salivating.

“What’s wrong?” Ted asked as he stood in the doorway.

“There’re problems with the event, they have cancelled a few things. Why? I have no clue. We have to get home immediately,” Luke insisted.

“Wow, what would cause them to cancel? And who in their right mind would piss off the prince of the Underworld? Man, they’re in deep shit,” he said.

“Yep, my thoughts exactly,” Luke agreed as he continued to pack.

Ted placed the coffee and food on the nearby bench watching intently as Luke continued to dart around the room before letting out a loud deep laugh. Faith began to stir, and both Ted and Luke paused. Almost forgetting to breathe, Luke turned his attention to Ted, the look on his face made Ted’s stomach turn with fear. He could have sworn he noticed steam coming out of Luke’s nostrils as fury overwhelmed him. Ted watched as Luke struggled to gather his self-control, his emotions beginning to spiral out of control.

Ted quickly handed him his morning coffee before backing away allowing a gap between them. The smell of hot, perfectly ground coffee calmed Luke’s nerves. He took a deep breath, gaining his control. Luke turned his attention toward Faith who was gradually waking from her deep sleep. Her eyes fluttered open as a warm smile formed on her lips, her crystal blue eyes melted Luke’s heart.

“Good morning,” she said sleepily while propping herself up in bed.

“Good morning, my love, I hope we didn’t wake you.”

“No, not at all, it was time for me to wake. Is that coffee I smell?”

“If you want some you’ll have to come get it,” he said teasingly.

Faith was more than happy to comply with such a challenge but as she went to move, Luke began to shout before dropping his coffee and running toward her, practically landing on top of her and squashing her tiny figure.

“What was that about?” she gasped for air. Luke lifted his weight a little making it easier for her to breath.

“You almost forgot an important and critical detail. As much as I would have loved you wrestling me for a coffee. I’d prefer if you’d do it with your clothes on when someone else is in the room with us,” he said excitedly.

“Not like I haven’t seen it before,” Ted scoffed.

Luke turned as his claws and fangs extended and a masculine growl escaped his throat.

“Luke!” a soft gasping squeal came from Faith.

“Oh my God, Faith I’m so sorry,” Luke gasped. His claws had dug into her soft delicate skin. He watched in horror as small droplets of blood formed around his imbedded claws. He was afraid of retracting them and causing her more pain.

“It’s okay, Luke, it was an accident. I’m not angry and I don’t think any less of you. However, if you could remove your claws that would be appreciated,” she said as she tried to remain calm and collected.

Luke concentrated as he tried to calm himself, watching intently as one by one each claw retracted. Droplets of blood dripped from her wounds. He bent down and gently licked up the droplets from her skin. The taste of her blood ignited his taste buds, Faith’s eyes widened as Luke’s transformation took place right in front of her. His eyes became blood filled, and steam rose from his skin as his tattoo began to burn. The petrified look on Faith's face confirmed his fears.

“Who would love a creature such as me? Someone who can’t control their emotions and harms the ones closest to them. I destroy lives with each breath I take, a being meant for no one. I’m designed to torture creatures below my stature. I was a fool to believe anyone could love someone like me,” he said softly, praying the transformation would wear off shortly.

His heart felt like it was beginning to crack as disapproval, loneliness, and loss filled his soul. He could the feel pain within his chest, like his heart had splintered into a million pieces and shard by shard broken away as thoughts of losing the only woman he had ever loved began to take over his mind. His world began to slow down. He caught glimpses of Ted and Faith mumbling to each other, possibly even trying to communicate with him as he plunged into a world of his own. His world was filled with darkness; his body became numb as every thought about what he’d just done to the woman of his dreams consumed his mind, body, and soul. He felt worthless, alone and heartbroken as the room began to spin out of control. His body felt like it was on fire, beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His breathing became rapid and his throat began to swell before his vision eventually faded leaving him in a world of darkness where all he could do was feel empty. All feelings where gone, his thoughts and dreams shattered...there was nothing left.

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