Luke's Faith (2 page)

Chapter Two


Panic hit Luke hard. He wasn’t sure how to feel about his reaction to the picture of a woman he had never met. He didn’t know what to do, what it meant. He was completely horrified, a difficult feat scaring the shit out of the damned, but Luke now knew what it felt like. He picked up the phone and called Ted. He knew Ted had requested no contact but he was Luke’s only friend, the only person he trusted with his deepest secrets.

“Come on, pick up, pick up, pick up the fucking phone...please.” Panic almost overwhelmed him.

“I told you not to call me,” the voice on the other end of the phone hissed.

“I need you, mate. Something’s going on and it’s freaking me the hell out,” Luke admitted.

“You opened the email, didn’t you?”

“Yes I did, then something odd happened. Can you come over? Please, I really need your guidance,” he practically pleaded.

“I don’t know if...”

“I demand you come over immediately,” Luke’s voice had become loud and dominant.

“Anything you wish, my prince.” The line went silent.

Luke paced back and forth for almost an hour waiting for Ted to arrive, beads of sweat dripped down his forehead. The doorbell finally rang causing Luke to jump, frustration built within him. He couldn’t believe one picture could change his life, and that made him fear what he was experiencing.
I am the
the U
nderworld, son of Satan himself
I am not scared of anything, NOTHING
, his voice screamed in his head as he made his way to the door.

“You may want to get control of yourself,” was the first sentence out of Ted’s mouth.

“What are you talking about?”

“Well to start with, your fly is down. Then there’s the tattoo, when did you get that done?” he asked

“It’s not exactly a tattoo, it’s my mark, a symbol that I’m the son of Satan. It only appears when I’ve changed into my true form. It will disappear soon,” Luke admitted for the first time to his friend.

“Well not that I’m against your markings, but do you think you can pop a shirt on? If that’s too much to ask, at least zip your fly, I really don’t want to get a sneak peek at your pecker,” he replied with a smile.

“Ah...yeah. Wait for me in my office, I won’t be long,” he yelled over his shoulder toward Ted as he made his way to the bedroom adjusting his fly on the way. As he walked into his room he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Changing course, he veered toward the large wall mirror and for the first time ever he actually stood there and looked at himself. Taking in every detail, he had never noticed before and he was somewhat shocked when he realized he could use a haircut. His wavy dark black hair was almost shoulder length, his ears pointed out slightly and his eyes had changed to a deep brown almost black depending on what angle you look at them from. He looked down toward his chest noticing his broad shoulders, hardened pecks, and six-pack. What stood out the most was the searing symbol that continued to burn his skin. He lifted his hand to gently smooth his finger across the seared pattern scorching his chest.

Well I look mighty fine if I do say so myself
I’d go out with a dashing fellow such as myself
! His inner thoughts amused him so much he almost laughed out loud, but being the serious guy he was, Luke stopped himself before he became hysterical. He quickly grabbed his black cotton business shirt off the coat hanger, throwing it over his shoulders but leaving his chest exposed as he walked out of his room and into his office where Ted had been patiently waiting.

“What took you so long?” Ted asked hesitantly.

“I’m not sure. I seem to be experiencing a lot of emotions today. That’s why I called you,” he explained.

“I knew you’d call, I prayed you would think twice before opening my email,” Ted admitted as his leg began to thump up and down nervously.

“I believe there’s something you aren’t telling me, we may be friends, Ted, but may I remind you of your duty. You are my trusted advisor and I will not tolerate these silly games any longer. I demand you reveal everything to me at once.”

Luke watched as his friend began to look nervous, a small drop of sweat appeared on his forehead. His eyes wandered back and forth as he examined his thoughts, trying to find the right words.

“You don’t need to remind me of my obligation to you. I’m fully aware of your status but have you ever looked passed that and noticed who your best friend really is? What I’m capable of? What I have achieved in short periods of time and how?” he asked, staring directly at Luke, and waiting for a response. He had little hope his best friend had taken some interest in his truly unique abilities.

They stood there for some time staring at each other. Ted had a hopeful look upon his face but slowly his face fell, and his heart rate became slower. Luke’s body began to slump in response, and Luke could have sworn he heard Ted’s heart crack with the pain he had caused.

“Ted, I’ve been so busy. I haven’t had a chance to reflect on our years of friendship and I...”

“Stop... I’ll tell you what you need to know,” he choked out as his eyes became bloodshot. “Since my birth, I have had the ability to see into the future, to detect danger, but I’m also capable of detecting someone’s mate just by viewing a photograph.”

“What’s this have to do with anything? Why are you wasting my time?” Luke yelled, slamming his fist on his desk causing the foundations to shake from his sudden outburst.

“This is the problem, Luke, you just don’t listen!”

“I have listened but you told me nothing relevant!”

“LUKE! I can foresee people’s futures; see who should be mated with whom by just looking at a photograph,” he said as slowly as possible.

Luke stared blankly for a moment as Ted’s words sunk in, wondering if what he heard was true, thinking back to his earlier burst of lust and sexual need. He pondered the past few hours and how it had all occurred as he ran his fingers over the indented claw marks on his desk. A large lump formed in his throat as his eyes began to burn, his heart skipped a beat before he could speak his words appropriately.

“Is she my mate?” Luke asked as he continued to glare at the marks upon his desk.

“Well answer this, Luke, when you saw her picture, did you maintain control? What were your thoughts? How did you react?” he asked intently.

“I had no control whatsoever, I was mesmerized by her. I lost control of my body, transforming in this very room before practically fucking my desk. Then,” Luke paused a moment.

“What? What happened, Luke?” he asked as he leaned forward at the edge of his chair.

“Well, I guess I should tell you but words wouldn’t do it justice. I’ll show you instead,” Luke said as he pushed his shirt to one side exposing his left side where the symbol still burned his sensitive skin.

Ted’s eyes widened at the sight before him, he stood from his chair, closing the space between them as he stared at the refined markings on his friend’s chest. Placing his hand close to the markings, before pulling it back, shaking it roughly. The heat from Luke’s chest seared through him, sending pain to every inch of his body, causing him to lean against his desk as his head began to spin in response.

“What’s happening? It should have disappeared by now. It’s only meant to be seen when I’m in my true form as prince of the Underworld, not in my human form,” Luke panted as the pain became almost unbearable.

“The symbol doesn’t only represent your status as prince of the Underworld, Luke. You cannot hide what’s happening, not anymore, you have found your mate. You must find her and claim her as your own. The beginnings of your bond have already begun and your symbol will change again to show that you are taken, that you have mated and found your princess, Princess of the Underworld. I have to say though this is strange. Even when your father found his mate, it didn’t happen this way, not as strong. As a prince you shouldn’t have just one mate, you should have two. I just don’t understand. All I know is that you have to find Faith and find her fast,” Ted explained with haste.

Luke took a moment to process everything that had happened. He couldn’t believe that in just one day his world had been turned upside down and inside out. The one thing he did know was that he believed there was truth in Ted’s words, he knew deep down he had to find this woman.

“How do I even start? Where do I go? And if I do find her, what happens if I lose control and freak her out, completely ruining every chance I may have?” he asked as panic overwhelmed him.

“Calm down, I know where she is so don’t stress, and if you’re truly worried about losing control I could always come with you, but I need you to know that when I was getting close to Faith she had some very strong, large men protecting her.”

“Are they the men that harmed you?”

“Yes and they warned me to never go back.”

“Well I bet they won’t expect me and you know what happens to anyone who tries to harm or threaten me.”

“That I do. Why do you think I’m taking my chances and betting on you for the win? I wouldn’t be going if it was anyone else.”

“Well I guess that’s it then, we leave tonight.”

“What about the New Year’s event?”

“Everything is covered, I’ve got it all ordered and organized. I’ll get my assistant to finish the loose ends while we’re away,” he said as he walked Ted to the door, shutting it softly behind him.

Luke stood in his apartment, looking around aimlessly, trying to figure out what he should do. He made his way to the bedroom to pack some clothes, he didn’t plan to be gone long so he packed light. As he continued to pace back and forth, from his cupboard to his suitcase, he felt strange, almost paranoid. He felt like someone was watching him, he stood still for a moment, glancing to each side hoping to catch a glimpse of the intruder. When he saw nothing, he began to relax again figuring his emotions where still uneasy and he had imagined the whole thing.

He made his way back to the closet pulling out his outfit for the New Year’s party. He figured he may as well have his assistant press it while he was gone. Luke became confused when he heard swarms of bat wings and chirps coming from the fire escape just outside his window. He quickly dropped the clothing in his hands, running toward the window to catch whatever was out there. As he peered out his window, he saw a feminine figure dressed in a long violet dress that flowed freely with the wind. Bats flew around her, following each other as if they were some sort of protection for the woman.

His body reacted to the sight before him as he took in her familiar crystal blue eyes and her long blond hair braided to one side ended just above her breast. He leaned further out the window hoping she would come closer. His hands held tightly to the window as his claws ripped from his nail beds, digging into the windowsill as he tried to maintain control. His erection pressed against the wall. As quickly as she appeared, she vanished before his eyes.

Luke found himself blinking furiously, trying to understand what was happening, had he really just seen Faith? He peered down, noticing his body was halfway out the window. The only thing holding him back was his claws buried deep into the wood of the window. He had managed to get himself into a seriously embarrassing situation. He used all his strength but it was no good, his hands where stuck in an awkward position making it hard for him to use his strength to his advantage. “Fuck, I’m stuck halfway out the goddamn window, claws exposed and a massive erection that keeps trying to bang the bloody wall. What the hell is this woman doing to me?”

Chapter Three


A knock at the door woke Luke, he’d fallen asleep waiting for help. He listened as someone turned the handle of the front door and walked in. He was on edge as it was and he didn’t need any unexpected visitors making their way through his home when he was stuck in an embarrassing situation.

“Luke, you here?” a familiar voice called out.

“Ted? Is that you?”

“Yeah, who else would it be? Where you hiding?” he asked as he continued to walk through the house searching for Luke.

“Study!” Luke replied with frustration.

Luke turned slightly, waiting to see Ted’s figure. Ted walked through the doorway, his eyes landed on Luke, and a smile formed on his face followed by a loud masculine laugh. Ted quickly gathered himself as he saw the anger form on Luke’s face, he moved closer analyzing the situation. Luke stared out the window as Ted looked closer, leaning down slightly as realization hit him.

“What the hell, man? Did you literally fuck the wall, because you’ve destroyed the plaster? I mean you literally punched a hole through the wall with your cock,” he said as laughter filled the room.

“Would you shut up and help me!” his voice roared.

Ted stumbled back slightly not expecting the sudden outburst, but he quickly recovered and began pulling Luke’s hands, ripping his claws out one by one. Eventually freeing Luke from his unfortunate confines, he felt instantly relieved.

“Thanks” he said awkwardly.

Ted nodded in response before grabbing Luke’s bags and making his way to the door. “You coming?” he yelled over his shoulder with a wink, making Luke sigh in response.

Luke took one last look out the window before turning and following his friend out the door, ready and determined more than ever before to find this woman and claim her as his own. Storming onto the street, he waved his hand in the air flagging a taxi almost immediately. Ted wasn’t surprised whatsoever, he knew Luke didn’t wait for anyone, they waited for him. Luke grabbed the bags from Ted and in one clean swoop they were in the boot. Luke had already climbed into the cab and was waiting patiently. He was happy when Ted finally decided to follow, time was running out, the day was drawing to an end and it’d be nightfall in a matter of minutes.

He wasn’t sure he would even find Faith but he knew he had to try, and after today’s events he wanted to find her even more. He had never felt anything for anyone, it was how he was made, how his father wanted him to be. Now he had a taste of lust, desire, pleasure, and love that burned through his soul.

“Where you going?” the driver asked.

“Jersey,” Ted snapped.

Luke stared at Ted, he couldn’t help but wonder what had gotten him so uptight.
Then again
we are going to the darkest streets in
ew York
d be enough to get anyone’s knickers in a knot
Luke stared out the window as the cab pulled from the curb into the busy streets of New York. He pondered what he would say to Faith when and if he could find her. Given Ted had come close to finding her location before, he knew luck was on their side or at least he hoped it was.

“Once we hit Jersey, I think it best we find a place to sleep and pick up the search in the morning. We have no idea what we’re about to walk into and what we’ll find. The daylight will be our advantage,” Luke instructed.

“Sounds like a plan. I know a nice place to stay and it’s close to where I found her before. I have to warn you though, as we get closer to Faith’s location you may begin to experience certain symptoms,” he announced.

“Okay, but remember why we’re headed here, Ted. This isn’t a boys' weekend away, I have to find Faith. What did you mean when you said symptoms?” He had tried to steer his mind away from what Ted had mentioned but it was no good, he had to ask.

“Normal things like visions, illusions, dreams, images of the woman burning through your memory, overwhelming emotions leading to unforeseen actions. Pretty normal reactions to finding one’s mate but you don’t normally start seeing things until you’re both in the same vicinity as each other,” he further explained.

“Well I think I’ve already experienced a majority of what you just mentioned,” Luke stated as he continued to stare out the window of the cab.

“You have? Well if that’s the case I’ve come prepared,” he said.

Luke turned his attention to Ted noticing a handgun gently placed in his hand, watching as he placed it on his thigh with a huge grin upon his face.

“Don’t worry, it won’t hurt...much,” he said with amusement.

Luke thought for a moment, knowing exactly what he wanted to say in response but thought better of it. Watching the amusement on his friend’s face, he couldn’t help but smirk in response. It wasn’t long before the cab pulled against the curb. Luke looked out the window to see a rundown building with a neon lit sign for the motel at the front. The sign was the only thing that appeared to be working, there was a tarp on the roof attempting to hide the massive gaps between roof tiles. Luke stared at the sky watching as rain clouds began to form above them, placing his head in his hands he let out a sigh of frustration.

“Trust me this is the best, well in this suburb anyway,” Ted reassured before paying the cab driver and jumping out.

Without further argument about what is considered “the best”, Luke proceeded to gather himself before joining Ted. Their belongings where left on the driveway as they watched the cab drive away with speed.
Well that doesn’t say much about the
Even the cab driver is scared
Well I guess the
re in for a real treat tonight, hopefully I can control myself
an’t give the
an even worse reputation
Then again
I could just scare them for fun
he couldn’t help his evil thoughts.

It wasn’t long before Ted had paid for the room and collected their keys. They made their way to the room, opening the door to their shared accommodation, expectations where lowered even further. Buckets lined the floor, half filled with water as small drips fell from the roof. Bullet holes lined the walls and the mold smell filled the room. There were two single beds on either end of the room, and the bed closest to the door had bugs crawling over the dirty sheets.

“Lucky we came prepared,” Ted stated before turning the lights on and making his way to the bed. Ripping back the sheets, he threw them out the door before digging through his bag looking for something in particular. He pulled out two tiny pouches, throwing one directly at Luke.

“There you go, make sure you toss it when you release the mechanism,” he said before pulling the tag on his pouch. An airbed shot out blowing itself up and landing on the mattress underneath covering any bugs attempting to make their way back. Luke copied Ted’s actions, but when he pulled the tag it backfired, smashing him in the face before landing on the ground.
Piece of crap!

Placing the blow up on the bed, he threw his body on top. Frustration built as little things became more difficult than normal, his concentration was gone, and he felt like he was in a constant dream state.

“Turn the bloody light off,” Luke swore at Ted.

“Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on,” he said as he turned the light off leaving them in darkness.

Luke stared at the ceiling, as drips of water fell on his face. Finding slight relief as each drop formed on his forehead, his face heated up uncontrollably. Fever took over, and his head started spinning as clouds of darkness formed within his vision. Confusion filled him and he found it difficult to grasp reality, familiar bat sounds filled the air around him.

If you want me, prove it
a voice filled his mind. He circled around trying to figure out where he was.

I’d like to prove a lot but you’re making it hard for me to find you
his voice echoed through his mind.

I have many secrets that need to be protected
I don’t know if I can trust you. I reali
a special connection between us, I’m drawn to you sexually but I do not trust you!

her words bruised his heart.

Show me what I want to see, prove to me that I’m not the only one feel
this way. My heart yearns for your love, beg
for your touch
. I
want to
every inch of your body
arousing my inner being and fulfilling me. My lust burns within,
it never has before. You

ve ignited my humanit
y. Show
me how you can make me the man I wish to be, one with a heart that throbs, beating in time with another.

He watched as Faith took in his words, without a reply she took one step at a time closing the space between them. She lifted the thin material enough to expose her creamy soft thighs as she straddled his body. He pressed his head hard into the pillow below him, feeling the warmth seep from her body into his. Warming his crotch, his cock hardened as he attempted to take deep breaths. She leaned down, her lips hovering over his, the warmth of her breath warming his lips. His tongue licked his bottom lip in hopes of tasting the woman leaning over him. She moved slowly, lowering herself until her lips met his, gently caressing his lips. He placed his hand behind her head, pushing her closer, deepening their kiss. Her tongue breaking through filled his mouth and he tasted her essence, his tongue collided with hers. His body tingled in response as their mouths exploded with each kiss, binding them together as their bodies melded to each other.

Her lips boiled his blood, endorphins ran through his system igniting his desire, his fantasies over took every thought. His erection begged for freedom, threatening to break through its confinements. Her hands tightened their grip on his shirt before ripping the material from his body leaving his chest fully exposed, rising and falling, air caught in his throat as Faith’s eyes focused on the symbol that illuminated his skin. Curiosity overcame Faith’s better judgment, and she gently placed her fingertips over his burning skin, watching as Luke’s body flinched under her sensitive touch. She slowly outlined the symbol with the ball of her fingertip. Luke gawked with amazement as goosebumps formed on her delicate skin, her nipples hardened and began to poke through the slim material that barely covered her breasts.

The familiar smell of burning skin filled his nostrils triggering an uncontrollable urge as his body responded. Placing his hands on her hips, his claws slowly made their appearance sending him into a lust frenzy. They both began to rock against each other, and Luke’s eyes burst with flames as his transformation began. Faith’s eyes widened, and her hands fell on top of his causing Luke’s orgasm to erupt just as Faith dispersed into small glowing particles. Luke called out her name as he watched the small particles floating in the air, the next minute she was gone. His heart continued to pace, trying to calm himself when the image of a fist came into focus heading straight toward Luke’s face, he had no time to react.

His eyes fluttered open, as pain seared through his face and anger boiled within.

“What the fuck?”

“Dude, seriously? Have you lost control completely?” Ted asked with a disgusted look upon his face.


“Take a good long look at clawed the shit out of the walls and you apparently felt the need to re-decorate. I know the place needed work but painting the walls with spoof wasn’t what I had in mind,” he said, shaking his head once more before turning away.

that was
an experience
never forget
he thought as a growl of possession escaped his parted lips.

Luke took one look at himself, clearly seeing the mess he had made all over himself as well as the furnishings. He headed to the bathroom for a much needed hot shower.

The sound of running water began to calm his nerves. He stepped into the shower immersing his body beneath the flowing water. An unexpected pain seared his chest as steam rose from his mark, he let out a roar of pain causing the walls around him to shake from the vibrations.

“You alright in there?” Ted asked.

“NO!” he growled in response as he turned the taps off, almost ripping them from the wall.

Luke wrapped a towel around his waist as he panted slightly, the pain slowly dwindling away. He stared into the mirror, shock taking over as he noticed the changes that had taken place. Storming out of the bathroom, he almost slammed straight into Ted who had been pacing with concern just outside the bathroom door.

“What on Earth hap...” Ted stared for a moment unable to form words to finish his sentence before filling the room with laughter. He couldn’t control himself, tears of joy streaming down his face.

“, your father is going to love that!” he pointed out.

“He won’t notice.” At least Luke hoped he wouldn’t.

“What? He might not notice the symbol of the devil, but the fairy wings on both edges—yeah, he so won’t see that! The nice shaded purple areas will be easy to hide from the King of the Underworld. No worries at all.”

Ted stopped his babbling when he noticed the fury clearly pictured on Luke’s face. Ted immediately fell to his knees, bowing before his prince.

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