Light and Sweet: Sacred Hearts Coven (7 page)


The door bell rang. Lilly was finishing up her makeup with a coating of a sheer shimmery gloss. She decided to be herself and be casual and sexy at the same time.

She put on her best push up bra that wasn’t overly padded and a racer back tank. She loved how her bra straps showed. She normally wouldn’t go out like that
, but she thought it was sexy. Like a little tease without being overly slutty about it. She paired it with an almost fitted boyfriend cut pair of jeans rolled up on the bottoms.

She was glad she didn’t have to fuss with deciding on shoes or if they would get wet out in the rain. Her toes were freshly polished so she decided to go bare foot. Not that she would ever admit it to anyone
, but her toes were one of her favorite attributes. Her toes were the perfect size. They weren’t too long and she didn’t have square fat Barney Rubble feet.

Lilly was surprised she wasn’t more nervous when she opened the door. She couldn’t help it, she looked him up and down as quick as she could to inspect what he was wearing. If she could have wiped her brow she would have.

John had on a casual un-tucked button up shirt with the sleeves rolled with a nice pair of jeans and black shoes that were neither here or there. He had a big white plastic bag that said thank you on it in one hand and a brown bag in the other.

“Hurry come in, you are soaked,
” Lilly said and grabbed the brown bag from him.

“My hands were too full, I couldn’t use an umbrella. Although I am not sure if I own one.” A strange chuckle followed the statement as if there was something funny about it.

“The food smells so good. I can’t wait to see what you got.” Lilly walked him into the small galley kitchen. She put the brown bag on the counter. She pulled out two bottles.

“Wow, fancy stuff.” There was a bottle of expensive champagne and a bottle of white wine.

“The only problem is that they are not cold. The liquor store I stopped at didn’t have much in the cooler. I tried to find you some of that fancy pink wine, but they were all out,” John informed her.

“Ha, very funny. Here let me get some plates for us. We can eat in the living room while we watch the movies if you want. What kind of movies did you get anyway?”

“I might have gone a little over board, but I didn’t want to disappoint you. I got a romantic comedy, a sci-fi movie, an independent film I never heard of, and of course a good old action flick.” John pulled them out from behind his back. He had them tucked into the waist band of his pants.

“No Kung-Fu?” Lilly asked.

“No, are you serious?” John looked at her like she was crazy.

“Not really, but that’s ok. Let’s do the action flick. Is it a Statham or Schwarzenegger movie?”

“You didn’t hear? This one has them both in it. Bang, double score,” John said as he slammed the DVD’s on the counter.

Lilly was so confused by his comments that she just gave him a fake smile and grabbed wine glasses out of the cupboard. She wasn’t all that fancy when she was alone, but didn’t want to offer him a mug for his wine.

“I am going to put the champagne in the fridge. I don’t mind putting ice in the wine so we can drink it with dinner. Is that ok with you? I know some people get upset when people put ice in wine.” Lilly handed him the fancy wine opener that Bethany got her for Christmas the prior year.

“As long as the wine isn’t coming from a box we are all good. Hopefully that champagne will get cold fast enough, maybe you should stick it in the freezer for a little bit, we can switch it to the fridge after we eat so it doesn’t freeze.”

“Sure, but if it explodes you’re cleaning my freezer,” Lilly said as she grabbed a tray of ice and stuck the heavy black bottle in next to the mint chocolate chip.

“Grab the movie and the wine. I wil
l bring the plates and the food,” Lilly instructed him.

“This is fun. I love going out to eat, but sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and chillax.” John was on a roll with the awkward comments.

Lilly thought he might have been trying too hard to be cool. She tried not to spend too much time thinking about it. “So what kind of food did you get?” Lilly started to dig into the bag while the previews started on the television.

“I got spring rolls, chicken teriyaki, and pad Thai. I hope that isn’t too crazy.”

“No, that works, but you do know that chicken teriyaki is not Thai food?”

“I wasn’t sure, the place I ordered from had Chinese, Japanese, and Thai food.”

Lilly and John ate dinner and watched the movie, but found themselves talking and laughing over the absolutely ridiculous one liners. The food was ok, but salty enough that the bottle of wine disappeared quickly.

As the movie credits started to roll, John jumped up. “Oh crap, the champagne.” 





Lilly cleaned up the food while John checked in on the champagne.

“Is it frozen?” Lilly asked.

“No, I think it’s perfectly chilled. Any chance you have champagne glasses?”

“I don’t, but we can use wine glasses. I think I actually have a bag of frozen berries in there. We could drop them in the bottom of the glasses.”

Lilly scraped the plates into the trash. She didn’
t bother saving any of the leftover food, and there was a lot left. The dinner wasn’t so great, so she probably drank more than she ate. Lilly was already feeling pretty loose from the wine.

“It’s still early, do you want to watch another movie? If you changed your mind and want to go out I can call a cab or a car service.”

“I could watch another movie. The last one was barely over an hour long. Besides if we go out, who will drink this champagne?” Lilly lifted the bottle and handed it to John to open. She dropped some frozen fruit into the bottom of the wine glasses.

“Let’s watch the comedy. I wonder if it will be as funny as that action movie.” Lilly giggled, and snorted. “I can grab a deck of cards in case it’s boring. If all else fails we can play strip poker.”

“Oh, ok. I am pretty good at poker so you might want to rethink that,” John said as he grabbed another movie off the kitchen counter.

Lilly dropped the full wine glasses off at the coffee table and ran to her room. She grabbed a deck of cards; even though she didn’t use them she actually had several decks. She opted for the deck of cards with pin-up girls on the back. It had been a while since she had gotten any action and she knew what happened when she drank champagne.

Before she left her room she freshened up her lips with some berry flavored lip gloss, fluffed up her breasts and pulled down on her shirt a little to enhance her cleavage. She convinced herself it wasn’t really a first date, they had hung out lots of times at events and they were out to dinner the night before.



Lilly flopped down on the couch next to John. He already had the movie cued up on the DVD player. She put the cards down on the couch between them and grabbed her glass of champagne and held it up in front of him.

“To us, and our awesome rainy movie night.” John held up his glass and they clinked them together. “Hit play, I will start to deal the cards.”

“So we’re doing this?” John asked.

Lilly nodded and smirked at him while she took a sip of the champagne.

“Alright then.”

Lilly dealt the cards out and the movie began to play in the background. Lilly hardly knew how to play poker and wasn’t all that interested in winning the game. She knew the more champagne she drank the faster her clothes would come off.

“This is good! I hope the fruit defrosts fast enough to absorb some of the booze. I might need to get a spoon to eat these berries or smash them up.”

“I can get you a spoon,” John offered.

“That’s ok, let’s finish this round and see who is going to lose the first article of clothing. I think it should be you since you still have on shoes and socks.” Lilly pointed to his feet.

“We better square it up then,” John took them off and studied his cards.

Lilly put two cards down and gave herself two new cards. She was going for an odd nothing instead of an even flush. John took one new card. Lilly laid down her hand. She didn’t even have two of a kind.

“I have a pair of Jacks,” John announced as he put his cards on the couch.

“Looks like you win this hand.” Lilly grabbed her glass and took a swig before she stood up. She knew the easy thing to do would have been to lift her shirt off, but she wanted to have a little more fun than that.

Lilly kept her eyes on John as she unbuttoned the top of her jeans. His eyes were still connected to hers; she decided she would have to work harder to get him to look down.

She slowly unzipped the zipper of her pants. Lilly let her hands slowly slide back up her thighs as she parted the sides of her jeans folding the corners down, exposing the top of her low cut lacy panties. She looked down at her hands hoping that John’s eyes would follow hers.

Twisting her hips slowly from side to side she worked her jeans down over her hips. Once they were free from any obstructions she let them fall to the floor. Taking a step back she was able to walk out of the jeans.

Lilly took note that John’s poker face wasn’t working so well anymore. The sides of his lips curled up slightly as he watched her take off her pants.

Lilly was having so much fun teasing him that she decided to take it up a notch before the next hand.

“You know I’m a bit of a neat freak, I can’t leave my pants on the floor.” Lilly tu
rned her back to him and bent over to pick up her jeans. She kept her left leg straight and braced her left hand on her thigh while her right knee bent slightly as she reached for her jeans. Her hip was kicked out slightly to the side and her almost bare ass was only inches from his reach.

John sucked in a breath and blew it out. Lilly knew that sound was him trying to control his urges. It made her smile.

“You want to deal out this hand?” Lilly asked as she grabbed her glass and sat back down on the couch.

“Sure.” John didn’t say much. He picked up the cards and gave them a quick shuffle. He dropped the cards twice before he was able to deal out two hands.

Lilly picked up her cards. She had three aces in her hand and a pretty good buzz. She could feel that her cheeks were flushed and it made her feel hot. Even though she knew it was from the alcohol, she grabbed for her cold drink to cool her off.

Lilly put two of the aces down and asked for two more cards. She examined John’s face trying to determine if he had a good hand or not. What if neither of them had anything? She guessed it would be a wash or would it mean that they both had to take something off? She liked that idea and hoped that John had a beat hand.

“What do you have? I came up empty handed.”

“Me too,” Lilly said as she laid her cards out in front of him. “Looks like we both lose.”

“I guess so.” John unbuttoned his shirt looking up at Lilly with hooded eyes. Once he unbuttoned his final button he removed his shirt using both hands.

He was in pretty decent shape. He wasn’t overly muscular, but he didn’t have a gut or anything. Lilly found herself starting to get aroused and planned to make sure that John was too.

Lilly took her two hands and crisscrossed them at the bottom of her tank and lifted it over her head. She sucked in her belly and made sure she was sitting up straight. She took a shallow breath allowing her chest to rise and stay elevated.

“That actually feels better. It’s kind of getting hot in here. And I am out of Champagne.” Lilly grabbed her glass and stood up, she made sure that she wiggled her hips while she walked to the kitchen.

She could hear John’s footsteps coming up behind her. She didn’t acknowledge him; instead she made her way to the fridge and opened the door. Sure, she easily could have grabbed the bottle and been done with it.

Lilly instead bent forward, teasing him with her ass up in the air. She held the door slightly open and turned to look over her shoulder.

“I might be getting hungry again. What do you think about a snack?” Lilly asked him as she stood up.

John was right behind her. He closed the distance between them. Lilly felt a little flutter in her belly. He put his hand up on the top of the refrigerator and looked at her body. She could feel his eyes as they slid up and down taking in all she had to offer.

“I think I am a bit hungry. Just not for food.” John was so close to her that she could feel his breath on her mouth as he spoke.

“If not for food what did you have in mind?” Her voice was just above a whisper. Lilly ran her finger down the center of his chest. When her hand made it to his pants she hooked her finger into his belt and pulled him closer.

John was only a few inches taller than Lilly so her lips locked in on his with little effort. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him. His mouth was hot against her lips.

The kiss was shallow
, but seductive. He lifted one hand up to her shoulder and pulled the top of her bra strap down to one side.

“May I?” h
e asked as he pulled it down far enough to expose her nipple. It was a shade pinker than her skin and hard both from her ass being pressed against the inside of the refrigerator and from the excitement of the idea that she might get laid.

She mumbled something that resembled a yes and grabbed his head pulling it toward her breast.

Lilly felt John’s wet tongue tickle her collarbone before he let it trail down the top of her exposed breast. He took her breast in his hand. She felt his lips envelope her nipple before he gave it a quick hard suck. His thumb worked over the tip of it flicking it back and forth while he licked over the top of her breast.

“Maybe we s
hould get you out of the fridge,” John said pulling her out and shutting the door behind her.

John gently pushed her back against the closed door and started to kiss her again. She felt his knee nudged between her legs. She rotated her hips front to back rubbing herself on his knee.

She kissed him back harder and lifted her leg around him and put his hand on her ass. He squeezed her ass and moved his kiss across the side of her face.

Lilly let her head fall back exposing her neck for him to kiss. He swirled his tongue around the side of her neck down to her shoulder and then back up to the base of her ear.

John’s breath was hot and fast in her ear. It was more distracting than anything else, but she was too drunk to care. Her body wanted some action. She was going to get it if she had to take it from him.

Lilly pushed his hand up to the back of her thong and tucked his thumb over the thin piece of elastic. She pushed his hand and her panties down a few inches, letting him know it was ok for him to move his way around the bases.

He was a little bit slow on the uptake, but she was up for the challenge of showing him the way.

“You’re making me so wet,” Lilly whispered in his ear and started to suck on his earlobe. “You should feel it. I want you to touch me.”

John moaned as she continued to suck on his ear lobe. “Yeah?”

Really? Did he have to ask? What woman tells a guy she is wet and to touch her if she doesn’t want to be touched.

She grabbed his hand and rubbed it over the wet spot between her legs.

“Oh, you are so wet.” John’s breath quickened. “Mmmm. You feel so good.”

“Pick me up and take me somewhere,” Lilly demanded.

“Where do you want me to take you?” John asked…he asked too many questions.

“I don’t give a fuck, take me to the couch, the floor, my bed would work too.” She jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. He walked out into the living room and around the couch. He gently put her down.

She wasn’t about to let him waste anymore time talking, she grabbed the waist of his pants and started to unbuckle his belt. He tried to help her and she swatted his hand out of the way.

She had his belt and pants undone in a matter of seconds. She pulled him closer to her before she pulled his pants down. She sat up and spread her legs open to either side of his exposing her pink center to him.

She looked up at him and tugged at the tops of his jeans gliding them down his legs. She used one hand to grab the rear of his boxer briefs while she worked on removing the other strap from her bra.

Her bra remained on, but it hung down in front so that it was just holding up her naked breast. While she used her right hand to play with her nipple she worked his boxers down to the ground.

She didn’t have to wonder if he was impressed with the view. His cock was rock hard and only inches from her face. His pants now around his ankles, she reached her hand up and rubbed it down the front of his chest until she reached his shaft.

Lilly stroked him in her hand a few times, never taking her eyes off of him. She wasn’t really so much looking into his eyes as much as she was focusing on not tipping over.

Her mouth watered. She leaned forward and slid her lips over the tip. She missed knowing the sensation of it popping in and out past her g-spot. She felt the throbbing need between her legs.

As her lips slid up and down over his hard cock, she rubbed at herself between the legs trying to ease the pain; it only made her want more.

Her hand stroked him in unison with her lips; up and down. She used her other hand already wet with her own juices to cradle his balls. She was watching him to make sure that he didn’t get too excited. She didn’t know what his stamina was like and she wanted to get a piece of his action.

He stopped watching her and looked up at the ceiling. She could see him biting his lip. She knew he was getting close. She slowed her rhythm and as she removed her mouth from his cock she flicked the sensitive tip with her tongue.

She felt him quiver from it. Lilly smirked and used her pointer finger to wave him down to her.

John kicked his pants over to the side and lifted his leg over Lilly’s body. She felt the couch depress from the weight of his knee.

“Do you have a condom by chance?” Lilly asked.

“No, I don’t usually, I mean I wasn’t expecting to…” John hovered over her stumbling over his words.

“Pull out that basket under the coffee table, I think my girlfrie
nd Ali threw some in there once,” Lilly instructed him.

He leaned over and pulled the basket out. She heard him rummaging through the junk.

“Just dump it!” she said.

“Crap, ok.” He dumped the content
s of the basket on the floor. “Found one.”

“Well get it on.” Lilly stroked him while he sat up on his knees and opened the small foil package.

John slid the condom over his erection and hovered over her. He leaned in and started to kiss her. She spread her legs apart to make room for him.

“Are you sure you are ok with this?” John had a knack for asking the worst questions at the worst time.

Lilly was drunk and horny, she didn’t want to answer questions. She could feel him between her legs just barley touching her soft mound. She grabbed his ass and pulled him on top of her so that he had nowhere else to go but in. She decided to not answer him with her words, but with action. She used her other hand and grabbed the back of his head to kiss him with a purpose.

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