Light and Sweet: Sacred Hearts Coven (10 page)


Lilly squeezed in by the bar. Her beer had gotten warm so she wasn’t going to drink it. West Front started to play so most of the crowd had pushed their way closer to the stage. She was impressed with the enthusiasm of the crowd.

There were actually a few bar stools open. She found one that looked like it was closest to where Marylou was tending to customers. She sat down and pushed her beer cup forward toward the edge of the bar so it didn’t look like she was drinking it. She put her clutch on the bar and kept one hand on it while she turned her body toward the stage to see the band.

Lilly worked hard to make sure her posture was the tallest and straightest she could get it. Her legs were crossed and her dress fell to the sides where the fabric split exposing more of her shiny legs. She was working hard to look like she wasn’t working hard at being sexy.

“What’s up with this full beer?” Marylou asked.

“Oh, it got warm. Blah. I think I’m going to do that orange vodka and cranberry. I am wearing black and safe from your brother, since he is on stage.” They started to laugh.

Marylou was back in a flash with her drink. “Where is your date?”

“He was tired, I told him he should go home and get some sleep.”

“He’s good, isn’t he?”

“What? What do you mean?” Lilly wasn’t following what was so good about John.

“Leon, West Front, the band. They are really good. I might be a little partial.” Marylou leaned against the bar on her elbows watching the show. There were two other bartenders and most of the people were focused on the band.

Leon’s sex appeal kicked into overdrive when she watched him on stage. The spotlight shone on him as he belted out the lyrics to a song about living on the edge. He strummed away at the acoustic guitar he was playing. Everyone was singing along with him. The song came to an end with a quick drum solo.

“I promised you something a little special. I normally wouldn’t play a new song until it was perfect, but I have been working at it all week long. It isn’t finished yet, but I want to share with you the first few verses and see what you think. I am still waiting to see how the song will end.”

The lights dimmed down, the bassist and the other guy on guitar stepped back away from the front of the stage.

Leon looked directly at Lilly. His foot started to tap on the stage. He then started to tap on the front of his guitar. Once he started to pluck away at the strings he closed his eyes.


In an instant

With just one look

Your light shone so bright

In an instant

I knew you would lead me

Something’s been missing

In an instant

I found all the right that had been missing


He looked up at me while he interchanged tapping the outside of his guitar and picking. He danced into his tapping foot. His moves swayed him from side to side. He leaned forward and started to sing again.


When will I see your light again

Like a star guiding through the night

The sweetness in your smile

Carries me through

In an instant

In a dream

Where will I see you again

A prisoner of my life

Won’t you set me free


Leon strummed and slapped at his guitar as he shook his head and danced into the beat. He repeated the two verses again the second time the band joined in behind him. While he was
singing he kept his head down with his lips nearly touching the microphone.  When his eyes weren’t closed he was looking into Lilly’s soul through hooded eyes.

Lilly’s stomach all but fell out onto the floor. She hardly knew this guy and he was singing a song he wrote for her, about her. She felt like she was dreaming. Lilly’s lack of success at dating had begun to make finding a man a painful challenge. She now found herself sitting in the back of a bar watching one of the hottest guys she had ever spoke
n with singing a song to her.

The crowd was going wild screaming. Some people were dancing and others were looking around trying to figure out who he was singing to. As he finished the second round of the partial song he swung his guitar around behind him.

“I think that is only the beginning of a long and passionate song. I have waited to find the right path to walk down, and I think I may have found one worth sprinting to. The suspense and anticipation are electrifying.

“We were going to wrap it up after that
, but I think we are going to finish the night with a cover. We have played this song before, but tonight it is just perfectly fitting.” Leon turned to the band and said something away from the mic. “This is our version of Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet.

“Here we go…”

The band started to play again. Lilly knew the song and recognized the tambourine and peppy beat. Lilly grabbed her drink and sucked it down nervously.

Leon changed the Lyrics to fit her and their situation to a tee.

“High stripy heels,

Long blond hair…”

Well I could see,

you home with me,

but you were with another man, yea!

I know we,

ain't got much to say,

before I let you get away, yea!

I said, are you gonna be my girl?


He was laughing a little while he was singing. Lilly felt both flattered and embarrassed. It was true that she was there with another man. She could see herself home with him so much so it scared her.

Her so called date with John felt like it was eons ago. He couldn’t have been gone more than an hour. To Lilly it felt like a lifetime ago. Her heart was pitter-pattering at the realization that her life had only just begun.

Lilly had only had a brief interaction with Leon, and the connection was exhilarating. She was tempted to have another drink to deal with her raging emotions, but for her that meant it was time to be sober and live the experience. She didn’t want to forget how she was feeling anytime soon or have a fog of alcohol jading the possibilities of what was to come next.

Lilly turned back toward the bar to find Marylou with a gigantic grin across her face. She winked at Lilly and gave her a little nod.

“What?” Lilly said.

“You know what
. That guy is a love sick puppy,” Marylou said.

“Get out of here. He doesn’t even know me.”

“No he might not, but I have never known him to want to get to know anyone. He has always had a very closed heart, you know typical guy shit. Now he is suddenly open to the possibilities of love. I don’t know you or what your deal is. But please don’t lead him down a dead end path. If you’re not interested in the same you should walk away.”

Lilly wasn’t sure how to take what this girl, this stranger was saying to her. She was a little bit annoyed and also intrigued. Lilly wanted nothing more than to open her heart to the right person.

“I’m just saying, he’s my brother and I care. I just want him to be happy.”

“I understand. I don’t get it
, but I have totally had him on my mind since last week too. Who would think that a girl could be interested in a guy that was being berated by a raging troll that spilled a drink on her…but I haven’t stopped thinking about him. It was crazy that he has been doing the same. I am open to the possibility of what could be, that is all I can offer up right now.”

Marylou nodded her head and smiled. “Sounds good, do you want anything else to drink?”

“A water would be great.” Lilly’s head was spinning. Leon asked her to meet him at the diner, but what would that really say about her if she went there. She didn’t want to seem easy or sleazy. She started her evening on a date with another man, one of which she actually slept with the night before.

It may have been the first time she had sex in over a year, but it wasn’t really her style to get around. Maybe the best thing to do would be to leave her phone number and put the ball back in his court again. He could give her a call so that they could make plans for another day.

“Hey do you have paper and a pen?” Lilly asked Marylou. She sipped her ice water and the cold stung at her teeth. She forgot that she had bleached her teeth earlier that night. She grabbed a straw while she waited for the paper.

Lilly started to write a note to Leon
, but everything she wrote didn’t seem to come out right. She blew out a breath of frustration not being able to find the right words, perhaps it was because there were no “right” words. It was all too crazy to be real.

Lilly looked around the bar and realized that the music had come to an end and the crowd was starting to dissipate and filter out the exit. She looked down at the paper and up at the stage. She tossed some cash on the bar and grabbed her clutch.

She decided if it were so meant to be, they would find each other again. She looked back at the stage. The band was breaking down their equipment, but she didn’t see Leon. It was almost midnight, and she decided the best place for her would be home in bed sleeping.



First Kiss


Lilly slipped into the herd of patrons walking out into the night. Most of the people around her were discussing where they would be heading to next. Most were debating on another bar or club that was open later to keep their buzz going.

Lilly stepped out onto the cement walkway and enjoyed the fresh, crisp summer air. The sky was clear and the stars were shining bright even with the city lights, there was great visibility.

Someone grumbled at her for stopping in front of the exit. She was in a bit of an emotionally overloaded trance. She smiled at the way her night had turned out, and then frowned at her decision to go home. She sidestepped the troves of drunken people so she could pull out her phone.

She was about to use her fancy app to call for a car to pick her up
, but decided it was so nice out that she would enjoy the walk to the train. It wasn’t like it was the middle of the night when no one was around. The streets were crowded with people walking home from restaurants and bars laughing and enjoying the weather.

Lilly turned on her phone, and there were several text message notifications from John. She started walking toward the train station debating on wasting her time reading the annoying messages that were probably beyond sweet.

“I think you are heading in the wrong direction.” Lilly turned her head. “The diner is the other way.”

Lilly stopped dead in her tracks and dropped her phone. She carefully squatted down to pick it up. At the same time Leon lunged forward to help her. He slammed his head into hers, knocking her off her balance.

Lilly fell onto her hip and her left hand. “You might be the most dangerous person I have ever been around.”

Leon laughed and extended his arm to help her back to her feet. “Wait here, I will pick up the phone. Please, I don’t want to hurt you.” Leon picked up the phone and handed it to her without looking at it.

Leon stepped in closer. He gently cradled her head in his palm and rubbed his callused thumb over her forehead. “Is your head ok?”

“I think I will live. How did you get out here? Shouldn’t you be with your band?”

“I told them I had to cut out. They know I don’t bail unless it’s important.” Leon lowered his hand. “So, I take it you were going to stand me up?”

Somehow she managed not to drop her handbag. She looked down and placed her phone in her purse. Tilting her head to the side so that her chin touched her shoulder.

“I…it’s just that…”

“That you were going home instead of the diner.”

“Something like that.” Lilly dusted off her dress and looked down at her hand. There was a slight sting to where she scraped it when she fell.

“Let me see that.” Leon took her hand and opened it with the palm facing up in his hands. “Looks like you hurt yourself.”

He brought her hand up to his lips and he kissed her palm so slowly like she was a delicate flower. He kept his lips pressed against her scratched palm and looked up at her. Lilly’s heart skipped a beat when their eyes connected.

She gazed back into his eyes. There was no way she was pulling back her arm. She wanted him to keep kissing her. The look in his eyes said it all. She wanted to scream back at him. In lieu of screaming she bit her bottom lip.

He let his lips kiss their way around the lifeline on the palm of her hand, working their way to her wrist. There was nothing wrong with her wrist, in fact the sensations that were firing off from the lingering wetness his lips left behind had her knees shaking.

“Oh boy…” Lilly moaned a little. Leon’s eyes had a bit of a twinkle from the way the streetlight hit them. He continued to kiss her wrist, his lips curled up in the corners. There was a cockiness to his grin that said he knew what he was doing was working.

Lilly was captivated by the soft and purposeful kisses. He let his lips drag across her bare skin leaving his mouth parted. He gently swirled his tongue over her throbbing pulse. He licked at her like she was a melting ice-cream cone. If he continued to kiss her like that she would be dripping like one too.

He elevated her arm up slightly so that he could work his kisses down her forearm as he pulled her in closer.

“I’m sorry,” he said, still holding her hand, now standing toe-to-toe. “I might have gotten a little bit carried away. Maybe you should have that hand looked at.”

Lilly was speechless. She heard words in her head
, but none of them were making their way out. Her mouth may have hung open; she was practically salivating for this guy. Say something, Lilly commanded herself.

“It seems to be in pretty good hands right now. Who do you suggest looks at it? Do you know a good doctor open right now?” Lilly’s voice cracked as her voice was just above a dry whisper.

“No, but I know how to play a pretty good doctor. In all seriousness, we should probably get your hand cleaned up. God only knows what kind of cooties are on the sidewalk.” Leon was so close to her that she could almost taste his breath.

His scent was an aromatic combination of sweat and a sweet muskiness. She felt his pheromones tickling the back of her throat with each inhalation. Leon was almost a full head taller than Lilly even with her heels on. She liked looking up into his blue eyes.

“Maybe I should get home and wash up,” Lilly said.

Lilly knew there was nothing wrong with her hand. It was nothing more than a surface scratch. She didn’t even draw blood.

Leon laced his fingers with her injured hand squeezing gently. Lilly squeezed back. She wasn’t sure how long they stood there staring into each other’s eyes, but they were going to need to either part ways or move the intense stare off to a more comfortable location.

“Maybe I can help you.”

Lilly watched his lips as he spoke. She wasn’t listening to what he was saying; she was just imagining what they would feel like pressed against any other of her assorted other body parts.

“Maybe I would like that.” Lilly had waves of flutters rippling through her body, hanging on his every word.

“Maybe I would make sure that you did.”

A small breeze blew a piece of Lilly’s bangs down onto her face. Leon reached up with his free hand and pushed her fallen bangs aside. He then continued to take the lot of her hair that hung over her shoulder and lifted it back. He stroked the angle between her neck and her shoulder with his pointer finger.

If he intended to make her melt into him, it was working. She got a chill and felt her body shake from the effects of his touch.

“Do you think you would let me?” Leon lowered his head so that his lips were close to her ear.

She felt his breath teasing at the tiny hairs on her neck. “Let you...” Lilly’s thoughts were scrambled; she felt her mind going to mush. Her body and her senses started to take over.

“Mmmm… You smell like summer peaches.” Leon let his nose glide across the outer corner of her collar bone as he sniffed at her skin.


“Peach pie is my favorite, ya kn
ow. I bet you taste as good too,” Leon said as he stroked his finger down the same path again.

“Maybe better,
” Lilly said lowering her voice, she wasn’t usually so mouthy, but she wanted him to take a bite out of her neck already.

Lilly’s left hand was still interlocked with Leon’s, but their hands were now down by their waist. Lilly’s right hand was hanging there itching to grab a
hold of him. She wanted to feel his plump butt in her hand, but didn’t dare make the first move. Or had he made the first move by kissing at her wrists?

There were still a lot of people walking the streets around them. Lilly wondered for a moment if any of them were gawking at them. Most people pret
end not to look at what others were doing, but Lilly knew better. She was always watching what people around her were doing. That was one of the reasons she needed to keep her back to the door when she worked at the cafe.

Either way she felt like they were a million miles away from the rest of the world. She was waiting for him to take her on a magical journey that would hopefully last longer than the next few minutes. Lilly was ready to go anywhere that Leon’s lips were headed.

Leon nuzzled his nose just under Lilly’s earlobe. Her body quivered. If she didn’t know any better she could hear him smiling into the kiss that he delivered. “I would really like to find out just how sweet you taste.” His voice was deep and low, she could feel the vibrations of it against the skin of her neck.

Leon pulled her in closer and tucked his free hand into her hair. He cradled the back of her skull guiding her gaze up to his own. He left his eyes open watching her as he tested the waters with a small kiss to her bottom lip. She watched as his lips approached and smiled into the kiss.

His lips lingered while they shared a simultaneous breath. Lilly closed her eyes and kissed him back, her focus now on his soft, wet, plump lips. The kiss started slow as they explored each other’s lips. For some reason, all Lilly could think was that his lips reminded her of fresh marshmallows. She was glad that they weren’t sticky like marshmallows, not that she would have minded having her lips stuck to his.

Leon wound his fingers into her hair creating a slight tug of resistance as his lips pressed into hers. Lilly let her lips part so that their tongues could make an exchange entering and exiting each other’s mouths as they swirled and twirled. Leon’s lips closed and opened over her mouth kissing her lips in between their dancing tongues.

Lilly liked the way he took control of the kiss. She finally felt like she had no choice but to use her free hand to grab a hold of him. Sure she could have put her arm around the small of his back, but she had been wanting to feel the way those jeans hugged at his tush. It was that or fall to the ground, because the kiss was making her legs go to mush.

Her body was pressed against his. As soon as their bodes collided she felt the effect she was having on him. Now she found herself wanting to grab a
hold of much more than his rear. The intensity of the kiss they were sharing gave Lilly more pleasure than the entire sexual encounter she had the night before with John.

A long low whistle of the commuter train broke her concentration on the kiss. With lips still entwined
she whispered, “I think that was my train.”

Leon continued to kiss her
as he murmured, “What train?”

Lilly p
ulled back. “What time is it?” she asked him.

Along with a bunch of other wristbands Leon had a watch on. “It is almost one. Time flies when you are on top of the world.”

“I’m pretty sure that was the last train of the night.” Lilly opened her clutch and pulled out her phone. “I better call for a car. I didn’t realize how late it was.”

“I don’t know how far you live
, but that sounds kind of pricey.”

“Well, my awesome date gave me cab fare to get home, so it’s not a big deal.”

“Classy, Mr. Money bags gave you money for a ride and couldn’t stick around to get you home.” Leon had an edge to his voice and was clearly not impressed with her date.

“Truth be told, I purposely met him here so I didn’t have to go home with him. He was tired and I encouraged him to head home. Maybe I had my own wishful agenda…that didn’t involve him.”

“Oh yeah?” He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close. “I want to know all about your agenda. Would you like me to drive you home?” Leon asked.

“I think I would enjoy a ride with you.” Lilly wagged her eyebrows at him and laughed at the pun. “Where is your car?”

“My truck isn’t too far, I actually live a few blocks from the club so I walk there,” Leon explained.

“That’s convenient.” Lilly put her phone back in her bag. She liked the idea of spending more time both walking to his truck and having him drive her home. “Lead the way.”

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