Keys To Her Heart (Brookfield)



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Keys To Her Heart

The Brookfield Series


Lacey Wolfe

Back Cover Blurb


Love happens when you least expect it.


Officer Cody Duncan gave up on love years ago. Or so he thought.
  He was content with his quiet solitary life, until a clumsy waitress spilled hot coffee on his pants and turned his world upside down. Suddenly, there’s a new heat in his life, filled with cravings for things he once pushed aside.

Lily Jenkins’ busy life as a single mom and primary caretaker for her elderly mother leaves little time for herself. Struggling to adjust to a new life in a small town, her focus is too easily derailed by the gorgeous man she accidentally spilled hot coffee on. Knowing she has too much already going on, Lily vows to keep Cody at a distance, even though she craves him in ways she never thought possible.

Their attempts at simple friendship continually fail as they soon discover an untamable fire between them whenever they are alone together.

Seeing a life he never imagined for himself, will Cody have the patience to wait for the woman of his dreams?
 Will Lily finally let go and give Cody the 
Keys to Her Heart



Thank you to my readers’ for making this series such a success! Your kind words and need for more Brookfield warms my heart. To my Review Team and The Wolfe Pack – I love having you in my corner and helping me spread the word about my releases. You’re always there with encouraging words when I’m having an off day.


Chapter One


Cody Duncan blew out the breath he’d been holding. As usual, his sisters were late. It was his birthday lunch they’d planned, and they still couldn’t get to The Swift Water Café on time. He really shouldn’t be so surprised.

Cody flicked a crumb from the red booth seat next to him then stared out the window. The snow was falling. It was the first flakes of the year. He wasn’t sure if it would stick; they’d had a lot of rain the past week and the ground was wet. Hopefully it didn’t. If it did stick, he’d be called in to work with the amount of accidents that were sure to happen. If people would just stay home when it snowed, the town would run smoother.

“Can I get you something?” A
n attractive red headed woman asked, her pen poised over her pad of paper.

He couldn’t help but stare at her. She was gorgeous. She must be new town; as much as he’d dined here, he’d never seen her before. “I’ll have a coffee, please.”

“Sure thing.”

She walked away, tripping slightly and stumbling. His gaze darted to the tiled floor to see if something had been dropped on the ground, but he didn’t see anything. Shrugging, he went back to staring at the big, fluffy flakes as they hit the ground.

“Hey, big brother.” Diane stood with Patrick in her arms. “Guess we aren’t the only late ones.”

Diane was always the last one to arrive. “I’m surprised you’re here before Alyssa.”

Diane glanced around. “I need a high chair.”

Patrick wiped the dirty hand he’d had in his mouth with a cracker on his mom’s black shirt. His sister had yet to discover this and Cody grinned. He loved seeing his uptight sister with her child. She loved the kid dearly, but when it came to messes, she had a hard time.

“Hey, Alyssa, grab a high chair,” Diane called.

Cody leaned out and noticed Alyssa waddling over with her pregnant belly. Both his sisters were finally settled down. This was a huge weight off his shoulders. Not that it had been his duty to see them married and happy, but now that they were, they left him alone a whole lot more.

“Hey.” Alyssa slid into the booth. “Happy birthday.”

“Thanks.” It was just another day.

Diane got Patrick settled then sat next to Alyssa. “He’s such a handful lately. Plus Matt’s been working so much, I need a break soon.”

“Here’s your coffee.” The pretty waitress returned. Cody glanced at her name
. As his gaze drifted toward her face, something warm—no, hot—met his lap. “Oh my God. I’m so sorry.”

Looking down, he noticed a big brown spot on his khakis.
And it was hot
. He stood quickly, banging his crotch into the table. Fuck, that hurt more than the coffee. The table nudged forward toward his sisters, Diane grabbing it before it tipped too much.

“I’m so sorry,” Lily repeated. “I’m new, and my nerves got the best of me.”

“It’s fine.”

Lily grabbed a napkin and her hand darted toward his manhood. He stepped back quickly. “I got it.” He snatched the napkin from her and patted the coffee on his pants. Not that it was going to help. The liquid had seeped through and his boxers were soaked as well.

His sisters giggled. Of course they found this funny. 

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Cody glanced up, catching his gaze with Lily’s, her green eyes shown with desperation. “It’s fine. Accidents happen.”

The corner of her mouth lifted, and he saw a bit of a sparkle in her eyes now. “Let me go get you some more coffee.”

A new pair of pants would be good too. With the napkin in hand, he wiped up the coffee on the seat, then slid back into the booth. “Did either of you happen to buy me new pants?”

“No.” Diane shook her head. “Maybe we should get a new waitress. She’s a bit of a klutz.”

Lily was upset enough about spilling coffee on him; he didn’t see any reason to stress the woman out more. “She’s fine. Besides, you heard her, she said she was new.”

“Maybe she’s nervous to be waiting on you, you stud muffin.” Alyssa laughed.

Why had he agreed to this birthday lunch? He’d much rather be at home, or work, than sitting here with them right about now. At least then his pants would be dry.

Lily returned, holding the mug with both hands and slowly lowered it to the table. She didn’t make eye contact, just straightened, removing the pad and pen from her apron. “What can I get you ladies?”

“Coffee for me and a small apple juice.” Diane handed a toy car to Patrick, who started to roll its wheels around in a circle, then put the object in his mouth for a taste. Fully exasperated, she blurted out, “God, when is he going to outgrow that? Should I be worried? He’s over a year.”

Alyssa shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“Oh, he’s fine. My son is seven, and he still puts things in his mouth,” Lily said, commiserating with his sister.

She had a son, so she must be married. Not that Cody wanted to date her. Relationships never worked for him. He’d given up trying to find a woman long ago.

“I’ll have water.” Alyssa opened her menu.

Lily turned on her heel and walked to the frontline to get their drinks. He watched her ass bounce in the dark jeans she wore, and a familiar yearning formed inside him.

Cody sipped his coffee, thankful it was in his mug this time. “Where are the husbands?”

“Matt’s working, like always. Someone called out and of course, he couldn’t say no, even though I really needed him home today.” Diane leaned back in the booth and sighed.

Were they fighting again? It seemed like that was all his sister and her husband did. He was staying out of it though. Lord knew they brought him into it enough. He spent so much time dealing with their drama, he didn’t have time for his own.

“Connor’s watching the book store for me. Plus some new book came out, so he’s probably reading it and pretending to work.” Alyssa brushed her hair over one shoulder.

At least when the husbands came, his sisters didn’t gang up on him so much. The usual badgering would start any minute: marriage, settle down, kids. He was just waiting for it to start.

Lily returned with the drinks and set them down without any issues. She stood up and tugged at her apron. “Are you ready to order?”

“I’ll have the tuna sandwich with fries and a kids grilled cheese.” Diane handed her menu to Lily.

“Chicken fingers and fries.” Alyssa followed suit, handing over her menu.

Lily stared at Cody, waiting. He had no idea. He’d not even looked at the thing yet. “Uh…” He flipped through the pages quickly. “The country fried steak with mashed potatoes.”

“Excellent choice. Coming right up.” Lily grinned.

“And bring cake after. It’s his birthday.” Diane winked.

“Oh my gosh. I spilled coffee on you on your birthday!” Lily covered her mouth, her eyes wide. “Your meal’s on me.” She turned and left so quickly, he didn’t get a chance to object.

“She’s cute,” Alyssa said.

Yup, here it came. By the end of lunch, he’d have a date with Lily. She was attractive and all, but he preferred picking his own woman. Though, to be quite honest with himself, he might choose Lily. There was something about her he felt drawn to. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was unlikely he’d act on it. His sisters’ would scare her away before this meal was even over.

“I don’t know.” Diane shrugged. “She doesn’t seem like his type.”

Cody chuckled. “Yeah, and what is my type?”

“I don’t know. Someone like me and Alyssa. The perfect combo.”

No, he wanted someone that was nothing like them. He loved his sisters, truly he did, but he needed some space from them. If he dated a girl they loved, well, they’d never go away. But if he dated a woman they disliked, he’d hear about it, too. Was there a happy medium?

* * * *

Lily set the food on the round wooden tray. Going back out to that table, could she do it? Whoever that guy was, damn, he was hot. Was one of them his wife or girlfriend?

No, no, no. She did not need to be thinking about that. She had a son to take care of, and with the recent move, Gunther was having a hard enough time. He was angry at her for packing them up and moving out of state, away from his father. There had been no other choice, though; her mom’s illness required constant care, twenty-four hours a day.

“Lily, quit stalling, or the customers will complain,” the cook, Mike, called through the window.

She didn’t want that. She’d already spilled coffee on the guy.
On his birthday!
Carefully, she walked across the floor toward their table. Her eyes met his, and little shiver swept through her, almost throwing her off balance. She set the tray down on the table next to them then handed the food out.

“Can I get you anything else?” She smiled, hoping the smile was sweet.

The woman sitting next to the cute little boy frowned. “Ketchup. That one’s empty.”

She nodded, and took the empty one from the table. “Sure thing.”

“Everything looks good for me,” the other woman said.

The hottie nodded.

“Okay, I’ll be right back with a new ketchup bottle.” Lily turned quickly, her foot slipping out from under her. She clutched the ketchup bottle as though it would to help, but she still landed on her butt.
Good God, what the hell was going on today? She’d never been so clumsy before.

Two strong hands grabbed a hold of her, lifting her back to her unsteady feet. Taking a deep breath, she turned to meet his stare, and her breath caught in her throat. He was incredibly handsome and unnervingly close.

“You okay?” he asked, genuine concern evident in his voice.

“Yeah.” Her cheeks burned. “Fine.”

She turned and darted away, praying she didn’t fall again. Once she was out of sight, she leaned against the counter, taking several more deep breaths. Hopefully they’d eat and leave, and she’d never have to see them again. Yeah right, this was Brookfield, a typical small town. That wasn’t about to happen.

“Lily, you left the tray.” Carl, the owner, groaned.

“Crap,” she muttered. That meant she had to go back. Double crap. She needed to bring ketchup.

She grabbed a new bottle from the frontline and reso
lved to just get it over with. With some grace, she walked back to the table and set the ketchup down. “How is everything?”

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