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Authors: Stephanie Barron

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Jane and the Barque of Frailty

“Barron … gives us the Jane Austen she believes in … an acute observer with a keen understanding of human nature.”
—Boston Globe
“Barron has fashioned another intricate charmer.”
—Richmond Times-Dispatch
“Satisfying right to the last revelation … Like Regency great Georgette Heyer, the author excels at both period detail and modern verve. Aping Austen’s cool, precise and very famous voice is a hard trick to pull off, but Barron manages it with aplomb.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Charming, literate and unequaled in its dissection of Regency-era social injustices.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“Austen fans will enjoy Barron’s period detail and series devotees won’t want to miss the latest.”
“Barron’s fictitious first-person account of Jane Austen as an amateur sleuth brings Regency London richly to life.”
—Romantic Times (four stars)
“Rich in historical color and interesting detail … Readers of literary mysteries and fans of Jane Austen will surely enjoy the latest episode.”
—Romance Reviews Today
“Jane’s ninth adventure builds to the intensity of a thriller but never abandons the gentle language and good manners of a proper Regency story.”
—Historical Novels Review
“Barron has written an exciting Regency historical mystery that gives the reader a glimpse of the dark side of the ton. Historical mystery readers will love this tale.”
—Midwest Book Review
“Barron’s research is impeccable, bringing the sights and sounds of Austen’s era to the page with details and sparkle.”
—Rocky Mountain News
“Readers both old and new will celebrate this book, its author, and its protagonist.”
—Mystery News
“Exquisitely leisurely, with time for whist, tea, strolls across the lawn, church homilies, digressions on those ‘too high in the instep,’ and plenty for Jane’s banker brother and treasure-hunting mother to do, leaving her to savor her lover’s papers.”
—Kirkus Reviews
“Considered by some as the best of the ‘neo-Austens,’ Barron gets high marks for authenticity and wit.”
“More fine prose for an appreciative audience.”
—Library Journal
“Readers who hope to recapture, if only briefly, the pleasure of reading Jane Austen for the first time will welcome Barron’s eighth Jane Austen mystery …. As usual, Barron has masterfully imitated Austen’s voice.”
—Publishers Weekly
“Barron continues to write a good, quick-moving plot with plenty of period details …. Barron continues to combine truth and fiction successfully.”
—Drood Review of Mystery
“Barron’s depiction of Austen’s life is spot on!”
—Anniston Star
“Barron’s prose style skillfully mimics the tone of Austen’s work.”
—Deadly Pleasures
“An elegant series.”
—Mystery Lovers Bookshop News
“Barron’s cause is aided by her deft marshaling of historical detail—the textiles alone (Sprigged muslin! Bombazine!) are worth the price of admission—and, of course, a dash of genuine erotic friction between Jane and the roguish Lord Harold.”
“The latest installment in Stephanie Barron’s charming series … [is] a first-rate historical mystery. Barron writes a lively adventure that puts warm flesh on historical bones. The nice thing is she does so in a literary style that would not put Jane Austen’s nose out of joint.”
—New York Times Book Review
“The books are well-written and well-crafted. Jane is an endearing character. And Jane and the Ghosts of Netley is the best of the lot—and its ending is the most memorable.”
—Denver Post
“A wonderfully intricate plot full of espionage and intrigue … The Austen voice, both humorous and fanciful, with shades of Northanger Abbey, rings true as always. Once again Barron shows why she leads the pack of neo-Jane Austens.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“With elements of an espionage thriller and a Regency romance, [this] is a book Barron fans have been awaiting. The suspense is superb …. Barron brings historical mysteries to a new level.”
—Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine
“Barron remains true to Austen’s real character … [and] is equally skillful in depicting the daily life of impoverished gentility during the Regency era Well worth reading.”
—Deadly Pleasures
“Stephanie Barron’s series wittily blends Austen’s life and her novels into satisfying mysteries and what could have been Settle in for a long session of pleasurable reading.”
—Mystery News
“There’s plenty to enjoy in the crime-solving side of Jane[She] is as worthy a detective as Columbo.”
— USA Today
“An ideal vehicle for the classic cozy murder mystery.”
—New York Times Book Review
“If you appreciate the literary acumen of Jane Austen the author, you might be surprised to discover you are even more entranced by Jane Austen the detective!”
—Aptos (CA) Times
“Another first-rate addition to the series.”
—Christian Science Monitor
“Barron does a wonderful job of evoking the great British estates and the woes of spinsters living in that era … often echoing the rhythms of the Austen novels with uncanny ease.”
—Entertainment Weekly
“Very appealing … As in Austen’s novels, the relationships are complex and full of suppressed passion.”

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