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Authors: Mackenzie McKade

Irresistible (8 page)

“I saw you, baby. More than I wanted to admit.” He leaned down and captured her mouth again. While his fingers thrust between her slick, moist folds, he smoothed his other hand down her slender throat. She raised her chin, giving him access as his lips followed where his hand led. When he cupped a breast, his thumb moving over the peak, she whimpered.

“Sean? We shouldn’t.” Her objection was lost amongst a moan.

“Honey, there’s a lot we can do without a condom.” He drew circles around her areola, before he flicked the tender bud and stabbed a third finger inside her.

“Uh!” Her sharp intake of air was followed by, “Show me.” She speared his hair, dragging his head down.

As he plunged his fingers deep again, he licked her taut nipple, before he blew a stream of warmth to watch the skin rise and pebble. Then he took the bud into his mouth and suckled.

“Oh God.” She writhed beneath him. “Now. Need you inside…me.”

Her frantic plea was so hot he nearly lost it. His cock jerked. Blood filled his balls to a throbbing ache. But they had tested Fate once this weekend. And his only condom was in his bedroom.

Thrusting his hand, he ground his thumb against her clit and moved in circular motions. Sydney bucked wildly against his touch and ignited.

.” She released his name on an earth-shattering scream.

Her inner muscles contracted around him, squeezing and throbbing. In awe, he watched her orgasm wash over her beautiful face, as she closed her eyes and parted her lips on a breathy groan. Every feature was tight, strained, and then her expression softened in sated completion. When her heavy lids opened, she smiled, and he fell even harder for the woman in his arms.

After a moment, she nuzzled his neck and whispered, “My turn. On your back.”

Sean’s heart thudded in his chest. Easing off her, he rolled over and tucked his hands behind his head. With bated breath he watched, waited. The lust burning in her eyes made his dick jerk, leaving a trail of clear precome against his stomach. When she moved between his splayed legs, leaned over and dragged her tongue across the wetness, his breath caught. His belly quivered.

Holy shit!

“Mmmm…tasty.” A flirty grin raised the corners of her mouth. “You liked that?”

“Hell yeah. I’d like it even more if that pretty little mouth of yours was wrapped around my dick.”

With a long, silky stroke, she licked up the outside of his cock, her eyes never leaving his. “Like that?”

He whipped his hands from behind his head, weaving his fingers into her silky hair. “Oh God, yes.” He nudged her closer. When she slid her warm wetness over him, his toes nearly curled. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good.” He raised his hips, sliding so far in she gagged. He immediately eased back, stroking her hair. “Relax your jaw and suck air in through your nose. You can take all of me.”

Withdrawing a little bit, he left just the head on the edge of her teeth. Her tongue whirled around the bulbous rim, and then slid over the sensitive slit, pushing a hiss from between his lips.

“Damn. You have a talented tongue.”

She dug her claws into his ass, before inch by inch he disappeared into the depths of her hot cavern.

He stopped halfway. “You okay?” She nodded, humming something around his dick, and then she swallowed. “Fuck.” He rammed the rest of the way home. “Suck, baby. Suck it hard.”

Man. He wasn’t going to last long.

When her cheeks hollowed and she suckled, he tossed back his head. A throaty grunt followed a curse. At the same time a hot stream of semen spewed against the back of her throat, and he was lost to the sensation tightening every muscle and tendon, until his body became one big knot of arousal. As her delicious mouth pulled on him and she swallowed, spots blotted his vision. He couldn’t breathe or think—just feel the milking of her mouth.

It had only taken seconds to recover, but it felt like a lifetime of bliss. Then she released him to press light kisses to the inside of his thigh, before she worked her way up, blanketing his body with hers.

When their eyes met, he took her in a fiery kiss, tasting his musky, salty flavor on her tongue. Damned if it didn’t make his cock go semihard.

“I need you inside me.” Her swollen lips feathered softly against his.

Her sexy voice was hard to refuse. Still he managed to say, “No condom.”

“Screw it. I want you. Now.”

Did this mean she’d marry him? Have his child if that is what Fate decreed?

Sean’s hands shook, sliding down her length. He angled her hips and thrust forward. Her swollen folds parted, her moist body welcomed him, and his erection firmed. For a moment he teetered on the edge, and then he started to move.

It was pure ecstasy.

He made love to her slow and easy, hard and fast, and then slow and easy again. The soft, breathy sounds of her moans and whimpers were an aphrodisiac, turning him every which way. Rolling them over, he settled between her thighs, and started all over again.

He was lost in the sweet scent of her arousal when her pussy gripped him, pulled him further inside. Wrapping her arms and legs around him, she clung to him as if she would never let him go. And he was all right with that.

“Sean.” Her fingernails raked down his back.

The pleasurable sting was a jolt of fire through his veins. A growl rumbled in his throat as he pulled his hands out from beneath her. Palms on her waist, he reared back, sitting on his calves, taking her with him. The upright position drove him deeper.

“Sean,” she cried, grinding her hips hard against him.

Clenching his jaw, he forced himself to keep from coming too soon. Energy hummed down his shaft, the pressure beyond anything he could imagine as he slammed repeatedly into her heat.

Her ragged groans and the slap of flesh filled the room, while the rich scent of their slick bodies moving together sent his mind whirling. Then her sex clamped around him like an iron glove.

She screamed, arching in his arms.

Frantically, he pumped in and out of her, stretching out her climax, until light and sound dulled and fire lanced down his shaft. His balls pulled up tight against his body, and then he exploded. With a hoarse shout he came, shooting his come into her with each jerk of his hips against hers.

When he returned to earth, Sydney held him tightly. Easing both of them down on the bed, he pulled her close. The sated smile she gifted him gave him a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging. He ran his fingers down her spine. She cuddled closer, making a soft purring noise.

“So does this mean you’ll marry me?”

“Yes, but—”

Before she could say anything else, he silenced her with a kiss that turned sultry. When they parted, he gazed into her starry eyes. “Now I’ll show you what other things can be done without a condom.”

Feathering moist caresses down her throat, he didn’t stop in the valley of her breasts even when she released a soft sigh and arched her back. Instead he smiled against her satiny skin and continued downward.

Chapter Seven

With a big grin on her face, Sydney stood looking out at the airplanes taxiing along the runway. Her warm palm pressed against the cold window left a foggy outline of her fingers when she lowered her arm. Happiness rose inside her like effervescent bubbles in champagne.

She loved Sean—and he loved her.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary.” Cameron sidled up beside her, grasping her hand and squeezing, before she released her. “I still can’t believe you and Sean are a couple—engaged.”

In all honesty neither could Sydney. She rubbed her palms down her jeans, before pulling the hem of her sweater down.

The night before last had been a dream come true. After she had agreed to marry Sean, he made love to her not only until his strength was gone, but hers as well. Yesterday they had once again forgone skiing. Instead they had lain naked before the fire, Sean learning her body and her exploring his.

Surprisingly, he had ticklish feet. But the most intriguing discoveries were the crease between his thighs and groin, as well as his perineum, which were hot, erogenous zones. After their last sexcapade, they had fallen asleep still joined together.

A sigh pushed from her lips. The sweet sound of contentment drew Cameron’s sharp gaze.

“So have you thought about how you’ll tell Mom?”

The complacency she felt only a moment ago disappeared in a flash. “No.”

How would the woman who had taken Sydney into her home, her family, take the news? Would she welcome the union or feel betrayed for introducing Sydney into the mix? An invisible weight pressed hard against her chest, but before she could reflect further, Cameron continued.

“What about the possibility you could be pregnant? You know I wouldn’t mind becoming an aunt, but I completely understand if this isn’t the right time.”

Sydney’s thoughts began to swim. “Sean wants to wait and see what the outcome is.” Everything was happening so quickly. He wanted her to move into his place as soon as they landed, and he looked forward to raising a family with her, immediately.

“And you?”

“Scared. Excited.” She shrugged. “Mostly scared.” What did she know about raising a child, or for that matter, being a wife?

Her sister chuckled, giving Sydney a little hug. “Can’t say I don’t blame you.”

“Cameron, do you think that with the right people, you could run Duncan Publishing without Sean?”

Big blue eyes grew even larger. “You guys aren’t thinking of leaving New Jersey?” Shock as well as a hint of fear rose in Cameron’s high-pitched tone.

“No. No!” Sydney repeated firmly. “I want Sean to pursue his engineering career. It’s what he really wants to do. I thought that maybe you—we—could run the house.” She shrugged, breaking eye connection. “Never mind. It was a stupid idea. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

Another airplane sped down the runway. As they watched the craft lift into the air, reaching for the clouds, silence stretched between them.

“You really love him, don’t you?”

Chills raced across Sydney’s arms as she faced Cameron. “Yes.”
I’ve loved him forever

“I can’t believe I didn’t see this relationship building. Since you moved in with us, it appeared you two hated each other.”

“What can I say? Guess there is some truth in the old adage that there’s a thin line between love and hate. At times he makes me so mad I could chew nails. And other times…” Her voice softened as thoughts of last night’s loving touched her. With each of his passionate kisses, strokes, her body heated. “He makes me feel like the luckiest woman on earth.”

“Who’s the luckiest woman on earth?” Sean’s deep voice put a smile back on Sydney’s face. He wore the same huge grin.

Eying him from head to toe, she slowly slid her tongue between her lips. The man could fill out a pair of jeans like no other. What she would give to run her palms beneath his thin sweater and caress each and every hidden muscle, one by one.

“Me,” she whispered. “I am.”

“That makes me the luckiest man on earth.” He took her into his arms and captured her mouth with his. He smelled of warm sunshine, soap and aftershave. She lolled her head back, neck arching to receive every drugging kiss he offered.

“Damned if I’ll stand here and watch you two make out like two randy teenagers in public,” Cameron squawked.

“What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander?” Sean laughed.

Subtly Cameron rubbed her extended middle finger up and down her cheek, flipping her brother off, before she winked at Sydney. “I’m out of here.” Spinning on a boot heel, she headed straight for the rest of their party seated and waiting.

Sean twirled a dark lock of her hair around a finger and slightly tugged. “You know Mom is expecting us at her house for dinner tonight. Did you want me to tell her about us or do you want to do it together?”

Sydney’s throat tightened, and a knot formed as her confidence plummeted. “W-whatever you think is best.”

He brushed a tendril that had worked out of her ponytail behind her ear. “Why don’t I talk to her first?”

“You don’t think Mom is going to be happy, do you?”

“In all honesty, I don’t know.”

Reality gripped Sydney in its tight grasp. Would their unexpected relationship break this family apart? Unease forced her from his arms.

“I think I’ll use the restroom before we board.”

Sean lightly kissed her. “You better hurry.”

As she made her way through the throng, anxiety crept over her skin. She loved the Duncans and would never do anything to cause a rift in their family. Was she being a fool, thinking she could have Sean and a family?

When she entered the bathroom, the strong scent of antiseptic filled her nose and her stomach churned. She sought the first available stall. Without thinking beyond the moment, she unfastened her jeans and pushed them down to her knees and froze. The rusty spot, not yet blood, against the stark white cotton patch of her thong heralded the bittersweet news.

Sydney didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

She wasn’t pregnant.

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