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Hurricane Season






by Patient Lee






Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.



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A Note from the Author




I began reading erotica on the Literotica website shortly after the website came into existence. The first author that drew me in was Tx Tall Tales with his well-written, fun, and tricky tales. My favorite is still
The Perfect Game
, and at this time, he is the Number Two Most Popular Author on Literotica.


After a terrible experience in high school AP English, I felt that my writing skills were horrendous, even though my grammar and spelling were quite good. I never imagined a day in which I would be writing fiction for the fun of it, but in 2011, something pushed me to try.


Hurricane Season
is the first piece of fiction I ever wrote with the intention of sharing with others. When I finished writing, I wondered what Tx Tall Tales would think of it. To me it seemed like the kind of debauchery he would write.


Two years and several stories later, I was chatting on a Literotica forum for authors, and I asked for reading suggestions. Imagine my surprise when Tx Tall Tales responded, asking me if I'd like to beta read some of his new stories. I was completely star-struck, and it was the beginning of a very productive friendship.


This is what my friend, Tx Tall Tales, had to say about
Hurricane Season:


I've read most of your work, but I don't know how I missed that one. I really did like it, and you're absolutely correct; it's not unlike some of the stuff I used to write more frequently, before I started to try a lot of different categories. It was a very fun idea.

Definitely some naughty thinking going on there. I'm proud of you.  ;-)




I hope you enjoy my first effort at writing fiction. It was a fun start. Please visit my website,
, to see how my stories have evolved. Most are deeply grounded in reality and real-life conflict. Thanks for reading.





Chapter One

I am so damn naive. 


I know I'm gullible. I've always been gullible. I was the one that the other kids would tell, "gullible isn't in the dictionary, you know." I don't know how many times I fell for that one, but this took the cake. If I had just ignored that stupid email, none of this would have happened, but I fell for it, just like the dictionary joke.


I was checking my email as I do every day, counting on the fact that the junk mail filter was keeping me safe from all the evils in the world, and I spotted the message. It was addressed directly to me, using my first and last name, with the subject line, "You have won a fabulous vacation!!"


I clicked, thinking to myself, "I have not been anywhere all summer. I'm twenty-three years old, and I'm a stick in the mud. I deserve a fabulous vacation."


The message was simple and enticing.
Sun, fun, and relaxation. You know you need it! Click here to claim your fabulous island getaway!


I clicked. I filled out the form, and 2 days later, the package arrived, complete with a plane ticket, a brochure with stunning photos of blue-green water, and the rest of the information about my weekend trip to the Florida Keys. I made my time-off arrangements at work and started a packing list.


When the day of my trip arrived, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I made sure the cat food was out, so the neighbor who was looking after my Minnie would find it. I double-checked my list before putting my suitcase in the car. I triple checked my locks. With no inkling that this vacation was not a good idea, I backed down the driveway and headed for the airport. 


The flight to Chicago was uneventful. I bought an iced coffee just in time to catch my connecting flight to Miami. On the plane, I read a little and slept a little. I was excited to be on such an unexpected adventure on my own. I knew that the details of the trip were sketchy, but the thought of the sugar-white sand and the blue water chased away any doubts I should have had.


There was a woman sitting next to me, in the aisle seat. She didn't say much to me for the hour of the trip because she was deeply engrossed in her Kindle. I thought to myself about how we used to know what everyone was reading because we could see the book covers. Now that we have Nooks and Kindles, you have to guess. She was tall and thin, blonde and intelligent looking. She was dressed casually, but she looked as though she was traveling for business, rather than pleasure. 


I thought, "Romance novel? No. She looks too serious for that. Murder mystery? Maybe an Agatha Christie or something?" I gave up on my game and went back to reading my Nook. 


Suddenly she asked me, "So what are you reading?"


I was a little surprised because she hadn't said a word the entire trip. "
For Whom the Bell Tolls
. I'm going to the Keys, so I thought I'd inspire myself with some Hemingway. How about you?"


Beauty's Punishment
. It's an erotic novel by Ann Rice." 


"Oh." I knew I was blushing, but I tried to make it sound like I didn't find it shocking.


"It's a little graphic. Lots of spanking and whipping and paddling mixed in with a lot of anal sex."


I didn't know how to reply to that. I don't think anyone had ever said the words "anal sex" in my presence before. I stammered something like, "Oh. That sounds interesting." I was relieved when the pilot announced that we would soon be making our descent.


As soon as I could, I rushed off the plane to the baggage claim, where I saw a good-looking, dark-haired man holding a sign with my name. I approached him without a bit of hesitation, and he helped me with my suitcase as it came around the carousel. 


I followed him to the car and was shocked to see my seatmate from the plane in the back seat. I blushed, remembering what she had said about her book. The driver got behind the wheel as she said, "So are you excited about your trip? I've been looking forward to this for a long time."


That was the first time I thought that this trip was not a good idea. I took a deep breath and said, "What do you mean? I just got the message two weeks ago."


She said, "Oh, I didn't know it would be you who would respond to our message, but I knew someone would."


"I thought this was a prize that I won," I said in a quiet voice.


"Of course it's a prize," she laughed, "You're going to have a great time. We'll be there in about an hour and a half."


I sat quietly for the rest of the ride, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach.



Chapter Two


When we arrived at the dock, the woman led me by the elbow to a small yacht, while the man carried my luggage. I asked where we were going, but the only response I got was, "A small, private island, just like it said in the brochure. Relax. You're really going to love it."


I had to admit that it was beautiful. They took me around several small islands in the Keys. The blue-green water was inviting, and I could see pelicans and other beach birds flying overhead.


We docked on a small island with only one building. It looked like a beautiful home from the outside. We walked across a small beach, and the woman explained, "We get the sand from the Bahamas. Every time we get a hurricane through here, we have to rebuild it. It's a pain, but what good is a tropical island without a sandy beach?" 


As soon as she opened the door, I smelled something wonderful, citrusy and spicy all at the same time. My stomach growled as a female voice called from the kitchen, "You're just in time. Is she here?"


As we entered the kitchen, the blonde woman said, "Yes she is." I started to panic, but she firmly gripped my upper arm.


The dark-haired woman in the kitchen said, "Good. I made Jamaican jerk chicken." She served each of us as we settled at the table.


Finally, the blonde woman made the introductions. "My name is Carla. This is my husband, Martín. The fabulous cook is my friend Heather," she explained. 


I tried to smile, but instead I just blurted out, "Why am I here?"


Carla looked at Martín and Heather, and then said, "We thought you could use a vacation."


"But you don't even know me," I exclaimed, practically choking on the delicious lunch Heather had served.


"You were the first to reply to our offer," she said.


"You didn't make it seem like an offer. It sounded like an actual prize," I said.


Carla looked me in the eye, and said, "It is a prize. You're getting a weekend on a private island for free. You can swim, fish, ride on the boat, sunbathe, whatever you want. Just have fun and relax."


"What's the catch?" I was skeptical.


She smiled and ran her finger across the neckline of my top. "You have to play with us. We've been looking for someone like you. "


I was frozen with fear. I couldn't even move to get her fingers off my chest. As she unbuttoned my top button, she said, "Sweetie. Don't be afraid. You'll have fun too."


"What do you mean, 'play with you?'"


Carla continued to unbutton my shirt. She said, "It was all explained in the information packet. You had forty-eight hours to return the plane ticket if you didn't want to participate."


"Yes, but I thought my obligation would be listening to a sales pitch for a time-share, not to be gang-raped."


Heather answered this time, "No, no, no. No rape here. If you choose not to participate, you can go home. You will have to pay us $2,500, but you can leave any time you like. Believe me when I say that we will collect it though. Stay. Play. You'll have fun."


I took a long drink from the goblet in front of me, thinking it was water. It was white wine. I gulped it, hoping it would keep me from freaking out.


Heather refilled my glass as Carla unbuttoned the last button on my shirt. "See," she said, "Everything is okay. Just relax. Come on out to the veranda. The view and the sound of the waves will help you loosen up."


Martín whispered something to Carla. She got an inquisitive look on her face and asked, "You're not a virgin, are you?"


"Oh, no," I said, blushing. "It's just been a while."


My first lover had told me that virginity could grow back after two years of abstinence. I found out that wasn't true when I explained to my gynecologist that I was indeed a virgin. It was quite embarrassing to have him laughing at me while he had two fingers in my pussy, that's for sure. Being gullible sucks.


I stood, holding the back of the couch to maintain my balance as I gulped down my second glass of wine. Martín stood behind me, pulling my unbuttoned shirt off. I decided at that moment to enjoy the vacation and hope for the best, which turned out to be my second bad decision.


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