His Dark Secret – A Stepbrother Romance (7 page)


They lay tangled there for minutes, not speaking, not thinking, barely breathing, the blood ringing in their ears, bathed in each other's sweat and lost in the frantic beating of each other's heart.


Several minutes passed, until James twisted himself to release his softening cock from her, and curled up slightly, until his head lay between her breasts.


He talked, then, about everything, and about nothing, as if he was getting to know himself for the first time, exploring thoughts he'd never known he had.


Brenda returned to herself enough to make out his words at some point after he started speaking, and lay there listening, and idly caressing his hair.


If he had looked up then, he would have seen her face steadily slip into the expression of worry and self-doubt which had appeared on it, for the briefest of flashes, the day before.




To be continued



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