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Heat #1 Black Inferno Series


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons living or dead, businesses and events or locales are entirely coincidental.



I'd like to take this time to thank my family for putting up with me when I write. I dissolve into my own little world but they allow me to do what I love.


I would also like to thank everyone who reads my books, I am achieving my dreams by just writing and publishing my books but when you read them, it just makes it that much more special.


Thank you to my amazing proof readers who are always on stand by for me.










Chapter One


   I watch as my best friend Roxie pours me another glass of Redbull and Vodka. She gives me an evil smirk and I can't help but laugh. She's trying to get me as drunk as she can tonight because it's my birthday. We're getting ready at our apartment that we share in sunny Los Angeles. Roxie's cousin and our friend Paige is with us and our other close friend Ria.


   To celebrate my twenty-third birthday we are going clubbing and I have a feeling tonight is going to be a great night.


   Roxie sways her hips to the beat of the song as she walks over to me, holding out a drink for me. "Drink up Lacey." I cautiously take the drink from her because I'm already feeling tipsy from my other four drinks she had made me. She turns away with a smirk on her face and starts to dance around our living area in her underwear. We have the music on loud as we make ourselves
look gorgeous.


   I finish getting ready in my room while I sip my drink. I probably should have finished my make-up while I was completely sober. What the hell. It doesn't matter if my eye make-up is a little more smudged and darker than it should be. The girls are all in the living area waiting for our taxi to take us to our favorite nightclub. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my hair and make-up in my small bedroom.


   I'm fluffing my hair in my mirror when I see Roxie walk in through the reflection in the mirror. She looks beautiful as always. She's wearing a tight red mini dress and her jet black hair hangs smoothly down in front of her shoulders. She stands next to me and looks at me through the mirror. "Looking sexy Lace." I watch as she drinks in my appearance. I know that look.


   We're not into each other and we're not lesbians but we do have fun together from time to time. Roxie grabs me in a tight embrace and with one hand she squeezes my ass. She looks right into my eyes before she captures my mouth in an intimate kiss. We sigh against each other’s mouths and giggle when we break apart. Roxie turns to face the mirror to fix her smudged lips then turns back to me. "I promise that you will have a birthday orgasm tonight. If you don't find a man to give it to you, then I will have the pleasure."


   I wipe Roxie's lipstick from my face and laugh. "I'll hold you to that."


   She smacks me on the ass before she walks out. "I know you will, you dirty bitch."


   When I walk into the living area Roxie has another drink in her hand and Paige and Ria are beside the window looking out for the taxi. Roxie flashes me a cheeky wink and I smile. Paige and Ria have no idea how close Roxie and I can be.


   Ria turns around and grins at us all. "Taxi's here girls!"


   We all quickly finish what's left of our drinks before we leave.


   As I sit down next to Paige I smile to myself. Either way, with a man or by Roxie, I will be ending tonight deliciously.





























Chapter Two




   I stroll off the stage as the crowd cheers when our show comes to an end. It was a fucking awesome night and I would love to end the night like I usually do, metal music blasting and an endless supply of alcohol and half naked horny groupies. Now that Black Inferno is well known in the rock and roll world, my band mates and I no longer have to work hard to get pussy. The
action comes to us, already wet and waiting.


   Tonight though, my younger brother Mason, the bands lead guitarist wants to end the night differently. After weeks of him begging me, I've finally agreed, but our other band mates, Booker and Tate have no interest in what Mason wants to do. As we make our way off stage I follow my brother, Tate and Booker to the dressing room. Mason is annoyingly jumping around excitedly as we walk among our crew and roadies.


   An hour later I'm back in my hotel suite that I share with Mason. I'm freshly showered and dressed all in black. I'm starting to feel a little nervous. I haven't been clubbing in a while. Before our band hit the charts and began playing to huge crowds I would go clubbing to find a girl to spend the night in my bed with. There's no need for that now. While I was in the shower I came around to Mason's idea to go clubbing. I can understand why Mason has been begging us all. He's not always that into our after parties and I can't really blame him. Not all of the groupies are hot and most of the girls at the after parties are too drunk or high on drugs that they look a mess.


   If tonight goes well and nobody recognizes us it should be fun. It will be a nice change for a girl to look at me like a normal guy again. It's about time for some fresh pussy because sleeping with the same type of drunken bitch is getting boring. Mason's plan suddenly doesn’t seem so bad and I'm starting to look forward to it.


   Mason comes out his room and into the living area that we share. "Looking good." He grins at me. "You're looking happier than you did an hour ago."


   "Yeah well, I'm liking this new idea now."


   His grin gets bigger, the smug bastard. "Tell me about it. I'm on the lookout for a gorgeous babe who is not too drunk to stand or too high to not know what she's fucking doing."


   I finally agree with what he says. It will be nice to be with a girl who hasn't been passed around every rock band that has passed through her home town.


   Tate and Booker come into our hotel room with big fat grins on their faces. Tate points at me. "So you're going through with it then?" He slaps me on my shoulder while laughing.


   Mason shakes his head. "You won't be laughing tomorrow when we have spent the night with gorgeous girls who aren't passing out while they have sex."


   Booker frowns and points to the door they just walked in from. "There are plenty of beautiful girls in our room." Tonight's after party is being held in their hotel room.


   To answer Mason and Booker's argument our hotel door opens and two girls stumble in laughing. Both of them are dressed in tiny skirts, short enough that you can see the bottom of their ass cheeks and tight bikini tops. They both look like they're sweating, with their hair sticking to them, probably due to drugs. They might look pretty on a good day but right now they look like a fucking mess. They stop laughing and their eyes widen when they see us all standing here. "Hey!" The red head strolls over, eyes on me. The blonde wraps herself around Booker. "Are you coming back to the party boys?"


   "Go on boys, I have beautiful girls waiting for me." Tate laughs while Booker frowns down at my younger brother.


   Tate squeezes my shoulder. "Are you gonna be safe bro?"


   "Mason's found a club where nobody should recognize us."




   Mason stands in front of us. "Chill bro, where we are going, nobody will know who we are."


   Hopefully he's right and nobody will recognize Black Inferno's lead singer and guitarist.













Chapter Three




   So far, I am having an great time. The club is playing amazing music like it always does, which is the main reason why we all love this nightclub so much. The girls have been showering me with so much attention. We have laughed and danced so much I'm starting to sweat. I haven't spent any money at all so far and my friends are making me feel really special on my birthday.


   It's just approaching midnight and I am a very happy drunk right now. I'm not too drunk that
I'm going to make a complete fool of myself but I am drunk enough to be a having a fucking awesome night!


   Just as one of my favorite songs starts to play, I feel Roxie grab my hand. She quickly leads me to one of the little stages that are in the middle of the dance floor. We manage to stumble onto it, ignoring the stickiness as I stand. I look to Roxie and we immediately start to dance with each other, singing the lyrics loudly. I see Paige and Ria have followed us but the stage isn't big enough for anyone else. So Roxie and I sing down to our friends as they reach up to us like we're pop stars.


   It's not long until two men approach Paige and Ria and they turn around to dance with them. They look like they have the guys drooling at their feet. I'm happy for them, at least someone’s getting lucky tonight. I know I have my promise from Roxie but I'm really in the mood for a man tonight. I want a strong man who knows what he wants and gives me what I need. I want to be held by strong arms and held down as I scream. I'm aware of Roxie dancing closer to me and I let her have her way. I let her get closer and I lean against her too. I can see a few guys who are on the dance floor that look up at us but I just focus on Roxie as the alcohol swims through me and the music takes me away.


   I turn to face Roxie when our favorite song
Only Girl (In The World)
comes on. We sing close to each other faces, close enough that we could kiss at any time if we wanted to. We laugh at the men who cheer us on, not bothering to tell them to shut up. We love to have a flirt in front of men because we know they love it. They look up the stage at us like we're performing strippers, only with our clothes on but we don't really care. I'm having way too much fun and I know Roxie is too. When some of them touch our legs to try and get our attention we shake our heads no at them and laugh.





   I can't believe how well this is going. Nobody has even recognized us the whole time we have been here. To everyone else here we're just normal guys who want a good time. The only attention we have gotten is off girls who are looking for a little flirt. A huge change from what I've been used to these past two years. When a girl wants to show you that she's interested in you at our after parties or any other party in the rock scene are to practically dry hump you. It's a nice change for a girl to just smile and have a laugh. What I'm enjoying as well is that tonight, when a girl smiles and likes what they see, they seem to like me. They think I'm a regular guy, not the lead singer for Black Inferno.

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