Gray Panthers: Earths Revenge (31 page)

“..the enemy ships dropped into normal space in the middle of the combat patrol destroying the Destroyer New Orleans immediately and severely damaging my ship the Georgia. The fleet consisted of a dozen ships including two huge battle ships. They ignored the Georgia after it no longer was able to fire. They then attacked the planet and hit the entrance for the fleet dock. All the rest of the fleet was unable to launch. Hundreds of enemy shuttles were heading for the planet as their battle ships destroyed anything returning fire. We tried to send a message through the FTL transmission relay station but it appears it was destroyed. Our FTL drive was undamaged so we used it to report to you sir.”

“Thank you for the report Captain you are to present yourself to the Gray Panthers to request assistance getting your ship repaired. Once it is combat ready you will return to Dixie. So that you do not jump the gun the Gray Panthers doing the repairs will be the one to determine you are combat ready, understood?”

“Yes, sir, we will report to their docks for repairs.”

“Fleet this is Admiral Toutant-Beauregard. Dixie has been invaded by the Libra. We shall depart for home in five minutes minus Commander Butlers squadron that will provide protection for Earth until the Gray Panther fleet returns. Dixie shall have its vengeance.”

From the author:

I thank you for reading Gray Panthers Earths Revenge. I would like to hear any feedback you have. If you have suggestions or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I love reading and writing military science fiction. I try to base what I write mainly from what I saw and experienced as a veteran of over twenty-one years in the Air Force. Many great science fiction authors have opened my mind to what can be.

The next book in the trilogy will be Gray Panthers Dixie. I am still in the early planning stage of that book.

If this is the first book of mine that you have read, there is still Gray Panthers Battle for Earth, the first in the series, and the first work I ever had published.

Thank you again for reading my book.

David Guenther

[email protected]

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