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Full Disclosure (4 page)

Janet adjusted the towel, unexpectedly charmed. Roy had copped a feel, but he’d done it so...thoughtfully.

“You know what I hated most about going down on Billy?” she said, stepping onto the bathmat, “I hated the way he talked to me while I was doing it. He’d say, ‘Yeah. Like that. That’s it!’ It was like he was masturbating. I mean, I was right there! Would it have been too much for him to say, ‘Oh, babe, you’re so good! Thank you!’?”

“I would have said it,” Roy murmured as he followed her into the bedroom. His face was red and his cock had gotten thick. He could feel it pressing against the cotton of his briefs. Janet sat on the bed and chewed on her lip. The hotel towel didn’t cover her very well. With each breath, her full, damp breasts rose, and the outline of her nipples poked through. Roy’s eyes drifted to where the towel parted. He saw her ample thighs and caught a glimpse of her pubic area, that dark, promising arrowhead. He was suddenly very much aware of her fragrance; the flora bubble bath mingling with that feminine incense.

“Take those off,” Janet abruptly said, nodding to his shorts.


“I’m going to give you a blowjob, and no matter how good or bad it is, you’re going to say nice things to me.”

“Whoa, wait!” He started to step back, but she was already on her knees and pulling at his waistband. She got his shorts half down before he could stop her.

“Hey, hey!” He cried in alarm as his semi-erect cock bobbed out.

“For Christ’s sake, I’ve already seen it!” She slapped away his hands and dragged the shorts to his ankles. With insistent pulls, she got them off his feet.

“This is different—”

“Relax,” she insisted, setting her hands firmly on his love handles. For all her initial rush, however, she hesitated and just stared.

“What?” Roy demanded, insecure. His dick—sticking out as it was—looked like a cartoon nose on the face of a bearded muppet. At least, that’s how Lila had once described it. That had been back in the days when Lila had made them both laugh, before such comments started sounding like put-downs rather than jokes.

“You don’t know how beautiful a sight this is,” Janet’s breath warmed his cock. Roy blushed. No woman, certainly not Lila, had ever complimented him like that.

Janet inhaled deeply. Roy’s musk was different from Billy’s, earthy rather than sharp. She brushed her lips over the velvet of his crown, liking how it twitched for her. The feel of his flesh under her hands was different as well, softer, furrier. She was eager to give him a taste. Even as her lips kissed that rising head, however, Roy pried away her hands.

“I can’t.” Roy swallowed, then felt bad as Janet blushed and clutched at the towel self-consciously.

“I’m sorry. That was thoughtless of me—”

“It wasn’t. I mean, I’m not in mourning over Lila or anything like that, and, honestly, I’d love some, um, release but—”

“No, I get it,” she said and the hurt in her eyes nearly broke him. “You don’t…don’t have to reciprocate. I only want to make you feel better.”

“No, no, it’s not that!” he said quickly, “I like you and I
to reciprocate. I really do. It’s just...ladies first.”

“You’re kidding.”

“That’s the way I am,” he shrugged. “If you started on me—I’d love it, but it wouldn’t feel right.” He leaned down to draw her up. “You have to come first.”

“My God, you
a gentleman.”

Roy answered that by slipping the towel off her. Then he kissed her. Onions. He almost laughed. He tasted onions. But that was all right. She kissed him back, tentatively at first, then meltingly, not at all like Lila. Lila had been a fierce kisser; Janet was a very patient and inviting one, like she wanted to savor the touch of lip to lip and tongue to tongue. It was strange, also exciting; it made Roy feel daring to be exploring someone new.

Janet probed, testing these new waters. Roy came back with a caress of his tongue over her parted lips, sensuous enough to make her shiver. She couldn’t get over how gentle he was, lightly caressing her bare shoulders, moving her down onto the bed. She scooted back onto the pillows, knees bent. Inside, her belly fluttered nervously. Sex with Billy had been rough and raw. She wondered what kind of tune Roy would play.

Settling beside her, Roy brushed a hand over her breasts. He liked how weighty they were. He gave one nipple a pinch as he continued to kiss her. A satisfying intake of air. He stroked down to that triangle, that wonderful bush. It was still damp from the bath and felt warm against his hand.

Licking over the nipples, he made his way to her belly, tasting the cleanness of her skin. Unlike Lila’s, Janet’s tummy had give. Soft as a feather pillow. He paused to nuzzle it, then he smelled her. That tropical fragrance of a woman. Her thighs quivered as he moved between them. He stroked that inner skin, it was softer than silk. She moaned at his touch. Lowering himself down onto his belly, he felt the rough fabric of the quilt against his cock and saw the enchanting sight of Janet’s pubic hair sparkling with captured drops. Below that waited her pussy, deep red with excitement.

Roy sucked in a breath and ventured a taste. The feel of those wet lips over his tongue made him shiver, made him pulse. And the flavor of Janet’s honey, all salty-sweet, was intoxicating. Any apprehensions he’d had about not enjoying this vanished, and he eagerly indulged in longer, slower strokes, enjoying her.

“Ah!” Janet couldn’t keep her ass from bucking as Roy’s tongue jolted her. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had gone down on her, and her nerves jumped and buzzed to experience that intimate kiss once again. Before she could even catch her breath, Roy’s tongue was exploring, circling, teasing. She cried out, unable to keep her hips still. Finally, Roy’s arm captured her thighs, and his clever tongue flicked just short of her clit to make her howl and squirm.

God! Roy thought as he heard Janet shout, and fell into rhythmically laving those swollen folds. Janet was luscious. Her juices were flowing and her moans were vibrating down to him, making his cock so hard it ached. No high, bird-like yelps as he’d gotten from Lila. Janet’s vocals came from deep within. They felt honest. And they were driving him wild.

The hum started in Janet’s pussy, then buzzed up her groin and belly to her swaying breasts. She clawed at the bed with her freshly polished nails, fighting against Roy’s strong hold to grind her hips against that tongue. He kept teasing her clit, sending her juices flowing down her ass crack to soak the bed. At last, she reached down and tugged on his hair, demanding he give her what she needed.

That’s when he finally clamped his mouth on her throbbing clit and sucked. The humming crescendoed, sending her body into convulsions. She jerked and screamed, orgasming again and again.

Roy held on as Janet’s body shook with pleasure. None of Lila’s delicate little shudders. Janet’s whole body clenched and trembled. He caught a glimpse of her face, dark and flushed. He felt the tightening in her thighs; he smelled the gush of ecstasy from her. And then she collapsed, gasping for breath.

Roy released her and pushed up. His dick was hard and high; as proud as if it had made her come. He could feel it alert and twitching, eager to do its own explorations. Its tense anticipation was spreading through him.

“FUCK!” Janet panted. Sweat glimmered across her skin. “Is that what you did for Lila?”

“I tried to do that,” he said modestly.

“No wonder she had a hard time sucking your cock. I can hardly catch my breath.”

Roy, his cock still vibrating with want, felt his heart sink with disappointment. At the same time, his pride rose. So he was a good lover. Lila had left him doubtful.

“You just stay there,” he said, shifting over her.

“What? Hey no! Not before I get my chance!” she insisted, sliding off the bed.

“But you said—”

“Said I understood why a girl might be too tired to go down on you.” There was a breathless quiver to her voice that thrilled him. “Doesn’t mean I won’t. You sit here, on the edge.”

“Okay.” He adjusted and got himself into position. Janet settled between his legs, hands stroking over hairy thighs in a way that had his breath coming short.

“Now remember,” she said with a sly smile, “Every time you say nice things to me, you get rewarded.”

Janet was still trembling inside, thanks to Roy, but she did her best not to show it. It was Roy’s turn and she wanted to give him as good a time as he’d given her. Taking hold of his stiff cock in her sweaty hand, she flicked her tongue over the slit. He gasped and she felt the beat of the veins in his dick against her palm. Another lick, this one twirling around the tip, exploring its ridges and seams.

He gasped again, thighs jerking and his hands went right to her head, trying to press it down, but she kept hold of him, refusing. For a while, she toyed with the slit, tasting his musky flavor, loving the way she was getting his hips to thrust towards her. His hands stroked aimlessly over her hair.

God. She was good! Roy groaned as her sweet tongue explored him. The heat from his dick had flowed down to his thighs and ass and was now rising up his spine, demanding more, but Janet was resisting his attempt to fuck her mouth. She was torturing his tip, making it weep copious amounts of pre-cum. For a moment he didn’t know what to do, it’d been so long since he’d had his cock pleasured like this. Then he remembered what she’d said.

“Babe,” he gasped, “that’s—that’s wonderful, wonderful—”

Her mouth left him and he almost screamed in disappointment.

“Thank you, kind sir,” Janet said, and then she was bathing his dick, stem to crown, with her warm wet tongue.

“Oh, fuck!” Roy gasped, as the pressure within him spread from his spine across his chest.

Janet didn’t need to work up saliva, she was still drooling from the orgasm Roy had given her, and she was loving the velvet texture of his shaft. What was best of all was the feedback he was giving her with his moans and movements. He was with her, into it, losing control.

“You’re the best, the absolute best,” Roy murmured. He couldn’t keep his hips from thrusting. He hoped his flattery would get her to suck him, but instead she lapped at his hairy balls, shifting them in their sack. They tightened up at her attention. He could feel the skin crinkling.

“You’re marvelous, honey,” he moaned desperately, “Marvelous—”

Janet chuckled. Billy had taken her cock sucking so much for granted, it was a thrill to have a man begging for her skill. Her deflated ego swelled. Relaxing her throat, she returned to his tip and let his thrusting cock slide in.

Roy cried out as she took him, one of her hands milking the base of his stem, the other rolling his balls. Her head bobbed and that hot mouth sucked. His pelvis bucked as waves of exquisite pleasure glided up and down his sensitive shaft and sweat trickled down his back. Jesus! He felt himself quivering. She
wonderful! And he wanted her. Wanted all of her

“Lay down, lay down,” he gasped, pulling her off and onto the bed.

Janet barely knew what had happened. One minute she was concentrating on sucking Roy’s cock, the next she was on her back and he was rising over her.

His cock entered her, and her still sensitive nerves responded. She came again.

The agonizing loss of Janet’s mouth, of that delicious suction lasted only a moment. He was over her, and then, without a fumble or slip, he was gliding into the most delicious heat. His desperate cock was enfolded and he heard her cry out even as that impossible softness gripped him. He surrendered to the demand of his entire body to thrust, and he lost himself in pure sensation. The pull of that inner grip, the friction of his pulsing cock rubbing against those lubricated walls, all led to the explosion building in his body.

The two of them were grunting and gasping, they slid, sweaty skin over hot, sweaty skin. There was no holding back any longer. Roy sped toward the finish line. Janet gripped him, her nails digging into his back. She was still coming.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” she shouted.

He yelled incoherently as he jetted come hot as anger and then his body went rigid with singing pleasure and he hung there, released from every troubling thought and emotion. Another shot, and another; for what felt like a long while he just soared. Then his muscles relaxed and he came down, trembling. He couldn’t remember when he’d last come so hard, or felt so utterly satisfied afterwards. Like…like a man.

Janet felt Roy slip out of her, spilling juices and come all over her thighs. Shaking with exhaustion, she lay there, drifting on the hothouse aroma of their lovemaking. She assumed Roy would roll onto his back and bask, as Billy use to. Instead, he threw an arm over her and snuggled into her sweaty breasts. She felt his chest expanding and contracting with pants, felt his damp cock softening against her hip.

“Billy was a damn fool—” he gasped.

“Lila was an idiot—” she said simultaneously.

They laughed. Janet kissed Roy’s forehead, feeling strangely proud of him. “You are such a great guy. And a great fuck.”

“Not the misogynistic asshole you thought I was, huh?”

“Not while a girl’s sucking your cock. I wonder what other nice things I can get you to say about women—” she murmured reaching for him.

“Hey!” he grabbed her wrist, laughing and weakly wrestling with her. “No fair—”

The ringing of a cellphone broke the moment.

“Shit!” Roy glanced down. It was coming from his pants. “What a time for that call to finally come through.”

“Hey, at least they waited till we were done,” Janet said easily.

Roy reached over the side of the bed and fished his phone out of his trousers. Janet arranged the pillows behind her and snuggled into him. As he glanced at the number, his annoyed expression went suddenly slack. He hesitated as it rang and rang again, then answered.

“Hello?” He sat up and away from her.

Frowning, Janet sat up as well. She knew he probably wanted to concentrate on the call, but the way he’d just gone distant felt odd to her.

“This isn’t a good time,” he said tersely, and Janet heard the murmur of the voice on the other end rushing on.

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