Free Riders: A Biker Erotic Romance (3 page)


When he finally slid into me to the hilt, he paused, his hands opening and closing around the back of my thighs. My bent knees were pressed into my sides and my calves pressed tightly into his ribcage. I breathed a whimper of complaint, urging him to move.


With a quick kiss and a murmured assurance, James started moving. Moving his hands off my thighs in favor of leverage, his fingers bit into the soft curve of my waist, pulling me in forcefully enough that my ass smacked loudly against his thighs with each thrust. His harsh breaths got louder and faster as he approached his orgasm.


I reached out to brace myself and crossed my ankles behind his back, digging my knees into his sides so I could counter his thrusts. I could feel my climax coming but I wasn’t able to go over the edge.


My heels dropped to the mattress and my back arched in an effort to get a better angle that might push me over the cusp to my orgasm. Even after reaching down to rub my clit with my fingertips, my climax eluded me. I tossed my head side to side and moaned in frustration.


James groaned, his head dropping to my shoulder. “Let it go.”


“What?” I panted.


“You’re trying too hard. Relax.”


James reached under my torso to wrap his arms around my back and pull our upper bodies closer together, his wiry chest hairs rasping across my peaked nipples. I screamed with the change in position and additional stimulation.


With a few more hard thrusts, I felt him jerk inside me and his cum jettison out into the condom, setting off my orgasm. I muffled my shriek in his bicep, accidentally biting him in the intensity of my climax.


I lay boneless on the bed, reveling in the aftermath. I flinched slightly when James pulled out and left to dispose of the condom. When he returned and pulled me into his arms, I didn’t fight it.


“Didn’t know you were a biter,” he whispered in my ear.


I snorted. “Your fault,” I muttered.


“So was that your first club party?”


“Uh huh,” I yawned.


He tucked me closer against his side and pulled the covers over our bodies. We lay there in silence, until I broke it with the questions that were bouncing around my head.


“So you think I’m not ready for the private rooms at the club, but having sex with you at my house is fine?”


“Yes,” James shrugged.


“Seriously?” I tried to shove him out of the bed but he easily fended off my weak efforts.


He grabbed a hold of my wrists, pressing a kiss to each before looking me dead in the eye and answering my question. “You’re not a one-night-stand kind of person. Having sex in one of the back rooms would have made you feel cheap and dirty.”


“So this isn’t a one-night-stand?”


“I sure as hell hope not.”


“In that case, I’m kind of liking the idea you had about the couch in your office. In fact, there’s a couch in the living room that I think might be the perfect height…”


“Oh? Do tell…”


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Vance Alvarez was the kind of man who knew what he wanted.
Raised in a trailer park by an alcoholic mother, Vance learned early on that if he needed something, he would have to get it for himself. Fighting to take control of his life, he fell in with the boys of the Iron Soldiers MC, and then kept fighting to become the youngest president in club history. 
Mimi Parker knew she was flighty.
Mimi was kind but could never remain rooted in the same place for more than a few months at a time. On the road again, she stops at a restaurant in a quiet, sleepy biker town, and decides to call the place home for the next few weeks. 
He knows he has to have her.
There's something about Mimi that draws Vance in and he's determined to have her. And although Mimi is both intrigued and intimidated, she can’t find it in herself to say no to Vance. From there blossoms a passionate affair moving at the speed of light. But Mimi knows she’ll never settle down, and that’s exactly what Vance wants from her. As the urge to flee grows stronger, Mimi must decide if it’s time to run again, or if Vance is what she has been looking for all along.



Part 1 of the
Hell Raisers MC

Trying to fight for the only family he knows,
Dex will meet his toughest adversary yet – the girl who wants to steal his heart.
Dex Thompson is ready for change. After 14 years working he way up the ranks of Hell Raisers Motorcycle Club, he’s tired of living on the wrong side of the law. As second-in-command, it’s almost his time, and he knows what he wants to do -- legitimize the businesses, start fresh, and rebuild the club through honorable means. And nothing is going to stand in his way. 
Zoe Carlisle has grown up as the princess of the Hell Raisers and is used to getting the things that she wants. Except when it comes to Dex. Zoe has always had feelings for the dark-eyed rough-rider, but as the step-daughter of Maddox “Mad Dog” Carlisle, all the boys have always known that she was off limits. Until now. 
Getting out of a toxic relationship, Zoe decides to quit ignoring her feelings and makes a play for Dex. But Dex has enough going on in his life, and he doesn’t need the daughter of the one man who could disrupt his plans, getting in the way of bringing back honor to the club that Dex has always loved. Even if she does have lips he’s dying to taste and legs he wants wrapped around his waist. 
Despite Dex’s intentions, Zoe has plans of her own, and isn’t going to be easily persuaded to give them up. In this battle of wills, will Zoe be able to convince Dex that she’s the woman he needs? Will Dex find a way to bring his dream to life and get the girl? Or will their battle of wills end in a stalemate?



No one told Andrea Sheppard that when she took on the position of caretaker of a histor
ical country home she'd also be responsible for the adjoining small town's bear-shifting community!
The villagers are lovely and welcoming at first, but when she inadvertently earns the ire of her handsome blonde neighbour, Jonathan, their attitude changes seemingly overnight. 
Determined not to give up, she endures the isolation and hard work her new position demands of her. The occasional sighting of a light coloured bear on the property at night and the inexplicably finished work she sometimes finds when she wakes lead her to conclude she might not be as alone as she thought. 
If she has to win over her disagreeable neighbour in order to win over the whole town then she is prepared to do that. Even if he does literally have the temperament of a bear.


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