Forbidden Attraction [The Callens 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

The Callens 5

Forbidden Attraction

Sexy overachiever Jenny Callen believes in marrying a man who’s her equal. When she meets hunky bar owner Jackson Slade and his super hot monster truck–designer roommate, Taylor Moore, her attraction challenges her belief of what an ambitious, professional man should be.

When she learns Jackson designs lighting and sound for a nationally known band, and she finds out that Taylor is extremely knowledgeable about the stars and speaks three languages, her opinion of them changes. Slowly her belief crumbles that unless a man has a college degree, he isn’t worth her time. She knows they are the right men for her after they sexually fulfill her beyond her wildest dreams.

She then learns that they aren’t who they claim to be, and her world turns upside down. What can the men do to convince her that all three belong in a loving ménage relationship?

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
44,282 words



The Callens 5






Melody Snow Monroe










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The Callens 5



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Chapter One


“Can I help with anything?” Jenny Callen would rather make little hors d’oeuvres for the next twenty minutes than think about the upcoming affair. A
coming out
party at the age of twenty-four was plain ridiculous.

Her mom had trays filled with bacon-wrapped sausages, stuffed mushrooms, and a host of other finger food on the kitchen island ready to go, along with several plates of cookies, a ton of chips, and some chicken strips.

Her mom removed her apron and tossed it in the washing machine at the back of the kitchen. “I’m good, dear.” She shooed her out. “Get ready.”

Jenny looked down at her fairly new jeans, polished boots and moderately tight plaid shirt. “I am ready.” Her makeup looked pretty good, and for once, she’d curled her straight, blonde hair. Maybe she hadn’t tried her hardest because she didn’t want to appear a desperate specimen in the marriage pool.

“Oh, Jenny. No. Put on one of those sexy tops you own. Men like to see a little skin.”

She groaned. “For the record, I do not condone this party. Did you even invite any men who weren’t single?”

“Of course. I have about five couples coming. That way it won’t look obvious that you’re now back in town and eligible.”

She’d finished her master’s degree in biochemistry and planned on applying to med school just as soon as she took the Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT for short. “I’m not looking for a husband. Med school will take up all my time.”

“Once you become a doctor it will be even harder to land a man. So you see, there’s no time like the present.”

She’d only been in town a month but had already set her eye on her boss, Jackson Slade, who owned the Raging Bull Saloon. Not that she had time for a husband. She just wanted someone to keep her company on Saturday nights.

Her mom followed her into the living room. “How many of your girlfriends agreed to come?”

“Practically all of them.” Even if they didn’t want a man, no one passed up a Callen party. It would be the talk of the town for weeks.

“Wonderful. Now change.”

While she could have refused, she wanted to please her mom. Wearing a cute top and some heels might be fun. She hadn’t taken the time to dress up in a long time, except for when her sister, April, had gotten married three weeks ago.

Jenny had just finished changing when two of her girlfriends arrived. They were actually early for once. Some of the invited girls were from her MCAT study group, a few were regulars at the Raging Bull Saloon, and others were childhood friends. Only one was married. Mom thought it would look better if all of the women weren’t single.

Go, Mom.

The first piranha to arrive was an accountant who she vaguely remembered was named Steve or Phil. She’d met him years ago. Her mom should have insisted on name tags as it would have been easier to recognize someone or remember their name. This guy wore a blazer with a red tie. No one in Wyoming wore anything but jeans and a button-down shirt to a Callen party. A bolo tie might be called for at a wedding, but that was it. This man’s hair was shaved close to the side, but the top flopped over. The fact he had a slight paunch immediately turned her off. The man she planned to spend the rest of her life with needed to be fit.

He made a beeline to her. “Hi, Jenny. You look great. My, but you’ve grown up.”

Since she hadn’t been home for any length of time in the last six years, she expected a lot of comments about how she’d changed. The only real constant was that she still was only five foot two inches, the same height she’d been throughout high school. Her parents had raised her well enough to not throw back a sarcastic retort.

“Thanks. How’s your work going?” All men liked to talk about their careers, and she figured Mr. Red Tie wouldn’t be an exception.

He leaned in close. “Not to brag, but I saved Frank Drazek over seven thousand dollars on his taxes this year.” He grinned and leaned back as if he were mentally listening to the roar of the crowd applaud him.

That was impressive, but his tone implied he’d done some magical accounting. “That’s great.”

“That’s not all.” He looked around, probably to see if anyone else was listening. “I saved Trent Dynstein close to nine thousand. Because of me, his daughter can now go to college.”

How was this not considered bragging? “Awesome.” As casually as she could, she looked for someone to come save her. No one else had arrived in the last thirty seconds, so she politely stayed with Mr. Red Tie. After he regaled her with more stories for another ten minutes, one of her girlfriends came over and seemed interested in him.

Jenny took the opportunity to split and duck into the kitchen.

“Need something, dear?”

. She’d hoped to find the kitchen unoccupied. “Just catching my breath.” Boredom hurt her head.

“Did you see Roger Danvers?”


Her mom smiled. “Why, he’s only the best plastic surgeon west of Cheyenne.”

She didn’t want to point out the obvious that Dr. Danvers might be the
plastic surgeon west of Cheyenne. “Which one is he?”

“The most handsome man in the room.”

He shouldn’t be hard to find. “I’ll go mingle.” Thirty minutes down, only five more grueling hours to go.

Two of her MCAT friends were with a tall man who could be Dr. Danvers. He had a tan and looked quite fit. Too bad he appeared to be in his early forties, a bit too old for her tastes.

So as not to look obvious, she eased over to one of her girlfriends and pretended she needed to talk to her. Her friend pasted on a plastic smile and waved her off. To avoid an embarrassing situation, Jenny stayed and introduced herself.

“Oh, you’re the Callen girl.”


“Yes.” She was the only single Callen

He lifted her chin with a finger and lowered his gaze. “You have beautiful cheekbones.”

She supposed that was how plastic surgeons talked. “Thanks.”

He moved closer, and his heavy perusal made her hands sweat. If he hadn’t lowered his arm at the moment, she’d have pulled away.

“I could do wonders with your nose. A little thinning at the tip would brighten up your whole face.”

It took a few seconds for her to realize he actually wanted to perform surgery on her to improve her looks. If she hadn’t been at her own home, she might have kneed him. She was tempted to tell him that no amount of surgery would help his bedside manner, but for her parents’ sake, she refrained.

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