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Eventful Day (3 page)

With a somewhat forceful push Lucas found himself on his back with a predatory looking redhead on his lap, “I’ll consider it.” She smirked, leaning down and biting his neck, “If there is one thing this little hunt has done though it’s get me riled up, so if you don’t mind…” she pulled the robe off his shoulders and tried to push him up the bed a little, “I really need to pick up where I left off,” reaching down she grabbed his manhood, which was quite hard from seeing the woman he’d loved in the nude again, “I think you need this too huh?” She grinned as she slipped onto the rod and let out a small noise of discontent, just for a moment, half a minute later she’d slid down onto it pretty much all the way.

Julia started to rock back and forth on Lucas’ member, deep enough that she could rub her clit on his crotch as she rode him. It was clear that those years ago maybe Lucas had control, but today was Julia’s and she would have no argument out of her man about it. She picked up the pace, rocking on the cock faster and faster until she was used to it, then lifting herself up slightly and rocking down onto it. Lucas helped in this regard, happy to thrust up into her firmly, matching her pace almost as well as he had years ago.

Sweat started to accumulate on both their bodies as they moved, Julia was feeling pure bliss with every thrust and it was pushing her dangerously close to climax, her mind caught in a blur of lust and passion. A few more firm thrusts from Lucas and her vision went white for a moment, her body shaking hard on him as he bucked up into her, she came harder than she could remember in years. Lucas wasn’t quite done, he kept picking up the pace, lengthening her orgasm until she felt him release into her, his member throbbing hard as they both screamed in pleasure. Fuck the neighboring tenants in the motel if they couldn’t take a joke.

Julia slumped down on her lover and smiled, “You still have a lot…of explaining to do Luke…but you’ll have plenty of time to do it.” She grinned as she gave him a soft kiss on the lips, “Yeah…this was a much better use of my time than cat videos, guess I should get out more.”

The exhausted couple lay in each others arms covered in sweat, but both were content. It had been too long, and neither of them could think of anything more pleasant than the state of things as they were in that moment.


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