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Authors: Kate Pearce

Eden's Pleasure (9 page)

the park today, Gideon.” I sought some reaction in Gideon’s expression but nothing

changed. “Do you remember her? The redheaded woman you warned me to stay away


Gervase opened his mouth and made a sudden movement towards me. I stayed

him with a gesture. “Your wife implied that you never bed her and it occurred to me

that you never allowed me to touch you either.” A muscle twitched in Gideon’s cheek

as I advanced towards him suddenly furious. “What is it, Gideon? Do you get pleasure

from making women beg?” I shot a glance at Gervase. “Or in my case were you merely

acting as a procurer for your twin?”

After a hasty shared glance, both men stared at me without speaking. I clenched my

fists to contain the pain that threatened to rip through my heart. “Was that all it was? A


Eden’s Pleasure

game to seduce the poor, desperate, pathetically grateful widow? Do you laugh about

me behind my back? Do you intend to tell all your friends about me?”

I raised my chin and stared hard at Gideon. “No wonder your wife seems not to

care for you. Have you shared her with Gervase too?”

The stem of Gideon’s glass snapped between his fingers. Crimson port flooded the

white tablecloth like new blood.

“That’s enough, Eden.” Gideon flung the shattered glass at the wall. His voice was

as cold as stone, his expression even harder. He half turned to Gervase. “Get her cloak,


Gervase obliged and soon I was traveling in the carriage between the two grimfaced brothers, none the wiser as to my destination.

I was somewhat relieved when the carriage pulled up at Madame Desiree’s House

of Pleasure. Gideon caught my arm in an iron grip and forced me to keep up with him

as we dispensed with the pleasantries and hurried through to the main door-lined

corridor. The door Gideon opened and thrust me through bore the legend “Crime and


Before I could ask, Gideon pushed me up against a window, which looked down

into an opulent bed chamber. He stood behind me, his hands planted on either side of

my head so that I could not escape.

“This is one of the more private rooms. We can see in but they cannot see out.”

The room seemed modern and unlike the others where Gervase had taken me. My

unease deepened when a footman strolled in and began to light the candles. A woman

followed him in through the door, her glorious auburn hair loose, her voluptuous

figure plainly visible through her silk nightgown.

Gideon stiffened behind me, but I had already identified the woman who claimed

to be his wife. I could scarcely bear to watch as she approached the footman and

cupped his groin in an unmistakable fashion. To my surprise, the footman resisted her

attentions and when she persisted, he slapped her across the face. A red mark appeared


Kate Pearce

on her cheek. I realized with a cold sick feeling that he had truly meant to hurt her and

that this was not make believe.

She fell to her knees and opened the footman’s breeches. He made no effort to help

her until she had exposed his erection and then he dug his fingers into her hair and held

her steady while he plunged deep into her mouth. He came fast, forcing her head back

with the depth of his thrusts until she seemed certain to choke.

I tried to turn away as she pleaded with him to touch her, clinging to his thigh until

he kicked her away from him. Gideon refused to release me despite my struggles and

Gervase remained out of my sight.

“This is how Caroline is, Eden,” Gideon said roughly. “This is what my wife wants

from a man. I refuse to hurt her and thus she brings her sadistic passions here.”

I cringed back, although I knew that they could not see me, as another man entered

the room. From his rough attire, I guessed he was a stable hand. The footman pointed at

the woman who lay at his feet and the stable hand came and stood over her. I stared in

disbelief as he too allowed her to suck his cock as the footman watched.

Afterwards, the footman spoke again, seemingly telling Caroline to remove her

clothing. She complied with alacrity. I could not believe she enjoyed being shamed and

abused by the two servants but her hardened nipples, flushed skin and languorous

expression declared otherwise. She stood with her eyes closed as the two men circled

her like two ravenous dogs, pinching her breasts, slapping her buttocks and pushing

their fingers up inside her.

Her eager expression made me feel sick. I was immeasurably glad when Gideon

released me.

“Christ,” he muttered as he spun away and punched the door with his fist. “She has

got worse.”

I turned away from the window and buried my face in Gervase’s jacket as the men

behind me dragged Gideon’s wife towards the bed.


Eden’s Pleasure

Gideon leaned back against the door, his head tipped back, his hands hidden in his

pockets. “When I first married Caroline, I thought she just liked to be bedded a little

roughly and I was happy to oblige. But I soon realized she craved more pain and

humiliation than I was prepared to give her. When I refused to aid her, she started on

the household servants until it became well nigh impossible to keep male staff.”

Gideon sighed. “I threatened to cut off her income if she persisted in bringing her

perversions home and so she turned to this place. At least I know she is safe here.”

“Why don’t you divorce her?” I whispered to his averted gaze. “I know that it is

difficult to achieve, but with your connections and money, surely you could manage


Gervase drew the crimson curtains across the window as Gideon finally turned to

face me.

“Do you think I have not considered it? It is not that simple. She is in a position to

blackmail me if I divorce her and she is not very stable. I know she would not hesitate

to expose me if she was driven to it.”

Gervase put a hand on my shoulder as I stared dry mouthed at Gideon. He crossed

his arms across his chest and smiled at me.

“Haven’t you guessed? Gervase thought you had. It’s quite simple really, I prefer

men.” He shrugged. “I can perform with a woman if I must. They can even arouse me,”

he bowed in my direction, “as you well know, Eden. For a while I tried to deny my true

feelings and fucked every woman in sight. I also thought it my duty to marry and

produce an heir.” He frowned down at his boots. “That proved impossible when I

realized Caroline was incapable of fidelity and that any child of hers would probably

not be mine.”

I could only nod as the thousand small unsatisfactory sensual memories we had

shared fell into place.

“How did your wife find out?”


Kate Pearce

“I was indiscreet at a house party and she caught me and my lover.” He grimaced

in self disgust. “Not before she had provided herself with two witnesses and extracted

their written statements, of course.”

I moved forward impulsively and hugged him. “Oh, Gideon, you poor thing. What

a horrible mess.”

I caught a flash of relief in his eyes as he set me away from him. Had he thought I

would be disgusted by him?”

As I stared at the twins, an idea came to me which I hoped would wipe out the

horrible images we had been forced to endure. I touched Gervase’s arm.

“Do you think that Madame Desiree could find us a private room?”

Gervase caught my eye and nodded. “Of course, love. Gideon and I are her favorite

customers.” He raised an eyebrow at me. “What is it that you plan to do?”

I linked my arm through his and collected Gideon as we left from the room. “You

told me that this is the place to act out my fantasies. I have one particular idea that

involves you both. Will you help me fulfill it?”

The room Madame Desiree graciously lent us contained all the comforts of a lady’s

boudoir and a bed big enough for an orgy. Gideon and Gervase stood by the fireplace

and I walked across to hand them both a brandy. While they sipped their drinks I

started to talk.

“I remember watching you both in the barn one afternoon when you did something

I had never seen before.” I walked over to Gervase and unbuttoned his jacket, then did

the same for Gideon. “You had one of the dairy maids with you, a favorite of yours,

called Daisy. Do you remember her?”

A small smile curled Gervase’s lip. His eyes met mine in total understanding and

apparent approbation of my plan.


Eden’s Pleasure

“I recall her,” Gideon commented softly as I eased him and then Gervase out of

their shirts. I paused to circle Gideon’s nipples with my fingertip until they hardened. I

did the same to Gervase.

I turned my back to allow Gervase to unhook and unlace my dress and petticoats. I

slipped my feet out of my shoes and began to work off Gideon and Gervase’s boots. I

admired the golden hair on the twins’ chests and the sight of their cocks straining

against their breeches. I made them stand close together so I could rub my palms over

their flat furred bellies and firm muscled buttocks.

I took Gervase’s hand and placed it on the lacing of my corset and rested Gideon’s

hand in the small of my back. With a murmur of appreciation, Gervase removed my

corset and my breasts swung free. Before he could touch them, I headed for the bed and

bade them sit with me.

I crossed my legs and sat up, one knee touching each of the brothers. Gervase’s

breeches had almost given way under the strain of his massive erection. Taking pity on

him and Gideon, I allowed them to remove their breeches. I took off my stockings too,

leaving only a thin band of black velvet sewn with pearls around my throat.

I stared hungrily at Gervase’s huge cock and my body quivered with the thought

that I would soon have him inside me. With a shiver of delight, I licked the tip of my

middle finger and pretended to pout.

“Let me see if I can remember exactly what I saw. Gideon, you need to sit up

against the headboard.” He moved up the bed and spread his legs as I came towards

him. “And Gervase? You need to be behind me.”

Gervase wrapped an arm around my hips with a satisfied grunt. I could already

feel his cock jabbing at my wet pussy, demanding entrance. I crawled closer to Gideon

and licked my way around his taut balls, nuzzling his crisp golden hair, grazing my

teeth against the soft flesh of his inner thigh. He shuddered as I took his cock in my

mouth. It grew and thickened against my swirling tongue. Using the tip, I caressed the


Kate Pearce

sensitive slit at the tip of his erection. I took more of him and began to suck with a

regular sliding rhythm.

Gervase watched me pleasure his twin, his fingers playing with my swollen bud

until with a groan of savage need he thrust blindly inside me. His massive shaft thrust

me forward, pressing Gideon deeper into my mouth as he followed my movements.

Gideon dug his fingers into my hair as I increased the pace. I grasped the base of his

shaft, holding him still as I felt the first spurt of his seed. My needs narrowed to my

desire to make Gideon and Gervase come together until all I could hear were the

sounds of flesh slapping or sucking against flesh and the moans of three aroused


Gideon came hard and fast into my mouth just as Gervase released himself with a

growl. My own climax followed with shocking intensity as I was buffeted between the

two men’s grinding hips.

For a long while there was silence as we strove to get our breath back. Then

Gervase pulled out of me and I felt his seed gush down my thighs. His warm, strong

fingers massaged the wetness into my skin. I closed my eyes when another set of hands

covered in perfumed oil began to knead my breasts. Blindly, I reached for the bottle and

began to massage my two men as well.

Soon we slid and slithered over each other’s bodies like a family of playful sea

otters. I drowned in the luxury of having two men to pleasure and two huge cocks to

play with. Our play became more purposeful as slick fingers pushed inside my pussy,

wet tongues licked my clitoris and I grasped and fondled taut buttocks, soft ball sacs

and hard, hard shafts.

Gervase lay sprawled on his back. I crawled up him and lowered myself down on

his cock. He kissed me hard, his tongue thrusting into my mouth as Gideon lay on top

of me, his oiled fingers widening and stretching my back passage. I felt his cock slide a

little way inside me. I must have stiffened. Gervase reassured me with his mouth and

the subtle undulation of his hips. I relaxed against him. Gideon slid deeper.


Eden’s Pleasure

“All right?” Gideon whispered as I grew used to the extraordinary sensation of

arousal and fullness the twins had given me. I’d never felt so stretched and yet so

fulfilled. Could the men feel each other through the fragile skin separating them? The

indecent thought inflamed my heated senses and made me crave the erotic experience


I nodded and Gideon groaned and slowly thrust downward, his hands anchored on

my hips as Gervase thrust upwards. I could do nothing but let the extremity of the

sensation roll through me in ever increasing spirals of ecstasy. I started to scream long

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