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Authors: Kate Pearce

Eden's Pleasure (2 page)

mine and thrust them back inside. A subtle thrill of pleasure darted through me. I

arched my back and felt my tight sheath caress and cling to the roughness of his leather

glove. He pressed his thumb against my labia and held my gaze in the mirror.

“Still not big enough, darling. Shall I prove it to you?” He removed my soaked

fingers and brought them behind me to his buckskin breeches. I could not help but gasp

as I grasped the shape of his cock. It was so huge, I could scarcely get my fingers

around it. My body throbbed with a sensuous welcome, opening me wider, making me


“Let me see you. Let me touch you,” I pleaded but Gideon refused to be distracted.

“Later, Eden. This time, I wish only to teach and please you.” He dragged my hand

away from his breeches and brought it to my breast. I was pleased that despite the

coolness of his tone his breathing grew harsher.

“I have to go to London tomorrow, and I would hate for you to miss what I have

planned for you.” His fingers returned to torment my swollen clitoris. I tensed as he

unfastened his breeches and his hard wet cock rubbed against my naked buttocks. I

moaned and instinctively tried to lift myself and make him slide into me. His arm

tightened around my hips and he held me firmly against him.

His suddenly cold blue eyes met mine in the mirror.


Eden’s Pleasure

“I said you were not to touch me. Do you wish to learn or shall I leave you now?”

“Don’t leave me like this,” I moaned as his thumb drove into me, making me


“Then be still, for I have something for you.” He reached down beside the chaise

and picked up his riding crop. I reclaimed his gaze in the mirror and frowned.

Holding the whip halfway down, he pressed it into my hand. “Don’t pout, love.

This is your present, to keep you busy and wet for me whilst I am away.”

“Do you wish me to whip myself?” I shrugged. “I had enough of that during my

marriage. It does not excite me.”

Gideon shook his head. “Give me the whip.”

I gave it back to him and he curled his hand around the leather handle. “I want you

to wrap your fingers around this and then think of how my cock felt.”

I did as he requested as a low burn of anticipation and excitement settled in my

stomach. The whip handle was smooth and large and similar in size to Gideon. I began

to see what he wished of me and took the whip back into my hand. With murmured

words of encouragement, he helped me position the handle at the entrance to my


He pressed both of his thumbs against my clitoris and spread his fingers through

my curls, opening me wide. I watched the tip of the whip disappear into my wetness

and released my breath. There was no pain, only a smooth, thick sense of being

overstretched and filled to bursting point. I paused for a heartbeat to get used to the


“Take more, now. You are wet enough.”

Gideon’s stark commands and unsubtle pressure on the whip handle drove it

deeper and deeper. I gasped as my flesh struggled to accommodate the sudden huge

influx. Gideon began to rub my clitoris with hard, remorseless strokes.


Kate Pearce

I screamed as the head of the whip touched the mouth of my womb and a wave of

violent pulsating need shuddered through me. Gideon held me tightly through my

prolonged climax, one hand pressed to my breast, the other manipulating both the whip

handle and me.

“Do you remember how we first met, Eden?”

“Yes,” I gasped as a second wave of excitement hit me. “We met in the barn at your

father’s estate. You and Gervase were…” I paused to find the right word. Gideon

slowly rotated the handle with a subtle twist of his wrist.

When I finished writhing against him, he whispered in my ear, “Eden, Gervase and

I taught you the right words. Do I need to tell them to you again?”

I gave a tiny nod and Gideon bit down hard on my neck. “Listen carefully then.

This…” he thrust his groin against my buttocks until there was no mistaking his

erection. “This is my cock.” His left hand trailed over my straining flesh around the

whip handle. “This is your pussy.” He laughed low in his throat. “Your choice of word

if I remember correctly, my sweet. Gervase and I would have chosen something far

cruder. And what Gervase and I did in the barn was fuck all the serving maids.”

I still had the grace to blush despite my exposed position and Gideon chuckled.

“You, of course, didn’t fuck anything, did you, Eden? You just liked to watch us.”

I couldn’t dispute what he said. My curiosity as to whether the twins were hurting

the girls had led me to stay and watch them rut until Gervase discovered me. When

they realized I posed no threat to their amorous activities, the twins allowed me to

watch as often as I wanted, often performing new tricks and positions purely for my

benefit and education.

Gideon recalled me from my thoughts as he tapped the whip handle again. “Move

the whip in and out, just like a real cock.”

“No,” I gasped, “I cannot stand any more! Please, Gideon.”


Eden’s Pleasure

“Of course you can, Eden.” Gideon’s voice held an inflexible note. “Let me do it for

you if you are too afraid.” I relinquished the whip handle completely into his control.

“But, Eden, you must watch because I expect you to practice whilst I am away.”

I stared at myself in the mirror as Gideon began to slide the thick whip handle in

and out of my slick passage. Feelings began to build and writhe through my body and I

felt Gideon’s cock slide between my buttocks in time with the strokes of the whip.

I couldn’t watch any longer as I came with a violence I had never known before.

Gideon’s hand slid from my breast to my mouth to muffle the sound of my screams. He

groaned and bucked and came in a hot gush of seed on my naked back.

It took me a long time to catch my breath and for Gideon to remove the whip from

my now tender passage. He met my gaze in the mirror.

“Will you promise to practice? I want to watch you come this way when I return.” I

managed a weak nod. His expression hardened and he caught my chin. “Just because I

have reminded you that you are a passionate woman, don’t think that you can try your

charms on any man.” He ran a hand down my back and massaged his seed into my


“Don’t wear anything under your gown at dinner tonight. I might want to play

with you again.”

He slid off the couch, buttoned his breeches and departed, leaving me reeling from

the sudden exotic turn my life had taken. I got shakily to my feet and ran my hands

over my flushed skin. Had the fall from my horse trapped me in some sexual dream?

Some of my excitement dimmed as I realized that the man who had made me come four

times in one afternoon hadn’t kissed or touched me with anything of his own flesh,

apart from his naked cock.

I straightened my back and gazed at my defiant face in the mirror. Gideon’s father

had summoned me to meet him in London in two weeks’ time to discuss my future. I

knew he would consider it his duty to secure a new husband for me. I tossed my head.


Kate Pearce

My attendance at the hunting party had been my first act of defiance. Now I had the

opportunity to enjoy myself further.

I gave myself a quick nod. I had two weeks to enjoy Gideon. I also cherished the

fragile hope that he might reunite me with Gervase, his identical twin. My first love and

the man who led me down a path of sexual exploration only to shatter me.


Eden’s Pleasure

Chapter Two

I sat at my dressing table and allowed the maid to brush out my thick black hair

and pile it in a sophisticated knot of curls on the top of my head. I couldn’t help but

wonder what Gideon might have planned for me after dinner. There was an

unaccustomed ache between my thighs and a wetness I hadn’t experienced at all during

my marriage.

I fastened a black jet necklace around my neck and added matching earrings. The

sensible part of my mind marveled at my uninhibited excesses of the afternoon. The

wild wanton part of me that I kept so well hidden cried out for more. I tried to quiet my

conscience by reminding myself that I had known Gideon and Gervase for most of my

life. They were but three years older than me. My widowed mother and I spent most of

our summers ensconced at the Harcourts’ country house where I had been allowed to

share the twins’ lessons and run wild with them in the confines of the estate. My

mother’s remarriage left me alone with the twins the summer I reached the dangerous

age of eighteen.

After that, my forced marriage dragged me to the cold northern climate of Glasgow

and I lost touch with my Harcourt relations. Gideon’s reappearance in my life seemed

destined. I nodded my approval to the maid and stood up, shaking the folds of my drab

black evening gown around me.

I was a free woman for the first time in my life. I grimaced in the mirror—at least

until I was pushed into another marriage. I knew in my heart that Gideon would never

hurt me and I was determined to enjoy him.

I came down the stairs and met my hostess, another vague relative, Lady Georgiana

Woodson. She received me in the golden luxury of the drawing room. I gazed at her


Kate Pearce

pink high-waisted gown with deep envy and wished I had the funds to replace my

hated black clothes.

Georgiana was newly married and considered one of the most dashing young

wives of
the ton
. I had wondered why she was so insistent I attend her husband’s

hunting party but now guessed she had been put up to it. She gave me a conspiratorial

smile as she held out her hand.

“Eden, my dear, come and meet the man who expressly ordered me to invite you to

my home.”

I forced myself not to smile when she towed me across the Turkish carpet towards

an immaculately dressed Gideon. Gideon bowed low to me. I admired the way his dark

blue coat slid over his muscled shoulders. A discreet diamond pin glinted in the snowy

folds of his cravat. As he took my hand, I allowed myself one quick glance at the front

of his tight biscuit-colored breeches, remembering what lay within.

I had bathed but his scent clung to my skin. I wondered if Georgiana would notice

as my heart raced and my nipples tightened in anticipation at his appreciative lazy


Georgiana flitted away, apparently well pleased with her matchmaking, and left us

alone. Gideon brought my gloved hand to his lips and bit down on my palm. I shivered

and stepped closer. His eyes narrowed.

“So you have decided to be brave then?”

He turned me slightly away from the room, dipped his fingers inside my bodice

and grazed my nipple with his thumbnail. “You must want me a lot.”

I regained my breath. “I want to be touched, Gideon. In truth, after all those years

with that old man, I deserve to be worshipped.”

Gideon lifted his glass, toasted my show of bravado and led me towards the dining

room. There were only four other young couples in the dark paneled room. Georgiana

ran an informal house and I was able to slide into a chair next to Gideon.


Eden’s Pleasure

The meal progressed at its usual gentle pace, only Gideon’s presence at my elbow a

distraction and a lure. He took every opportunity to touch me that was offered, opening

my napkin for me and spreading it across my knees, brushing my hand as he helped me

with my silverware. Soon my skin tingled and I became edgy with desire.

Georgiana dismissed the servants and dispensed with the custom of the ladies

leaving the gentlemen to their port. Then, in flagrant disregard for propriety, she quit

her seat to perch on her husband’s knee. As the port and Spanish cigars circulated more

freely, she shared her husband’s port glass and kissed him quite openly on the mouth.

Gideon smiled as he observed my slightly shocked expression and murmured,

“You have been away from polite society for too long, my love.”

I had just begun to relax and enjoy my wine when Gideon winked at me. He moved

his chair closer, slid his hand up my leg under my skirts and settled his fingers over my

naked mound. I almost shrieked in a most unladylike fashion as he flicked and circled

my swollen clitoris with his fingertip. I glanced wildly around the table, but nobody

seemed to have noticed.

The desire to scream welled in my throat as Gideon pinned me back into my chair

and slid one long finger inside me. I shot to my feet.

“Excuse me, Georgiana. I am a little…overheated.” I gasped and aimed a kick at

Gideon. “I think I’ll take a stroll in the garden.”

Georgiana waved a languid hand at me as her husband bent his head to her bared

nipple and I made my escape.

The weather continued mild for spring and I paused to breathe in the sweet scent of

herbs and early daffodils. Too late, I heard the dining room doors open and shut behind

me and then Gideon stood by my side. I glared at him. He offered me his arm and an

innocent smile and strolled with me into the shadowy green depths of the garden.

With suspicious ease, he guided me to a secluded, seductively lit arbor and

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