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Authors: Amarinda Jones

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Eat Me Up (5 page)

“Sweetheart, humor us.”

“Will I get real dick?”

“Yes,” Shane reassured her.

“I don’t do women.” It was just the way she was wired.

She liked men.

Lucas nodded at her words. “We know, but it’s another fantasy men and other women have.”

“Freaking weird.” Victoria believed totally in the fact that people could love whomever they wanted regardless of gender.

‘Do what you like just leave me out of it’ was her motto. “I like dick.”

Shane laughed at her insistence. “We get it and you’ll get it.”

“Okay.” Victoria knew it was their living and she was prepared to help. Up to a point of course. Though, have I crossed that already? Hmmm.

“What’s she going to do?” And will I like it?

Shane pointed to the strap-on Samantha held. “This will be a case of will Betty like to be filled this way or not?”

Victoria had a feeling she, as Betty, would like just about anything hard inside her. “Then I’ll get you two? Not that I’m desperate or anything it’s just—”

Lucas interrupted her. “Yes, sweetheart, but before then we’re all going to take turns at flogging and spanking you.”


“It’s not painful.”

Victoria snorted. “It won’t be happening to you.”

“Sweetheart, it will be fine.” Lucas leaned down and kissed her lips.

Victoria soon found that the thing with being spanked and lashed was it made her giggle. A lot.

“Seriously? Do people get off on this?” Victoria found it hysterical.

Shane grinned at her. “Yes, and you’re supposed to be getting all hot and needy, not laughing.”

“Sorry.” Victoria gave an unladylike snort of laughter.

“You’re something else, Victoria.”

“No really,” Victoria tried to suppress her giggling. “I’ll be good.”

Lucas sighed and shook his head. “Its fun but it isn’t going to work.”

“Yeah, but the players may find it amusing; Betty being tickled and how it turns her on,” Shane added thoughtfully.

Victoria arced up. “Oh God. Don’t do that.” Her biggest weakness was being tickled. It made her helpless.

“Why?” Shane moved in close to her.

“I totally lose control when I get tickled.” Victoria saw the interest in Shane’s eyes at her revelation. Oh, okay, that was probably a dumb thing to say.

“Good to know.” Shane grabbed her around the waist and started searching for her ticklish spots. The other two joined in and soon they were in a tangled heap on the floor together; her, Samantha, and the two men.

Samantha was the first to get to her knees. “It’s been fun, boys, but I’m on the clock and I have to pick the kids up from school soon. If you want me to fuck the lady for you, I have twenty minutes to do it in or I go into double time rates.”

Ah, so spoke the businesswoman. The men shot to their feet and re-jigged some cameras.

Victoria quizzed Samantha. “Does this gig pay much?”

“I do okay. I own a house, car, the clothes I want, and my kids want for nothing. And no, I’m not into women either but it pays good money.” Samantha stepped into the strap-on and adjusted the belt.

Eight inches of big, black, fake dick stared Victoria in the face. “Hmm, interesting—I mean you, not the dildo.” Though that might be fun…

“I can hook you up with a gig like this,” Samantha offered.

Both men looked at Victoria. They were stripping off their clothes but their attention was on her.

“I’m happy with the boys here. Besides, I’ll be going home soon.”

Why did that make her feel sad? This is business. Get over it. Victoria knew what she had to do next. She had to get on her hands and knees as was expected of her.

“Okay, let’s do this for Betty.”

When the lubed up dildo sank inside her cunt it was like any dildo going inside and not dependent on the gender that drove it. Very soon Victoria was enjoying every thrust. She shoved her ass up and her head down and gave into it. “Oh boy…”

“You like it, sweetheart?” Lucas stood before her, cock at the ready.

Victoria lifted her head. “Real dick is better.”

“And two are better than one.” Shane came to stand beside his friend.

Two dicks primed and loaded just for her. Victoria took turns licking and sucking one then the other as the dildo reamed her out. Both men’s dicks were of similar length but she soon discovered each had a weakness. Lucas enjoyed having his balls sucked, where deep-throating Shane turned him on. Victoria took her lips from their rigid flesh. She wanted to come. They wanted to come. It would only work if they were inside her body.

“How do you want Betty to do this, boys?” Samantha had not let up the thrusting pace.

“How do you want to, sweetheart?” Lucas pushed the hair from her face.

Good to know it wasn’t all about business. “Lucas, get on the floor and get ready to receive. Shane, I need you up my ass again. Once was not enough. Samantha, go pick up your kids.”

Samantha removed the dildo from Victoria’s body and the men covered their dicks with rubber. “You’ve got good men here.”

“I know it.”

Victoria climbed on top of Lucas. Samantha left as quietly as she came. That was probably a good trait to have in her line of work. Don’t linger, just move on and make money. Victoria couldn’t fault that. People did what they had to in order to survive.

“Welcome back, sweetheart,” Lucas murmured low as Victoria sunk down on his cock.

“Oh yeah, this is niiiice.” It was much better to have a warm, live, and jerking dick inside her then a lump of plastic.

Victoria felt the heat of Shane at her back as his cock nudged her anus.


“Since the first time I saw you both.” That was no lie.

Some men just had you at hello.

“We all have to have a long talk after this.” Shane sank his cock inside her anus.

“Sex now, talk later.” Once more, there was initial discomfort as Shane pushed inside but it soon passed. Then she remembered the cameras. “I hope this angle is okay to record this as a Betty sex moment.” Her fingers went down to her clit and massaged gently. Victoria was so turned she knew an orgasm would soon be exploding through her body.

“This is an ‘us’ moment,” Shane whispered against her neck as he pushed in and out of her ass in deep, fast strokes.

“Oh yeah, I never want this to end.” Lucas jutted his hips up in time with Shane’s thrusts.

“But I have to go home.” And damn it I don’t want to.

“Do you?”

“How can I stay?” She had a three month visa and that was it. Besides, Australia was her home. And this? This was amazing but how real was it? It was almost too good to be true.

Lucas kissed her lips. “Fuck now and we’ll worry later.”

And they did, that was until the man from the electricity company wandered in through the open door that Samantha had just left from and stopped dead when he saw them joined and lust and banging each other with great passion.

“I was looking for the meter.”

“It’s around the back.” Shane didn’t decrease his pace at all.

“Mind if I watch?” The man asked.

“Wanna be on film so the whole country can see you?”

Lucas responded.

The man registered the cameras. “Oh hell no. My wife would kill me.” He left.

“You boys have such an interesting life.” She rubbed her clit harder. What with the sudden interruptions of a lecherous stranger and being filled with two hard dicks, Victoria was ready to come.

“So, stay with us.”

She yelled out long and loud as she came.

“Is that a yes?” Shane choked out as he started jerking hard inside her ass as he came.

Lucas sighed, a dreamy look on his face. “Oh yeah, please stay, sweetheart.”

Victoria was flooded with sexual heat and strong emotion.

Is this all just orgasm induced? How real can this be? And how the hell can I leave this behind when I go home?

* * * *

Victoria looked over Lucas’s shoulder. “Wow! That’s me?”

She was surprised at the picture she saw on the screen. She stood beside Lucas in their workroom as he pieced together images. He had dark rimmed glasses on. He smiled when Victoria told him he looked ‘cute’.

“Yep, you in all your naked glory, sweetheart.”

“Hmm, at least I don’t look too fat.”

“You’re not fat.” Lucas sounded exasperated. “Why do women always think that?”

“It’s all the abnormally thin women around who freak us out. That and the television, movies, and magazines that insist we’re fat.” The media had a lot to answer to. She came around to his side.

“Men don’t worry about stuff like that.” Lucas pulled her onto his lap, his arms wrapping around her waist.

Victoria felt instantly at peace. “Except their penis size.”

He looked up at her, his glasses sliding down his nose.

“Got a complaint about that?”

She pushed his glasses back up. “No, it’s just an observation.” Victoria looked back at the screen. “I look like a cartoon.” The redheaded animation was her but not her. “That’s pretty nifty.”

“Yeah, that’s why we needed a real woman’s body to film.

We then work at turning it into a stylized animation. The way you move forms Betty Bombshell.”

“Oh.” And that was the crux of it. She was the model for Betty. They needed me for work. This is business. Remember that woman.


“No, I mean, it’s just funny seeing yourself as someone else does.” I’ve gotten way too involved with these men. No matter how many times she told herself it was business, in her heart she called it love. It was pure madness to fall in love so soon.

Surely only the desperate and needy did that? And I don’t want to be either. Victoria knew in her heart there was more to love than that.

“Do you like it, sweetheart?”

“Yeah but it’s not me or you two.” And maybe that was the best way to remember it. What they had was for a reason. Sure, people could be sexually compatible but it didn’t mean anything more than the delightful use of body parts. As for the ‘talk’ they wanted to have with her? Victoria wanted to avoid that. Some things were too complicated to verbalize and, therefore, better left unsaid.

“And you don’t like that it’s not clearly defined pictures of us and what we have together?”

Ah, Lucas wanted the ‘talk’. What do I say? What do we have together? What does he think it is? Am I the only one going mad thinking it’s more than lust? And how is it even possible it can work when we live in two different countries? But she said none of that.

“Why would an audience want to watch three cartoon characters making love—er, I mean having sex.” Uh oh. And then it hit Victoria hard and irrevocably. I’ve fallen in love with Shane and Lucas.


Lucas’ head jerked up at her “making love” comment. For all her tough, smartass ways, Victoria was pretty sweet and simple in the way she viewed life. As far as he was concerned, what started out as the pleasure of sex with Victoria was now much more.

“Tell me what you feel.”

“About what?” Victoria moved off his lap.

He could hear that caginess in her voice. There was no way either he or Shane was going to allow her to run away from her feelings. “You know what. About us.”

“I’ve enjoyed my time with you guys.”


Victoria avoided looking at him. “And what?”

While Lucas enjoyed stubborn and independent it was also damn frustrating. “How do you feel in here?” He leaned over and touched her chest. That she jumped made him smile. As indifferent as she was trying to act, Victoria wasn’t.

“I—um, you see, I like you both a lot…”


“Can’t we leave it at that?”

“Can you?” There was no way Lucas could, nor did he imagine for one second Shane would take this calmly.

Once more Victoria stepped away from Lucas. “Is there anything more you need from me—as Betty I mean?”

“What are you scared of, sweetheart?”

“Nothing. I made a deal with you boys and I will honor it.”

Ah, hide behind business rather than share your real feelings. That ain’t gonna work, sweetheart. “Is that what we are to you? Business?” Lucas could see the sudden sparkle of tears in her eyes. Some people made love so damn difficult for themselves. So it happened fast. It was still meant to be.

Victoria sniffled. “No, but this is business.”

“I see. So the pleasure we all shared was just a business perk?”


“Well, if that’s all you really believe it is then neither Shane nor I would want you to stay and be uncomfortable.” As much as Lucas wanted to take her in his arms and kiss or fuck or do anything to Victoria to make her stay, he knew it had to be her decision.

She hesitated. “But—”

“What?” Be brave and stay with us sweetheart.



Ten minutes later

Shane was furious. “You let her go?”



“So Victoria comes back when she realizes what she’ll miss,” Lucas responded.

“She’s one hell of a stubborn woman.” Shane wasn’t convinced. While the idea of setting something you love free to return back to you was fine as greeting card logic, this was a real flesh and blood woman with contrary thoughts of her own. That Victoria was scared of what she was feeling and the whole problem with the distance between their two countries, Shane understood. It would take some working out but it was doable.

“And what if she doesn’t?”

“Then we’ll go get her.”

Chapter Five

“I’m checking out, Salvatore.”

Victoria hadn’t been sure until she got back to the motel what she was going to do. But once in her depressing, pine scented, generic motel room with its suspect flowered bedspreads and paper thin towels, Victoria knew the answer. None of this was her life. The motel, Resort City, or Shane and Lucas. She couldn’t stay. It wasn’t her home. And the boys? While the sex was something she would never forget, Victoria knew she couldn’t allow herself to get any more attached. It was business. Sex was lust and lust never lasted.

Salvatore raised an eyebrow in surprise. “You no like my motel?”

“It’s truly indescribably lovely but I have to go home.”

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