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Authors: Amarinda Jones

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Eat Me Up (4 page)

Victoria had half the money promised in her bank account.

She had watched the money be transferred from their business account to hers and then confirmed over the internet. Victoria, being the skeptical soul that she was, then moved that money into a secondary account to make sure it stayed put. Sex was excellent fun. Money was surety to clear her conscience and pay her bills. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust the men. She did. Victoria was giving them her body in pleasure. The trust she placed in a lover was paramount. But money was one thing and sex another.

“Why the fruit and vegetables?” She picked up a carrot. It was long and hard. Hmm…

“Because it’s inactive,” Shane explained. “We want players to be able to do things to Betty like —”

“Like shove things inside me, er her and play?” They had requested she shave her pussy. It was no hardship. Victoria liked it bare. She ran the carrot down her inner thigh. She liked it that both men watched the path of the orange vegetable. “And this turns people on?” Other than dick and, yes, a fist and okay the occasional dildo, Victoria hadn’t thought about food inside her. It was kind of kinky. And exciting… “People are strange.”

Lucas nodded in agreement. “Oh yeah and we pander to that.”

She looked at their dicks and sighed. They had only been inside her once. And I want more than salad items to satisfy me. I need dick. “It’s hard to concentrate.” While Victoria hadn’t meant to say that, it was the truth.

Shane moved towards her. “Victoria honey, I want to lift you onto that counter top and fuck you senseless but not yet.”

“Oh.” Not yet? Damn. She looked at Lucas.


“So why are you naked if you’re not going to—”

“Fuck you?” Lucas finished her sentence. “Oh we will be.

We’re just providing you inspiration.” He winked.

Victoria licked her lips. I am inspired. I need to inspire them some more. “Okay, so what do I do to make this Betty chick come to life?”

Victoria understood that this was their business. When they came back from the lake, the men showed her their studio that was full of all manner of electronics to tape, edit, and record. They also sat her down and discussed her percentage of royalties on possible sales. It was strange to think Andre, narcissist idiot that he was, had possibly set her up with a nice financial deal through sheer fluke. Victoria didn’t doubt for a second that many men had watched her fisting. That was icky to contemplate but there was no point getting emotional over it. It was done and she was going to make the best out of a bad situation.

“You play.” Shane took the carrot from her fingers and placed his hands around her waist and helped her onto the counter top.

Victoria spread her legs so the men had a full view of her pussy. “This is so unhygienic.”

They laughed.

“Well it is. You’ll have to clean here to banish the memory.”

“I never want to forget you, sweetheart.”

Victoria smiled. “You’re sweet and horny. I like that in men.” She pushed her hair back. The men had wanted it out around her shoulders as they said that was sexy. For a couple of thousand bucks and the promise of more sex with these men, Victoria was happy to oblige.

“Okay, what first?” Remember, its business.

Shane handed her a banana. Lucas checked all the cameras were on.

Victoria peeled off the skin and giggled. “This is terribly sleazy.” But it was also kind of funny in an over-the-top way. She lifted the banana to her lips and licked the top as she would a dick.

“Yum…” Victoria slowly ran her tongue down the pale yellow flesh. She smiled as both men groaned. Okay. Fuck business. I need to get ‘em hard and out of control. They thought she needed inspiration. Let’s see who loses control first. That this was for a video game was not as relevant as enjoying herself with two hot men. Victoria put the banana inside her mouth and slid it back and forth as she would have a man’s cock.

“Oh man.” Lucas tugged on his dick. “Do you like sucking dick, sweetheart?”

She slid the fruit out from between her lips. “It’s always enjoyable to make a man come.” Victoria ran the banana down her body to her pussy. The urge to giggle overwhelmed her. It was so silly but fun.

“Perfect.” Shane’s eyes were on the descent of the banana.

“The audience wants to see you enjoying yourself.”

Victoria remembered being told about a live sex show in Amsterdam where the woman fucked herself with a banana. At the time Victoria thought it weird, but now? As Betty? She spread her thighs and rubbed the banana against her clit. “Should I put it inside me, boys? Is that what you’d like?” The men nodded in unison. Victoria pushed the soft fruit inside her cunt. It was nowhere as good as a dick but she knew if she kept playing with herself like this, real dick would follow. She held onto the end of the banana and slid it in and out.

“Fucking hell. I want to be that banana.” Lucas’ voice was hoarse with raw need as he watched her thrusting back and forward.

Excellent. Banana to be replaced by dick in I reckon no more than a minute. Her fingers strayed down to her clit. Victoria rubbed in a familiar motion guaranteed to make her come.

“Do not come,” Shane ordered, his hand encircling his own cock, stroking it.

“I may not be able to help it.” Come fuck me boys. I need cock.

Lucas groaned. “You know there is no way I’m going to be able to watch anything else go inside her until I’ve fucked her.”

“Yeah, man, she’s got us by the balls and she knows it.”

Shane smiled and shook his head.

“You know what I’d really like, boys?” Her hand stilled the banana. Victoria knew she had their total attention and cock would soon be incoming. “I’d like you to eat me up.”

Lucas didn’t need anymore convincing. He launched at her, his hands spreading her thighs further apart as his head pushed in between her thighs and started to suck out the banana lodged inside her.

Victoria fell back on the counter top and leaned on her elbows as she gave into the pure, wild sensation of a man sucking on her cunt. She tossed her head in the other man’s direction.

“Come here, Mr. Producer.” Shane went to her instantly. “I’m hungry for dick.”

“I need a condom.”

“I want to taste you on my tongue.”

Shane needed no more urging. He dragged over a nearby chair and stood on it so his dick was level to her lips.

“I much prefer cock to food.” Victoria swallowed the head of his dick inside her and sucked. Shane’s fingers threaded through her hair. This was perfect. A man at her thighs who was so very close to making her come and a juicy cock at her lips.

Lucas lifted his head. “I need to be inside you, sweetheart.”

Her mouth left Shane’s cock for a moment. “And I need you to come all over me. I want to rub your cum into my skin. But I insist I come first.” She gave no thought to the cameras. This was about sexual fulfillment. Art could wait.

Once more his tongue was on her clit licking, lapping, teasing, and Shane’s dick was in her mouth. Victoria’s eyes lifted to his. She could see he was close to coming as was she. Maybe one day soon we’ll linger some and hold on but for now…

“Are you sure?” Shane asked.

Victoria nodded as he own orgasm started to make her shudder and grind her cunt into Lucas’ face. As the bitter taste of cum flooded her mouth, Victoria was overcome by a peaceful feeling of completeness. Only one more thing would make it better. She watched Lucas fist his dick and furiously yanked it.

Victoria needed to see him come all over her stomach and breasts.

As the warm, sticky fluid spurted into her skin, Victoria closed her eyes and enjoyed the dick of both men.

Shane pulled out from her mouth and leaned down and kissed her long and hard. It was all tongue and she loved it.

Lucas stroked his now depleted dick again her inner thigh.

Victoria smiled at him and massaged the cum into her skin.

“Now that beats fruit and veggies any day doesn’t it, boys?”

* * * * *

They had to reshoot the scene in the kitchen, all agreeing that no one but Victoria would touch herself. That had amused her as she knew the men watched while carrots, pieces of melons, strawberries and candy bars were thrust inside her. She was already wet from her lovers so everything slid in easily. The filming almost stopped due to lust when she pulled out the candy bar from inside her cunt and took a bite.

Lucas had howled with need while Shane had just smiled.

“You’re such tease, Victoria. You’ll get what you ask for but not yet.”

That had surprised and disappointed her. Victoria had expected more dick but it wasn’t forthcoming. The rest of the session was all business and what Betty Bombshell would do with celery, cucumbers, and whipped cream.


Later, as she was naked and on her hands and knees on very bare floor boards in another room that was stripped of furniture except for a large wardrobe, Victoria wondered what they had planned next for her.

“This so not a good look for me.”

“I like it.” Shane looked up from the camera he was focusing.

“I have a fat ass.” She knew he liked that. Victoria had never felt so horny.

“All the better to fuck you, my dear,” Shane responded.

“Most men’s fantasies are to fuck a woman from behind.”

Lucas walked past and slapped her ass.

Victoria jumped at the sudden sting of warm flesh. She knew the cameras were on her. She couldn’t wait to see what these two men planned to do to her.

“That and in her mouth.” Shane left the camera and went to the wardrobe.

What is he getting? As the doors swung open wide, Victoria saw the neatly stacked whips, velvet floggers, and interesting looking toys.

“You’re going to spank me?” The thought made her shiver.


Shane smiled to himself. He and Lucas both agreed this was the best time they had ever had with a woman and it wasn’t just about sex. That revelation was amazing. It was more the fact that Victoria was so ready to give as well as take that was creating a connection with them. Each man agreed it would be hard to lose such a bond. They discussed it when Victoria went to take a shower. It had taken every ounce of willpower for both men not to follow her inside the bathroom and make love to her against the tiles.

“I’m not sure I can let her go, man.” Lucas shook his head as he looked at his friend.

“I agree.” What started out as a business arrangement had changed dramatically. “You know I had an inkling it would when I first met Victoria,” Shane told his friend. “Some women just have you with a look.”

“Yeah, so what do we do? I want to make her stay. I want to make her feel the same as we’re feeling.”

Shane had the same need. “Victoria will want to go home to Australia. That’s only natural. We can’t make her stay.”

“Yeah, I know.” Lucas sighed. “It’s just that she’s so different from other women. She makes me laugh and feel good even without the sex. That’s rare, man.”

It was. Shane had never felt such an instant attraction to any woman as he did Victoria. That his fuck buddy was falling in love with her as well was not surprising. It was also a good thing.

Both partners had to have the same lust and feelings for their woman or it wouldn’t work. “Would you think me mad if I said I loved Victoria?”

“Nope. I’m already there with you.”

“I say we finish what we’ve started and then if we still feel the same way, we sit down with Victoria and discuss it.” And hope to God she feels that same way.


“Ready for some fun, my lovely?” Shane turned and smiled at her.

“Always with you two.” Which was mad as she’d only jut met them but already they had taken a hold on her heart. Which I have to snap out of as I will have to go home and mooning over lovers who don’t actually love me is nuts. Besides, how can I even think it’s love? It’s lust, woman. Remember that. It was hard to do when Shane smiled at her liked that. Victoria looked at the toy he pulled out of the wardrobe. “That’s a strap on.”


“But I want real dick.” Substitutes were okay but why play with toys when you could have the real one?

“And you’ll get it,” Lucas assured her. “Just not yet.”


Lucas placed a finger to her lips. “Ssshh. You’ll enjoy this.” He turned to the doorway. “Come in, Samantha.”

Samantha? You what? Who? No way. A woman dressed in the tight black of a dominatrix entered the room. She wore impossibly high heels and carried a whip. Her face but for her eyes was covered by a mask.

“I so do not do women.” Victoria rose to her knees in objection.

Chapter Four

The sting of a flat leather whip against the skin on her back made Victoria jump.

“Hey!” She looked a Shane.

“Sorry, Victoria, but Betty Bombshell likes all forms of pleasure.”

“Well good for Betty, but I don’t.” She looked at the woman called Samantha. “No offence lady in black.” Was that real leather? She had to be hot in that get-up. Victoria suspected while she might just be able to wear a similar outfit, she doubted she would have been able to zip it up unless she didn’t want to hold her breath.

“Shut up and do as you’re told,” Samantha replied, her voice husky and cool.

“Whoa, you watch yourself, lady. No one tells me to shut up.” Victoria received another lash to her back. “Bloody hell.” She looked at the boys. “Why are doing this?” This wasn’t sexy. It was annoying.

“You’ll enjoy it, sweetheart. Just be a good girl.” Lucas toyed with his lash.

“I will not.” But then you did sell yourself for five thousand dollars for them to do whatever they wanted to you.

Another strike was made on her skin. It didn’t hurt. It was just aggravating to have no say in the matter. Yeah? So what. I’m still me. Contrary and in charge of who I am. “Damn it, stop that.”

Lucas crossed his arms over his chest. “Then behave.” He watched as Shane handed Samantha the strap on.

“On no!” The lash came down again. “I want dick.”

“You will do as you’re told.” Samantha swung the strap-on back and forth off one finger.

Okay, the chick in black is getting annoying. “I don’t like this at all and as ‘Betty Bombshell’ I say ‘no’.”

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