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Authors: Amarinda Jones

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Eat Me Up (3 page)

“Oh man.” Lucas’ eyes were on her breasts.

His needy tone made her giggle. “It’s just a bra.” Men were cute when it came to their need to see and touch breasts.

What annoyed the hell out of most women, they adored.

“It’s what it hides. After seeing that video of you, I want to suck your breasts so badly.” Shane unbuckled his pants and they hit the ground.

“Oh boy.” He went commando. Shane’s cock was long and eagerly jutting towards her. She watched as he tugged on it.

Victoria licked her lips. She always got hot when she saw a man do that. It was so intimate. It’s something I should be doing for him. She ripped her bra off and flung it behind her. Immediately, Lucas caught her around the waist, fastening his lips to her breast.

She gasped at the intensity of his mouth.

Shane chuckled. “Lucas has always had a weakness for pink nipples.” He walked towards her. “Me? I like asses. The plumper the better.” He nudged his friend slightly aside and tugged at the fastening of her shorts. “And I want your ass, Victoria.”

Victoria moaned. The man at her breast could not be swayed from his task. Lucas’ mouth was fastened on to one nipple sucking hard. It was the most amazing feeling. Some men licked.

Others sucked. Lucas adored. Victoria ran her fingers through his hair as her eyes locked with Shane’s as he pulled her shorts down.


Victoria had panties with yellow and white daisies on them. Shane walked around to the back of her. His hands gripped her ass feeling the full flesh.

“I love your butt.”

That was not a statement Victoria had heard before. She quivered at his touch.

Shane pressed in close and kissed the side of her neck.

“You are not to wear panties for the next week. I want full access to your ass, Victoria.” He ripped the underwear down and off.

Victoria swallowed hard at his demand. Normally, she hated being told what to do. But the possibility of hot cock entering her body at any time when either of them chose in the next week? Oh yes please. Her cunt was wet with need. She felt his fingers on her ass pulling her cheeks apart.

“Oh Shane…” It was so intimate and dirty. And I love it.

“You like?”

“Yes-s-s.” The word came out in a slow whimper as Lucas’ fingers descended on her clit. Victoria gasped. It was a sensory overload on her needy body and soul.

“Ever been fucked in the ass before, Victoria?” Shane’s finger stroked her anus.

She jumped in surprise. “No.”

“Have you wanted to be?”

A good girl would say no. “Yes.” I was never much on goodness. “I always thought I had too fat an ass.” No man had ever ventured to take her from behind.

“Oh hell no.” Shane sounded amazed. “More likely they had tiny dicks and couldn’t appreciate a real woman.”

sighed at his words.
Oh, him I like a lot.

“May I?” Shane whispered in her ear.

“Please.” Victoria heard the low, hungry need in her voice. She was on fire with need to be touched and taken by these two men. Two dicks were prodding at her body seeking entrance.

Lucas lifted his head and looked around. “Damn it, I’m not going to last long, man.” He gestured to a nearby wooden picnic table. “Over there, Shane.” He scooped Victoria up in his arms and carried her over.

She shrieked. No man had ever done that before. Victoria knew she was no lightweight.

“Don’t strain anything important.” The particular item of importance was hard against her belly and she wanted it to stay that way until she had enjoyed her fill of it.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. Whatever I have is not only strong and resilient but also yours.” Lucas placed her on her feet near the table. Lucas sat down and pulled Victoria onto his lap so she faced him. He pushed a finger inside her cunt. “You’re so wet.”

It was hard not to be with the promise of what was offered.

Victoria leaned in close to Lucas, rubbing her breasts against his chest. She smiled when he groaned and dropped his head to suck her nipples once more.

Victoria no longer cared about the rights or wrongs of the situation. Two men? In daylight? Yes please. I’ll repent later.


Shane came behind up them, his jeans in one hand and his cock pushing out to her.

Victoria reached out and encircled the hard, velvety flesh with her hand. “Come closer.” She had the irresistible urge to suck his dick.

Shane did as requested. “You like to suck cock?” He dropped his jeans to the grass.

“I love to suck.” Victoria didn’t feel ashamed at her admission. Once she surrendered herself to a situation, she knew what she wanted and asked for it. “Please.”

“Anything you want, Victoria.” Shane pushed his dick against her lips.

Victoria sucked it inside without hesitation. She loved teasing a man’s dick with her tongue. With one hand holding Lucas to her breast, she encircled Shane’s shaft and stroked her hand back and forward.

“Oh hell,” Shane growled low with need. His hand held her head as she sucked him.

There was something so primal and raw about taking a man like this. It was a power Victoria enjoyed. To see a man at her mercy made her hot. She could feel the wetness intensify between her legs. In answer to that and the prospect of being filled by two dicks, Victoria sucked on the bulbous head, her tongue teasing the sensitive skin of his frenulum underneath.


Victoria ignored Shane’s command and kept on teasing his cock head. She was having fun.

“If you keep doing that I’ll come in your mouth.

Her lips slid off his cock. It popped out wet and shiny.

“So?” Victoria enjoyed the bitter taste of cum on her lips.

“I want to fuck your ass and come inside it.”

Victoria shivered at his words. She held onto Shane’s wet dick liking the way it jerked with need.

Shane stepped away from her, breaking the connection as he bent down and picked up his jeans. He scrabbled through one of the pockets pulling out condoms and lube.

Lucas’ lips left her breast. “Promise me you’ll suck me like that.”

Her hand dropped to his cock. “Oh yes.” Victoria teased the bulbous head with the pad of her thumb. Who’s a lucky girl?

“Okay, fuck it. I need to be inside you now. Toss me a rubber, man.” Lucas caught one rubber and passed it to Victoria.

“You do the honors.”

She had never covered a dick with a condom before. It was always something done fast and before she had time to think. She reluctantly let go of her hold and ripped open the foil pack.

“Blue.” Victoria smiled at the color inside. “I’ve never ridden a blue dick before.” She rolled the rubber down over the tip, pleased at the need in Lucas’ eyes.

“First time for everything, sweetheart.” Lucas snapped the last piece of rubber in place then circled his hands around her waist and impaled her on his dick.

The feeling of hot, male flesh driving up inside her made Victoria dizzy with lust. She leaned in and kissed Lucas. It was all tongue and heat and longing. Pure feminine instinct drove her on to ride him deep and hard, bodies rubbing and hands caressing bare flesh.

Shane covered his dick and lubed up. “Steady, you two.

Don’t come without me.”

Ah yes, my other treat. Victoria turned her head and looked into his eyes. What she saw she liked. The promise of orgasmic lust made her reach back one hand to touch his skin.

“Fuck my ass, Shane.”

“Thank you, Victoria.”

That was so sweet. It made her feel more than just a sex toy with holes to fill. Victoria felt herself pushed forward into Lucas’ arms and two fingers thrust into her anus.

“This may hurt as it’s your first time.” Shane started to move his fingers slowly inside her.

While his fingers felt good, they were hardly the same as the driving thrust of cock. “I want your dick inside me.”

Shane leaned in and kissed her ear. “You need to be ready for it.”

Victoria wanted the pain, the rawness and the sensation of being taken because they desired nothing more than to do so. “I am ready. I need you. Now fuck me, damn it.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Victoria shrieked as the dick pushed inside her. It burned as it entered and pushed its way deep inside. This was so different from anything else she had experienced. “Oh my…” There was pain but it was a good, hot pain that made her push back against Shane for more.

“Okay?” Shane hesitated.

“Yes. Don’t stop.” Victoria wanted the full length of him buried inside her ass. The feeling of being filled by two dicks was more intense than she imagined it could be.

Lucas’ hands gripped her hips. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured against her lips.

Victoria smiled. “‘Cause I like your dicks?” She was crammed tight with male flesh. And I love it. What started out as discomfort in her ass was now a growing pleasure.

“That and you ride them so beautifully.” Shane kissed her neck and shoulders as he increased the pace.

The warmth of his wet mouth on her flesh made her shiver.

It was both hard and soft with these men. They thrust and pumped yet teased and kissed. It was good, hardy sex just the way she liked it.

“Ohhh,” Victoria murmured as the men drilled her.

She wasn’t surprised when the two dicks inside her increased in pace. It was the excitement of first time sex that drove them on to come. While she wasn’t close to coming back, that was okay. Victoria enjoyed the sensation of being sandwiched between two hot guys and being filled. The twin growls of excitement and the hard jerk of dick within her as she was pressed even closer to her lovers was hot. Their hearts pounded, hips pummeled her flesh and Victoria held on and enjoyed every second.

“Damn that was excellent,” Shane wrapped his arms around Victoria. Both men stayed inside her as they caught their breath.

“Oh hell yeah.” Lucas playfully kissed Victoria’s nose.

“But what about you, sweetheart?”

“It was excellent.” Who knew out of one sleazy moment with Andre she would meet two such caring lovers?

Shane pulled back. “But you didn’t come.”

Men. Not having an orgasm was taken so personally. “It’s not all about coming.” Any real woman knew fullness and passion were just as good.

“It is with us.” Shane pulled out and lifted her off Lucas’s cock to stand.

Victoria was wobbly on her legs. When Shane dropped down to his knees, her eyes opened wide in surprise. That he cared so much made her want to cry. As his tongue touched her clit, Victoria caught at his shoulders, pushing her pussy into his face giving Shane full access.

“Oh y-yes please…”

His tongue rapidly lapped the pink flesh of her cunt. Not many men were good at that but Shane was clearly an expert. She felt Lucas’ arms move around her. His chest pressed to her back.

Victoria turned her head to kiss him as Shane shoved a finger inside her vagina. He thrust and sucked. If Lucas hadn’t been holding onto her, Victoria knew her knees would have given out and she would have fallen. Or maybe I already have? She wailed and thrashed not caring who saw or heard. Good sex was meant to be loud and dirty.

“O-o-h-hhh,” Victoria choked out the sound as she shook under the onslaught of sensations tearing through her clit and up her body. As Victoria came in his mouth, she felt tears roll down her face. How was it these two men, whom she had only just met, understood her needs so quickly?

Lucas traced one tear down her cheek. “And we’ve only just begun.”

Shane stood up and lifted Victoria into his arms. She felt safe, warm, and loved. That was until he strode down to the lake’s edge and threw her into the water.

Chapter Three

“What the fuck!” Victoria roared as she shot up out of the water. Her hair hung in dark, red, wet clumps around her face and neck. “Why did you do that?” She spat out a strand of hair. This wasn’t how sex was supposed to end. She had been all teary and emotional and caught up in a glorious moment. “What happened to afterglow and quiet cuddling?” She had gone from panting in need to wet and furious.

“I wanted to see you wet and shiny.” Shane found his cell phone and started filming her.

“What if I couldn’t swim?” Victoria yelled at him as she flapped around in the water trying to walk out.

“You’re an Aussie. You come from Olympic stock,” Lucas pointed out.

“Why are you filming me?” Victoria was wet and bedraggled. She was hardly Venus rising.

“Because you’re sexy as hell splashing around in the water like that.” Shane moved in closer to her.

“And we can incorporate it into Betty Bombshell,” Lucas added. “Splash the water on yourself.”

“What? Why?” I’m totally confused. Those boys think this is hot?

“’Cause it’s sexy.”

That confirmed what Victoria had always known. “Men like weird things.”

“Got to tell you, Victoria, the percentage of women who watch porn is around forty percent.” Shane kept filming.

“Seriously?” Okay, so maybe I have watched some…

Lucas nodded. “Oh yeah. Now run from the water.”

“I never run.” Some women were runners, others were sitters who watched others run.

“”Come on, let’s give Joe Public a hard-on seeing your boobs bounce.” Shane’s voice was filled with amusement.

“You’re both mad.” What was that saying? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Victoria threw back her wet hair and laughed.


“She’s amazing.” Lucas had his eyes locked on Victoria.

“I’m a little in love with her already, man.” Shane stopped filming and just stood and admired Victoria. “It’s the way she talks and moves. It’s mesmerizing.”

“Oh yeah, I want to eat her up with a spoon.”

“I have a feeling a week is not going to be enough.”

Lucas nodded and clapped Shane on the shoulder. “Yeah, some women get to you straight away.”

* * * *

They were naked. There were cameras set up at different angles all around the kitchen of the home the men shared. That the filming was to be in the kitchen initially surprised Victoria but the two very naked and delicious men explained it was necessary to film in many different places to make the interactive game more exciting, Victoria just nodded and smiled and agreed. More exciting than two long, lovely cocks pointed in my direction? Is that possible?

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