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Authors: Amarinda Jones

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Eat Me Up

Evernight Publishing

Copyright© 2011 Amarinda Jones

ISBN: 978-1-926950-26-6

Cover Artist: Jinger Heaston

Editor: Kimberly Bowman


WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Eat Me Up

Amarinda Jones

Copyright © 2011

Prologue—Resort City, Florida

Victoria O’Connell gripped the pillows under her head as she panted and spread her legs as far as she could. The man licking her clit was driving her mad with the need to be filled with hot dick.

Andre looked up at her, his mouth wet from her juices. “I bet you never thought your pen pal of nineteen years would eat you up.”

Victoria giggled. Nope. In fact she hadn’t thought much of Andre when she first saw him after he picked her up at the airport.

That he was dark-haired and muscle-bound was just the surface gloss. She looked for more than that in a man. The thing that struck her most was the fact he was totally devoted to talking about himself. That was great on paper and email but not the give and take of face to face conversation.

So, after listening to how fantastic Andre kept telling her he was, drinking the three—or maybe it was four—glasses of the wine he kept pouring seemed like a great idea. In fact, the more she drank the more impressed Victoria was with him. When he suggested she relax on his bed, she agreed. It had been a long flight from Australia and she was a little woozy. As for taking off her clothes? It seemed like a good idea too as the alcohol made her hot. She became even hotter when a naked Andre climbed up on top of her.

“What are you doing?” Victoria knew it was a silly question with his dick pressing into her stomach.

“I want to fuck you.” His hands covered her breasts, kneading the fullness.

“W-wh-what?” Fuck me? Did pen pals do that? Victoria closed her eyes as the heat from his body suffused hers. They were chest to breast with pelvises touching. There was something so right about male flesh tight against hers. Any thoughts of pen pal etiquette were fast disappearing. Maybe he wasn’t so self-absorbed.

“I can make you feel good all over.” One hand strayed down to her pussy.

And that’s how it started. Victoria could have blamed the alcohol. It had impaired her senses. As did her libido. It was always on red alert for incoming cock. The touch of a finger to her clit and she succumbed to the moment and the man.

“Who knew you were such a slut?”

Well, I did. Victoria loved sex and she felt no need to feel ashamed of that. Three fingers were thrust into her vagina. Her pelvis thrust up to meet them.

“I’d prefer your dick. But you need a condom.” Loving sex was one thing. Health and safety another.

“Nah, I don’t need one. I have something even better for you.”

What was better than cock, other than chocolate, of course? His fingers pushed further inside her.

“That’s nice.” Victoria loved the overwhelming fullness of a man between her legs. Then a fourth finger joined in. “O-o-o-h…”

“You like?” Andre’s finger pushed in further.

I love, but wait a second–was that a thumb? Her cunt was being stretched open by the width of a determined male fist.

Victoria tried to move. She couldn’t. Victoria was pinned down and helpless.


“Relax, you’ll enjoy it.”

“This hurts.” Sorta. It was uncomfortable yet not. It was like a giant cock had forced its way inside her and her body was doing it’s best to accommodate it.

“It won’t soon.” His whole hand pushed in up to the wrist.

“I can feel how much you like this. You’re dripping wet.”

Victoria enjoyed being filled. The build up of heat and the pressure always turned her on. As for knowing it was a fist? It was kinky and she would have been lying to say she didn’t want him to continue.

“You are never to tell anyone about this.” What she chose to do in private was just that.

“Of course. I promise. It’ll be our secret.” And he started to move his fist within.

“Oh God.” The fist inside her thrust in and out. The pain she first felt began to subside. It was replaced by something else and when the fingers on his free hand started to rub her clit as he pumped back and forth within her, the pain changed to pleasure.

“O-h-h-h…” Victoria spread her legs as wide as she could and bore down on the hand. Drunk or not she was going to enjoy this fuck.

Later on she would wonder if the unseen camera recording the moment would have made any difference at all.

Chapter One

Victoria hated public transport. Problem was, she had only so much money left and she had to conserve it for the week ahead in order to be able to get back home to Australia. Although she had a three month visa to visit the US, Victoria was over Resort City and the smug, knowing look of Andre. He had taken her in a primitive way and she had enjoyed it. She could hardly complain about it. Andre would just laugh and say she wanted it. Some men had class. Others were Andre. So where she could have stayed with him and saved money, the cost of that was too great. While she wasn’t in pain from the fisting, Victoria wasn’t about to invite him to take her in such a way again. If she had to economize and do things she loathed like taking the bus, eating packaged two minute noodles, and sleeping at the less than salubrious but definitely cheap Resort City Motel, then Victoria would. Lordy, the motel was tacky. And pink. Very, very pink. Salvatore, the owner of the motel, explained his wife liked pink so he painted it that color for her. Victoria thought it was a sweet yet ghastly pledge of his love. The plastic, albeit faded, flamingos that were placed less than strategically on the front lawn added to the pinkness.

From her seat on the bus, Victoria looked out the window at the passing scenery on the way back from the beach. Two weeks ago, it had seemed like a fantastic idea to leave her home town of Brisbane, Australia, to come to Resort City, Florida, to meet up with her pen pal Andre. They had been writing to each other since they were eight years old. Now, at twenty-seven, it had seemed the right thing to finally meet up. Andre had volunteered to come to Australia. Victoria chose instead to go the United States as she had always wanted to but, up until now, she had no money to do so. On a whim, she cashed in her small nest egg and flew to Andre’s hometown. Resort City.

“What a dump,” Victoria muttered as the bus jerked to another halt to pick up passengers. The town was supposed to be direct competition to the city of Miami but at a fraction of the cost.

At least that’s what the travel agent had told Victoria when she booked. “What a load of crap.”

Victoria had taken the bus to a beach recommended by Salvatore. Only problem was it was a nudist beach and the red haired, very pale skinned, buxom—okay chubby–Victoria didn’t do naked well, let alone in the full glare of a burning sun. And, despite the brief attraction of one couple going down on each other in broad daylight where anyone could see, the beach was not a patch on those in Australia. But that’s what the experience of travel did. It made you appreciate what you had back home.

Victoria thought about Andre. The best word to sum him up was sleazebag. Really, what other name could be given to a so-called friend who got you drunk and naked, then shoves a fist up your cunt, then tells you the whole episode had been filmed? More mortifying was the fact that Victoria, even in her drunken state, had enjoyed the fullness of such penetration. And as for the tape of that moment? Andre swore blind it was for private use. Victoria wanted to believe him but how could she ever be sure? He had offered to play the tape for her. She declined. Victoria had a feeling it would turn her on. The last thing she wanted was to feel wet and needy with only her ex-pen pal to play with. Despite the knowledge of what she had done with Andre and the slight discomfort from being fisted, Victoria had enjoyed it and she knew that pleasure would be reflected on film.

“And I can’t blame being drunk.” It had been a very long time since a dick, let alone anything else, had been inside her.

“I’m such a slut. I’m probably one of those sexaholics,” she muttered to herself.

“Pardon?” A blond man with a laptop sat down beside her.

“Were you asking me for sex?”

Victoria jumped in surprise. “No.” She shifted in her seat and looked at him And what a ‘him’. He was gorgeous, lean, and with green eyes that were direct and searching. Hmm, maybe…“I’m not that desperate.” Much. Take on another man to obliterate the memory of the night before? Shut up. Keep your legs closed.

“You look familiar.”

Victoria snorted. “I bet you say that to all women.”

“No, only those I know I’ve actually seen.” He switched on his laptop.

There was no way he could have seen her so Victoria took it as the standard pickup line. She watched as he tapped on the keys.

“Are you a gamer?” Victoria had heard these guys were never without their laptop.

“Sort of. I design programs for games.” He shoved his fly drive in and smiled. “Oh yeah, I remember you now. How could I forget?” The man grinned at her.

Oh, what a smile. It drew Victoria in making her feel both happy and excited. “What’s so amusing?”

“’Not so much funny but serendipitous.” He tapped on some more computer keys and came to an amateur video site. He clicked on the on button of a video download. “There you are.” He turned the screen towards her. “You’re ‘lay of the day’.”

Victoria glanced at the screen and shrieked. “Holy fucking hell! That weasel!” Andre had placed her fisting video on this site.

There she was, looking anything but drunk, her eyes closed in ecstasy, hands gripping the pillow behind her as Andre’s fist pushed inside her cunt as she moaned for more. How embarrassing. So much for his promise. Victoria’s face turned bright pink. It wasn’t a good look with her fiery red hair.

“You look magnificent.”

“I was drunk.” That wasn’t a great defense as she was seen to be enjoying it. A lot.

The man just smiled at her words. “Uh huh.”

“I was. I would never have allowed that normally.” I’m pretty sure.


Victoria looked back at the screen. She would have liked to have said she couldn’t remember that much of the moment but it was hard to forget a fist thrusting inside your body and she did look like she was enjoying herself. “No.” Okay, maybe yes.

“You took a long time to say no.”

“You’re disgusting. Turn that off.”

“Why? Because you’re embarrassed?”

Who wouldn’t be? What happened in private was supposed to stay private. “Well yeah and we’re on a public bus.”

“So?” He didn’t make a move to turn the video off. It kept playing.

“Do you have any manners at all?”

“I do but when I see someone who intrigues me I take chances,” he responded. “Wanna take one with me?”

Victoria looked out the window. Great, now I’m being hit on by a computer geek. She could see the refection of his laptop screen in the smeared bus window.

“Turn it off.” There was only so much of herself she could watch. Besides, what she had seen was making Victoria’s body hot but not in a good way. The video was a turn on.

“I like watching you. Do you enjoy sex?”

“What sort of a question is that to ask a stranger?”

“I’ve seen you naked.”


He nudged her shoulder with his. “You’re not a stranger to me. And, I have a proposition for you.”

“I bet you do.” Victoria was dumb enough to get film naked. He probably thought she was desperate too. Well, I am. I’m broke.

“I need a woman.”

Victoria snorted in a less than lady-like manner. “There are places called brothels…”

He chuckled. “My name is Shane Palmer. I have an idea for a new game series I want to launch. I need a woman who likes sex.”

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