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Authors: Amity Maree

Don't Tempt Me

Don't Tempt Me


Amity Maree

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Maree, Amity

Don't Tempt Me

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Chapter One

"What am I going to do with you, young lady?"

"Give me a spanking?" she sassed, tossing her head in that teasing manner of hers.

"Don't tempt me!"

"You know it's what you are thinking!" the blonde accused, pointing a finger at him.

"Yes, it is exactly what I'm thinking you need!" Will nodded. "I can't believe you let that old lady goad you into another argument, Jenna! She's eighty-five years old; ignore her!"

"You try ignoring her, Will! She won't let you. She calls out, and if you don't answer her, she starts screaming insults. She's the one who poisoned my sugar snap peas!"

"You can't prove she did that, Jenna."

"Oh yeah? Go look in her shed if you don't believe me. She has poison in there, and she hates me. That is all the proof I need."

"You snooped in her shed?"

"I prefer to think of it as a reconnaissance mission," Jenna told him, her blue eyes flashing."

"You can't do that. It's trespassing!"

"The Government does it all the time. Why can't I?"

"You aren't the Government... It's illegal. Mrs. Pratt could file charges."

"And I could file charges against her! That poison she has is dangerous. She killed my peas!"

"Jenna. Stay out of Mrs. Pratt's yard. Do not argue with her. Stay away from her. If you get into trouble with her one more time, you
going to get the spanking you are begging for."

"I am not begging for a spanking!" Jenna denied. "I am begging you to do something about her before she kills me!" the blonde dramatically declared. "I know she has bodies buried over there. I heard her talking!"

"Jenna, I mean it. Stop this nonsense," Will said firmly, raising his voice a notch in disapproval. "I've lived beside Mrs. Pratt for fifteen years now, and she's a sweet lady. You've done nothing but find fault with her since we got married two months ago!"

"You aren't here to see it, Will!" Jenna whispered. "She's sneaky."

"That's it!" he said, rolling his eyes. "I'm tired of warning you, Mrs. Cole. You wanted a spanking, and you are going to get a spanking!" He took her arm and headed toward the house.

"Will! You wouldn't! You know I don't really want a spanking! I always say that... but I don't mean it! Will! Please... let me go. We need to discuss this! I am much too old for a... a... a spanking!" Jenna whispered. "Please, let go of my arm!" she dug in her heels and tried to pull her arm free of his grasp. This was a side of Will that she hadn't seen before! Surely he wouldn't really spank her! He was just trying to make a point. "Okay, you win, darling. I will stop making wisecracks about Mrs. Pratt. Please let go now. You're making me a bit nervous!"

"I'm going to do more than make you nervous, Jenna Suzanne," he promised, his eyes full of determination. "I don't think you'll be asking me to spank you again," he stated. He pulled her resisting body through the house, until they reached the family room. He took a seat on the large sofa and pulled her down over his lap, and gave her bottom a loud spank, followed by another and then another.

"You lousy son of a OWWWWWWWW!" Jenna hollered when he spanked even harder, on her upper thigh, right below the bottom of her short shorts. "Ohhhh, darling, stop! It really hurts! I'm too old for this!" she insisted, her face scarlet.

"No you're not too old for this. You've been acting like a brat having a tantrum, and this is the best way to deal with a brat," Will insisted. "You are a mature woman who should understand that Mrs. Pratt is elderly and set in her ways. You just need to smile and change the subject when she starts saying things that upset you." Will resumed the spanking, smiling when his pretty wife drummed her feet on the sofa cushion. The skin beneath her shorts was turning red, and he imagined she was going to have a hard time sitting through the dinner party they were attending that night.

"Will! You are hurting me! Please, I've had enough!" She was never going to cock her head to one side and tell him to spank her again!
She hadn't been spanked in more years than she cared to remember, and she doubted that Will realized how strong he was. For his age, he was in fantastic shape, and just because he sat all day at work, it didn't mean he didn't work out and keep his body firm and his muscles strong. The exact opposite was true. "Will! Are you listening to me??? I've had enough! I'm so sore and I can't tolerate any more of this!"

"You will tolerate as much of this spanking as I decide you will tolerate," Will spoke in a firm voice that she well recognized. He meant every word he said, and no amount of pleading on her part was going to get her out of the punishment he'd decided on.

"I'm sorry!" she apologized. "Truly... I am sorry!"

"What are you sorry for?" he asked, continuing to spank the seat of her shorts and eliciting a cry of pain each time his hand fell.

"For upsetting you, darling... and for arguing with Mrs. Pratt, and for continuing to complain when you said 'enough'. Please, Will... I'm in so much pain I'll never be able to go tonight, and I might not be able to work tomorrow!" She was perfectly serious. Her skin was delicate, and she bruised easily these days. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" She was crying and Will gave her a dozen more hard spanks and then he permitted her to get up.

"You get upstairs and hit the shower, Jenna. We need to leave for the Parkers in exactly one hour. Did you take care of getting a gift?" he wanted to be sure while there was still ample time to get something.

"Surely you can't expect me to go like this!" Jenna was upset and she didn't bother to hide her emotions from her husband. "I can't sit down, William Cole!" she informed him with affronted dignity. "I bought flowers to take to Mary, and you may take them along with you and give her my regrets." She started to leave the room but Will got up and moved to block her exit.

"Jenna, you will shower and dress and you will come along this evening and be your gracious self. The fact you were spanked has nothing to do with attending this dinner party. If anything, sitting on your backside will remind you all evening of your promise."

"I am an adult. I am not going." She moved around him and headed upstairs. She did want that shower. She was filthy and sweaty from working in the yard all afternoon. Will did not love flowers as she did, and she'd been transferring his yard into a thing of beauty. She was in the master bath, with her dirty clothing in the hamper, looking at her reddened bottom in the mirror when Will walked right in.

"Jenna, have you calmed down enough now to accept the fact that staying home tonight is not an option?" Will's dark eyes were somber as he confronted her. She knew how he felt about social obligations. If you accepted an invitation, then you arrived when you were supposed to arrive. If you wished to stay home, then you did not accept the invitation. He was a stickler for that protocol.

"Look at me, Will! I cannot sit down and I am not going to go and have to give some explanation of why I can't sit at the table."

"No, you are not going to make explanations, Mrs. Cole. You are going to go and sit and eat dinner without squirming and without one word of complaint. You are not going to do one thing to rush the evening, either. Do I need to make this point in a manner you will understand?" he asked calmly.

"Why are you being so impossible this evening?" Jenna demanded angrily. "I haven't done anything wrong, Will. It's that impossible old witch next door who started all of this. I am not going tonight, and if that upsets you so much, well it is yourself you have to thank for that. You are the one who made it impossible for me to sit down." She flipped the shower on and set the temperature control where she liked it best. She hoped the water eased the pain she was in.

Will turned off the water, and then he picked up the bath brush off the bath tub. "I stopped too soon, Jenna. Bend over and put your hands on the side of the tub."

"Noooo!" Jenna looked at him in shock. "Will, have you lost your mind?"

"I am tired of your attitude, and it is past time I took you in hand. You have done nothing but sass me since I spanked you, and that isn't the way a wife who is sorry for her behavior acts. Now we'll finish what I started in the family room, and I'll make sure I do a good job this time. You will still be going to the Parkers, so don't get any ideas that I will expect anything less of you. I won't. Bend over, Jenna. How long this spanking lasts depends on your attitude."

"Please don't, Will," she backed away from him. "I am seriously too sore for another spanking."

"You should have thought of that before you starting talking to me with disrespect, Jenna. I won't tolerate that."

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again," she stated. "I'll get ready to go to the Parkers," she acquiesced.

"Not until I address your behavior, Jenna. Bend over right now or instead of the twenty-five I planned, you will get fifty." Her eyes widened in horror and then filled with tears. He pointed at the tub. "Now Jenna."

His voice was soft, and she knew that voice well. It meant the end of patience. She bent over and placed the palms of her hands on the edge of the tub. Will didn't keep her waiting. He spanked hard with the bath brush, and the first spank landed on her sit spot, as did the next four. He switched sides, and gave her five more there. Jenna felt her legs shaking and she didn't know how she would bear another fifteen smacks! It hurt so much worse than his hand!

"Am I making an impression, Jenna?" Will demanded.

"Yes. I am sorry, Will. Please, I will change my attitude now. I am in serious pain."

"I am sure you are, and the next fifteen will not be any easier to accept, but I am sure you will recall them and remember to control yourself, especially with Mrs. Pratt." He followed his words with another ten swats, five to each side, and in precisely the same places as before.

Jenna was sobbing. "No more, Will! Please, no more! I'm begging you to stop."

"Five more, Jenna, and then I will stop."

Jenna wanted to die. The next five were given to her thighs, and sitting was going to be excruciating.

"In the shower now. We only have forty minutes to get ready."

Will left the bathroom, and Jenna sobbed as she got into the shower. The spray only intensified the pain of her backside, and how she was going to get through the evening was a mystery to her. She tried to apply her makeup so it would hide the fact she'd been crying, but she feared she looked like a woman who was wearing too much makeup to make herself appear younger than her years. She hated that look, and she scrubbed it off, and tried once more. It still looked bad.

It didn't take long to dry and style her short hair, and she hurriedly left the bathroom to get dressed. She didn't wish to risk angering Will by not being ready on time, and at least she already knew what she was going to wear and would not have to waste any time deciding on that. A few minutes later she was ready and downstairs. Will looked at his watch and nodded in approval. He hated to be kept waiting even one minute past the time they agreed upon to leave. He walked her to the car, and tried not to smile when she gasped in pain when she sat on the soft leather seat. If he remembered correctly, the Parkers dining room chairs were extremely uncomfortable to sit upon, and Jenna was going to get another lesson... having to sit still throughout dinner.

Jenna only answered when Will spoke to her. She wasn't going to pretend she was happy with him when she wasn't, nor would she be rude and refuse to speak. She just wasn't going to make conversation.

There were six couples in all, including their host and hostess. Mary thanked them profusely for the flowers and rushed to put them in a vase of water and then she placed them on the table in the dining room. Allen Parker had been sober for twelve years now and they never served alcoholic beverages in their home. Most of their guests understood and went out of their way to be supportive. Instead of a bottle of wine, they brought desserts, candy, fruit, and flowers. Mary thanked them all, knowing the gifts were picked with thought.

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