Dominque (Knights to Remember) (6 page)

“Yes.” Dominque was in those strong arms, but kept a safe distance from Jacob’s actual body.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to leave my side.” His voice was low, but the annoyance in it couldn't be mistaken.

“I thought as he was such an important part of the charity you help, you would like me to make a good impression.”

“A good impression, yes. Letting him eye fuck you on the dance floor in front of his partner, no. Not so good.”

“He didn’t do that.” Dominque almost stopped dancing as he indignantly denied the accusation, but Jacob pulled him closer, leaning in and growling his words out into his ear.

“He’s done nothing but stare at you with blatant desire since he first saw you. He’d have you without a moment’s hesitation. You stay with me from now on, and if I see one look pass between the two of you…” He clenched his jaw, not finishing off his sentence but instead huffing loudly. “If you
mine, I would have such fun disciplining you for your behaviour with him tonight.”

Dominque looked over Jacob’s shoulder. The word discipline excited him, but then it had been a long time since a man spoke to him in that way. Too long. Dominque flashed his gaze up to Jacob’s eyes and saw something he’d been seeing all along but unwilling to accept. “Excuse me for a moment.”

He rushed off the dance floor, finding the nearest bathroom and bouncing into a cubicle where he turned around in circles before he kneeled on the floor, panting into his hands, considering throwing up what he'd eaten to stop the butterflies from dancing around in his stomach.

That’s why Jacob didn’t want him. BDSM activities had been completely removed from Dominque’s list. It could have been that which turned the guy off. Dominque took a slow breath and closed his eyes.
‘I didn’t have to. Just seeing you was enough.’
What he saw, or didn’t see, in Dominque was driving him nuts.

“Dominque?” Jacob’s rumbling voice made him jump in the cubicle. “Are you in here?”

“Yes,” he replied softly.

“Are you okay?”

“I'm fine.”

“You don’t sound fine.” Jacob was right outside the cubicle now, the sound of the door shifting slightly, and seeing his feet so close told Dominque he was leaning against it. “I made you uncomfortable. I'm sorry for that. I didn’t mean it as a threat or as a punishment.”

“No. Just correction, right?” Dominque slapped his forehead.

Jacob sighed. “It was meant playfully.”

“Leave me alone.”

“I will not. Come out this instance. I refuse to have a conversation with a door.”

“I don’t remember signing anything which said I had to do whatever you tell me to.”

“No, but I'm pretty sure paying you secures that my needs are fulfilled in the manner I desire without further negotiations.”

Dominque bit his tongue hard before spitting out his reply. “Well, you're wrong.”

Jacob snorted, half laughing, half growling. “Dominque. I’d like you to get off your knees and come out now.” Neither moved nor spoke. “You're mine, are you not? For the evening at least. I’d like you to start acting like you belong to me and move.”

He tried to hate being referred to as a mere belonging, but the way the words sounded coming from Jacob’s lips made him shiver all over. It had been a long time since he’d reacted in that way, and he covered his mouth and composed himself.

When he released a loud sigh, Jacob stepped back from the door, allowing him to stand swiftly and open it, seeing the firm glare etched on Jacob’s face. “Better?”


Jacob glanced over him slowly, appraising him thoughtfully before offering his hand. “Our evening is almost over.”

Dominque couldn't help the wave of relief spreading through him. Jacob made him edgy and nervous, something no one did, and he was ready for this night to be over.

“That obviously pleases you.” Jacob led them both back into the hallway, running his fingers through his hair and disturbing his immaculate style. “I can't say I disagree with you. This evening has been an ordeal. One which I'm eager to have over and done with. The quicker you and I part ways the better.”

Dominque kept quiet, disappointed he hadn't been able to win the client over, but happy to have not angered him by wanting the evening over. The next hour was filled with goodbyes and last minute exchanges of business cards with willing donors. Dominque’s feet were aching and his back was begging for a hot bath after standing around and being so stiff for such a long time.

When he glanced at the clock, he saw it was past one in the morning, and he stifled a yawn. He was ready for bed.

Jacob eventually led them both to the foyer where he took the lift to the tenth floor, escorting Dominque to his room. A moment of panic went through him as he stepped inside. Had Jacob changed his mind and he now expected more from the evening?

“Remove your jacket and waistcoat and lay down on the bed.”

Dominque watched in silence, not moving as Jacob took off his own jacket, removing the loose bow tie from his collar as he walked around the bed.

“Now, Dominque.”

He tried to keep still, but his hands fluttered nervously by his side, and the memories of Jacob’s words about disciplining him came to the front of his mind.

Jacob looked over his shoulder when he still didn’t move. “Your back is hurting, isn't it? Hours of standing with such immaculate posture and being so nervous has stiffened you up. Lie down.”

Dominque hesitantly lay on his front on the comfy bed, adjusting himself so he was comfortable and sighing as he felt his back relax. He hadn't mentioned being uncomfortable. Jacob obviously had a keen eye for pain. When the bed dipped, he turned to watch Jacob kneeling beside him, moving his hands to his back where he began to expertly work out the knots in his muscles. Dominque moaned as he felt the pain slipping away and a hazy cloud covered his sleepy eyes.

It was three a.m. when he awoke, lying fully clothed on the bed, Jacob sitting at the desk beside him, the light from his laptop illuminating his face. Dominque lay still, watching how his eyes narrowed as he concentrated on what he was reading, his fingers flying over the keyboard. He took a few silent unnoticed moments to watch the tall blond doctor at work, being unable to drag his gaze from Jacob’s more relaxed posture in the intimate setting. Dominque was sure the man had layers which he could peel back and investigate given the time or inclination, but he had neither. It was time to move on.

“Welcome back.” The softly spoken words made him jolt and Jacob slid his eyes to his. “How’s the back?”

“Better, thank you.” He sat up, head still spinning from the sleep as he swung his legs off the bed and took a breath. “You should have woken me. Anything after midnight costs you extra.” He bit his lip. The office would know too as he hadn't called to let them know the date had finished. “I don’t usually get paid to sleep.”

“No, I can imagine you don’t.” Jacob sat back in his chair, looking tired but more relaxed and warmer than he did before.

Dominque stood, brushing down his clothes and straightening his hair. “Mr Buchanan, I’d like to give the money I earned tonight to go to the charity. Well, I have to give twenty five percent to the agency, so whatever the remaining is.”

Jacob stopped playing with his hair and looked at Dominque closely—brows furrowed, lips thin and sterner than seconds before. “Why?”

“Because… because I want to. I took the details for donations, and I can do it myself if you’d prefer.”

“I'm not going to donate it for you. I'd rather you took the money, then did with it what you wanted.” He sighed heavily, tired eyes meeting Dominque’s. “Don’t do this.”

“Why can't I give the money?”

“Because… it’s yours and you deserve it.” Jacob tapped his fingertips rapidly over the polished mahogany of the desk as he chewed on his bottom lip. “I'm pretty sure without you by my side, we wouldn’t have half the amount of donations we received. You were an expert at playing people like putty.”

Green eyes slid to Dominque’s, capturing him in a hold tighter than any he’d experienced physically before, and they both seemed to slip into a long moment where everything around them evaporated, leaving only them and the tension Dominque felt building up between them. Unsure if it was just him, or if Jacob himself could sense the heaviness hanging in the air, Dominque turned, his back now to Jacob, eyes closed, and shallow breaths slowly being taken in while he again composed himself.

“I should invite you to every event.”

“But you won't.” Dominque smiled as he slipped on his jacket. “It’s okay. I understand. I'm not what you want and that's fine.” It was far from okay in his mind, and the powerful need to turn and gaze at Jacob, plead with him to let him stay and make him happy, was stronger than any other feeling he could recall experiencing for years. Instead, Dominque took a solitary, quick glance over his shoulder, not being able to meet those green eyes.

Jacob shook his head, a coy smile playing on his lips. “No, we don’t always get what we want in life, do we?”

“I guess not.” Dominque walked over to him, restraining the sigh escaping his lips and holding out his hand as he eventually met Jacob’s eyes. “I've enjoyed tonight. Thank you.”

“You enjoyed yourself?” Jacob stood up, taking Dominque’s hand in his and looking down into his eyes.

“I did. Especially the back rub.” Dominque grinned. “You have magical fingers.”

Jacob smiled more openly than he had during the night, those bright eyes sparkling in the light and doing strange things to Dominque’s pulse. “Well, knowing the inside of a body and how it works helps.”

“That’s… slightly disturbing.” Dominque chuckled, enjoying the genuine smile playing on the edges of Jacob’s lips. “Good night, Mr Buchanan.”

“Good night, Dominque. It’s been…” He paused, smiling wider. “Interesting.”

“Yes, for me too.”

Jacob stepped back and walked to the door, opening it and watching Dominque walk outside where he took hold of his shoulder. “How will you get back home?”

“Oh, I have a driver. I'm staying at a hotel tonight not far from here. He’ll make sure I get there safely. Thank you.”

“Good. Take care, Dominque.”

“You too… Jacob.” Dominque lifted up on his tiptoes and placed a soft kiss on his cheek, feeling every inch of the guy stiffening in response, well, not
inch. Jacob really, really didn’t like to be touched.

Dominque made his way to the lift, feeling the heavy gaze from Jacob on him all the time until the doors opened and he rushed in. He pressed the ground floor button and fell against the wall.

It was a shame Jacob hadn’t wanted him because he was one person who Dominque would have enjoyed sharing a bed with for a few hours, and not just sleeping in it either, although it was incredibly sweet of him to let him drift off for a couple of hours.

Not many men would be willing to pay for their escort to be unconscious. He couldn't be that bad. He’d cared for Dominque in a way most other men would never have done.

acob ignored Robert’s question. Instead, he concentrated on assessing the images from the MRI scan in front of him. “The tumour could be cancerous.”

Robert sighed… again. “Jay, I didn’t ask you here for an opinion.”

“Yes, you did. I
remember you saying those
words to me over the phone an hour ago.”

Robert smirked at him. “Yeah, but I didn’t
it. Come on!” He threw his hands up in the air. “Where’d you meet him and why didn’t I know about him?”

“Because…” Jacob sighed. He didn’t need to lie to Robert. They shared pretty much everything about their personal lives. “He’s not my boyfriend.”

“But he could be.”

“No.” Jacob threw himself into the leather chair behind Robert’s desk and shook his head. “No, he couldn't ever be mine for two reasons. One being he’s not what I need. He may have certain traits in him, but he’s not what I'm used to in bed. You know what I like, Robert, and he’s not able to be with me like I want.”

“That could change. In time, all relationships change.”

a relationship.”

“Could be.” Robert planted his arse on the corner of the desk and drilled his gaze into him. “What’s the second reason?” He wasn’t going to drop this, Jacob could tell.

“Fine! I paid him to be with me to shut everyone up about what I'm into and to make a good impression on the big guys.”

Robert sat still, looking at him. “You paid him? Like… paid him paid him?”

“He’s an escort. I booked him through an agency. Well, when I say booked
, I actually booked someone else who I wasn’t as attracted to, but I ended up getting Dominque by some stroke of bad luck.”

Robert took a minute to take in what he’d said then stood up, hand in pockets, looking at Jacob sitting with his arms and legs splayed out and smiled. “Could have been fate. He could be your destiny. You never know.”

“Bullshit. You and I don’t believe in that crap.”

“But you like him.”

“I do.” Jacob closed his eyes. Two weeks passed since he met Dominque and he thought of him every day. “I wish I didn’t, but I do and it pisses me off to no end. I wish I'd never met the perfect son of a bitch. It was a mistake. The whole evening was one big catastrophic failure.”

Robert moved to the couch shoved up against the wall, lying down on it and smiling at Jacob. “You paid for him.” He sniggered a little. “Why? You're not
ugly. I mean, you need to work on your bedside manner, but that won't come as a surprise to you. Surely there are men willing to date you for free?”

“I didn’t want the hassle. I didn’t want a date, I wanted a professional, and Dominque was perfect.” There was that word again. Perfect. It kept springing up and running around Jacob’s mind like a runaway train which he couldn't stop no matter how much he tried. Like it or not, Dominque
fucking perfect. “No one else could have done what he did beside me. And… He gave all his earnings, in fact, more than I paid him, to the charity. Over three thousand pounds.”

“So, you really didn’t pay him, then?”

“No.” Jacob fisted his hands together. “I wish he hadn't done that.”

“Hey, every penny counts.”

“He worked hard for that money.”

“We all work hard for our cash.”

“Yeah, but he was with me, putting up with my sullen mood for hours and hours.”

“Yeah, that’s the worst.” Robert chuckled at Jacob’s frown. “It was his decision. You can't control everything, Jay.”

“I can try.” Jacob grinned at his friend.

“Try and fail.”

Jacob’s mobile went off and they both rolled their eyes. It was constant. “Yes?”

“Mr Buchanan.” It was his secretary. “Allan Parkinson called to arrange a dinner date for next weekend. He said his wife, Bettina, was missing her friend?”

“Ugh.” Jacob took the phone from his ear and ground his teeth together.

The woman had been in constant contact with him since she met Dominque, saying how she liked him and had chatted to him since, but he was being coy about arranging a second dinner date.

Jacob was incensed when he found out Dominque gave Bettina his personal details, but then after two weeks of being hassled by her himself, he understood how persistent the woman could be. Poor Dominque didn’t stand a chance at saying no to her. He pulled the phone back to his ear and sighed. “I’ll contact Allan direct and sort something out for this weekend.”

What the hell he was supposed to do? Another date was out of the question. If Bettina wanted to meet up with Dominque that was fine, but he wouldn’t be there. Then again, Allan was on the board of trustees and an important man, one who Jacob shouldn’t ignore, and pissing off his beloved wife was bound to do just that.

“What's up?” Robert sat up, crossing his arms behind his head and smiling.

“Fate is one fucked up bitch, Robert.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” He grinned widely, then laughed.

Jacob went through the night where Bettina fell in love with Dominque, then explained the stalking both he and Dominque experienced since—much to Robert’s amusement.

Robert eventually stopped chuckling and looked a little more seriously at him. “Look, you clearly connected with this guy, and not to be blunt, but he's fucking stunning. You must have some restraint, Jay, to hold back from fucking him. I don’t know if I could.”

Jacob waved his hand dismissively. “You're just out of a bad relationship with little or no sex. You’d fuck anything with a pulse.”

“You say that, but I haven't been with anyone since Leo.”

Jacob paused, shifting to stare at his friend. Robert was one of the most sought after surgeons in the hospital—by both sexes. He was handsome and had the personality to match. Jacob thought he would be playing the field now his empty relationship had finally ended. “Seriously? Maybe I should give
the agency’s number.” He grinned at the look of shock on Robert’s face. “It’s just sex. You can have sex now, Robert, it’s allowed. And perhaps you’ll meet someone you actually
in bed.”

"Like your new guy?”

Jacob felt a rod of steel shoot down his spine and every inch of him froze. If Robert booked Dominque and they had sex…

Robert moved to him, leaning in and pressing him back in the chair. “You're truly fucked, mate. You’ve got it bad. You turned as green as the Hulk. I was expecting you to burst out of your clothes and trash the hospital.”

“Would you really book him?”

“No.” Robert stood back, smiling down at him. “I'm too good a friend to do that to you. Neither of us enjoy sharing.”

“He's not mine,” Jacob growled out as he rose to his feet.

“Yes, he is.” Robert folded his arms across his chest and grinned. “You know he is. You just have to convince him.”

“I've met him for what? Six hours? I've spent far longer with other men and you’ve never been convinced they’re mine.”

“That’s because you didn’t want them to be. You can't deny what you want from this one, Jacob. I’ve never seen you so into a guy before. You’ve been off your game since you met him, and don’t lie to me because I know you. The real you, not this cold façade you play so well. You want him. You know you do. Don’t deny it. I denied what I wanted for too long and look where I am now.” He laid a heavy hand on Jacob’s shoulder and smiled sadly. “Don’t be like me. Go for what you want and grab hold of it.”

Jacob opened the door to Robert’s office and looked over his shoulder. “It’s the grabbing hold of which bothers me. How I want him, he won't be able to cope, and I'm not able to restrain myself to train him.”

“If you want something badly enough, generally you find out a way to make it work. Just try it. Call him up. Go for the date with Allan. See what comes of it.”

“More money.” Jacob stuffed his hands in his pockets and tapped his feet on the floor as he considered his options, and knowing there was only one direction they would lead him. Back to Dominque.



acob had been pretending
to look at his phone for the last two hours. Pretending not to think about dialling up Secret Pleasures and asking for more information about Dominque. He could do that. He had a right as a paying customer to know what he was getting for his money.

All the escorts had profiles, and Jacob stalked Dominque’s for the last two weeks, staring at the picture on there and reading through the limited information. If he’d read it
their date, he wouldn’t have been surprised by how elegant and confident Dominque acted during the evening. He would also have known he spoke Russian fluently.

It didn’t list anything sexual, or anything to indicate Dominque was a submissive, but it was quite obvious he was naturally submissive, and the fact he knelt when he was stressed intrigued Jacob into wondering if he’d practised BDSM with other clients. It could be a game, one he learned to please, but it could be more. Surely those would be listed on his profile.

Eventually, he picked up the phone and waited for the agency to answer. The same woman he spoke to before picked up and remembered him. It was an instant recollection which surprised Jacob as he was positive she must speak to many men and wondered why he stuck out in her mind. “I was enquiring about Dominque.”

“Dominque?” There was a pause, then a rushed intake of air. “Dominque, is it?”

“Well…” Jacob paused. “He used Alasdair. That’s what you may have listed.”

“Yes, I'm aware of who you're talking about. How may I help you, Mr Buchanan?”

“I was considering booking him again.”

She huffed and it made him pull the phone from his ear and look at the number, almost questioning she really worked there. “There was a mistake with the last booking. You chose Harry, is it him you’d like to book?”

“I just said who I wanted, woman.”

“Oh, so you want him? Interesting.”

Jacob paused, sucking in a sharp lungful of air. “You're incredibly rude.”

“It’s allowed. You were rude to our star escort.”

“Oh really?” Jacob smiled despite his bad mood. “Look, lass, I’d like to learn a little more about him.”

“Like his shoe size or his favourite film?”

Jacob tapped his fingers on the table and listened to her sigh.

“This works better if you tell me what you’d like, and then I pair you up with a suitable escort.”

“How about you list Dominque’s dos and don’ts and I see if I want him or another?”

There would be no other, but it got her moving.

“There’s very little he doesn’t do. Unless it’s something more exotic you're looking for.”

“Now, by…
… what do you mean?”

“Sir, perhaps if you could tell me what you want, this could move along quicker.”

“Fine! To be blunt, I want to strap him to the bed and flog him before I fuck him hard and make him belong to me. Exotic enough or not?”

There was a moment of absolute silence, but it couldn't be shock, surely she’d heard worse? “Dominque isn't the one for you.” Her voice was quiet, almost shaking. “I won't book him. Not for you. Not again.” Then the phone went dead.

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