Diary of a Player (26 page)

I am the realization of my grandfather's dream. I am a player.

Guitar Tips from Brad


They call it playing. So have fun.



his book has been written as a kind of big thank-you note and an acknowledgment of the key players who made a guitar man out of me.

But David and I would also like to tip our hats to some of the men and women who helped make this book itself a reality. First, thank you to the entire team at Howard Books/Simon & Schuster, including Jonathan Merkh, Becky Nesbitt, Philis Boultinghouse, and Jessica Wong.

We'd like to thank our virtuoso literary agents—Mel Berger at WME and Sarah Lazin at Sarah Lazin Books; Rob Beckham at WME; Bill Simmons, Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Hartley, and the whole gang at the Fitzgerald Hartley Company; as well as four key players—Darlene Bieber, Kendal
Marcy, and Doug and Sandy Paisley, whose gigs go above and beyond even the job description of “mom” and “dad.”

David would also like to thank everyone at the Country Music Association and the CMA Awards production team, especially Robert Deaton and Walter C. Miller, who have given us the perfect excuse to spend a few weeks a year talking to one another and allowing that conversation to now become this book.

Finally, thanks to the Paisley family (Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Huck, and Jasper) and the Wild family (Fran Wild, Andrew Wild, and Alec Wild) for putting up with both of us during this process, and in general.

May these circles too be unbroken.

We hope you enjoyed reading this Howard Books eBook.

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