Dawn, Dakota - Blessed Times Two (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Blessed Times Two

Branda McFalls always comes up swinging.


When twins Troy and Trey Cortino come into her life claiming she belongs to them, that she is their true love, she thinks they must have more than one loose screw. Why do these hot guys have to be crazy?


They are persistent, and the heat that blazes between Branda and the twins is irresistible. Branda’s friend assures her they are good men. Deciding it is time to make some good sexual memories, she gives in to the unusual feelings of lust and contentment she feels around both of them.


Troy and Trey love how sassy their true love is.


She needs their love to heal her, even if she doesn’t know it. The blessing on their family gave her to them, and they will never let her go. A lifetime of love and pleasure is in Branda's future, and Troy and Trey plan to see she gets it.


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal
82,900 words


Dakota Dawn


Siren Publishing, Inc.


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Chapter One

What a find!

Branda McFalls stepped into the bookstore she’d just recently discovered. It was only two blocks from her new loaner home in Naples, Florida. Dang, she loved bookstores. You never knew what you’d find. Taking in a deep breath, she smelled cinnamon. She loved cinnamon. In cookies, in hot chocolate, in candle form. It awakened her senses and calmed her nerves all at the same time.

Scanning the store, she caught a movement by the register. Her heart stopped beating, then started pounding. It was a wonder she didn’t pass out. Standing behind the counter was the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on. His shining black hair almost touched his shoulders, and he had the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. Those outstanding eyes were trimmed in thick black lashes. Her pulse kept its alarming pace. Talk about finding something special.

His lips turned up in a predatory smile. “Can I help you find something?”

Deep dimples bracketed sensual lips. Her knees went weak. Shaking her head, she said, “No, no, I’m just looking.”

“Let me know if you need anything at all. I’ll be here at the counter.” His eyes slowly lowered down the length of her body.

Feeling her face heat up, she turned and dashed behind a row of bookshelves. After getting her breathing under control, she peered around the row to get another peek at the hunk organizing books into neat piles on the long counter close to the cash register. He glanced up, and she hurriedly moved out of his sight. He must have felt her staring at him. It was more like ogling and wishing men were really like the ones she read about. Knowing that was a crock of lies, she moved on through the bookstore until she found the romance section. It was loaded. She was in heaven.

Choosing the less crowded aisle, she looked for her favorite author on the shelves. Jackpot. Two new books she hadn’t read. Glancing around, she looked at the other shoppers. Not wanting to fight with any of the other customers, she pulled both books off the shelf as a protective measure. Flipping one over, she read the back.

Feeling someone moving in close to her, she stepped a little closer to the shelf, never taking her eyes off the book. She felt body heat. Looking up slowly to the left, she saw a strong, tanned hand resting on the shelf. Her senses went on high-alert, but she let her gaze travel from the finely-shaped hand, up and over a well-defined forearm, across bulging biceps, and on to a broad shoulder. Neck muscles screaming, she knew what she had to do if she wanted to see who was in her personal space.

Slowly, she turned her body and looked up. Oh, god! It was the hunk from behind the counter. He smelled just as good as he looked— fresh, clean scent mixed with pure, wild, hot male.

He held up another book by the author she had in her hand. Leaning in close to her ear, he whispered, “I see you’re interested in this author. This book looks like it’s going to be very interesting. Would you like me to hand it to you or would you rather I put it on the shelf?”

Even his voice was sexy as sin. Her body was going into sensory overload. Unexpected moisture dampened her panties.

He backed up slightly and stared hungrily into her eyes, a knowing grin on his handsome face. He was reading her like he would a girly magazine.

She knew bright pink was creeping up her chest and over her cheeks. Forcing her eyes away from his, she looked at the book. Oh, another one she hadn’t read. She’d definitely been away from the bookstore for way too long. One year and she’d missed three books. Glancing down the aisle, she saw another woman looking for a book. The picture of a circling vulture popped into her head. There was no way she was giving that book up.

Cutting her eyes back to him, she quickly stated, “I’ll take it.”As she took the book from him she made sure their fingers didn’t touch.

Grinning wolfishly, he added, “If there is anything I can help you with just let me know.”

Her lungs deflated the second his fine ass was out of sight. Turning over the book he’d handed her, she blushed even brighter. Ménage. She hated him knowing she loved to read ménage stories, but there was no way in hell she was going to leave this book or the others behind. It’s not like she was going to see him very often, if ever again.

An hour later, she placed five books on the counter. The hunk looked up and smiled. Butterflies fluttered around in her stomach, doing crazy dance moves. She wished they’d stop. Real men are never as good as the men in romance stories. She’d stick to her books, thank you very much.

“Did you find everything you need?” His green eyes held her captive as he asked the question.

She was certain one of the authors she loved to read must have met this man. He was perfect. So tall, strong, and handsome. Yes, he was just like the ones in the stories. Hell, he even had a job. That alone made him better than her last date. Realizing she was ogling him again, she dropped her gaze to her books and pushed them closer to him. “Yes, thank you.”

“You must be new around here. I haven’t seen you in the store before,” he said as he totaled up her purchases and bagged her books.

Her cheeks felt even hotter than before, and she knew she must be the most awful shade of red. Damn her light complexion. “I moved into the neighborhood a few months ago. I just noticed your store two weeks ago. You have a wonderful selection. The store smells great. I love the smell of cinnamon.” Seeing the amount she owed on the register, she quickly pulled out a couple of bills and handed them to him. She really needed to get away from him. She was blabbing like an idiot, and her heart wouldn’t stop racing.

“Welcome to the neighborhood.” His eyes briefly scanned the store. “I am happy the store pleases you. My name is Troy Cortino. What’s your name?”

“Branda. Branda McFalls.” Her voice quivered slightly. Reaching out for her change, she started when he captured her hand in his much larger one. Standing there like a doe mesmerized by a spotlight at midnight, she watched him bring her hand, palm side up, closer and closer to his full lips. Adding a little pressure, he moved her hand downward, exposing her wrist to his lips. The firmness of his lips touched her wrist first, and then his tongue darted out and licked her flesh. Sinfully wicked.

A wild shudder charged through her arm and raced violently down her spine. Twin hard peaks made a sudden appearance in the front of her soft sweater. What the hell? Her nipples felt hard enough to cut glass. She looked down to see if they were visible. Yep. Just what she needed, a blaring sign of her arousal. Her reaction to him was an enigma. No other man had ever stirred her heart and body the way he did. Closing her eyes, she tried not to blush any brighter. Remembering why she no longer dated, she let her mantra run through her mind:
Men are players not lovers. Men are players not lovers.

Feeling her change being placed in her hand, Branda opened her eyes. His heated hand still held hers. Green eyes bore into hers. Not able to handle his intense gaze, she lowered hers to gaze at the counter.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, but your beauty forced me to act on instinct.” His voice was as silky as his kiss had been.

When his words registered in her brain, her brows drew together and she questioned him. “Instinct?”

His lips curled up in a sensual smile. “Yes, instinct. Something about you draws me to you.”

Her brows shot straight up. Did he just say what she thought he said? “You’re drawn to me?”

“Very much.”

“Oh!” Shock slowed her brain down but not her feet. Scooping up her bag of treasured books, she rushed out the door.

* * * *

Upon returning home, Branda placed her books on the table and plopped into her favorite chair.
Whoa, that was a close one.
Her heart still hadn’t slowed down from its hunk-induced, fast-beating adrenaline rush. If she didn’t really know how painful sex was, how egotistical men were, and how mean men could be, she would most likely have let Troy do whatever he wanted to her. But she knew the truth, and there was no way she was going to do it again.

Besides, he was probably just being nice. No man that looked like him would ever want a size sixteen like her. They all wanted size-two women. She was just a whopping fourteen sizes too large for any hunk to really want.

A smile crossed her lips. It had been nice to hold his attention even if it was just out of niceness. For a moment, she’d felt like the heroine in a love novel. No man had ever looked at her the way he did, and she had never been as drawn to another man the way she had been to him. Most likely, every woman who walked into the bookstore was just as attracted to him as she was. She’d bet her last dollar the bookstore was booming. Every desperate female within a hundred miles probably shopped there just to be treated so lovingly by such a hot and out-of-reach male like him. The owner had been smart to hire Troy Cortino.

What was the name of that store? Looking through her bag, she found the receipt. Cortinos’ Body Oils and Books. Cortino. Body oils.
Lord have mercy
. Troy owned the store.
Handsome and smart
. Everyone loved a great-smelling store. His had smelled deliciously like cinnamon. Where had the body oils been? She’d have to go back and check those out. Not today, of course. Her heart couldn’t handle seeing him twice in one day.
Men are players not lovers.
And some are downright mean. Her eyes lowered to the receipt. Body oils.

A shudder raced through her body as a wicked thought slashed through her mind—Troy rubbing scented oil all over her rounded curves. Her silky panties caught her slick juices at the thought of his tanned hands rubbing cinnamon oil between her thighs then licking it off. She doubted men really did that, but damn, it was a hot thought.

A loud ringing sound jerked her from her fantasy. Glancing around, she realized it was her phone. Picking it up and not recognizing the number, she answered, “Branda’s Edible Bouquets. How may I help you?”

“Hi, Branda. I’m Gaven Walker. I just recently opened a sports pub, and I need some fruit bowls for a party that’s going to take place here in two weeks. Can you cut some of the fruit into the shape of a football? My customer loves anything related to football, and his wife wants to throw him a party he’ll never forget.”

“That won’t be a problem at all.” Pulling out a notepad, she added, “Give me all the details.”

* * * *

Pushing a speed dial number on his cell phone, Troy waited impatiently for his brother to pick up. Four rings later, he finally answered. “Trey, I found her, and she is so sweet. I could get lost in her big brown eyes. I can’t wait to see those eyes dazed with passion.”

“Found who?”

“The woman of my dreams, of course. My true love. ” Pictures of Trey and him sharing different women in the past eased into his head. He loved the sight of a woman writhing in pleasure. “Maybe she’s the woman of

Trey’s voice was filled with excitement. “Why do you think she’d be interested in both of us? Did you lick her wrist? I told you to stop doing that. It could be just a fluke that it happened to a few generations of our family.” Trey paused for a nanosecond then asked, “How did she react?”

“Just like
said. You should have seen her. Her whole body shuddered then the most tempting nipples you’ve ever seen made perfect round spots on the front of her sweater. When my tongue touched her wrist her emotions poured into me. The feeling was indescribable. I could feel a bond link us together. It was so incredible. When her emotions are elevated she turns the prettiest shade of pink. You are going to love her.”

“What makes you think she’d want both of us?” Trey questioned.

“She was buying ménage books. That means she has an open mind and is not totally against it.”

“Do you know where she lives?”

“No,” Troy said, “I figured I’d get her address the next time she comes to the store. She paid in cash so what could I do? If you’re up front when she comes back, you can get it. No problem.”

Trey’s voice rose. “What if she never comes back? You should have gotten her address.”

“Stop sounding so desperate.”

“Stop sounding so unconcerned,” Trey fired back.

“If you must know, I wrote down her plate number just in case she’s too shy to come back to the store,” Troy admitted.

“I should kick your ass for yanking my chain,” Trey said with a growl.

Troy laughed. “You shouldn’t be such an easy mark.”

“I’m coming over. Pull her up on the security feed. If she’s the one, we need to make plans on how we are going to claim her.”

“Yes. I know she’s the one for me. Now all we have to do is find out if she is the one for you, too. See you in a minute.” Troy hung up, and flashes of Branda whipped through his mind. He’d known she was special the second he’d looked up and caught her staring at him. Something had zapped his heart. Those big, brown eyes with their sparks of gold had held him in a trance he would have happily stayed in for the rest of his life.

Luck had been on his side today. A ménage book by an author she liked was in his pile of books that needed to be shelved. He wondered if the family blessing his
talked about had gone into play today. It sure seemed odd that his true love was interested in the writer of a ménage book he still needed to put on the shelf, giving him an opportunity to see how she felt about ménage. Could she be his and Trey’s woman? His dick grew hard at the thought. If they shared her, they could bring her to nirvana’s door over and over again with the greatest of ease.

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