City Limits: A Biker Erotic Romance (2 page)

His kiss deepened as his hands warmed her thighs on their way to her center. In a moment of gentleness, Kieran rubbed his thumb lightly over her silky lips. Using the generous amount of moisture that had pooled there, he slid one long finger into her folds, making her kiss him back harder.

“Please,” she said desperately, “don’t make me wait.”

Without another word he placed himself at her entrance and pushed smoothly into her, making her gasp with pleasure. He could barely contain himself as his slid into her tight sheath. Sasha wrapped her legs tightly around him and pulled him toward her until he was enveloped completely in soft heat. “Fuck, Princess, you’re so tight,” he managed as he pulled back out, only to slam into her hard this time.

“Say my name, Kieran. Please just say my name.” she moaned as he thrust into her again. A wave of pleasure washed over her; a small one, a precursor of what was to come. “Say my name,” she moaned again.

“Sasha.” He whispered quietly in her ear as he filled her once again. “You feel so good, Sasha.” This time it was he that moaned as he pushed roughly into her and held himself there, the tip of his cock bumping hard against her on the inside. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer as she writhed against him, creating a friction made to drive him over the edge. “Sasha,” he whispered urgently, “you have to come for me. You have to come now. I won’t last much longer, it’s just too good.”

The sound of his voice in her ear repeating her name, asking her to come, brought forth another wave of pleasure, and still another, each more powerful than the last. She cried out as the strongest wave overtook her and she lost all coherent thought. They only word in her mind was his name and she cried it out over and over and she came. Her body clenched tightly around his while her legs pulled him deeper into her depths, welcoming his seed as it spilled forth hotly and warmed her from the inside.

He kissed her as she came, his mouth clamping tightly onto hers tasting the sweetness of his name on her lips as he emptied himself into her. Her heat and the unmatched strength of her muscles pulled from him everything that he had both physically and mentally. He poured himself into her in a way he had never done before with any other woman. She was more than any other woman and she made him more than any other man.

He sagged against her for a moment before pulling away to divest himself of his boots. Picking her up in his arms he followed her directions to her bedroom and fell onto the bed with her. Now, after the first heated throes of passions had been spent, he was ready to explore her beautiful body.

Kieran slipped the dress that had become wrapped around her waist off over her head and leaned down to taste her lips once again. He gathered her hair in his fist once again and pulled her to him as she relaxed into his arms. As he pressed her body against him again, he could feel himself becoming aroused again. His fingers fluttered over her soft skin, raising chill bumps and making Sasha shiver slightly. He was bringing every nerve ending to life and she found herself wanting him again, needing to feel him move inside her once again.

His hands were warm and soft as he cupped her breasts and rubbed his thumbs lightly over each nipple until they were hard as pebbles. His lips found his way around each creamy mound, covering them in kisses he gently suckled one rosy peak. Encouraged by her moan he sucked harder, almost painfully, and Sasha cried aloud, placing her hand gently on the back of his head. He lavished the same painful pleasure on the other until the pair was stiff and swollen.

Sasha’s moans only increased when he found the dewy folds of her sex once again, probing with one long finger until it was buried completely inside her. Sliding his finger in and out at a slow, languorous pace, he kissed his way down her body. His lips met hers in that most erotic kiss as he licked his fingers, tasting the sweet flavor of her passion. His tongue flicked out, teasing her with soft strokes on her most sensitive spot.

Her legs spread wider of their own volition and her hand returned to the back of his head as he suckled her clit, pulling it into his mouth and clamping his lips down on it. His fingers were flying in and out of her as he strove to bring her to orgasm again.

“Kieran!” she cried out suddenly as she reached it, her body convulsing and her pelvis grinding into his face. He slid his fingers out and slipped his tongue in to taste her sweet nectar. She came again when he put only slight pressure on her clit and he pushed his tongue into her again, not wanting to miss a drop of her honey.

When her body had calmed and her hand began to stroke his hair, he moved up and rubbed the two fingers that had been buried in her onto her lips. She sucked them into her mouth cleaning them of her own juices. He kissed her then, wanting to share her flavor with her; wanting her to know how wonderful it truly was.

Kieran moved on top of her and once again slid easily into her tight channel. Sasha moaned as she came again; a slight rolling wave of pure pleasure. He allowed her to grip him tight and clench those incredibly strong muscles around him again and again. When he could take it no longer he began slowly, sensually, to pleasure her.

He kissed her now, long and deep, feeling none of the urgency that had swept them up in the kitchen. He wanted to take his time now; to wring from her every orgasm he could before succumbing to his own release. With anyone else, he would have been gone after their encounter in the kitchen. If pressed to find an explanation why he wanted more from her, Kieran would have no answer.

Sasha pressed her lips into the crook of his neck, tasting the sweet saltiness of his skin and inhaling his heady scent. Her hands began a journey of exploration as she caressed every muscle on his back and down over curve of his buttocks, the back up to marvel at the strength in his shoulders and arms.

As he enjoyed the exploration of her soft fingertips, he kept his own hands busy as well. He swept his hands over her soft thighs, pulling her legs up so that they were bent on either side of him. He thrust deeper into her now, his hands capturing hers to pin them above her head. Sasha moaned in response saying, “Yes! Oh that’s so good.”

He quickly rolled her over putting her on top of him. “You drive,” he said with a smile.

“I’ve never... I don’t…” She looked concerned for a moment and sat up as though she was going to climb off of him. But then, when she was truly astride him, the feel of him so deep within her quickly changed her mind. She experimented to find what felt best, first leaning back and rocking her hips gently. He slid his hands up her thighs until he was stroking the swollen lips of her pussy. He teased the sensitive bud of her clit with his thumb, making her gasp and rock her hips faster.

He thought that he had never seen anything so beautiful in his life and, in a moment of unguarded honesty, told her as much. Smiling down at him, she rocked back a little faster and placed her hands behind her on his thighs. Lifting her hips faster and faster she reveled in the pleasure she found in this position. By controlling the speed and depth of each thrust she controlled her orgasm, she controlled everything. Oh, she liked it on top.

“Come on me, Sasha! I want to feel you come on my cock!” he urged her, correctly reading the surprise on her face. “Come on Princess, fuck me!”

Sasha was surprised, not by what he was saying, but by how much it was turning her on. She felt that now familiar wave of pleasure beginning to build deep inside her and her movements became frantic. As that magical wave crested, she sat down hard on him, grinding on him, wanting him as deep inside her as possible. She was overcome by the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced, honed to perfection as Kieran pressed his thumb down on her clitoris. Her moans were inhuman, guttural sounds with only one coherent word which she repeated mindlessly over and over: “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!” She collapsed over him, her head on his chest until he lifted her chin to kiss her again. With another quick movement, she was pinned under him again, her thighs quivering from the strength of her release.

Now, as her orgasm subsided and the strength of her contractions waned, Kieran sought his own pleasure. He pulled out of her and turned her on her stomach lifting her buttocks before plunging back into her again. She cried out as her muscles involuntarily clamped around him again, her every nerve ending on fire with sensual overload.

He grabbed her hips and pistoned in and out of her so hard she had to hug a pillow for support. Before she knew it, she was coming again, over and over in quick succession until she the pure pleasure of it threatened to overwhelm her. Kieran buried himself deep within her, calling out her name as he came again.

He released her hips and she collapsed to the bed, feeling utterly sated. She lay with her eyes closed as she caught her breath. When she opened them again, she met his shining silver eyes and felt butterflies take flight in her stomach. Reaching down to the end of the bed, Kieran grabbed the quilt that lay still folded at the bottom and draped it over her.

“Won’t you be cold?” Sasha asked sleepily. When he didn’t answer, she realized what his silence implied. “Oh, you’re leaving?”

“Well, I thought…” He paused, unsure of himself. This had never happened to him before. Any other time, he’d be out the door before the wet spot dried. But, looking into her eyes so soft and blue, he found he couldn’t leave. No, he found he didn’t want to leave. “I can stay for a while,” he finished lamely.

He nestled down under the quilt and pulled her close, still confused as to what exactly he was doing. But then, when he heard her breath grow steady and even, he knew she was falling asleep. He bent down and kissed the top of her head, inhaling the clean lavender scent of her hair. Closing his eyes, he wondered what he had gotten himself into.

He woke up to find that they were spooning. Spooning! He didn’t think he’d ever done that before. While Kieran contemplated slipping out of bed and leaving, she moved against him. The soft give of her ass was bringing his cock to life again. She moved again and more blood rushed southward. Thoughts of leaving flew from his head as he pulled her tighter against him, her naked bottom warm and pliant.

He let his hand wander over the curve of her thigh and up to her shoulder where he brushed her golden blonde hair away from her face. He kissed her neck lightly, marking a trail up to her ear where he nibbled on her earlobe and whispered her name. She shivered and moved back against him again, driving more blood into his swiftly hardening cock. He pressed back against her and moved a hand to her breast, teasing the nipple with his fingertips.

She sighed at his manipulations and wiggled against him as he slid his hand downward to the cleft between her thighs. The magic that his fingers worked served to wake her up and she turn her head up toward him for a kiss. He pulled her top leg up and over his thigh so he could tease and please her without any obstacles. Sasha pressed back against him, a soft moan escaping her lips.

He massaged her with gentle fingertips as his lips softly kissed her neck. She opened herself to him and moisture pooled between her legs. “Oh,” she sighed, “Yes, Kieran. Make love to me.”

Inwardly he paused at the word love, but his desire was stronger than any worrisome thoughts he might have about the concept. He slid into her from behind and she pushed against him with a soft, “

He did make love to her. Softly, slowly, and she relished the heat of his body, his lips on her neck, the strong warmth of him pressed against her. She reveled in the feel of him inside her again, her muscles pleasantly sore and stretched yet again. Still sensitive from their last bout of lovemaking, her nerves were raw and aching, but it was as though the only cure was to have him inside her again.

It felt as if he belonged there, gliding into her, one hand splayed over the flat of her stomach and the other bent as a pillow for her. She had her head turned to kiss him even as she lay on her side to welcome his languorous thrusts. Every now and again his hand would wander up to cup her breast, his thumb softly stroking her nipple.

How he knew just what to do to make her feel this amazing, she might never know, but she was glad he was in her bed tonight. His cock felt like iron and his fingers like silk as they played across her skin. Those same fingers danced down her stomach again, finding her clit and gently teased it in soft circles. A now familiar feeling rushed up from the depths of her core like a spring tightening. She reached back with her arm and pulled him to her as she came in soft rippling waves, whispering, “Kieran. Oh, you make me feel so good.”

She gripped him hard as he kept thrusting, wanting to be a tight as she could. It was only a few minutes before he held her flush against him as he came once again, warming her from the inside out. His lips met hers for a deep and lasting kiss. They fell asleep with him still nestled inside her soft folds.


Sasha awoke to bright sunlight streaming through her bedroom window. She reached back to touch Kieran, but found only an empty bed. A moment of regret washed over her before she smelled freshly brewed coffee.

She came out to the kitchen wrapping a short robe around her and found Kieran leaning against the counter reading her newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. He looked up at her and inclined his head toward the coffee pot. She nodded and he poured her a cup. She added cream and gave him a questioning look.

“What?” he asked. “Am I not supposed to know my way around a kitchen? I needed some coffee.”

“No, I was just wondering what you were still doing here.” He gave her a pained look and she quickly added, “I just thought you’d be out the door as fast as you could. Sorry.”

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