Choices (Dragon Shifter Menage Paranormal Romance) (Dragon Princes of Endor Book 3)


Dragon Princes Of Endor


Scarlett Grove


Copyright © 2015 by Scarlett Grove



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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


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Chapter One

I fall. The wind whips by me as I plummet into the depths of the canyon. I can hear myself screaming, but it doesn’t register as me. All I know is that I’m going to die. I see the bottom of the pit, and my inner dragon comes crashing toward me. She’s awake and alive and full of passion and anger. In that breath of a second, she’s taken over my body.

I don’t realize it until I’m flying that I’ve transformed. As my wings beat against the air, I can hear the call of Conyac and Trav from above. They’ve taken flight, and their cries tell me of their shock and fear. I glide upward with giant, beating wings and circle around them on the air. Swooping, I come to land on the grass. The males land beside me, licking at my scales with their long, wet tongues.

Letting out a roar, I let them know my strength is unquestionable. I am queen. I know it. I am the lady of this land and the last of my kind. My bright silver scales speak of the depth of my power.

My human mind convulses, trying to take in what has just occurred. I know that this woman, raised on Earth, is weak. I am angered at my own weakness, but she fights me to gain control of our body. I know we must be further integrated, but for now, I cannot abide by her fragility.

She pushes against me, and my precarious hold on our body lessens. I slip away and transform back into a woman.

I fall to the ground, speechless, crying. The men run to me, kneeling around me. Hands touch my back, shoulders, and legs. I don’t understand what happened. My fractured mind can barely hold on. I want to crack into madness, but all I do is cry.

“Get away from me,” I growl at the men, rising from the damp ground. They back away, and I run down the path and up the front steps of the castle.

“Dinner is served, my lady,” Hammon says. I groan as I pass him, running up the stairs and into my room. Locking the door behind me, I let out a petrified yelp. What just happened? I fell off a cliff and almost died, but then… Then I became a dragon.

I put my hands to my head and pace the room. They told me it would happen. I’d been hearing and feeling her inside my mind for days. No matter how much I want to deny it, I know she’s there, waiting, biding her time.

I’m locked into this life. There is no way back to Earth, but that doesn’t stop my mind from obsessively working through every possible escape. I can feel the dragon just below the surface. She is clawing at my mind, trying to get out.

“Stop!” I scream, pressing my palms to my temples. Her thoughts snake through my brain. Her voice is soothing but aggressive.

“Bind, we must,” she says, slithering inside me.

“I don’t want to be you,” I shout at myself.

“And I do not want to be you. You are weak. Soft. Not a dragon born princess.”

“Screw you,” I spit out. I realize I’m arguing with myself, and it makes me feel like I’m going insane. My rational mind tries to offer logical suggestions. I’m passed out in the cave back in Glacier National Park. This is a big delusion. But I know it isn’t.

I sit on the bed, tears sliding down my cheeks. She’s right. I am weak. I’m not cut out to be a dragon princess. I couldn’t even hack it in my old job in a world I understood. How am I possibly going to cope with being a changeling on an alien planet?

“If there was a way for me to give this to someone else, I would.”

“You cannot. We must bind. We must become one.”

“How exactly are we supposed to do that?” I ask my inner dragon.

“Accept me. Let me give you the strength you lack.”

“I’ll work on it.”

There is a knock at my door, and I open it to find Hammon standing in the hallway. He looks worried as he wrings his hands.

“The princes said you changed, my lady. Are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” I say, drying my eyes.

“Are you coming down for dinner? The princes are waiting for you to join them in the dining room.”

“I’ll be right there. Just let me gather myself.”

Hammon scurries away, and I quickly fix my face and hair and change into a gown. I look better when I glance in the mirror on the way out, but my eyes are still rimmed in red.

I make my way downstairs and enter the grand dining room where the princes are seated at the long highly polished wood table. As I enter, they stand, putting their hands over their hearts. I take my seat at the head of the table and nod to them as I sit.

I don’t enjoy the ceremony, but I suppose it’s something I’ll have to get used to. Servants bring us the first course of fruit and salad.

“About our agreement,” Conyac says as I pop a piece of fruit in my mouth. I cringe. I don’t want to face the sex agreement we all made, and the fruit I just ate is incredibly sour.

“Yes. That…”

“We should begin right away, princess. There is no time to waste. The Org are marching out of the mountain in a massive horde, headed straight to Castle Warren. We cannot hold them off with our current forces,” Trav says.

“I’ve sent my troops to reinforce your garrison, Trav,” Conyac says.

“It won’t be enough. We need the power of the king and queen. One of us must make hilock with the princess. The power of the monarchs is the only way we will win this war,” Trav protests.

“The princess isn’t ready to decide. We must give her time.”

“There isn’t time!” Trav smashes his fist on the table; the dishes and silverware bounce from the surface.

“Guys. Look. We can start…tonight.” I gulp, not sure what the hell I’m agreeing to. I know I can’t put it off much longer. Trav is right. The Org will destroy Endor if I don’t choose soon. I’ve seen what they are capable of. If what Conyac and Trav say is true, a horde of those things will bring us all down. I don’t want to see that happen to my new home.

Even if I don’t really fully understand what is going on, there won’t be anywhere to hide if the Org conquer the rest of the planet. I’d be safe in Skyland for only so long.

“It will be the greatest honor to make love with you this evening, my lady,” Conyac says. An honor indeed. I flush with heat and desire. What have I gotten myself into?

Chapter Two

Uria helps me bathe and dress in a skimpy, sheer nightgown that seems to accentuate the color of my nipples underneath. When I see myself in the mirror, I instantly cover myself with my arms.

“This is the customary garb for hilock, my lady,” she says.

“We aren’t making hilock tonight, Uria. Just doing it,” I say, annoyed.

“Yes, my lady. I simply thought the prince might like…”

“Yes, yes. Very well. I’m sure he’ll like it.”

Uria asks if I need anything else before excusing herself. I’ve had a bottle of wine brought to my room, and I sip my second glass. Anticipation is burning in my veins. I like Conyac, and every time I’m near him, every time I’m near either of the princes, I have the not-so-subtle urge to take my clothes off.

There is a soft knock at the door as I sit at the side of my bed. I don’t want to answer it in this see-through dress.

“Come in,” I say.

The door swings slowly open, and Conyac stands at the entrance of my room. He eyes me, seeing the special see-through gown. I’m sure he can see my nipples in profile and I resist the urge to cover myself. I’m a grown woman. I’ve been naked with a man before. It’s time to get over this hesitation and just do it. That’s what I tell myself at least.

The truth is I’m terrified. I’m shaking like a leaf in the wind, and my inner dragon is growling at me, telling me I’m a worthless mouse. I snap back at her. If she wants to bind, then she has to give me some room. I won’t get through night this if I have to listen to her insulting me the whole time.

Conyac closes the door, not taking his eyes off me. “You look beautiful, princess,” he says in a low growl. The sound of his voice sends a thrill of desire through my core. I know what’s coming, and my response is both lust and fear.

He walks slowly toward me and sits beside me on the bed. His weight moves me upward, and his close proximity gives me a buzz. I can smell his scent and feel the heat of his body close to mine.

He leans toward me and brushes my hair aside and breathes against my neck.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment since the first time I saw you,” he says.

“I didn’t look anything like this the first time you saw me,” I say in a strained voice. I let out a grunting laugh, and I feel like an idiot.

“You look the same. I see more than what is on the outside. You are truly a princess.”

“Tell that to my dragon. She hates my guts.”

He lets out a hearty laugh. “Nonsense,” he says. “Your dragon cannot possibly hate you. You
your dragon.”

“Tell her that. She thinks I’m weak.”

“You have not fully integrated both parts of yourself. It must be a result of not being aware of your true nature for so many years. You should ask Gizmel about it tomorrow. Perhaps he will have some ideas.”

“Thanks. I don’t think I can handle her snarling at me all the time.”

“I am happy to be of service,” he says, giving me one of his bright smiles. He leans towards me and brushes his lips against my ear. His hot breath tingles over my sensitive skin, arousing me as he always does when he is close. I moan and close my eyes. He touches my knee and slowly works his way up my leg.

I take a sharp breath as my nipples prick. I’m ready for this. I’ve resisted the inevitability all this time. Now that it is here, I wonder why I haven’t given in sooner. Conyac is sweet and kind, and every time I’m near him, he makes my pussy weep.

His hand trails further up my thigh
and dips between my legs. I gasp as the electricity of his tough shocks my core. He kisses my neck and behind my ear, making me hot and tingly all over. As his hand moves over my stomach and up to grip my breast, he tilts his head to claim my mouth with his. 

The fire between us as we kiss consumes me. I grip his shoulders, bringing him closer. Conyac presses his tongue into my mouth. His kiss is like sweet, liquid heaven. I can't get enough of him. I want to drink him in and have him fill me with everything he has. He pulls me tighter to his hard body. My breasts crush against his chest. 

I'm breathless and lightheaded with arousal. Conyac pulls the straps of my dress down, and it falls around my breasts. He releases me from our passionate kiss and runs his mouth over my neck and chest as he grips my breasts in both hands. I'm panting and moaning as he flicks his tongue around my nipples and pulls them into his mouth.

My panties are soaked with my arousal, and I spread my legs, ready for him to touch me there. He senses my readiness and slides his hand under my gown, cupping my ready sex in his big hand. His mouth still plays with my breasts as he dips a finger under the seam of my panties, feeling my slickness. 

He purrs as he slides his finger between my wet folds. I throw back my head. Conyac consumes my breasts as he pushes his finger against my swollen clit. I'm so hungry I could scream. I'm starving for him to take me. I wish he would go faster, but he touches me with slow, methodical pressure, pushing against my clit with his thumb in a tight circle. 

I can't stand it and collapse against the mattress. Conyac growls and begins yanking off my clothes. I'm naked quickly, and my hot skin is exposed to the cool night air. My chest rises and falls with my panting breaths, and I spread my legs for Conyac. 

His eyes graze over my open pussy as I rub my hands over my hungry flesh. He grips my knees, opening my legs even further, and he climbs on the bed over me. He kisses down my body until he is between my legs. 

I can feel his breath against my soaking wet pussy. It sends a tingle up and down my spine. I'm whimpering and shaking with need. Conyac runs his long, wet tongue up my slit and presses it against my tight bud. I groan and grip the bed sheets behind my head, my legs shaking. 

With his long fingers, he presses against my core, and slowly slides them inside my hot channel. His tongue works my clit with such skill, I think I will explode. He begins to pump in and out of me with his fingers. I scream as my body contracts around him, sucking his fingers further inside. 

My breasts are swollen and on fire. The orgasm is so intense it leaves me blinded as it throbs through my entire body. 

Conyac growls as he pulls his clothing off and climbs on top of me. He claims my mouth, and I can feel his hot rod press against my thigh. I'm shaking and whimpering for him to enter me. Sliding his hand down my thigh, he lifts my leg up around his waist as he presses his cock against my opening. I groan loudly, whimpering and panting as he pushes inside. 

"Oh God!" I cry out as he enters me. He is so large, long and wide, it startles me as it stretches my inner walls. I'm so wet and ready, I can take it, even though the thought of it terrifies me. He sucks and bites my neck as he thrusts hard into my core, sinking inside. "Fuck," I moan as he fills me. "Oh God. Oh God!" 

I can't think. I'm a bundle of nerves and desire. Conyac has become my god, and I am at one with him. I live for his touch and the movement of his shaft inside me. 

He begins to move back and slowly pumps in and out of me. "Fuuuuck," I groan, feeling so close to coming again. All at once, it overtakes me. Conyac thrusts into me with abandon as I come hard and fast on his cock. 

"Yes, princess, yes. Come for your king," he growls into my neck. I don't stop. I keep orgasming, over and over, as he takes me.

He grunts and turns me over on all fours. I whimper at the loss of him as cold air touches my hot pussy. He slaps my ass and presses his finger against my slick, tight hole. I bite my lip at his touch. There's never been anything in there before. "I want to take you in here," he says, sliding his cock over my asshole, wetting it further.

"Uhmm..." I hesitate.

"Not tonight, princess. Later. I will take you there. When we make hilock together. I will mark you in all your openings." He pushes his shaft inside me as he slaps my ass. I groan loudly as I come the instant he enters me. It's as if he's given me back a part of myself that I'd lost.

Conyac grips my hips and pulls me against him, mercilessly thumping into me as he pulls me up and down on his manhood. I can feel him grow inside me as his fingers dig into my flesh. For such a sweet dragon, he fucks like a maniac. "Conyac," I scream as he comes inside me. I feel his hot seed fill my core and suddenly think about birth control. Oopsy. But I'm too turned on to care. My body sucks every last drop of his cum inside me as it pulses around him.

Slowly, he pulls out and we collapse on the bed together. He enfolds me in his arms and kisses my forehead after pulling the blanket over us both. My body still contracts and throbs from the multiple orgasms he gave me. I'm breathless and sated, kissing his chest and cheeks as I squeeze my legs together. I feel like an animal in heat, and my inner dragon hisses contentedly inside my head.

"Conyac," I breathe into his neck. "I've never felt this way before."

"My darling princess. We can make hilock tonight. Let us not delay."

I pull back slightly. I made a promise to Trav that I would have them both. I don't want to break my word, but my entire being is screaming to be mated to Conyac. I want him to take me again, right here and now.

"I can't," I finally say. "I have to stay true to my word. What kind of queen will I be if I break an oath?"

"I respect that, my princess. But I cannot say I am not disappointed. I too have never felt this way. Making love to you is like coming home."

I let out a soft whimper as I nestle under his arm, against his chest. I don't know how I'm going to get myself to make love to another man, ever, after this. But I cannot break a vow.



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