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Part One

Jane Burnett walked through the hallways of Allmont College
on her way to the gymnasium. She was a red head in her thirties with an
attractive poised face, and dressed suitably given her role as the college’s
sports teacher. The skin-tight black lycra trousers, tight turquoise vest top,
and white trainers she wore, emphasised her fit svelte figure. Approaching the
gym, she peeked through the small glass windowpane in its door.

As she’d asked, laid
out in two rows of three, were six badminton nets. Beyond them, by the far
wall, were the twelve young men she'd demanded appear this very hour. They were
larking about with a football, boys and their balls she tutted.

Their ringleader,
conducting proceedings, was none other than Dan Foster, captain of the football
team and a student who had developed a somewhat unsavoury reputation. During
his time at the college he’d caused no end of trouble. From smart remarks, bad
attendance to lewd behaviour, when the term ended in a fortnight few of the
staff would be sad to see him leave.

Jane knew all about
Dan Foster. There was always a Dan Foster. Yet generally, she’d had no trouble
from her students, she was a woman who exuded a cool authority and knew how to
keep them in check. Up until a week ago that was.

As she entered the
gym, she coughed alerting the boys to her presence. They turned and immediately
stopped chucking the ball around. They'd nicknamed Miss Burnett the 'TILF.' It
was a good insight into how their raging hormones dominated their thoughts, and
every action.

“I’m not interrupting
you am I?” she asked sarcastically. “Please get into line for me.” She clapped
her hands, hurrying them along.

The boys slunk over
and formed a line facing the wall, the badminton nets were behind them, Jane
stood in front of them looking at their sluggish demeanour. At least they’d
dressed correctly in shorts, t-shirts and trainers. Though it soon wouldn’t
really matter, she reflected.

The boys braced
themselves knowing this wasn’t going to be good. Jane had demanded they appear
in the gym to atone for their actions a week ago, when they’d left the locker
room completely trashed; benches broken, walls smeared with mud and showerheads
bent, disfigured out of shape. The clean up had been expensive and time
consuming and of course it was Jane and her colleagues who had done it. Jane
ran through a list of names making sure all responsible were in attendance to
face their punishment.

“Good,” she said upon
finishing her checklist. “As I’m sure you can imagine myself, and my colleagues
are extremely disappointed in you. Your behaviour a week ago was far from
acceptable and I have taken it on myself to discipline you accordingly.“

As she looked along
the line of sullen faces, she noticed most had their heads down at least
presenting an air of guilt. Dan, however, was looking straight at her,
smirking, seemingly feeling no shame whatsoever. She wasn’t wrong.

When he’d learned of
their summoning to the gymnasium, he’d found it amusing, running laps or exercise
drills that was the best they could come up with. Looking at Miss Burnett,
wittering on to his ears, he wouldn't take anything back. After a bad loss
trashing the locker room had come as a natural urge. Admittedly it had gotten a
little out of control, but Dan had no regrets. That certainly wasn't how he
intended to live his life.

“All of you should
consider yourselves extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to atone for
what happened,” continued Miss Burnett. “If you want your record books to
remain unblotted, you’re to follow my instructions to the letter. Is that

Her gaze was squarely
directed at Dan for this last part. She knew his records were poor that he
couldn’t afford any more slip-ups. She watched as he and the other eleven students
let out a heavy, unenthusiastic 'yes,' burdened under the weight of

“I said is that clear.
My name is Miss Burnett.”

“Yes Miss Burnett,”
the boys responded with a tad more enthusiasm.

“Listen closely then,
I’ve thought long and hard about…”

She was interrupted by
Leon, a tall boy with a crew cut, snickering, evidently amused at her choice of
words, ‘long and hard.’

“Is there something
that amuses you Leon?”

Leon looked down and
shook his head, hiding his smile.

“I think some of you young
men need to mature fast!” she continued more than a little irritated.
“As I was saying I’ve thought
about your punishment and decided a bit of humility is in
order. You boys need to learn that actions have consequences.”

She paused seeing Dan
had turned his gaze, rather dismissively, to the blue sky that could be
glimpsed through the glass windows that ran around the top edge of the
gymnasium. It wouldn't be long before he was wishing he was outside under it,
wishing he was anywhere but here. Miss Burnett waited until he snapped out of
his little reverie. It was time to teach these boys a lesson they’d never

“You're all here this
evening to help out with a little sporting session I’ve planned.”

The boys looked at one
another with smirks, thinking somewhat prematurely how lightly they’d gotten

“I know how seriously
you all take your sport and I expect it to be no different for the next hour or
so. First things first though, before we begin, I’d like each and everyone of
you to remove the clothing you have on.”

Not one of the boys
moved, seemingly nonplussed by what was being asked of them. Their smirks had
change to anxious looks of incomprehension.

“I’ll say this again
only once, you are each to remove every stitch of clothing you are now wearing.
I want bare bums and willies’ on display in the next twenty seconds.”

She folded her arms
waiting, “Well?’

Again stillness and
deathly silence, nobody moved.

“I’ve not got all
evening,” Jane said, consulting her watch.

Much to her surprise
it was troublemaker Dan who acted first, breaking the deadlock. Having worked
Abercrombie & Fitch
part time,
he wasn't shy about showing off his body. He peeled off his top to reveal
washboard abs, a strong muscular physique. Like the other boys he was amazed by
Miss Burnett’s orders but unlike them, couldn’t afford any more blotches on his
permanent records.

He’d been warned that
any more bad behaviour could jeopardise his sporting scholarship application
and, having considered Miss Burnett’s words, wasn’t prepared to risk it. With
Dan leading the way the other boys slowly followed suit.

“I want socks and
underwear all off,” she said looking at Dan, who’d kicked his shoes off and was
hesitating over the removal of his grey boxer shorts.

He couldn’t believe he
was doing this, but with a quick thrust he yanked them down, moving a hand at
lightening speed to cover his privates. In less than a minute, Miss Burnett had
twelve naked young men standing before her, all clasping their hands in front
of them in an attempt to hide their most treasured possessions. Jane looked
along the line of tanned, fit, young, healthy males. They were all in good
shape, not surprising given they spent most of their time active, pursuing
their dreams of making it professional.

“Hands by your sides
boys, you’re all going to have to open up if you’re to learn from your

Another look of dismay
crossed their faces, but again it was Dan the first to act, perceiving Miss
Burnett’s words as a gauntlet to be overcome. There was no way he was going to
act timid and embarrassed, that would be just what she’d want. He confidently
placed his hands by his side.

Jane’s eyes lingered
on Dan for moment as he uncovered himself. His arrogance certainly wasn’t
compensating for any inadequacies in the trouser department that was for sure.
His circumcised penis was long and thick, and looked heavy as it dangled, his
plump balls weighty. The other boys followed Dan’s lead again.

As Jane's gaze briefly
drifted along the line up, she found it amusing seeing the different lengths,
girths, and looks of the twelve exposed penises. She also noticed how trimmed
and well kept they were, vanity evidently was not in short supply. When she
began speaking again to the now twelve nude students, her voice was clipped
with the upward intonation of someone clearly enjoying themselves.

“I want you all to be
on your best behaviour. In a moment you’ll be joined by, ah here we are.”

To the boys' utter
horror, the gym doors swung open behind them, and twelve young women dressed in
spotless white polo shirts and short pleated white tennis skirts, began
filtering into the gymnasium. They were female students at the college, just
like the boys at the tender ages of eighteen and nineteen, very much beginning
to blossom.

Most were smiling at
the sight that greeted them, some covering their mouths in disbelief. The boys
who had all turned their heads upon hearing footsteps and giggling behind them,
had expressions of blank incredulity on their faces.

Lithe and sprightly, the
girls were together a picture of youth, their skin a healthy tint from the
summer sun. It was no coincidence they were all pretty and athletic. Every one
of them was a member of one sports team or another, hockey, netball or
gymnastics, the finest girls at the college. Jane had selected them
purposefully; she intended to make this as hard as possible for the boys, quite

Amongst them was
beautiful Haley. Her golden hair was drawn back into a ponytail, she was slim
and flexible, gymnastics her forte. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked
along the line of bare naked bums and up to see Dan’s clearly irked face
amongst them.

“I don’t believe it,”
she giggled open mouthed to her pretty dark haired friend Michelle.

“Line up facing one of
the boys,” ordered Jane. “And boys, turn around.”

Sheepishly the boys
did as they were told, a few of them shaking their heads in disbelief that this
was happening as they did so. Soon all twelve were facing their fellow
students, their hands had all shot back covering their genitals at first sight
of the girls. Dan’s too, his earlier boldness disappearing entirely.

It was no coincidence
that Haley chose to stand in front of Dan. For Haley, the two of them had
unfinished business. Having dated up until a few months ago, their relationship
had ended in acrimonious circumstances, to put it mildly. All a result of Dan
being Dan, and choosing to share with buddy’s intimate pictures of Haley, in
just her underwear.

Needless to say, the
images had been lapped up and, in no time, circulated throughout the college.
She’d not forgiven him, and was glad he’d never got to see anymore of her,
beyond what was in the pictures. The shoe was now firmly on the other foot.

“Hands by your sides
again boys,” instructed Jane, standing at one end, looking along the line of
students facing one another.

The boys looked at her
aghast, before turning to the somewhat jubilant girls facing them. You could
cut the atmosphere with a knife, the air suddenly thick with the boys’ nervous
apprehension, the girls’ gleeful expectancy. Dan’s temper was rising as he
looked at smiling, Haley, there was no way he was standing for this.

“This is bullshit,” he
shouted at Jane in a pique of anger.

Jane had expected as
much and coolly responded: “If you aren’t willing to participate Daniel you’re
free to leave, but remember what I said earlier, it will be noted in your

Dan didn’t say another
word and, this time, it was his teammates who led the way. Eleven of the
college boys put their hands by their sides, revealing themselves to Jane and
their twelve fellow female students. Girls they’d seen a thousand times,
fantasised about, sought to hook up with. Never in their wildest imaginations
believed they’d find themselves in such a comprising situation in front of. The
girls erupted into fits of giggles seeing the naked young men in all their
natural glory.

“Alright girls that’s
enough, I expect you to show your maturity,” said Jane, allowing them to have
their fun without getting to out of control.

As the laughter
subsided Dan was the odd one out, still holding out against Jane’s orders,
determinedly clasping two hands to cover his modesty.

“Come on,” said
smiling Haley, puckering her lips. “What have you got to hide under there?”

All eyes were now fixed
firmly on him. The girls regarded Dan as something of a stud, what with his
pretty boyish looks, his hard buff body. They couldn't believe their luck.

“If you’re not
prepared to follow my instructions Daniel, then I want you to leave right now,”
Jane said strictly.

He looked at Haley’s
smug face and feeling intense pressure, relinquished his pride, succumbed to
the feelings of intense pressure and joined his fellow teammates, placing his
arms at his sides.

“That’s better, not so
bad is it Daniel,” said Jane mockingly.

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