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Authors: Susan Finden,Linda Watson-Brown

Tags: #Non-Fiction, #Biography

Casper the Commuting Cat: The True Story of the Cat Who Rode the Bus and Stole Our Hearts

Casper the Commuting Cat



First published in Great Britain by Simon & Schuster UK Ltd, 2010
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This book is dedicated to you, the readers, because its proceeds will help assist unfortunate animals. It is also written in memory, of course, of our best friend and lovely old gentleman, Casper.




My story – Casper

Finding Casper

Finding Mum – Casper

Our Family

Sue’s Story

Love in Unlikely Places

Casper Finds his Paws

A Comfortable Life

How to go Places and Make Friends – Casper

Finding More Friends

Keeping Track of Casper

Trying to Help, Trying to Love

A Match Made in Heaven

Casper the Travelling Cat

The Joys and Rules of Public Transport – Casper

Casper Conquers Plymouth

Five Minutes of Fame

Casper Goes Global

How to Deal With Fame – Casper

Joining the World of Celebrity Cats

Nine Lives and Counting . . .

Who is Casper?

Putting Plymouth on the Map

Pulling Together

Casper’s Passing

The Hardest Days

RIP Casper

Discovering the Rainbow Bridge

Filling the Gap

The Kindness of Strangers

Remembering Casper


My Story Continued – Casper




This is the story of a cat – one little cat. There are other stories of other cats woven into it, but everything revolves around Casper. If it weren’t for him, there would be no book. If it weren’t for him, there would be no story.

You may have heard of my cat. If you have, you’ll be in the company of hundreds of thousands of others across the world. One day, Casper left his house, got on a bus and stole the hearts of the nation. As the tale of the travelling cat spread, his fame spread too. It made no difference to Casper. He expected the good things in life – a warm seat on the bus, a nice meal when he got home, a cuddle when he settled down for the night. He was oblivious to the maelstrom of attention that was swirling around him.

Life was good for Casper. It hadn’t always been that way, but ever since I’d rescued him, years before his name hit the headlines, he had been happy and loved. He brought so much to my life and to the lives of others.

If you know about Casper, you will also know how the story ends – and that is where it has to start. I must be honest with you – as I write this book, as I dip into my treasure trove of memories, the tears are flowing. Why? Because I have lost my beautiful cat. I’ve lost Casper.

Some people will scoff; some will say that I have no sense of perspective, breaking my heart over the death of ‘just’ a cat. Well, they’re wrong. Casper wasn’t
a cat; to me, he was one of the most amazing, individual creatures who ever lived. From the day he came into my life until the day he left it, I knew I’d been blessed with a feline character I would never forget. I had no way of knowing that this bundle of fluff and mischief would touch so many other people too. Not only would he change my world, he would reach out across the globe and remind people what truly matters.

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