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Authors: Cleo Peitsche

Careless (4 page)

She moaned into Samuel’s mouth, and her entire body shook as pleasure raced through her. She whimpered, groaned, writhed. Samuel was smiling as he kissed her, but Nelson didn’t miss a beat, easily staying with her bucking hips.

When she finally fell still, Samuel slowly straightened. “That was… amazing,” he said. “I had no idea.”

“I think that’s my line,” Kimberly murmured. She floated on a cloud of bliss. Samuel’s hand remained over her sex, and she hoped he’d never move it.

Nelson stood. He had completely undressed, and Kimberly felt her eyes going wide as she took him in. She hadn’t fully appreciated how
he was. If a painter used him as a model, anyone who saw the finished work would have accused the artist of exaggeration. His cock was long, but the girth of him inflamed her fantasy. The thick head was well differentiated from the shaft and she knew it’d be fun to run her tongue around it.

“Anyone object if we move this to the bedroom?” Nelson said. Kimberly looked up and into those mesmerizing green eyes.

All the attention was even better than Elle had promised… and one of the men still wore underwear. They were just getting started.

Samuel helped Kimberly
off the sofa, and he tried not to watch her large breasts gently bobbing as she found her footing. Poor woman was weak kneed, and that did good things to Samuel’s ego. Out the corner of his eye, he noticed that her responsive nipples were like eraser heads.

When Nelson sucked them, Samuel nearly went out of his mind with desire. He hadn’t wanted to shove Nelson away, which surprised him. He’d agreed to this because Kimberly looked so excited by the idea, but he’d also hoped that seeing her with Nelson would help him understand that she would eventually move on and find a man who could make her happy.

But the opposite had happened. Watching her with Nelson tapped deep desires. The first time Kimberly made that sexy little noise in her throat, his mind overflowed with an infinite number of possibilities for the next few hours.

Kissing her while she came had sealed the deal. She’d felt so vulnerable yet brave underneath him, and he enjoyed wielding that kind of power and knowing that she liked it. Now he remembered what he’d been missing by avoiding women. Their bodies were so soft, their orgasms fun to watch… and feel. The sensation as her pussy clamped on his finger… His cock ached.

And Kimberly was all woman, full of gentle sighs and that intoxicating, light female musk that he’d gone without for so very long. He was dying to get his mouth on her. He suddenly understood why men begged to keep their lovers’ panties. Just the smell of her would have been enough to put him over the top if Nelson had brushed his fingers over Samuel’s desperate cock. As it was, the man’s hand on his thigh had been torture.

As they followed Nelson through the hallways, Samuel wondered if he should slip into a bathroom, rub one out real fast. He didn’t want to humiliate himself in front of Kimberly by shooting off too early. Nelson would understand; the man was perceptive as hell. After all, he had immediately identified that Samuel was completely in love with Kimberly. Plus he was a man; he knew the pitfalls of the plumbing.

But Samuel didn’t want to disappoint Kimberly. He could only have one night with her, so it had to be perfect. He cleared his throat. “Bathroom?”

“Unfortunately, the one in my bedroom is being remodeled. Sorry. Go to the end of the hall, around the corner and second door on the right. We’ll be in there,” Nelson said, pointing to a nearby room.

Samuel nodded and hurried away. The moment the door clicked closed, he kicked off his boxers and grabbed his cock in a stranglehold with one hand. He raised the other hand to his face. Women smelled good, but Kimberly was on a whole other level. He sucked the finger into his mouth and moaned at the tangy sweet taste. He imagined how amazing it would be to watch Nelson fuck her…

Five pumps, and his balls tightened. He frantically grabbed a handful of tissues and pressed them over his hard-on.

The memory of Kimberly’s body as she bucked underneath him and Nelson’s hand on his leg was all it took. He lifted up on his toes as he came. It took every ounce of self control not to scream his release after so much time pent-up, but he managed to keep it to a strangled growl.

He finally returned to himself with relief. He sagged against the wall, still holding his spent cock. He cleaned himself off, pulled on his boxers and gave himself a once-over in the mirror. He hadn’t been spending as much time in the gym lately, but luckily it didn’t show; his stomach was as firm as ever, and he wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen naked next to Nelson.

He was tempted to take a few minutes to catch his breath and let his pulse slow, but he didn’t want to miss any more fun.

The bedroom door was open, and Nelson and Kimberly were stretched out on the king-size bed. Samuel vaguely registered how luxurious the bedroom was, but with the tantalizing scene before him, he wouldn’t have cared if he were in a hovel.

Nelson was stroking Kimberly as they kissed, and she whimpered, barely audible. Samuel smirked a little. Nelson was a hell of a kisser, so it wasn’t much surprise that he could so masterfully stoke Kimberly’s fires. He closed the door behind him and stalked toward the bed.

The lovers didn’t seem to notice him. So much the better. He sat on the mattress and leaned back. Nelson’s thick cock was pressed against Kimberly’s soft stomach, and Samuel was gripped with the desire to watch her get fucked by this gorgeous man.

But he wanted to fuck her, too. And he wanted to get fucked.

What a dilemma.

“Let’s talk logistics,” Samuel said quietly.

Nelson slowly released Kimberly and sat up. He ran his fingers through his hair and checked Samuel out. “I’m clean,” Nelson said. “Haven’t had sex in… seven months. Too long. Anyway, definitely clean.”

Samuel knew it had been longer than that since Kimberly had gotten laid, and she’d had a physical the month before. “Kimberly and I have had very boring lives recently,” he said.

“Not boring,” Kimberly said in her prim librarian voice. “We were too busy doing other things. And I’m on the pill.”

“Why?” Samuel asked. He thought he knew everything about her.

Her face colored. “Skin problems,” she said. Samuel nodded. He did remember that she’d been distressed about some acne flareups, and now he knew why she’d stopped complaining.

“So,” Nelson said, “thanks to all of us being either busy or boring, we’re good to go. Let’s talk about safe words.”

Kimberly’s eyes went wide, and she shook her head, her dark hair floating around her pretty face. “I’m not into chains and stuff.”

Nelson and Samuel both looked at her. “You’ve tried?” Samuel asked, shocked. He couldn’t imagine it.

She bit her lip and nodded. “Sophomore year of college. It was boring and way too much work.”

“But you didn’t have a bad experience?” Nelson asked. “Things didn’t go too far?”

“No, nothing like that. But it was such a turnoff. I kept laughing at my boyfriend, and he didn’t appreciate it.”

Samuel could tell from the look on Nelson’s face that he wasn’t concerned about being laughed at, but Nelson didn’t bother putting it into words. “How about a few swats on your ass?”


Nelson tilted his head a little. “You like forceful men. I think you’ll enjoy what I do, but maybe next time.”

Next time?
“Whoa,” Samuel said. “This is a one-time only thing. That was the deal. Right?”

Nelson held up both hands. “Ok. Sorry. I’m getting ahead of myself. But if this is only a one-time thing, I have to confess that I’d enjoy dominating Kimberly. I didn’t have my heart set on it before, but I think you’ve got a submissive side, Kimberly, and it would be an honor to explore that with you.” He rolled off the bed and entered a walk-in closet that Samuel estimated to be larger than his bedroom—Samuel’s family had money, and he’d benefited from a trust when he turned 20. His bedroom was generous by normal standards, but Nelson made him feel broke.

Samuel tried to distract himself, trying to remain calm. Nelson might have agreed that it was a one-night party, but Samuel wasn’t born yesterday; Nelson was going to push for more. Samuel couldn’t allow himself to share Nelson’s optimism that this would work out longer than that. One night with Kimberly was fine, but if they did it again, he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back. He’d want her, all of her… living together and celebrated anniversaries and the whole pathetic thing. That was for other people. Not for a man like him.

“Here they are!” Nelson emerged from the closet dangling a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs. “See? Nothing hard core.”

Samuel looked at Kimberly. She wasn’t laughing, but she didn’t look convinced.

“I’m just going to put these next to the bed,” Nelson said. If you think you’d enjoy them, they’ll be close.” He lowered his voice. “It’d be a shame if I was balls-deep in you but had to stop to dig out toys,” he said, smiling wickedly.

Kimberly covered her mouth to hide a nervous giggle, and Samuel felt his cock slowly coming back to life. Whether she was coy or brazen, he loved her voice and her mannerisms. She was complex and smart and interesting.

And she hadn’t once looked at him like she was disgusted. At least, not yet. She hadn’t seen him sucking a man’s dick yet, hadn’t watched him take it in the ass and beg to be fucked harder.

He slid off the bed and stood next to Nelson. He moved in for a kiss, but Nelson pushed him back with one brawny arm. “Strip,” Nelson ordered.

Samuel removed his socks and boxers and stood nude for Nelson’s appreciation. The handsome man appraised him slowly, his attention lingering on Samuel’s cock, and Samuel snapped to full-mast. Nelson was measuring him, and Samuel knew he didn’t disappoint in that department. He was larger than average, and he knew how to use every inch.

Finally Nelson nodded, and he pressed his hand on Samuel’s shoulder. Samuel knelt in front of Nelson’s majestic body. Nelson was fully hard, and clear moisture beaded on the swollen head.

“Hands behind your back,” Nelson instructed.

Samuel obeyed. He could deep throat with the best of them. Maybe he hadn’t had many partners, but he’d made them count. He leaned forward and captured Nelson’s bobbing organ in his mouth. Inch by inch, he swallowed the shaft, keeping everything wet. Once he got his lips wrapped around the base, he began working in earnest.

“Yeah,” Nelson growled, his hand resting lightly on Samuel’s head. Nelson moved a few steps so that Samuel was backed up against the bed, cool wood behind his shoulders and the mattress behind his head and neck. A moment later, a pair of lovely, feminine legs appeared.

Nelson pushed into him, hard, and Samuel was pinned by the man’s cock. He closed his eyes and accepted this fate as Nelson repeatedly slammed himself into Samuel’s mouth.

Samuel slid his hands up Kimberly’s smooth calves. Her muscles were tense, so whatever Nelson was doing to her had to be good.

Samuel wished he could see it, but he also appreciated having his mouth used like this. He’d always had a fantasy about kneeling in front of a glory hole and sucking whatever poked through, but he lived in the real world, and he was far too levelheaded to chance catching something like that. This was every bit as good. Actually, it was better because he knew his partner was hot… and unlike a glory hole, he couldn’t get away until Nelson released him.

Kimberly’s legs clamped around Samuel’s ears.

“Hold her legs apart,” Nelson growled, and Samuel did.
Take off your clothes, get on your knees, suck my cock, hold her open…
Nelson was demanding, and it was exactly what they needed… someone to direct the action so that they didn’t all end up sitting around and wondering what to do next.

Kimberly tried to bring her legs together, and Samuel had to fight to keep her from squeezing his head off. Judging from her joyous little moans, she was about to come again. Samuel’s cock jerked. He wanted to watch her.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Kimberly was practically hyperventilating she was breathing so fast, and she would have kicked him in the head as she came if he hadn’t had a firm grip on her. In the meantime, Nelson was redefining the meaning of the word
; his prick was the kind of stiff that could hurt a man. Samuel sucked as best he could, trying to bring Nelson over the edge.

But Nelson stepped back, breathless himself, a wild look in his eyes. “I’m going to fuck her, and I want you to lick around us.”

Samuel hefted his balls and groaned as he raised himself up a little. Nelson was only ordering him to fulfill his deepest, darkest desire.

Kimberly’s chest was heaving, her hair wild around her face. She smiled when she saw him.

Nelson leaned forward, took Kimberly’s legs over his shoulders and pushed into her. He fell forward onto his hands and knees, and Samuel took a moment to appreciate the porny image of the man’s cock shoved into that delicious little pussy. He shuffled forward and began sucking Nelson’s balls.

“Come around,” Nelson said, and Samuel got up on the mattress. Nelson leaned back, his hands gripping Kimberly’s knees.

Samuel looked hungrily at the place where the two bodies joined. Kimberly had a small thatch of neatly trimmed dark hair, but she was otherwise bare.

With a growl, Nelson shoved Samuel’s head down, pushing him toward that wet, pulsing flesh. Kimberly grabbed his cock, and Samuel battled the urge to sink into the sensation. He pressed his lips to her stomach and laid a trail of kisses down to her clit.

The aroma propelled him out of himself. Male and female mixed together in perfect balance. He hungrily ran his tongue over Kimberly’s bud. It wasn’t easy to taste her with Nelson pounding so hard, but he managed to lick them both. Kimberly’s hips raised as her hand tightened around his shaft.

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