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Authors: Cleo Peitsche

Careless (3 page)

Nelson had met plenty of gay men who were in denial or in the closet, but he’d never before met a bisexual man in denial about his attraction to a woman. Nelson picked up another handful of crackers. He didn’t get the impression that Samuel’s friends gave him a hard time about who he dated, so he probably wasn’t getting pressure from that direction.

It made no sense. Forcing them together probably wouldn’t be healthy for either one. He sighed and refilled the bowl of crackers, then carried the tray into the living room.

They were both looking out the window, their bodies close together, so familiar and comfortable with each other. A pang ripped through Nelson. They were what he’d always wanted but had never found, and they didn’t even realize what they had.

Kimberly peered forward, cupping her hands around her face to block out the light behind her. She said something that Nelson couldn’t hear, and Samuel looked at her, his body language so full of longing that Nelson had to fight not to bash the tray over his head to knock some sense into him.

“Lemonade and crackers.”

Samuel turned and raised an eyebrow. “You’re the spirit of my granny, aren’t you?”

Nelson smiled. He’d pay Samuel back for that comment later, when the man was stripped naked and on his knees before him. “Please sit.”

Nelson remained standing. Once they had their drinks and were relaxed, he took a deep breath. “So. Kimberly, while you were at the bathroom, I explained to Samuel that my sexual preferences run to couples.”

“Couples?” Her voice was strained with shock, and she looked likely to drop her glass.

“Yes, beautiful. Couples. When Samuel approached me after class, I figured he’d picked up on that.” He laughed. “I’m relieved that wasn’t the case because it would be terrible if I gave out that kind of vibe at Grace’s studio.”

“We had a bet about if you were gay or not,” Kimberly said, hiding a shy smile.

“Oh? What was the bet?”

“Dinner and a movie.”

“I feel responsible, so I insist on paying you both. Tomorrow night?”

They looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

“Good.” Nelson sat. “Now let’s talk about tonight.”

A fetching shade of pink spread across Kimberly’s cheeks. She blushed so easily, it made him want to see her bent over, her curvy ass perched high in the air so that he could paddle her perfect skin until her behind matched her cheeks.

Samuel wasn’t blushing, but he looked stuck halfway between horny and scandalized.

Kimberly gripped her
lemonade glass. Unless she was misunderstanding something, Nelson wanted a threesome with her and Samuel. It wasn’t an idea that had crossed her mind before. At least not as a serious possibility.

She—like most women, she assumed—had fantasized about having two men at once, and having such a sexy bisexual friend had fired up her imagination. She’d talked about it with one of her girlfriends at a bachelorette party. Her friend, Elle, who had three lovers, had said, “Look. A woman has three holes that are also erogenous zones. It’s perfectly natural to want them all stimulated at the same time.”

“I want to sleep with both of you,” Nelson said, interrupting Kimberly’s thoughts. Her pussy immediately got wet. Wet again, actually… After walking for ten minutes, inhaling Nelson’s masculine aftershave and being pressed into his strong body, cleaning up a bit in the bathroom had been an imperative.

Next to her, Samuel began to jiggle his leg just like he did whenever they watched a horror film.

“How does that even work?” Kimberly asked. She was too curious to beat around the bush.

Nelson squatted in front of her, and she remembered how attentive he’d been when he asked about her knee during the yoga class. “I’ve never been able to explain it mathematically, but twice as many mouths feel five times better.”

Wow. Just… wow. Kimberly fought a smile. This was an opportunity that would certainly never present itself again. Every man she knew would absolutely jump at the chance to have a threesome with two stunning women, and she’d be damned if she was going to pass up the equivalent if one of the men was Samuel. Especially after seeing how happy Elle was all the time. “What the hell,” she said with a laugh. “I’m in.” She laughed again. She hadn’t felt this excited about a hookup since graduating.

“Fantastic.” Nelson laid a hand on Samuel’s knee and interrogated him with a look.

Kimberly put a hand on Samuel’s shoulder. “Just once,” she pleaded. “I think it’d be fun.”
Please just give me one night with you
, she thought. Was he really so turned off by her?

Samuel closed his eyes and tilted his head back. His Adam’s apple moved as he swallowed. “I’m worried it will change things between us,” he said hoarsely.

“It won’t,” Kimberly promised. “We won’t let it.”

When Samuel looked at her, she saw that his pupils were dilated. “We won’t let it,” he said softly. “We can’t. If I lose you…”

“It would take a heck of a lot more than some bad sex to ruin us,” she said.

Fire blazed in Samuel’s eyes, and just like that, her dear friend was back. “Ok. I’m in. And for the record, there won’t be any bad sex.”

“Agreed,” Nelson said.

Now that they’d decided to do this, Kimberly felt shy and awkward. It was easy to figure out how two people fit together, but three…?

Nelson solved the problem by standing and leaning over her. His green eyes sparkling, he moved in slowly for a kiss. He touched the side of her breast, then cupped it. Kimberly moaned and instinctively moved her knees apart. Her pussy was wet, and when Nelson slid a hand under her ass and squeezed, she gasped.

He was forceful, just like she wanted. And she was horny enough that her embarrassment was melting away.

Nelson moved over and kissed Samuel. Kimberly watched, fascinated. She’d been shocked when she came upon their earlier kiss. Sex between men looked like it could get dangerous.

Samuel’s cheeks were ruddy, and both men had their eyes open. It was like they were each searching for weakness, like it was a fight. Samuel struggled to stand, but Nelson had him pinned down. She couldn’t help but peek at their pants and discovered that they were both excited.

She rubbed her palm over Nelson’s bulge. He grunted and channeled his aggression onto Samuel, biting his neck and forcing his head back.

Nelson squeezed the inside of Kimberly’s thigh, and his thumb brushed over the inseam of her jeans. She wiggled down toward him and sighed.

She didn’t dare touch Samuel. But she should, right? She chewed on the edge of her lip and tentatively placed a hand on his leg. His eyes closed as she slid her fingers up toward his sex.

How long had she’d craved touching Samuel like this? Seemed like forever. And she wanted to draw this moment out. She skirted his erection but pushed harder, moving in circles, always getting closer.

With a growl, Nelson grabbed her hand and placed it on Samuel’s cock, and Kimberly knew she was lost. She squeezed him, stroking him through the denim. She could feel the heat of his hard-on. The moment was so sweet. Everything she’d wanted was so close.

Nelson stepped back and pulled off his shirt, and Kimberly stared in amazement at the hard bulges of his muscles.

Samuel whistled. “There’s no way you got like that from yoga.”

Kimberly started to unbutton her shirt while the men were distracted.

Nelson laughed. “I didn’t, but I know men who did. I have a gym in the back.”

“What do you bench press?”

“We should work out together. You’ll find out,” Nelson said. He turned his beautiful green eyes toward her. “You can come, too” he said. “The only rule is that you have to wear really tight spandex, and if we don’t actually get around to exercising, so be it.”

If any other man had suggested she work out with him, she would have taken it as criticism that she needed to lose weight. She knew she could stand to lose a few pounds, but Nelson clearly liked her just the way she was.

Nelson’s gaze was buried in her exposed cleavage. She knew she had nice breasts, large and round, though she had to hold them if she had sex on top so that they didn’t hurt when they bounced.

Even Samuel was staring, but when he saw she’d noticed, he quickly looked away. She slipped the rest of the way out of the blouse. “You’re overdressed, Samuel,” she pointed out.

He pulled his shirt over his head. She knew he worked out a lot, but she hadn’t appreciated just how cut he was. She found herself reaching to touch his neck. His body was warm, and underneath her fingertips marched the slow, steady thumping of his pulse.

Nelson came down and kissed her, pushing her horizontal on the couch. “Take off her shoes and pants,” he ordered Samuel as he lifted her breasts and nibbled on her tender flesh.

Her nipples hardened noticeably through the bra, and Nelson caught one between his teeth and tugged on it. She sighed and pulled the satiny cup down. Nelson’s lips touched her bare skin.

Kimberly barely noticed that Samuel was following Nelson’s orders. Her blood sang in her ears, and she arched up, thrusting her erect peak deeper into Nelson’s mouth.

Nelson popped a finger under the bra and followed it around to the back. A second later, he unhooked it, and the fabric loosened. Freed from their prison, Kimberly’s breasts slid, but Nelson’s hands were already there, gathering them up and bringing them together.

“Take off your pants, Samuel,” Nelson said. He sucked both of her nipples into his mouth, and Kimberly gasped. She dug her fingers into his hair, pleading for him not to let her go anytime soon. Behind him, Samuel was unbuttoning his jeans, his face contorted with desire and fear as he watched Nelson feast on her breasts.

Something broke in Samuel’s expression, and he came around to kneel down next to Nelson. He still wore boxers, but they didn’t detract from the hard, muscular perfection of his long legs.

Samuel traced her mouth with a hesitant finger, then leaned forward slowly as if daring himself to follow through.

The moment their lips connected, all of Kimberly’s pent-up lust for Samuel crashed over her. Her entire body trembled like a hummingbird. If he made a face or rejected her, she would probably die.

But his eyes closed, and he touched her chin gently, keeping her from turning away. Kimberly let herself go. She’d longed for the day when Samuel would finally kiss her, and it was even better than she’d dreamed. His mouth was soft, his tongue so gentle yet persistent. He tasted her with a ravenous excitement, holding her face firmly in stark contrast with the sweetness of his kiss.

When he stopped, Kimberly slowly opened her eyes. Samuel’s face was inches from hers, his brow slightly bunched and his eyes closed. Kimberly recognized the expression from when he heard a particularly moving bit of music and wanted to burn it into his memory.

Had her kiss been that sweet?

With a little growl, he rushed at her, his mouth greedy, demanding. Kimberly whimpered. It was like he was devouring her and couldn’t help himself. She closed her eyes again.

She felt Nelson touch her panties. He slipped his questing fingers inside, brushing up against her flesh. He dragged a hot finger through her slickness, exploring her. “So soft,” he murmured. He worked her panties down until her sex was exposed, then he brushed his lips over her clit for one glorious moment. He moved lower, pressed his mouth over her slit and delved into her folds, swirling his tongue through them before penetrating her with the tip of his tongue.

Kimberly gasped. Samuel’s kiss grew more forceful as if her excitement were contagious. His hands stroked along her face, leaving a trail of pleasure wherever he touched.

If she’d known that Samuel was
good, she never would have agreed to just one night of this. She’d never be able to look at Samuel and not know that his kisses were heaven. This night was only going to make her love him even more. It shouldn’t have been possible. But there it was. The tenuous control she had over her emotions was swept away in the flood of longing unleashed by Samuel’s hungry kiss.

Nelson licked his way back to her pulsing clit, and the beginnings of an orgasm tightened between Kimberly’s legs. She had a tendency to squeeze her thighs together when she was close to coming, but Nelson easily held her open for him. She hadn’t even realized that he’d completely removed her panties; that’s how distracted she was by the electric warmth sparking all over her body.

She sensed Nelson pull one of Samuel’s hands away from her face, sensed that Samuel didn’t want to let go. A moment later, Nelson pressed him against her slit. Kimberly willed Samuel to finger her, but he just held his hand there.

Samuel jumped a little, and Nelson laughed softly. “I’m only touching your leg for now. Don’t want to break your concentration,” Nelson said, and Samuel moaned.

No trace remained of Samuel’s earlier hesitation as he pressed one of his fingers into her snug little hole. Kimberly almost cried out, she was so surprised and grateful. He fingered her, matching the rhythm of his movements to his kiss, and Nelson began flicking his tongue in earnest against her striving, hardened little nub. Molten heat ignited and coursed through her body. Every place the men touched her, she burned in delightful agony.

Samuel ended his kiss. Kimberly could feel that he was breathing hard as well. She opened her eyes and turned her head to discover that his cock was practically ripping his boxers apart in an effort to get free. Nelson’s hand was inches from Samuel’s erection, tormenting him.

Samuel’s eyes gleamed. “I want to kiss you while you’re coming,” he said. “Is that weird? I don’t care. I want it anyway.” He was watching her so intensely that she never could have let herself go if she weren’t already so close. “Please, come for me. For us,” he whispered before slanting his mouth over hers and thrusting his tongue into her mouth. His finger inside her twisted and stroked, and Nelson pinched her nipple lightly as his mouth did the most amazing things to her clit.

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